Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3

Oct 13, 2020
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Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3
Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or ejecting all impostors
React quickly to find the imposter
Check the admin map and security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates

  • Thank you

    Fourløck01ッFourløck01ッ5 minutes ago
  • Pls show the card swipe part to Corpse Husband He really needs it

    Ciel NadouchCiel Nadouch8 minutes ago
  • 2:20 doesn't that mean he's the imposter?

    Silvestre QuiambaoSilvestre Quiambao59 minutes ago
  • 2:24🤦

    Cereal ProductionsCereal ProductionsHour ago
  • When your doing a task so fast they think you faked it

    GreenLeafGreenLeafHour ago
  • Tip: Impostor kill cooldown wont go down when any of the sabotage's panels are open

    Eu, Davi SantosEu, Davi Santos2 hours ago
  • Wait.. Vent button appears instead of sabotage.. CREWMATES CAN VENT NOW YES!

    lildizzylizzylildizzylizzy2 hours ago
  • Who else hates kids leaving if not imposter?

    Sean SubandoSean Subando2 hours ago
  • How do you play among us on mac ? Without blustacks

    Valorant HighlightsValorant Highlights3 hours ago
  • Great video!

    sharktony jawssharktony jaws3 hours ago
  • The clearing people because their sabotage button gets replaced by security/vent isnt always correct because they couldve opened the sabotage map b4 going there

    Gh0sterinoGh0sterino4 hours ago
  • Merci

    Sleyorr TVSleyorr TV4 hours ago
  • 1:55 Me, an intellectual : *opens sabotage menu before going near cams or a vent*

    Ventouse MoustachueVentouse Moustachue4 hours ago
  • Card swipe is the most easy task for me sis..

    Helen RamirezHelen Ramirez4 hours ago
  • Pls

    Ninjaasassin RampageNinjaasassin Rampage5 hours ago
  • Lmao never trust the they r on a vent or at cams or admin console when sabotage occurs they can pull the menu up to sabotage walk ovrr the vent then do the sabotage

    Joshua GrayJoshua Gray6 hours ago

  • You can open sabotage menu before you go near cams

    Tobias LydenTobias Lyden6 hours ago
  • I have hacks so.........

    Alin dimaAlin dima7 hours ago

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  • Too much Imposter tips! Atleast give some Crewmate tips next time in a thumbnail...

    Dream the Noob VersionDream the Noob Version7 hours ago
  • You can press the sabotage button before it but not many people know that

    JAYDEN.RODRIGUEZ 103473JAYDEN.RODRIGUEZ 1034738 hours ago
  • 2:21 well actually they could open the admin map before so...

    The _MidgetThe _Midget8 hours ago
    • True I also thought that.

      Jacob IsraelJacob Israel6 hours ago
  • Me : wins a game of among us Me :nice Me :wins lottery Me :that's great I guess Me :is imposter Me : OMG GUYS I'M THE IMPOSTER I CAN'T BELIEVE IT I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOO LUCKY !!!! me was ejected

    Tyreece WilliamsTyreece Williams9 hours ago
  • F I

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  • Wow! (•‿•) I like this tricks

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  • Actully your vedios are to azming and knowledgeable and also u give very good tips and tricks so keep uploading good videos daliy

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  • 2:10 but he can open the sabotage map before entering to cams.💡💡💡💡

    Maximo ArceMaximo Arce10 hours ago
  • LoL

  • "Saabotage" -clash univ.

    • ?

      Ender Wigin7Ender Wigin74 hours ago
  • but but i play among us on phone en cant play among us on mac

    inbalsiginbalsig10 hours ago
  • Haunted Camera 😂😂😂

    Jawaad AsimJawaad Asim11 hours ago
  • 2:03 - 2:31 You can still open the sabotage menu before standing by cams or the vent. Its a good way to trick people because like you say, they'll think youre a crewmate.

    StixFigurezStixFigurez11 hours ago

    Skamboy GamingSkamboy Gaming11 hours ago
  • Cool

    the prodigalthe prodigal12 hours ago
  • 1:58 Yo he must be using ur trick by opening the sabotage button before reaching there Hehe

    Tech KshitijTech Kshitij12 hours ago
  • This is so good that I subbed

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  • Me: being a imposter Also me: disconnected from the game 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Jelzy LorenoJelzy Loreno12 hours ago
  • Yellow: **calls emergency meeting** it’s orange he vented! Me: alr, if orange wasn’t then yellow. *Orange was not an Impostor* Me: *y e l l o w* *Yellow was not an impostor* Me: *NANI*

    lili chanlili chan12 hours ago
  • 0:24 This is for you, Corpse.

    Erine MeowErine Meow12 hours ago
  • If the white was smart enough he would have found that you are the imposter because in a trick you killed a guy in upper engine and you sabotage the gate and then you vent in rector and suddenly the white guys see you in rector and did not see in cams that you go in rector he would have founded you the imposter

  • Thank u I will try these

    Sara's UniverseSara's Universe14 hours ago
  • Open Sabotage map before walking up to cams or vents problem solved 😉

    Tyson TheKhajiitTyson TheKhajiit14 hours ago
  • OP tricks always.....Big Fan sir

    Saheel MoyeSaheel Moye15 hours ago
  • At 2:08 you said that the ‘security’ button replaces the ‘sabotage’ button, in your second video in this series you said you could open the sabotage menu then go near the security.

    RandomPersondfgbRandomPersondfgb15 hours ago
  • Dmm

    XZY Gaming AnmXZY Gaming Anm15 hours ago
  • *SAM is innocent*

    Hypexify .Hypexify .16 hours ago
  • Your tips are very nice I liked them I tried them and I won a lot of games

    Inder VermaInder Verma16 hours ago
  • I tried the align trick on mobile It works but you have to be fast

    Gachas LogicNadiaGachas LogicNadia16 hours ago
  • Your tips are very helpful

    Shubh PranayShubh Pranay16 hours ago
  • 1:56 I saw a trick on your channel to do that. That is to stand on a vent or on cams and sabotage

    Random ArcaderRandom Arcader17 hours ago
  • I have tried card swiping trick it works

    Indian vivan ChannelIndian vivan Channel17 hours ago
  • This is so cool men 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

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  • all the tips and tirks realy work

    Jay ShawJay Shaw17 hours ago

    Mohamed FaizMohamed Faiz18 hours ago

    Mohamed FaizMohamed Faiz18 hours ago

    Mohamed FaizMohamed Faiz18 hours ago

    Mohamed FaizMohamed Faiz18 hours ago

    Mohamed FaizMohamed Faiz18 hours ago
  • Guys best imposter

    Mohamed FaizMohamed Faiz18 hours ago
  • He must be 1000 IQ in his gameplays😅

  • How to close the doors when you are an imposter

    Rohan M VolurRohan M Volur18 hours ago
  • We can tap the sabotage button and get near the secirity so we can sabotage

    Mob GamingMob Gaming18 hours ago
  • You can complete the swipe card way faster by starting to drag it before the wallet even pops up, i would say that it is 2 times faster than how you do it By the way you can sabotage while being on a vent/cams, just open the sabotage map before going on it. That way if you are playing with people that watched this video they will clear you lmao

    Tonio DNDTonio DND19 hours ago
  • how on earth did he get among us on mac without bluestacks?

    NetixNetix19 hours ago
  • I downloaded this game on my computer PC and on my ipad

    Channa KeshavChanna Keshav19 hours ago
  • You got one thing wrong. If you open the sabotage button first and then walk towards the security or vent closer you can still sabotage. But nice work!

    StyxStyx20 hours ago
  • 5:08 is no one gonna talk about stark(TonyStark) and Robert(RobertDOwneyJr.) XD

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  • 4:37 is most important

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  • I know all this tricks.. should have uploaded this video by me,.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🎃🤣🤣🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻👻🎃🤣🤣🤣

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  • Clash universe:You no gib sus My crewmates:Gives sus anyways

  • 3:55 I disagree if someone did that to me id know its them.

    DVS DVSDVS DVS21 hour ago
  • 2:26,well if its a two imposter game you won't be safe as only the killer has the vent button

    Liang FredyLiang Fredy21 hour ago
  • 1:53 Yellow sus.

    George_PiggyGeorge_Piggy22 hours ago
  • All the tips are smart ways to win

    Unformed PlayzUnformed Playz23 hours ago
  • Hold on why do u play with 4 ppl

    Jasmine AboushaabanJasmine Aboushaaban23 hours ago
  • I’m getting king of random vibes from this song

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  • Plot twist: the one who's standing above the vent was the other impostor

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  • Woow These tips are so good now i will be a pro playing among us

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  • Sthis helped do much

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  • tip video #3: you can't sabotage near cams tip video #4: open the sabotage button before heading to cams so you can sabotage in front of cams

    beckbeckDay ago
  • POV: you’re a worker for the skeld and this is the training video

    Massiel GonzalezMassiel GonzalezDay ago
  • If you watched one of his later videos he said that you can open the sabotage menu then walk to cams and it is still out so you can get a potential clear

    SNOWsSNOWsDay ago

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  • Yellow: Orange killed pink Green: white vented though Well we know who it is Purple was ejected. Purple was not even playing the game.

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  • GNA Fun is so cool u should totally subscribe:)))

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  • time stamp 3;40 the person on cam would see that you did not go in to reacter so that would not work unless the person in cam are the dumist person in the world

    not jrwalpolesnot jrwalpolesDay ago
  • While watching this I got imposter 3 times in a row

    TheKgburksTheKgburksDay ago
  • Hey! I have a question! At 5:12 how did you got that thing? I really wanna see and learn how!

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  • I knew most of these but some of these are really good!

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  • now I'm really good at among us

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  • Toxic kid that brags:I REALLY NEED IMPOSTER THIS TIME me:'gets imposter' Toxic kid:instant leave

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    • That's not bragging...

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  • 1:20

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