Whistleblower Rick Bright’s Damning Testimony on Trump’s COVID-19 Failures: A Closer Look

May 14, 2020
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Seth takes a closer look at the president declaring victory on coronavirus even though a whistleblower offered damning testimony today on the Trump administration’s disastrous response.
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Whistleblower Rick Bright’s Damning Testimony on Trump’s COVID-19 Failures: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • I fuckin love white people. Go America

    Marlon TaylorMarlon Taylor5 months ago
  • If you can't make stuff up to complain about, the right will automatically lose 90% of their content, though. They need SOMETHING to stoke their hate/fear/paranoia, or else they'd have to live in the real world and try to make an effort to make it work.

    Samuel RosanderSamuel Rosander5 months ago
  • What about the real whistle blowers? The nurses and staff etc that are exposing how they are killing patients by putting them on ventilators when they don't need to

    Tony in ArizonaTony in Arizona6 months ago
  • ‘Anticipating’, my dear...! Not “...expecting..”.

    Mᴥāz KalīmMᴥāz Kalīm6 months ago
  • Annoying

    Luis DejesusLuis Dejesus6 months ago
  • The torn shirts... impeccable read

    iJahiriJahir6 months ago
  • “the torn shirts” would be a dope ass band name

    öwenöwen7 months ago
  • Wow - When he talks, that non-mask-wearing-in-shower guy looks exactly like Granpa Munster (Al Lewis)

    D NtodoD Ntodo7 months ago
  • Yeah we know about the people from Wal-mart. They would sell out their workers as fast as Seth learns to picks up some of the voices.😃

    Anna JorgensenAnna Jorgensen7 months ago
  • Seth you forgot, "What have you got to lose?!" Does he really think everyone still believes his lies? I can tell him 95% of Americans don't believe anything he says. Kennedy is a strange fella and oh gee that ruined my day to think of him in the shower🤮🤮🤮

    Anna JorgensenAnna Jorgensen7 months ago
  • Trump Trump Trump

    kaistigerboykaistigerboy7 months ago
  • i actually found a couple of those books and i want seth and his team to recommend more :D i'm one of the 8 people who like the pile

    sarah shahinsarah shahin7 months ago
  • Read this - www.amazon.com/When-Bosses-Ruled-Philadelphia-Republican/dp/0271009233/ When Bosses Ruled Philadelphia: The Emergence of the Republican Machine, 1867-1933

    John DoeJohn Doe7 months ago
  • If u see talk push some old person down like that better be ready to throw down ! That's unacceptable - dude isn't moving FaceTime with grandma 😳😲 imagine ? Ron Halloween 😔😔😔😔 that's the same emotion for that thang ! 😔😔😔 emptiness - sadness - loneliness - etc etc etc ! Ron where are you now that I need you ? 😔 can't find you anywhere ? 😔 I need you the most 😔

    Andy MacedoAndy Macedo7 months ago
  • I can't with this guy 😂😂... I love you Seth!

    Elsa RomeroElsa Romero7 months ago
  • His trump impression is getting IMPRESSIVE

    Mackenzie LipopMackenzie Lipop7 months ago
  • When will the Trump adminstration be held accountable? While the American public are the ones who suffer 😡

    N3tiz3n 188N3tiz3n 1887 months ago
  • mommie mommie , johnie's not wearing a nazi scarf... should we tell big brother? mommie says, "not to worry buddy, johnie's out burning and looting and big brother lets him enjoy the destruction.. maybe johnie will bring back that goochie bag I've been hankering for"

    La BuckLa Buck7 months ago
  • Trump tied up in a closet with duct tape over his mouth is a fantasy of mine

    dave hdave h7 months ago
  • CBD oil does help for certain things. it’s not a cure all.

    Alex CummingsAlex Cummings7 months ago
  • “victory on coronavirus”. Daily new cases still above 19k. “ignore that fake news”.

    Alex CummingsAlex Cummings7 months ago
  • Thank you for keeping us informed and entertained in these crazy times. Also I think there are more than eight people who enjoy the Thorn Birds antics, I certainly do.

    Sarah BuckwarSarah Buckwar7 months ago
  • Any other watchers of this from England? doesn’t this feel like just what’s happening here? outsourcing testing to private companies? throwing the scientists under the bus for their own incompetence of how the pandemic had gotten out of control? aside from Boris being supposedly intelligent, are our two countries that different? how did we get to this point? 😔 also; Seth your John Kennedy segment cracked me up 😂 who would even enforce a mandatory mask in the shower? 😂

    221BSam221BSam7 months ago
  • Those are real Torid Thirdborn books

    Colton MillerColton Miller7 months ago
  • Ofcourse he doesn't want to wear a mask in the "Men's Club Spa" shower...it will muffle his loud beautiful butterfly release.

    Colton MillerColton Miller7 months ago
  • The Torn Shirts

    Krypt Killer 875Krypt Killer 8757 months ago
  • Fake books! 💞💞💞 u sethie

    various cornvarious corn7 months ago
  • 1984! Lord of the flies! I just watched your Netflix stand-up. U killed it and my stomach muscles 😍😍😍 #LobbyBaby

    various cornvarious corn7 months ago
  • thanks for speaking up, doc. that sounds sarcastic but it isn’t lol

    life’s a bitchlife’s a bitch7 months ago
  • What in the h--- is up with Rand Paul?! He looks like the cat just dragged him in.

    Jackie371Jackie3717 months ago
  • Cool To See Now❄️🙏😎!

    Mr. Rene MorenoMr. Rene Moreno7 months ago
  • I do agree with you on the starship trooper comment. The shower scene alone is worth the ride.

    Kyle PirkoKyle Pirko7 months ago
  • schmeer tac

    realrandomrealrandom7 months ago
  • I'm so much familiar with your basement door Seth than my classroom desk

    Zac_k2 DrioZac_k2 Drio7 months ago
  • The Trump impressions are hilarious

    Captain MaxwellCaptain Maxwell7 months ago
  • Lololol, the born turds! You and your art dept rock!!!

    CloudspeakerCloudspeaker7 months ago
  • 6:29 what is the line here lmaooo

    thatsghastlythatsghastly7 months ago
  • Hahaha

    Jak AquinJak Aquin7 months ago
  • "Pokemon go to hell!" Just marvelous!

    Levi BarnesLevi Barnes7 months ago
  • He has a weird detachment in his eyes like, 'I don't care which side I'm on as long as I'm making money.'

    JuanJuan7 months ago
  • "husband cheats on wife to prove they need an open marriage" damn that was a good comparison LOL

    ROFLcopterROFLcopter7 months ago
  • Oh look Adam schiff has his latest chump to try derail the president. WON'T WORK!!!!!!

    Brian HargravesBrian Hargraves7 months ago
  • Walgreen's. Was that the same firm that heavily invested in Theranos? Yeah, I'm ready to trust them with a pandemic after that!

    Astro SciAstro Sci7 months ago
  • Soon, I expect the brain-damaged right to start calling masks "Liberal Coverings". Just because they are insane.

    Astro SciAstro Sci7 months ago
  • Man, that wall in the Pacific must be incredibly high! I should be able to see the top of it from Canada, right? Oh, I forgot, the Earth is flat. I should be able to see the entire wall from here!

    Astro SciAstro Sci7 months ago
  • Would you like to know more?

    Victor CVictor C7 months ago
  • Did he call up Moriarty? This can't be good... Can some get help from 221B Baker Street?

    TCM1261TCM12617 months ago
  • trump is the kind of guy who would get infected, and still come into work without telling anyone about it, even if he knew it, just so he could safe face and not let anyone else be in charge while he's sick

    Mr.CDPlaysMr.CDPlays7 months ago
  • It's so true!!! Starship Troopers is an underrated movie

  • Right. This guy never came to work. Hasnt showed up at new job. Still on medical leave from losing his job!!!! He cant handle the stress.

    Joanne PichottaJoanne Pichotta7 months ago
  • Trevor noah

    Dale Carnegie of Orange CountyDale Carnegie of Orange County7 months ago
  • My favorite book might just be The Born Turds.

    Natasha EstesNatasha Estes7 months ago
  • Look i agree with Seth, but pls don't throw shade on roadies like that. They're hard working people, and possibly the future of heavy music.

    Gordon SlamsayGordon Slamsay7 months ago
  • Here is a new word president trump, and the word is TRUMPGATE!

    Bob GordobBob Gordob7 months ago
  • I can't concentrate on what he says. I am to distracted by the fact that "The torn shirts" sounds like a documentary book about werewolf characters in twilight

    SlinjaSlinja7 months ago
  • Is The Born Turds another White House whistleblower book?

    William PearsonWilliam Pearson7 months ago
  • I real life was the Movie Armageddon. The US gov would have figured out something to do 5 minutes before impact and blamed Bruce Willis for not have a plan of action 3 months ago.

    Kellic AnonymousTigerKellic AnonymousTiger7 months ago
  • Screw Trump ... Worst President in American History

    Mary GilbertsonMary Gilbertson7 months ago
  • YOOOOO So theaters Are about to be obsolete so After this pandemic seth should just stay home and then fill up the theaters with an audience you know make its slightly bigger like it's filled with tables and stuff like that And just broadcast it live on the theaters screen and then the audience laughter can still be genuine but a lot more people can see it and maybe wine and dine and You know what I mean But still be able to see it online

    ꧁Lil Fairy꧂꧁Lil Fairy꧂7 months ago
  • The segues sir......they need some work to say the least

    Cam ReynoldsCam Reynolds7 months ago
  • @06:36 hahahahahaha i'm done!!!!

    Gabriel SeyGabriel Sey7 months ago
  • hahaha that trump impression was ON POINT

    Gabriel SeyGabriel Sey7 months ago
  • after watching the new closer look i went back to re-watch and caught the book name changes lol

    stefoehmenstefoehmen7 months ago
  • And yet the MSM still covers for do nothing Obama regarding Swine Flu.

    SternLXSternLX7 months ago
  • Of everyone who needs humility in a respiratory illness response, Rand Paul and his collapsed lung should be top of the list.

    Troy OvesonTroy Oveson8 months ago
    • @John Doe Media shills like the WHO? Ok boomer. And if the science is "non-existent" how would any real doctors (who contribute, advise, and work with the WHO) have any different information? The point is Rand Paul was in a more severe risk group and is being cavalier about opening, which could put his life at significant risk, but what do I know, I've only worked in healthcare for the last six years and counting.

      Troy OvesonTroy Oveson7 months ago
    • the respirators cause covid death by incubation. the science is non-existent. listen to the real doctors, instead of well paid mainstream media shills like the who and un ccp party

      John DoeJohn Doe7 months ago
  • Am I the only one who caught Seth-as-Kennedy) complaining that the "libs" wanted him to wear a merkin on his chin?

    Lisa GulickLisa Gulick8 months ago
  • your so predictable you make vomit taste good

    Marty ponishMarty ponish8 months ago
  • And what is the point of this....what will actually change. This administration has broken so many laws already. Smh

    Island ButterflyIsland Butterfly8 months ago
  • The torn shirts. The corn nerds. You guys are just as bored as the rest of us huh

    Overwatch93Overwatch938 months ago
  • Trumps gotta have money in that hydroxichlorocrap. Thats the only explanation for him being able to clearly say a 6 syllable word.

    Overwatch93Overwatch938 months ago
  • LMAO The Born Turds!!! XD

    Zaximus PrimeZaximus Prime8 months ago
  • Seth, I am happy to agree with everything you said, with one exception....You can't 'UNDERAPPRECIATE' that waste of film too much. It was garbage when it came out and it hasn't aged well at all. If the only reason Robert A. Heinlein is remembered for is that p.o.s. movie? He must be spinning in his grave.

    Michael ChiarcosMichael Chiarcos8 months ago

    Caitlyn CarlisleCaitlyn Carlisle8 months ago
  • 6:30 that made me laugh so hard i almost peed in my pants

    Manny KhanManny Khan8 months ago
  • “The Torn Shirts” “The Corn Nerds” “The Thrown Burps” "Born Turds" Seth!!!

    Olumide AkindeOlumide Akinde8 months ago
  • I love the book gag...

    Aubree WAubree W8 months ago
  • Dr. Bright holds a Ph.D., and is a researcher, not an MD. BTY, it typically takes much more work and quite a bit more knowledge to get that Ph.D.

    Debra VanAusdaleDebra VanAusdale8 months ago
  • The torn shirts

    Mario SMario S8 months ago
  • Seth I have to say this is one of your best yet-I love it all but this episode is hilarious!!! I nearly fell off my chair laughing when you played the mask in the shower bit. #tornshirts Thanks for keeping us all laughing.

    DeeDee NelsonDeeDee Nelson8 months ago
  • Torn Shirts, Corn Nerds Town Burps The Born Turds sad to say I can't send any money from Australia at this point

    Janet TaylorJanet Taylor8 months ago
  • “Merkin on the chin” did I hear that right Sen. Kennedy?

    Phil MichaelPhil Michael8 months ago
  • 'Thar he blows' 😂

    April CaricchioApril Caricchio8 months ago
  • theres nothing worse than someone who highlights every segway they do

    Blake TBlake T8 months ago
  • The Thorn Birds The Torn Shirts The Corn Nerds The Thrown Burps The Born Turds Then back to The Thorn Birds

    Hotshot FighterHotshot Fighter8 months ago

    HellwyckHellwyck8 months ago
  • Is John boy Walton her come on up buzz lighyear come on up. Donald Puss bucket Trump 🇬🇧

    Ace o ConnerAce o Conner8 months ago
  • He's the voice of loghorn leghorn of loony toons if not should be. I do declare I say I do declare Trump a back woods back washed ass plug 🇬🇧

    Ace o ConnerAce o Conner8 months ago
  • This is bad when the Whistle blower isn't the scrub hollering from there best friend's ride

    PlaidnationPlaidnation8 months ago
  • OMG I love this. Keeps getting better and better. Love and hugs from Denmark (Yes, the capitalist monarchy)

    Jakob Elm MikkelsenJakob Elm Mikkelsen8 months ago
  • “Naked and wet “ hilarious 🤣 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Irin BIrin B8 months ago
  • No one is allowed to die from Coronavirus. Don't worry about the economy, nobody dies from poverty. Shut it down! Everybody shelter-in-place. Hide Hide Hide! The nanny state says so, in the name of the law! No one think of liberty, in that if You are scared of Coronavirus, than You hide, But let me have the freedom to make my own decisions. No No No! The nanny state has made the decision for you! I'm so angry I'm going to vote for the dangerous idiot in the White House. Nobody talk about common sense approaches such as locking down county-by-county based on how busy the hospitals are. Nobody talk about bailout money to pay our restaurants to prepare bulk item foods and distributed to the hungry. No this is America and we have to wave our red white and blue in an all hands on deck effort to get crazy and overreact. Lock it all down, it's a party! Now let's all watch the news and see the big freak out show.

    Brian DBrian D8 months ago
  • No wonder the people in the White House are testing positive now......all these fools standing close, no PPE, behaving as if there is no pandemic happening. I bet Trump got the virus and is spreading it around wherever he goes.

    T DT D8 months ago
  • The torn shirts 🤣

    Hannah RickelmanHannah Rickelman8 months ago
  • The guy scratching the nuts in the back at 3:34 hahaha

    Greivin AriasGreivin Arias8 months ago
  • Yas! Dueches of hazard!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Cyan SlothCyan Sloth8 months ago
  • Love the books on the side table and the absurd segues!

    Julienne AmsdenJulienne Amsden8 months ago
  • It really is hard to find an employee at CVS. The republicans are just following trumps lead of hating on the popularity Dr. Fauci.

    Caedydid and JewelvidsYT1Caedydid and JewelvidsYT18 months ago
  • 6:30 I didn't know Bill Cosby impressions were back

    denyingdestructiondenyingdestruction8 months ago
  • The only thing tRump ever brags about is "Being the Best", and in this case, he's correct. The one and only, top, #1 Non-Essential Worker in the U.S. is tRump.

    Just MeJust Me8 months ago
  • 91,500+ dead to date of Covid in the US, thanks to Trump's depraved indifference and gross incompetence. Until Trump can make millions exploiting Covid, he won't care at all.

    BenjaminFranklin99BenjaminFranklin998 months ago