Why I Left Smosh

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🚨UPDATE 🚨Coming clean about why I really left Smosh and the shady company who owned it: uskeys.net/watch/1_zuDvgfULw-video.html
As of today, I am no longer a part of Smosh. I hope this video will fill you in on why I feel this is the best decision for me. Thank you so much for all the love and support you've shown me over the past 12 years and I hope you'll continue to support me in this new chapter of my life.
I'll be releasing videos every Monday and Friday here on this channel now so click uskeys.net/user-AnthonyPadilla if you want to subscribe :)
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  • This is why companies shouldn't get in contact with youtube channels.

    Mr. VimtomelonMr. Vimtomelon10 hours ago
  • Wheres the old hair style lol

    ZeroTwoPBMEOZeroTwoPBMEO10 hours ago
  • Fortnite

    GreysonGreyson22 hours ago
  • Im crying bitch why😭😭😭😭

    kidgamer 1001kidgamer 1001Day ago
    • @kidgamer 1001 First off, it wasn't anthony's fault, and second off, stop using swear words in a threatening way, you can use swearing in any way except threatening

      Mr. VimtomelonMr. Vimtomelon10 hours ago
    • Mr. Vimtomelon yes bitch

      kidgamer 1001kidgamer 100110 hours ago
    • @kidgamer 1001 Did you even read what I said?

      Mr. VimtomelonMr. Vimtomelon10 hours ago
    • Mr. Vimtomelon go fuck your self

      kidgamer 1001kidgamer 100110 hours ago
    • Because defy media was being mr. Krabs and they filtered everything he wanted to do, which is why companies shouldn't get in contact with youtube channels.

      Mr. VimtomelonMr. Vimtomelon10 hours ago
  • 🌚🌚🌚

    julia lanzillottojulia lanzillottoDay ago
  • i remerber the first food battle

    luke starluke starDay ago
  • I thought it was a joke

    analiza pacionanaliza pacionDay ago
  • This Channel went from AWESOME BEST CHANNEL to Barely mediocore, like all there video are EVERY BLANK EVER. I hate USkeys. I hate USkeys I hate USkeys

    Sir PixelAlotSir PixelAlotDay ago
  • He's crying

    Breny07 TubbyBreny07 TubbyDay ago
  • If you wanna go I hope to see what you do next we support you bro

    Melissa McAllisterMelissa McAllisterDay ago
  • "Sign" great Anthony every apologies video start like that and being 2017 it's good time to do that to get that view nice but already only 3 mid roll ads nvm he has none

    Big SmokeBig SmokeDay ago

    CrystalfireCrystalfire2 days ago
  • Noah left ‘︿’ just letin u know

    Jacob MorrisJacob Morris2 days ago
  • well this popped up in my recommendations

    DavidDehGooDavidDehGoo2 days ago
  • Shut the fuck up gay bitch

    Axel BuenavistaAxel Buenavista2 days ago
    • @PastorJuan who is THIS

      Axel BuenavistaAxel Buenavista2 days ago
    • Axel Buenavista your dad, I know you’ve missed me in the past 13 years but I brought the milk

      PastorJuanPastorJuan2 days ago
    • @PastorJuan who is this

      Axel BuenavistaAxel Buenavista2 days ago
    • Axel Buenavista wtf 🤣

      PastorJuanPastorJuan2 days ago
  • WhY yOu BuLly Me

    Luis RodriguezLuis Rodriguez3 days ago

    I love you!!I love you!!3 days ago
  • No no no I’m not mad I was just curious what and where u were and I searched this and I guess u left the smash im very sad........................😞😔😞😔😞😔

    Jeffrey L. BagamanJeffrey L. Bagaman3 days ago

    Lori BrownLori Brown3 days ago
    • Because defy media was being mr. Krabs and they filtered everything that he wanted to do, which is why companies shouldn't get in contact with youtube channel.

      Mr. VimtomelonMr. Vimtomelon10 hours ago
  • That company is fuck ok you tell them i hate you litle fat shit okay

    Rannveig JónínaRannveig Jónína3 days ago
  • Some people are still looking for Anthony to this day. Lol

    fries and sundaefries and sundae3 days ago
  • Who’s watching in 2070?

    GhostfaceGhostface3 days ago
  • El problema de los demás no se trata del momento da el tiempo para el futuro y el resto es

    David Lopez santonsDavid Lopez santons3 days ago
    • I don’t know what I just said

      David Lopez santonsDavid Lopez santons3 days ago
  • Rip microphone kid "Where'd the microphone go?"

    Cameron MeyerCameron Meyer3 days ago
  • I am

    tmol moosetmol moose4 days ago
  • You’re Amazing Anthony 👍.

    Michael MarinelliMichael Marinelli4 days ago
  • Molester moon

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  • What are u gonna join

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  • You actually made smash between lan and Anthony

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  • I can’t wait for your content!

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  • smash is gone; (

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    Thais FilhoThais Filho4 days ago
  • Go back to the emo hair cut

    Geicu DragosGeicu Dragos4 days ago
  • We all miss you, also I wish you can still make the magic series

    Michael ShepherdMichael Shepherd4 days ago
  • Good luck Anthony you should move on. If you ever decide to return ever, good luck. 😎👊

    Matthew FoleyMatthew Foley5 days ago
  • RECOMMEND!?!??

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  • join back

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  • 👍👍🏼2020

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  • The clique sighs

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1">0:01</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="11">0:11</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="15">0:15</a>

    RainbowShipRainbowShip5 days ago
    • Wtf

      training cwotatraining cwota5 days ago
  • Miss the food battles and that best SHUT UPPPPPPP!!!!, INTRO

  • When I watch the old videos it was very funny I miss the shut up intro

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  • I finally decided to search up why Anthony left and this........☹️😣😖😫

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  • I’m honestly disappointed

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  • The reason why Anthony feels weird cause he has a crush on him it's obvious so I wander they will kiss 😘 or be a couple

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  • I gets more painful when I see him tear up.

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  • True fans are still here this 2020

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  • *insert sigh at the begining of the drama vid: CHECK*

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  • I hate seeing Anthony cry 😢😢😢 and stay strong

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  • This happened 3 years ago, and I remember thinking this was never gonna happen. It’s been 3 years...

    Makeshift MakerMakeshift Maker6 days ago
    • It's still so sad

      Shadow MasterShadow Master3 days ago
  • I love you guys not a gay person

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  • Noooo I love smoh

    Lps HayleyLps Hayley6 days ago
  • Omgosh I watched Bobby Burns’ video about this long before I knew who you were. Then I found you and fell in love with you as a creator, and stumbled on this video, watched it and realized that you are who Bobby Burns was talking about in that Manipulating your audience video lol

    nyt3marenyt3mare6 days ago
  • Why sh

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  • That is true

    Crdstow 8Crdstow 86 days ago
  • Are you a hater because if you are don’t text him mean comment so just live

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    • What. Your sentence didn't make sense.

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    • ????

      Randy HicksRandy Hicks7 days ago
  • That was so sad to me I will never forget what you have done to my heart😔😔

    Angelica RenteriaAngelica Renteria7 days ago
  • lol he did the sigh thing

    Quinn KrausQuinn Kraus8 days ago
  • Why is this being recommended again?

    Morgan ShanksMorgan Shanks8 days ago
  • I watched this video when it first released when I was 13 and could not understand how he felt but now that I'm 16, it makes a lot of sense now.

    Ashwin NarayananAshwin Narayanan8 days ago
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    • I feel you

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  • I left when you left

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