You Can't Stop Us | Nike

Jul 30, 2020
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You can't stop Megan Rapinoe, Serena Williams, or Lebron James.
Just as you can't stop Naomi Osaka, Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Baker.
Because as athletes*, we are never alone. Sport unites us. Strengthens us. Keeps us pushing ahead. No matter what, we will always come back stronger, together.
You can't stop sport. Because you can't stop us.
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Nike strives to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete* in the world. (* If you have a body, you are an athlete.)
Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand human potential. We do that by creating groundbreaking sport innovations, by making our products more sustainably, by building a creative and diverse global team and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.
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    white vs darkwhite vs dark6 hours ago
  • Não colocaram o menino Ney no comercial... Um erro fatal.

    Nícolas CoelhoNícolas CoelhoDay ago
  • 1:22🔥

    Joshua OwolabiJoshua Owolabi2 days ago
  • 1:14 Sepak Takraw That sport should be on the olympics 🏅🏅

    Cuk NanCuk Nan2 days ago
  • ay funny ah bengay

    PleatGFXPleatGFX4 days ago
  • Why are you disrespecting Islam Nike answer me? Tell me how would you feel if we disrespect you religion like this.

    Cyber HyperCyber Hyper4 days ago
    • let them disrespect. it doesn't affect us from claiming our space.

      white vs darkwhite vs dark6 hours ago
    • Make this world a better place

      Cyber HyperCyber Hyper4 days ago
  • 우린 세계에 대한민국의 우왁굳을 전파하러 왔다. -레게노- 외국놈들은 알아서 번역해라

    LE ELE E6 days ago
  • Made in Chinese Korea

    アルカポネアルカポネ7 days ago
  • #NIKE

    Hispanic LovinHispanic Lovin8 days ago
  • #NIKE thanks for creating such Beautiful tennis I just got a Beautiful pair they are for walking but they are so comftable that they want to make you RUN wow, I had to make a tick tock about them Hispanic Login that my account go watch it, in those tennis I Feel Supper SEXY thanks #NIKE 💖😘💞🇵🇷

    Hispanic LovinHispanic Lovin8 days ago
  • wow.

    Enoch KimEnoch Kim9 days ago
  • NIKE is black racism

    アルカポネアルカポネ9 days ago
  • NIKE is black racism

    アルカポネアルカポネ9 days ago
  • Nike: Hong Kong is bad! Hong Kong:

    AnonymousAnonymous10 days ago
  • Uighur Lives Matter!

    AnonymousAnonymous10 days ago
  • Hey, in order to watch the unseen commercial that Nike was supposed to launch in India, here's the link: Do check it out.

    Rithik NairRithik Nair10 days ago
  • We can do together

    Epsilon TVEpsilon TV12 days ago
  • Nike pays a Chinese woman 20 cents an hour in a sweat shop so black millionaires can preach about your racial evils. 😂😂

    Loetz CollectorLoetz Collector13 days ago
  • What about the young kids in your sweatshopd

    Gurpreet GurpalGurpreet Gurpal13 days ago
  • What’s is this Muslim to lgbt 👎

    janahijanahi14 days ago
  • muslims are hating this commercial.

    Jose CarranzaJose Carranza14 days ago
  • you are brilliant I also went to a Nike store to buy my new birthday shoes and I got these Nike flexes in black white and green and purple in color and cost 7700rupess cause I'm from India your so great you just encouraged people you just made the world boom like the adjust editing in this thing is brilliant and the message in the ad is really helpful

  • Salut et merci beaucoup Nike.❤️👍

    Yann BurlotYann Burlot15 days ago

    A This isA This is16 days ago
  • Boycott Nike

    Abaddon AbyssAbaddon Abyss16 days ago
  • The one that ACTUALLY cannot be stopped is Leo Messi -----ADIDAS Impossible is nothing

    Davideo JockeyDavideo Jockey16 days ago
  • is it just me or do you not wear shoes when you swim and it makes no sense to have swimmers in this ad?

    Frog_Frog_17 days ago
  • I disliked the video before even watching it.

    Alexey AAlexey A17 days ago
  • What happened to Otto Warmbier in North Korea?

    木村栄木村栄18 days ago
  • 0:28 music 💥 If we don't fit the sport We will change the sport

    Lohitha GandhamLohitha Gandham18 days ago
  • Love this shoe amazing, Larry Dembrun

    Larry DembrunLarry Dembrun19 days ago
  • When a woman walks on street almost naked it's ok for you and you call it "freedom". But when a woman chooses to cover her body so that people don't look at her body with sexual desire, it's not freedom for you, and you start to insult her and her religion, What a freedom.

    Ahmed AlmyaleeAhmed Almyalee20 days ago
  • Propaganda at its finest.

    Jay DireJay Dire21 day ago
  • All dislikes are from the people who can't accept the fact that their religion is too backwards.

    johnjohn21 day ago
  • Amazing

    Patrick WuPatrick Wu22 days ago
  • I am a Muslim, and I do not agree to merge the prospector with the homosexual, and this merging is rejected by my religion, and Islam is a religion of dignity. It does not insult the person, but it is made for him with dignity that is not made by homosexuality.

    TERTER24 days ago
  • ナイキ等がウイグル人強制労働防止法案に「反対」 ロビー活動に米与野党落胆

    たらふくたらふく25 days ago
  • I strongly refuse to buy Nike.

    A This isA This is28 days ago
    • @celestiiae fr tho

      Olerato MaileOlerato Maile21 day ago
    • who asked lol

      celestiiaecelestiiae25 days ago
  • Brilliant concept, flawlessly executed, with spirit and soul. Humbling, too.

    Christopher SpringmannChristopher Springmann28 days ago
  • I don't have any idea about those dislikes😏

    Vignes RamVignes Ram28 days ago
  • H

    Lulu AlsurayeaLulu Alsurayea29 days ago
  • the editor deserves a raise.

    Olaoluwa KOLADEOlaoluwa KOLADEMonth ago
  • What about the Uyghur’s, Nike? Smh

    Piper ShankPiper ShankMonth ago
  • Hey guys! Go watch this NIKE video some USkeysr made:

    Sergeant MonkeySergeant MonkeyMonth ago
  • The second Nike signed Kapernick who's contract is with you know who They were stopped by a higher power Choices The boycott could insure UnderArmor taking over as head sales in sporting wear

    Elijah PetersElijah PetersMonth ago
  • Editor name pls

    Surajit GhoshSurajit GhoshMonth ago
  • "we have a responsibility to make this world a better place" Shore, just think about your employees, who dont even get minimum wage, and a slapped across the head. first stop child labour, then talk about all this BS. Pay ppl more. You can pay tiger woods 21 million, but not even pay minimum wage to ur employers?

    indieindieMonth ago
  • Nike should quit lecturing on social justice- and atone for using slave labor in China (New York Post July 25, 2020)

    sunnysky88sunnysky88Month ago
  • Guys why is everyone wearing nike here?

    The last time I slept wasThe last time I slept wasMonth ago
  • "you can't stop us from exploiting labor outside"-Nike

    Raj BennyRaj BennyMonth ago
  • What’s with all the hate? Forget about Nike and the shady things they do on the side...the commercial itself is a strong and united message that we the citizens of earth should appreciate and adhere to. We are together, we help each other and we are equals. What’s wrong with that? I don’t need to buy a Nike product to support the message in the video. The video itself is beautiful. There is only 1 race, the human race.

    Mr5percenterMr5percenterMonth ago
  • حركه خبيثة منهم 0:28 دسلايك ومقاطعة

    yoofaa77yoofaa77Month ago
  • I'm all Adidas baby,Nike is FAKE!

    Dan koolDan koolMonth ago
  • 한국어 자막도 넣어주삼ㅁ

    _ oii_415_ oii_415Month ago
  • this ad is not a for woman's voice, it needs a man's voice ...

    Mostafa SherifMostafa SherifMonth ago
  • Beautiful! I will include this in my PhD Research Marketing the Rainbow,

    Alfred VerhoevenAlfred VerhoevenMonth ago
  • omg i luv it

    진영고진영고Month ago

    Demain PhoenixDemain PhoenixMonth ago
  • this video is just amazing... really nice editing work, so much time in there wooooowwwww. this insane match cuts omg

    Tano OfficialTano OfficialMonth ago
  • Combien d'enfants Ouïghours esclaves morts pour réaliser cette vidéo ? Mais bon je pardonne. Business is business.

    carl peterscarl petersMonth ago
  • I never buy the product of Nike discriminating against a Japanese. This company lets an Uygur person make slave labor in China and exploits it

    T HashiT HashiMonth ago
  • I cannot imagine the effort to make this ad

    안녕하새오안녕하새오Month ago
  • 0:01 Tell me the name of the athlete on your right.

    PringlesPringlesMonth ago
  • Well you have certainly stopped me from buying your product.!

    camo camocamo camoMonth ago
  • ウイグル人強制労働防止法案に「反対」 ナイキなどロビー活動

    xegoistxxegoistxMonth ago
  • The relationship between NIKE and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions. ↓ The following is a translation from Korean to Japanese.↓ >総連関係者は本報との通話で“ナイキで差別を超えようという趣旨の広告要請が来て学生が出演するようになった”と説明した。 (In a phone call with this report, a North Korean Federation of Trade Unions official said, "We received a request for an advertisement with the purpose of overcoming discrimination in Nike, and the students began to appear in it.) Would you buy NIKE products associated with the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions who collaborated with North Korea to kidnap Japanese people? The relationship between NIKE and North Korea.↓ The relationship between NIKE and China.↓ Would you buy the products of Nike to lobby against the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act?

    aki Taki TMonth ago
  • Can't you stop this?

    金剛石金剛石Month ago
  • Deny the human rights of Uighurs and forge discrimination in Japan. Just do it. NIKE.

    スリッパスリッパMonth ago
    • 日本は自国民である部落民差別を止めろ! あ!もちろんウイグルに自由を! 自由香港!自由チベット! そして自由部落民!

      徳仁天皇徳仁天皇Month ago
  • 야들아 한국인좀 모여보자

    성이름성이름Month ago

    Haruna ContehHaruna ContehMonth ago
  • 진짜 몇번봐도 존1나 미쳤다

    황재원황재원Month ago
    • @y ou 문제있다는게 아니라 편집실력부터해서 영상자체가 미쳤다라고 할만큼 잘 만들었다는 거에요

      황재원황재원Month ago
    • 저 멍청해서 이해못함. 뭐가 문제인거죠? 조금 만 설명해주실수있나요.

      y ouy ouMonth ago
  • Wow beautiful and well made this... good idea!

    Grace ParkGrace ParkMonth ago
  • Yeah, the only ones on Earth who can stop a force like Rapinoe is a team of 14-year-olds in Texas.

    Kenneth ShoulerKenneth ShoulerMonth ago
  • are you crazy human?

    권준형권준형Month ago
  • Nike "We hate racism and slavery....except in CCP-run China, where it's totally okay and we benefit directly from it." Congratulations Nike - you gained some Social Credit Points, and remain the wokest corporation on the planet.

    House of ShufflesHouse of ShufflesMonth ago
  • 1:00 그아앗 키움히어로즈 국뽕 쩐다

    장작SLEND장작SLENDMonth ago
    • 그 옆에 유니폼에 현대

      권준형권준형Month ago
  • Nike's only value is profit maximization. At. All. Cost. They'd rather pay top-ranking athletes 8 figure sums to endorse their brand than paying fair wages to their factory workers.

    skunktheshrinkskunktheshrinkMonth ago
  • An ad to blow your mind away.

    Zakia BanuZakia BanuMonth ago
  • Interesting how many of us immediately focus on the imperfections of both the message and the messenger! Not that they don't exist. However, the world is full of so many negative messages today because when one says something brave and positive, so many stones are stone at them!!! Nike, you're not perfect, but you're taking a powerful brave step towards being better! Well done 👌 💪

    Khaled Jack EkermawiKhaled Jack EkermawiMonth ago
  • 😍💪

    hamdam yousefianhamdam yousefianMonth ago
  • Uighur opposition to forced labor! !!

    jeyson kasaijeyson kasaiMonth ago

    発奮興起発奮興起Month ago
  • show de bola !!!

    Grupo RetokGrupo RetokMonth ago
  • "Report: Nike Among U.S. Brands Pushing to Weaken Uyghur Anti-Slavery Bill" WARNER TODD HUSTON 30 Nov 2020 Although Nike claims it no longer employs labor in the Chinese Province. "The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act would prohibit “all imports from Xinjiang unless a company can clearly prove that the products were not made by slaves." Nike Apple are only two of the companies reportedly "employing" slave labor. Nike wants the words of the Anti Slavery Bill fixed only to apply to the Province, but they own at least one factory that produces over 6 million shoes employing 800 slaves. Maybe someone could ask LeBron how he feels about representing and making money from slavery?

    jeb stuartjeb stuartMonth ago
  • Not buying anything Nike from now on

    Ali GAli GMonth ago
  • Nike supports (by silence) ethnic cleansing in Tibet and East Turkestan by the Chinese Communist Party.

    sanpo9sanpo9Month ago
  • 축하합니다 당신은 한국인의 댓글을 발견했습니다

    새신을신고 • 12년전새신을신고 • 12년전Month ago
    • @성이름 ㅋㅋ

      새신을신고 • 12년전새신을신고 • 12년전Month ago
    • 몇번을 스크롤 한거지..

      성이름성이름Month ago
  • 3:00 minutes dislike+report is hypocrisy against ISLAM.

    Ali ChohanAli ChohanMonth ago
  • Go Pack!

    Jay SchwartzJay SchwartzMonth ago
  • did they copy the movistar ad? because is the same thing but in peru

    eyeswideopeneyeswideopenMonth ago

    JAYJAYMonth ago
  • How you gonna use your salary with bonus? Editor : hmm... To the hospital

    현재문현재문Month ago
  • They just need attention you can’t change nobody get out of here 🤣

    Hijra YusufHijra YusufMonth ago
  • Los encargados de la publicidad de Nike son los mejores publicistas de la historia increíble los comerciales que hacen

    Juan José MorianaJuan José MorianaMonth ago
  • Love from my heart

    Moh. Hakim SantosoMoh. Hakim SantosoMonth ago
  • Nike, i love you commercials so much. Creative team deserves the world

    Noah RodriguezNoah RodriguezMonth ago
  • if i ever feel stupid i’ll just remember the people who liked this video

    Ryan RoutsongRyan RoutsongMonth ago
  • The editing us unbelievable.

    Primal PowerPrimal PowerMonth ago
  • 축하합니다 당신은 한국사람을 찾았습니다.

    공부안해공부안해Month ago
  • I swear from today i will never buy a nike product ever.. what a disgusting

    Shahrol AzmanShahrol AzmanMonth ago