The Funniest Moments In Talk Show History #3

May 4, 2020
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Here Are Some Of The Funniest Moments In Talk Show History! This video includes: Sofia Vergara, Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Graham Norton +
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  • *When Celebrity Talk Show Interviews Get Entertaining* 😈

    Comedy SpaceComedy SpaceMonth ago
    • It did but the first clip doesn't match the thumbnail. Where is the part where Sophia stood up to smack Gordon?

      B-boy StuntZB-boy StuntZMonth ago
    • You put a smile on my face

      No.1No.1Month ago
    • @Jerry Springer 💖

      Comedy SpaceComedy SpaceMonth ago
    • yes

      Jerry SpringerJerry SpringerMonth ago
  • Ramsey is an ass.

  • 3:03 Trumps "hair" got blurred.

    Marc BellMarc Bell3 days ago
  • the trump/bald hair rumple is a deep fake cut. I saw that when it aired and I say this with only loathing for that man. but, you have to call out the bs.

    pancakewaitresspancakewaitress3 days ago
  • 0:14 Disrespectaful man

    GonzalesGonzales3 days ago
  • What flirting !? Gordon Ramsay put in her place an idiot.

    Gonzales FredericGonzales Frederic4 days ago
  • Gordon Ramsay is still working in an sjw labor camp prison kitchen to this day

    Frank MoranFrank Moran4 days ago
  • Who picked these? Stupid.

    Gregg HansonGregg Hanson4 days ago

    Joel NunezJoel Nunez5 days ago
  • 0:38 omg the meme’s this is where they came from isn’t it?

    Cannon ShawnCannon Shawn7 days ago
  • “can you read?” “can you host” lmao never get into a roast battle with a middle schooler, they will destroy you

    mystic wolfmystic wolf7 days ago
  • I wonder if Mrs ramsey like that slap on her thigh

    paul bakerpaul baker7 days ago
  • Omg in the Katie couric one the girl in the front was laughing loudly and her friend covered her mouth to stop her bc it was supposed to be a serious moment 😂😭

    honey baby xxhoney baby xx8 days ago
  • Ramsey has always been a total creep with females that he finds attractive. he patted her butt! she should have given him the chancla to his face.

    stefaniehernstefaniehern11 days ago
  • Stephen A Smith is the only reason I turn ESPN off! I wish Kevin was on there everyday 🤯

    Fighting GatorFighting Gator11 days ago
    • He is finger famous 😅

      Ankit SharmaAnkit Sharma2 days ago
  • I love Graham and Emillia’s friendship lol

    khalid ahmadkhalid ahmad18 days ago
  • I hate how that lady speaks English she sounds like crap

    Nelson FernandezNelson Fernandez22 days ago
  • Lol, Ramsey.

    SevenDeMagnusSevenDeMagnus22 days ago
  • There is a lot of comment here about the Gordon Ramsey segment, but what I would love to know is whether or not his wife thought he acted ‘’inappropriately’ or not when he got home!! (and how many nights he had to sleep on the sofa...)

    Linda ShelleyLinda Shelley23 days ago
  • Why is no one talking about the tattoo "come one" xD

    Kwon Yoo ShinKwon Yoo Shin28 days ago
  • හිස ආවේ නැහැ ඇයි ඔයා ඔච්චර බය

    Mia MooreMia Moore28 days ago
  • No *touching*

    he is tremblinghe is trembling28 days ago
  • Do you call these stooges celebrities??? Bye Bye America ..

    Djamel BouchDjamel Bouch29 days ago
  • Evangiline Lilly is so dang hot

    SFCDSFCD29 days ago
  • Who is James McCoy?

    saksit247saksit247Month ago
  • How does Kevin heart know??? 🤔🤔🤔

    awsomegamer sawsomegamer sMonth ago
  • Gordon was a bit odd like no touching is a fact

    Katrin IurianKatrin IurianMonth ago
    • Especially when she's already giving you negative signals, and especially her thigh. He should have learned those manners when he was 12.

      Blind Brazilian Tex AtlantisBlind Brazilian Tex Atlantis2 days ago
  • Jimmy : Can you read? Kid : Can you host? Kid : 1, Jimmy : 0

    Kshitij IyerKshitij IyerMonth ago

    Maciej WziętekMaciej WziętekMonth ago
  • Gordon was way way outta line

    • @vivahernando1 Good one

      YOUR GODYOUR GOD3 days ago
    • Ur way outta line

      vivahernando1vivahernando13 days ago
  • The Jennifer Lawrence bit, the woman clearly says at the start that she has “no idea...” and goes on to question her with a “yeh?” not agree with her.

    pmcm 7317pmcm 7317Month ago
  • This twat is still on a look out for his real dad. He has been warned that it might be an army of drunken soldiers in a Gay Bar in Portsmouth ????

    david Rikxdavid RikxMonth ago
  • Stupid!

    Santino CastilloSantino CastilloMonth ago
  • Weird. The Trump hair mess bit is doctored. I watched that live on TV and his hair didn't peel back like that.

    Jason KleinJason KleinMonth ago
  • So fake with trumps hair i was in the audience assholes! I'm not aTrump person! But fair is fair! Dont lie

    Bobie HepinstallBobie HepinstallMonth ago
  • Don't touch others without their permission. It is not funny

    abcd efgabcd efgMonth ago
  • What healthy man wouldn't want to flirt with Sofia Vergara in that dress, or any dress!

    Mopar pilotMopar pilotMonth ago
  • Ramsey harrassed Vergara

    The Colour GreenThe Colour GreenMonth ago
  • 0:36

    BiRo TrIlOgZzBiRo TrIlOgZzMonth ago
  • "tape my butt" i've never heard of anything like that...

    The MastemaThe MastemaMonth ago
  • Mac Avoy

    ISingand DoOtherThingsISingand DoOtherThingsMonth ago
  • Sofia Vegara and gordon Ramsay is like watching Beauty and the Beast, but not in a nice way. He is repulsive looking!

    Eee DeeEee DeeMonth ago
  • Gordon the biggest most ugly & annoying sniffer Dog ever>He has already been named SOB long time ago> just ignore this parasite>dd

    david Rikxdavid RikxMonth ago
    • Joe bidden takes the spot at the top

      lspremichlspremichMonth ago
  • Who can not know Jennifer Lawrence??

    SarinSarinMonth ago
  • Narrator's voice is so sweet.

    H DH DMonth ago
  • For all the Hispanics her real name is sophia vergas🤣

    Shane JuansonShane JuansonMonth ago
  • Ramsey what a jerk, should have cost him at least a tooth....

    Andrea SanderAndrea SanderMonth ago
  • ඉතා ප්රයෝජනවත් විමර්ශන ස්තුති

    Bonnie WashingtonBonnie WashingtonMonth ago
  • Sex pest ramsy wot an arrogant twat

    Dean playlist BlakemoreDean playlist BlakemoreMonth ago
  • 0:36 “i just touched your book” *”WHAT-“*

    chicken fried ricechicken fried riceMonth ago
  • I think there's a lot of people talking about Katy Perry herself?

    NoddyNoddyMonth ago
  • She needs to respect herself more . And stop ✋ being a sexual object for filthy animals, for money 💰. No seas corriente Vergara

    Bla BlaBla BlaMonth ago
  • Lionel Richie tries to hide Katie’s ass from the audience but gets behind her in the most awkward way possible, and then he realizes it, that’s fucking gold 😂😂

    JJ SantangeloJJ SantangeloMonth ago
  • Fake

    Rick SinhaRick SinhaMonth ago
  • ❤️Jennifer Lawrence

    K FK FMonth ago
  • 👀⚠Razor Found⚠ Parent's: Show Us ya wrists!!!! I was shaving my ball's!!! 😂😂😂

    M!N!'S H!M4L4Y4SM!N!'S H!M4L4Y4SMonth ago
  • This is not funny this is sexual abuse and disrespectful of women he should have arrested how would you like it if that was your mother or daughter I will not subscribe to this as it what is wrong with society today

    Michael CocolicchioMichael CocolicchioMonth ago
    • stfu

      ShambaShambaMonth ago
  • The best of all is that he was and still married so I don't know what the fuck he was thinking at the moment

    manchimanchiMonth ago
  • roll it back,Conan said calmly.

    Mayur KoitiyaMayur KoitiyaMonth ago
  • That is so funny on the Graham norton show! That's so funny the whole set up, lol

    Hector PalomoHector PalomoMonth ago
  • Trump one was completely fake. Did CNN make this clip?

    apostlej2015apostlej2015Month ago
    • Lol stop winging like a bitch

      EnzEnzMonth ago
    • No, it is cgi, but cnn didnt do that.

      Lachlan LunnLachlan LunnMonth ago
  • Conan is the best show host ever man, honestly!

    Jake LamottaJake LamottaMonth ago
    • @Ron Henderson Yeh okay cos hes far better😂😂

      Jake LamottaJake Lamotta26 days ago
    • You've obviously never seen Johnny Carson

      Ron HendersonRon Henderson26 days ago
    • I agree all those americans hosters conan is the best

      marvin silvermanmarvin silverman27 days ago
  • Conan O'Brien is sooo funny

    joker laughjoker laughMonth ago
  • Couldn't watch past the first 2 mins. Every 'funny' moment featured a man creeping on a woman.

    Tim WallsTim WallsMonth ago
    • Tim Walls simp

      EeeerrEeeerrMonth ago
    • Snow flake snow flake little snow flake falling from the staaars ♫

      zouhir laanayazouhir laanayaMonth ago
    • The fuck did conan do?

      Lachlan LunnLachlan LunnMonth ago
  • The only funny ones were the kids!

    Bo4 EliteBo4 EliteMonth ago
  • Fake Trump bald head. And I thought that you didn't do fake news.

    cybersoil100cybersoil100Month ago
  • I love how you never compromise on being yourself.

    F3ND1MUSF3ND1MUSMonth ago
  • James MAKOY 😂😂😂

    Edison ValentinoEdison ValentinoMonth ago
  • Nice to see Trump being such a sport.

    Vivek VVivek VMonth ago
  • I would have been doing the same thing Gordon

    Khaleb TitusKhaleb TitusMonth ago
  • "Fish and chips, that's all you eat". Fuck you, you racist. He's a Michelin star chef! And a bell end...

    Toby TownrowToby TownrowMonth ago
  • @Sharon Pek Hmmm, I have been watching and reading the comments back and forth. You are now in back-peddling mode. Words do have meanings. Sofia can take care of herself and did. Take heart, you will never be on a jury in a sexual assault case. Your bias has been documented for all to see.

  • Fantasy video

    Buay BuayBuay BuayMonth ago
  • the video should be named embarrassing moments

    watch tuberwatch tuberMonth ago

      Léo MutomboLéo MutomboMonth ago
  • 2:58 bruh that's so fake.

    OsannaOsannaMonth ago
    • You can see the blur added in on 2:58

      MutantMikeMutantMikeMonth ago
    • @Osanna That's not fake? It might be scripted, but it still happened. Edit: nevermind, just watched the original clip, and i just now noticed that there is definitely some editing on his forehead, my bad.

      Lachlan LunnLachlan LunnMonth ago
    • @watch tuber bro click on this link and the go to 1:09

      OsannaOsannaMonth ago
    • Osanna how?

      watch tuberwatch tuberMonth ago
  • I love Sofia's silky smooth legs

    Jas JokerJas JokerMonth ago
    • Wtf-

      Ava-LynnAva-Lynn26 days ago
    • Jas Joker simp

      Nahome YimerNahome YimerMonth ago
  • Genius prank by Katie Curic

    john battsjohn battsMonth ago
  • Gordon just wanted a LEG PEICE..😁😁😁

    Anomitro KoleyAnomitro KoleyMonth ago
  • Gordon is the typical, full on douchebag that only gets his mind straight by a huge ass whooping.

    mixed videosmixed videosMonth ago
  • Well said wee man , can you host Jimmy Fallon. :)

    sbc1tsbc1tMonth ago