Call of Duty Warzone Tryhard Mode ( Meta Loadout )

Jun 9, 2020
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COD Warzone Meta right now is Grau and MP5. Let's test it out with @Stodeh and @Aculite to see how good it really is! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

  • 4 absolutely smashing matches here with the lads! Thank you so much for watching guys, hope you like this :)

    jackfragsjackfrags4 months ago
    • @atlas 45 The 10KD is with a butter knife too lol

      redrooster303redrooster303Month ago
    • cyn has I’m.

      MikeJayWashMikeJayWash2 months ago
    • @7 ok I'm certain it does, happy?

      Jonathan AstlesJonathan Astles4 months ago
    • Flynn yea

      atlas 45atlas 454 months ago
    • You need to watch TheseKnivesOnly

      FlynnFlynn4 months ago
  • That guy definitely aim bot Jack

    Pj KramerPj Kramer14 days ago
  • Helllooooooooooooooo gamersssss!

    Gman gamerGman gamerMonth ago
  • Towards the beginning they were talking about how impressive melee only would be in Warzone. They have clearly never watched my boy TKO lol

    Chase ReynoldsChase ReynoldsMonth ago
  • are always in tryhard mode.

    Elessar TelcontarElessar TelcontarMonth ago
  • Are we just gonna ignore mans said “I can see third person I got these hacks”

    Affan KhanAffan KhanMonth ago
  • 57:48 IceManIsaac StoneMountain64 Tomographic

    David CaddockDavid CaddockMonth ago
  • that is a osum gun

    Heather PoeschlHeather PoeschlMonth ago
  • You call it tryhard, we call need necessary to win at least once

    CrudoCrudoMonth ago
  • How can u get all of those gray barrels? I only have 1 i can select, there aren’t even locked ones

    MaumauMaumau2 months ago
  • i dont get why people think jack pre records streams

    Harry LeighHarry Leigh2 months ago
  • Beauty games! Infinitely watchable. Thanks!

    Douglas NewmanDouglas Newman2 months ago
  • That guy snapped 180 and sprayed you suspiciously quick Jack. People do that on bf5 all the time but bf5 has an insane amount of cheats and script users xD

    Sib WraithSib Wraith2 months ago
  • That dude used an aim bot i think

    vijay ranganvijay rangan2 months ago
  • I miss juice

    Nicholas enriquezNicholas enriquez2 months ago
  • all lives matter you stupid fuck

    StalkerStalker2 months ago
  • 1:15:00 get over it jack. can't you handle the fact that someone's actually better than you.?

    BooM BorgoyariBooM Borgoyari2 months ago
  • Me and my brother won a game with melee weapons

    Elias JenkinsElias Jenkins2 months ago
  • 36:13 Jack: lmgs I cant stand them in warzone they aren't very good are they Bruen: am I a joke to you

    SuzeuskiSuzeuski3 months ago
  • Btw when you shoot the pkm instead of reloading you drop it and pick it back up for it to reload faster. So it’s not hacking it’s just a glitch

    ZhiffZhiff3 months ago
  • hello no cant talk right now

    Dillon MackenzieDillon Mackenzie3 months ago
  • 5:07 What if that’s been the over arching conspiracy of the CoD alternate universe this whole time!!! Open your eyes everyone that’s what all the Easter lead to!!!

    BrownSofa GamerBrownSofa Gamer3 months ago
  • Jack did you know you’ve been it games with your friends? As in playing against them?

    KhydoKhydo3 months ago
  • Let's go gg

    Stevi SteenStevi Steen3 months ago
  • 4 absolutely smashing matches

    elias radyelias rady3 months ago
  • your 2nd time getting sent to the gulag....... way you got locked on that fast

    mark rogers IImark rogers II3 months ago
  • G

    The game boy KidThe game boy Kid3 months ago
  • Sooooo many that only use WallHacks and no-recoil, and iam not that good so i am alot in the lower tier lobbys and i see it daily, i rather play agenst much better players than crappy ones with WH. , so many regular players using WallHack now in Season04 due to the competition is so much higher compaired to Season03...

    Niclas HornNiclas Horn3 months ago
  • The last two games were especially good! Well played the last one.

    Sebastian RotheSebastian Rothe3 months ago
  • Melee super sprints faster than a pistol but a pistol sprints faster than melee. The pistol is also fast enough that it overtakes the bonus super sprint speed that melee gets after a few seconds.

    Viper3220Viper32204 months ago
  • 2 great hours of entertainment

    Paul SmithPaul Smith4 months ago
  • 1:08:00 "He beamed me but I didn't have any armor." Dude, you never get nor put any armor... 😂

    FrenchAntoineFrenchAntoine4 months ago
  • look forward to ignoring westies copy of this video

    FluphyBunnyFluphyBunny4 months ago

    David KitcherDavid Kitcher4 months ago
  • Like your your game plays. One of few that show whole game screen. Unfortunately I can't play this game on pc due high ping times (600ms) in North of Canada

    allroundgoodguy02allroundgoodguy024 months ago
  • Love Jack, but he really needs to stop asking for plates from teammates who clearly have significantly less lol. Happened at least 3 or 4 times

    carlsong643carlsong6434 months ago
  • Yeah that was definitely a sketchy kill

    Mathieu KreuschMathieu Kreusch4 months ago
  • Should have called it piss duty

    Ernest Van TentErnest Van Tent4 months ago
  • @Jackfrags "StodFourEyes"... xD

    Wind AnimaWind Anima4 months ago
  • I win over 80% of my fights in the GULAG since the change, so I don't know why you're losing so much. Maybe you just need to change strategies.

    Kaiserland111Kaiserland1114 months ago
  • cant wait for weekend

    MrPilotansMrPilotans4 months ago
  • Big Hakkzzzzz

    Korbyn TalleyKorbyn Talley4 months ago
  • Just had good aim, not hacking

    Rhys SaroleaRhys Sarolea4 months ago
  • When I saw that 180 I was instantly suspicious. The turn, target acquisition and first shot was instant, and therefore instantly suspect to me at least.

    Siddharth SatyanathSiddharth Satyanath4 months ago
  • Jack watch youtuber (these knives only). He wins warzone games with melee weapons only

    ObsidianObsidian4 months ago
  • I think that he doesnt have an aimbot because he starter shooting after you did and not when you were close

    Kierowca GrobowcaKierowca Grobowca4 months ago
  • Why are there trees missing? On your way to train station and that whole forest is missing...

    DillDill4 months ago
  • So tired of seeing the same guns over and over

    Jesse dfwJesse dfw4 months ago
  • I thought the Grau was too OP for the last months. This weekend I was finally able to unlock it with the free MP and discovered it's not that perfect. I actually performed better with the M13 (the gun I've been using all this time). The Grau doesn't make people win, their skills or recoil scripts do...

    Astral'o PithecusAstral'o Pithecus4 months ago
    • @Khydo I posted this before the nerf. I actually learned to use the Grau and started performing better with it. It's honestly not OP, just a really good gun. As for the nerf, they've done little to nothing...just a wee bit more recoil and less damage at range. Announcing the nerf changed things more than the actual nerf; People instantly assumed it became trash and started using a different loadout, but they're slowly returning to the Grau.

      Astral'o PithecusAstral'o Pithecus3 months ago
    • Because it got nerfed

      KhydoKhydo3 months ago
  • Can safely say they didn't do anything to hackers on season 4 if anything its worse, ive run into them dropping nukes in mp 2 game's in less than an hour and warzone is atrocious. Nothing like getting shot out the air and snipped across the map its pretty obvious when you watch kill cam and they just lock right onto you through walls and wipe out the whole team without missing

    Jarrett GirardiJarrett Girardi4 months ago
  • Love the cotent jack!

    B AB A4 months ago
  • I don't understand why you didn't watch the kill cam when he 180'd you

    Hunter Stevens MyersHunter Stevens Myers4 months ago
  • So from the intro these guys are basically the technoblades of cod?

    NoahNoah4 months ago
  • 57:23 Stone and Tomo were in the same match!

    DougFB-17DougFB-174 months ago
  • *The us army is taking fighting and tactics notes from you*

    Dustin KrejciDustin Krejci4 months ago
  • Wow. Excellent video. Great job.

    Fahmida AkterFahmida Akter4 months ago
  • 3:45 it probably happens automatically when someone reports you until it gets reviewed or something

    Travis CollinsTravis Collins4 months ago
  • Who said the earth was flat?

    Anthony RiveraAnthony Rivera4 months ago
  • aimbot

    jamie cowanjamie cowan4 months ago
  • Dude the beast player i have ever watched i just wish i Could with you

    Godfrey MahlogonoloGodfrey Mahlogonolo4 months ago
  • 18:05 - where are the trees? You got hills with no trees?

    Piotr RzekieckiPiotr Rzekiecki4 months ago
  • At 1h20m he was cheating surely

    Paolo SpallettaPaolo Spalletta4 months ago
  • grau is perfectly balanced when you have 90+ms ping

    Beaux4675Beaux46754 months ago

    Joe CardilloJoe Cardillo4 months ago
  • That 180 was hacking for sure.

    Joseph HayesJoseph Hayes4 months ago
  • 21:38 sounds like someone is smoking weed with an open mic)))

    HelbyHelby4 months ago
  • What the hell does Meta even mean? Is that even a real word?

    SamsquamshSamsquamsh4 months ago
    • @Saint Cruelty Oh ok. I've heard the term tossed around a few times lately. Thanks for the reply bud.

      SamsquamshSamsquamsh4 months ago
    • Yeah, it's a real word. Greek iirc. Means seeing things from outside themselves, rather than from within. In CoD, most weapons should be competitive, with pros and cons that suit them for certain niches, but in practice, there's always a meta; perk and weapon loadouts that are the best.

      Saint CrueltySaint Cruelty4 months ago
  • Hi Jack, new viewer and just wondering how best to find out when you will be live streaming( insta... fb ..etc) or is it a pot luck kind of thing. Thanks, keep up the great videos! Could watch them all day!

    Gareth mc groartyGareth mc groarty4 months ago
  • I feel like Aculite could be talking complete nonsense but It wouldn't matter because he's got a euphonious voice.

    GvillGvill4 months ago
  • Guys in bunker 11 near the mp7 blueprints is a minigun that came in season 4

    Owen MOwen M4 months ago
  • are we gonna get a S4 stream since it just came out instead

    Colonel CanadaColonel Canada4 months ago
  • You guys are missing out in Asian servers, 4 cheaters in a ground war match from 2 diff team fighting each other, the rest of us are just basically AI bots that get killed from across the map with a pkm turret.

    Zavier TayZavier Tay4 months ago
  • jackfrags and acculite SMASHING DUO

    stomna sacmatastomna sacmata4 months ago
  • Cool cool cool!!

    Kuzco GamesKuzco Games4 months ago
  • your armor plate greed always makes me laugh

    SparoogaSparooga4 months ago
  • You are my hero for referencing the terminator at 1:02

    Money McNastyMoney McNasty4 months ago
  • The same texture render bug happened to me no outside map or trees/bushes

    Tyler BellTyler Bell4 months ago
  • Aimbot Jack

    Martin CloutmanMartin Cloutman4 months ago
  • The world outside the barrier clearly got dropped on its head as a baby

    Hornz ZillaHornz Zilla4 months ago
  • Anyone know if the Grau got nerfed? Doesn't seem to say anything in the patch notes

    Daniel JPDaniel JP4 months ago
    • Daniel JP nah dawg

      Maz HaqueMaz Haque4 months ago
  • Epic!

    G ClarkG Clark4 months ago
  • He was sketchy I don’t think he was good I think he was sketchy

    Fire- Striker01. *laserbolts mod*Fire- Striker01. *laserbolts mod*4 months ago
  • Halo from south Africa love your videos keep up the good work is it possible too give my small USkeys gaming channel a shout out if possible 🙏

    RvgamesZA RvgamesZARvgamesZA RvgamesZA4 months ago
  • At 1:11:12 a guy was landing on the roof right in front of you after reviving Aculite. At 1:11:25 you can spot him again chillin' on that same roof. He never engaged, he waited it out and noped out of there. ^^ Love the Warzone content, keep 'em coming!

    Robin OldekampRobin Oldekamp4 months ago
  • Def was suss as. He180 aim on you

    C RoseC Rose4 months ago
  • Got my first win ever in warzone today

    _ Chrispy __ Chrispy _4 months ago
  • I don't think it was cheating. Seemed more like someone on console with aim assist on.

    Corbin SadlerCorbin Sadler4 months ago

    Robin MartinezRobin Martinez4 months ago
  • how do you unlock the OP MP5 blueprint?

    Hamel BHamel B4 months ago
  • How do you get an SMG as your secondary weapon?

    Will WilsonWill Wilson4 months ago
    • @nczeroballer187 cheers

      Will WilsonWill Wilson4 months ago
    • Overkill perk

      nczeroballer187nczeroballer1874 months ago
  • Yeah that M15 Dramy guy was hacking or server was shite

    Bartosz KrawczyńskiBartosz Krawczyński4 months ago
  • 11:18, what the hell was that. Its looks like jack was blocked by invisible wall. Its Battlefield 5 all over again

    BeveenK15 \Hooded GamerBeveenK15 \Hooded Gamer4 months ago
  • That rifle shoots so flat dude it's stupid

    Ty BirchellTy Birchell4 months ago
  • Season 4 tonight 11pm

    Abdul BasithAbdul Basith4 months ago
  • He had aim bot it think

    obi wan kenobiobi wan kenobi4 months ago
  • gg

    juan pablojuan pablo4 months ago
  • You have a free bundle

    A1MYT MCOCA1MYT MCOC4 months ago
  • That storage town dude was too aimbotty for me. I'd report

    Jerome HenryJerome Henry4 months ago
  • Should say, All lifes matter.

    AllenAllen4 months ago
  • Advertiser friendly comment for the algorithm

    LasseLasse4 months ago