The Funniest Moments In Talk Show History #3

May 4, 2020
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Here Are Some Of The Funniest Moments In Talk Show History! This video includes: Sofia Vergara, Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Graham Norton +
#Celebrities #TalkShows #ComedySpace
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  • *Celebrities Getting Uncomfortable During Interviews*

    Comedy SpaceComedy Space8 months ago
    • ur voice so lovelyโค๏ธ

      kadekkkadekkMonth ago
    • Angels are Gods Warriors! They have very few emotions and basically have no problem killing anything human. After all Lucifer was an archangel. Wanna see what a good representation of angels is? Watch Supernatural, they are badd asses who are ruthless!

      Doc TylerDoc Tyler2 months ago
    • why the fuck is the face covered up at the end? please fix.

      Andy TayAndy Tay2 months ago
    • Which software do you use for voiceover

      Harshavardhan KRHarshavardhan KR3 months ago
    • 3:04 photoshop. Dead serious, look it up. Fuck this channel have fun deleting my comment

      Ian MillerIan Miller5 months ago
  • Arthur Smith

    joseph knibbsjoseph knibbs10 hours ago
  • Cook is relay fโ€™kk top

    Human KiaHuman Kia4 days ago
  • This Ramsey guy is so thick

    nesu leonesu leo4 days ago
  • 3:02 The moment Donald's toupe almost came off

    Conor RuaneConor Ruane6 days ago
  • Tf was that haircut at 1:46

    Anthony BalboaAnthony Balboa10 days ago
  • shes so stupid for attention

    nina Maldonadonina Maldonado10 days ago
  • Conan is the best talk show host.. Only one that actually makes me laugh

    Jason AJason A12 days ago
  • Narrator stop!

    Ryan RichardsRyan Richards13 days ago
  • Kevin Hart is such a turn off

    Mike DixonMike Dixon13 days ago
  • I would love to see Gordon Ramsey get his ass beat by one of the people he berates.

    boomerang379boomerang37914 days ago
  • There is no sexual harassment. Man is attracted to woman. Women's strives to make herself attractive to men. It's nature.

    Billy BreezeBilly Breeze15 days ago
  • Funniest ? Try not even funny

    Truth Can HurtTruth Can Hurt15 days ago
  • Good for Sofia ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    roni schoalsroni schoals16 days ago
  • "I kissed my husband too!" "Well, he's right there!"

    Manuel RogozManuel Rogoz16 days ago
  • Seems like their perverted moments. So sorry sisters . Guess their was some jokefull ones

    K HK H17 days ago
  • The Donald trump one though ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘

    Vinetta WallisVinetta Wallis17 days ago
  • How you mispronounce Stephen A. Smith's name, Kevin says it in the clip :|

    DavidFiggsDavidFiggs18 days ago
  • Ste-fan A Smith lol, i mean, ive seen the wedding singer, the notebook, etc, you girls cant even do us a solid and watch at least 10 mins of EPSN???

    star star starstar star star18 days ago
  • You are easily amused if you think these are the funniest things.

    Dave MontesDave Montes18 days ago
  • Gordon Ramsey is a dick!

    Dave MontesDave Montes18 days ago
  • That was trumps bald head. Nice editing

    Rick CampRick Camp19 days ago
  • Good stuff. Especially the rock tattoo.

    Real HIFI HelpReal HIFI Help19 days ago
  • Sophia is cool gordon is shit face.

    Tarun RajawatTarun Rajawat19 days ago
  • jimmy show far better

    Kumar TrendzzKumar Trendzz19 days ago
  • These stupid people put up an ad for another video which obscures the last scene! That's what they think of their videos - not worth seeing anyway. That's what they think of you, the viewers, too! Move on elsewhere to another channel with more respect for the content and the viewers!!!

    the tessellaterthe tessellater19 days ago
  • Why in the hell are there videos popping up blocking the damn screen on other videos now? You tube is getting too f' ing greedy. Enuf is enuf. You watch 30 secs of video but it takes 5 min of commercials.

    David ReynoldsDavid Reynolds19 days ago
  • Hell katy Perry isnt shy. Shes showed the world a hell of a lot more than that.

    David ReynoldsDavid Reynolds19 days ago
  • The Trump/Fallon clip is FAKE NEWS. Try harder next time.

    LGBTrump Gays for TrumpLGBTrump Gays for Trump20 days ago
  • How sad. That Donald Trump/Fallon clip is fake. Watch the actual clip on USkeys

    LGBTrump Gays for TrumpLGBTrump Gays for Trump20 days ago
  • Can you HOST?? Good come back kid!!

    FF20 days ago
    • Johnny Carson could

      cjrruncjrrun14 days ago
  • Guys are creepy, arenโ€™t we?

    Los BravosLos Bravos21 day ago
  • Sorry but James who??? Smh

    MISS ThommasMISS Thommas22 days ago
  • ๐Ÿ˜

    Israel MartinezIsrael Martinez22 days ago
  • Sofia Vergara, ooof, talk about a battle axe. I've seen her interviews.

    xsara123xsara12323 days ago
    • She did the right thing on this occasion.

      sandra Jonessandra Jones21 day ago
  • Katy Perry legitimately seems like a bitch

    Salvage MonsterSalvage Monster23 days ago
  • The rich word tribally fade because breath aboaly squeak past a rabid bar. amused, incandescent burst

    Matt WaldmanMatt Waldman23 days ago
  • To go far on Tv ,,, Be a Sexist pig Chef ,, Be a Tv host that you can see clearly dose not LISTEN and a touch of racism, sexism, and a hint of paedophilia . It's worked well for a few over here on these Island's . IRELAND , ENGLAND , WALES, SCOTLAND , Its Worldwide and it's spreading like the Greedy Disease it is . All the Fake news , Fake Laughter, fake pictures . All the FAKENESS is hiding all the REAL TRUTH .

    David LalorDavid Lalor23 days ago

    Creator ExistsCreator Exists24 days ago
  • Ramsey the pig

    BFBF24 days ago
  • Conan funny af

    Carl HunterCarl Hunter25 days ago
  • I am so glad that the woman is telling us what we are watching.

    p tmp tm27 days ago
    • Womansplaining lol

      Payne InurassPayne Inurass26 days ago
  • Stop it man! You ruining your own pride here!

    NEP TUNENEP TUNE27 days ago
  • 3:02 That's not Donald Trump.. It's Terry Bradshaw!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜…

    Rudy Jr HinojosaRudy Jr Hinojosa28 days ago
  • 3:00 isn't even real so why did you guys put it in here? You liberal scum do everything you can to knock trump.

    Tyge WellmanTyge Wellman28 days ago
  • Wait Trump actually has a comb-over

    Steven GENNERO BootzSteven GENNERO Bootz28 days ago
  • Rude & ridiculous Gordon Ramsey

    M K ScorpionM K Scorpion29 days ago
  • Patrick Smith UFC 1

    Gordon GeorgeGordon GeorgeMonth ago

    Mango FaygoMango FaygoMonth ago
  • That shot of President Trump was totally FAKE NEWS..I expect that tho,up here on this Liberal/Progressive biased hunk of shit..I saw the Jimmy Fallon show LIVE when it happened..He isn't bald in front..

    Craig MoonCraig MoonMonth ago
  • Trump one is fake

    Patrick McCormackPatrick McCormackMonth ago
  • If these are the funniest.........

    Neil ProcterNeil ProcterMonth ago
  • U replayed the sophia and gordon scene

    Dewey AlcoranDewey AlcoranMonth ago
  • ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

    Chrissie BawnChrissie BawnMonth ago
  • Kevin Hart is funny.

    Peter PapuchisPeter PapuchisMonth ago
  • Was that a toupee on trump head?

    ladell hallladell hallMonth ago
  • Yall: 3:05 ;)

    GooeyManGooeyManMonth ago
  • I think Mr trump should just shave his head.

    Marcus KerryMarcus KerryMonth ago
  • 3:06 When fake news meets real life.

    Melvin ThomasMelvin ThomasMonth ago

    Christian DiGiuseppeChristian DiGiuseppeMonth ago
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    Dr SamiDr SamiMonth ago
  • She is so cute and funny

    Brigitte JBrigitte JMonth ago

  • This is sick people who wants to see their private places why they call it private cuz nobody wants to see it

    Hilin YonanHilin YonanMonth ago
  • You dont give me a chance to laugh mate! Clip hang for a bit longer please!!!

    Teina T BenioniTeina T BenioniMonth ago
  • โ€œFish and chips is all you eat โ€œ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Sandy CheeksSandy CheeksMonth ago
  • trump has a way the hell comb over . the trumptardo is bald

    TheTunaMasterTheTunaMasterMonth ago
  • ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Kenny RayKenny RayMonth ago
  • Why conan show get crop to half hour..? And his say, his show would end after 2021.... Why I love him ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

    smokey 55smokey 55Month ago
  • Kk

  • The Trump thing is COMPLETELY FAKE!

    Koki SmokieKoki SmokieMonth ago
  • Check this out

    Kevin JarrellsKevin JarrellsMonth ago
  • Some of these headlines need investigating by the Trades Description Act

    unbaised opinionunbaised opinion2 months ago
  • Do you have NO shame???? THAT is NOT what happened with TRUMP. You pieces of shit. and Trump has not had face surgery to the point he cant close his eyes

    mickavellianmickavellian2 months ago
  • Kat Dennings has HUGE knockers.

    Sanford GraySanford Gray2 months ago
  • Buncha schmucks.

    Thomas WattsThomas Watts2 months ago
  • This developed world is rude and weird ..

    muthappagari krishnamuthappagari krishna2 months ago
  • ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

    Love NightLove Night2 months ago
  • Conan so funny he made me cry

    millsmills2 months ago
  • Well

    David BondDavid Bond2 months ago
  • This is pretty funny. I think you would enjoy

    Kick StarterKick Starter2 months ago
  • The Epoch Times ad is complete crap.

    Paul WicklinePaul Wickline2 months ago
  • falon used to be cool until he joined the other wimps and became politically correct

    william dunlopwilliam dunlop2 months ago
  • Someone was rolling down the stairs Everyone was Like : ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Either scripted, or all people were rude ๐Ÿ™„

    100 Midhun Krishna100 Midhun Krishna2 months ago
  • Gordon Ramsey is a dickbag.

    Big LemonBig Lemon2 months ago
  • I Make lyric videos.

  • Channel is horrible

    Jj MenchJj Mench2 months ago
  • Jimmy : Can you read? Kid : Can you host? Kid : 1, Jimmy : 0

    amanda c.amanda c.2 months ago
  • 3:06 EXPOSED

    Adrienne HERRADURAAdrienne HERRADURA2 months ago
  • Trump is the man.

    Kyle CrookKyle Crook2 months ago
  • So he's perving on her

    Darrell WellsDarrell Wells2 months ago
  • Shit donold trump bald

    Yusra saiyyara ElahiYusra saiyyara Elahi2 months ago
  • In talk show history?? Get serious!#!

    5speedMax5speedMax2 months ago
  • Jay Leno was cool but all others on the late night television talk shows are cunts and I don't mean the guests I mean the hosts

    lieu Gebolieu Gebo2 months ago
  • Ramsay was Rude, Case Closed

    Aadil FarooquiAadil Farooqui2 months ago
  • she really said james macoy and not james macavoy

    Joey BlowersMTBJoey BlowersMTB2 months ago
  • Well, Iโ€™m more a fan of Stephen A than Kevin Hart. If I saw Stephen A, Iโ€™d probably approach him and say I like his work. Kevin Hart? Iโ€™d just walk past him. No interest.

    Carl BaumeisterCarl Baumeister2 months ago
  • Most of these arenโ€™t funny, only uncomfortable. Specially the one with Ramsay.

    Nicoly Parapinski MoreiraNicoly Parapinski Moreira2 months ago
    • @MeXiPlays I understand. I stand by my comment.

      sandra Jonessandra Jones8 days ago
    • @sandra Jones No bro. Iโ€™m Latino and some Latina girl act like that when joking or serious if she was serious sheโ€™d have no problem dealing with it. Looking at her and how she acted towards Ramsey I can say she was joking, but thatโ€™s from my perspective. Everyone has a different opinion and I respect yours Iโ€™m just giving my own two cents.

      MeXiPlaysMeXiPlays8 days ago
    • @MeXiPlays Sophia was.

      sandra Jonessandra Jones8 days ago
    • They both were joking around. No one was offended.

      MeXiPlaysMeXiPlays8 days ago
    • It is funneeeeh

      AJAX SWANAJAX SWAN18 days ago
  • Look at her, sheโ€™s as far away from him as possible.

    Sarah GoffSarah Goff2 months ago
    • @Kenneth Rice She was laughing too. And Gordon Ramsey just touch her jokingly. Do you not know how the guy is?

      MeXiPlaysMeXiPlays8 days ago
  • Not funny hhhhhh nop

    aourighaaourigha2 months ago