Call of Duty Warzone: The Full Story So Far (Season 1- Season 5)

Aug 1, 2020
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We are right around the corner of Season 5 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. In this video we go over The Full Story So Far of Call of Duty Warzone Season 1-Season 5. Hope you enjoy!


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  • My theory is that Shadow Company is a private military (like in mw2) but within the Armistice faction.

    xblobbxblobb3 days ago
  • Very well done.

    jimmy 3jimmy 35 days ago
  • keep up the good content man. have been binge watching your content all night

    miguel guerramiguel guerra7 days ago
  • Jajajaja, Thankss, for the Update, but Hell hasn’t been Release yet. Soo no warzone until it gets Hot I Hope By season 10 or soo on... but For now is tooo weak. Fortnite for Now😂😂😂

    Jose HenriquezJose Henriquez7 days ago
  • What a very well done, cohesive well put together video. Thank you!

    Gold PumpGold Pump12 days ago
  • Play modern warfare 4 you can see the Gaz dies but in modern warfare 2019 he’s alive

    David CuellarDavid Cuellar12 days ago
  • I swear to god in season 3 trailer Price said "Soap" on the radio at the beginning instead of Ghost.... Heard it like 50 times.

    Jason WangJason Wang12 days ago
  • You know youre enjoying a channel and series when you watch 10+ in a row

    AndrewAndrew14 days ago
  • " verdansk was ground zero in the cold war"

    Killa CamKilla Cam16 days ago
  • I love nikto he's cool and like the vid

    Nicolai Xabrielle DumoNicolai Xabrielle Dumo19 days ago
  • Remember when everyone was 💩 at warzone? yeah me neither

    jaydanteッjaydanteッ19 days ago
  • I just wanted more campaign...

    Samuel DaySamuel Day20 days ago
  • soviet era hero?? They tieing in with Black ops??

    Trapper D LuckTrapper D Luck20 days ago
  • In season 2 the video states that the coalition are killing coalition soldiers

    Masterchef5777 _Masterchef5777 _25 days ago
  • I think ghost was on about Shepard cause he was shot

    Pedro BridgesPedro Bridges25 days ago
  • I think it’s very evident that they’re gonna use Warzone to help bring the Modern Warfare series and Black Op series together. And I’m all for it!!

    Jake BJake B25 days ago
  • this season 5 cutscene convinced all the all online players(new/old) to fight each other. What if all the players stop to kill each other from pre-game to end game until the restricted zone shrinks? does is unlock easter egg, or very secret scene?

    QuillinLegendQuillinLegend26 days ago
  • does anyone else get annoyed when ink slasher pronounces Kalead wrong

    Triyztan MiltonTriyztan Milton26 days ago
  • I hope the next season we’ll be able to get Soap as an operator.

    CloudVapes00CloudVapes0027 days ago
  • Idk why no one is talking ab this but at 7:59 over the radio captain price calls ghost "soap" i swear.

    soy saucesoy sauce29 days ago
    • He doesn't just make it slow motion

      Jose LopezJose Lopez28 days ago
    • No he doesn't

      Jose LopezJose Lopez28 days ago
  • 8:04 Did Price just call Ghost Soap?

    Jadeyn McIntyreJadeyn McIntyreMonth ago
  • NICE 💯

    miguel gutierrezmiguel gutierrezMonth ago
  • If you put it into contex were only in the 5th zone😭

    Trippy AsianTrippy AsianMonth ago
  • I really hope that we get to see LT.Vazquez and SSGT.Griggs again because they were a good duo along with their partnership and I would love to play as SGT.Jackson again in the next modern Warfare game 💯

    Elvin JacquesElvin JacquesMonth ago
  • Im i the only one that heard soap instead of ghost

    Vito BRVito BRMonth ago
  • I know this is a stupid question but are the coalition default soldiers good guys?

    Crazy MugmanCrazy MugmanMonth ago
  • Great explanation

    Naujyyy LNaujyyy LMonth ago
  • 10:25 I love hearing that over and over again

    just a weeb under the maskjust a weeb under the maskMonth ago
  • I like the fact that no one cares about Alex being alive! (Not everyone)

    A Typical gamerA Typical gamerMonth ago
    • I actually really like Alex, lol

      Daniel PradoDaniel Prado16 days ago
  • russian soldier will never be forgotten

    LuigiLuigiMonth ago
  • Edit: wow thanks for the likes

    Ray LoefstopRay LoefstopMonth ago
  • Thanks mate

    kevkevMonth ago
  • thats deep

  • Price and task force 141 corner zakhiev in the bunker and faced with death zakhiev will launch nukes onto verdansk putting America and Russia into war making it easier for al ashad to seize power this is where the plot ends and cod Cold War happens giving context on verdansk (zakhievs father will probably be the central antagonist and a young price may be involved) then the next modern warfare (wouldn’t it be funny if it was called urban warfare) takes place with task force 141 trying to take out al ashad as he rises in power

    Sebastian TaverasSebastian TaverasMonth ago
    • Forgot to mention the 30,000 American soilders dying in the nuke putting laswell into that position of being Shepard and why the war would begin

      Sebastian TaverasSebastian TaverasMonth ago
    • A warzone theory

      Sebastian TaverasSebastian TaverasMonth ago
    • But that’s just a theory

      Sebastian TaverasSebastian TaverasMonth ago
    • Mw3 will be laswell tying up the task force replacing Shepard as the main antagonist

      Sebastian TaverasSebastian TaverasMonth ago
  • Are they not coming out with a season 6 or are they? Being dealt out cliff hangers....

    Nate BaronNate BaronMonth ago
  • I don’t know why but got so happy when he called it an C-130 and not an AC-130

    Noah CatfishNoah CatfishMonth ago
  • Me being happy Alex is alive

    Jacob TamamianJacob TamamianMonth ago
  • Alex's season 3 trailer gave me literal chills. "Ready for a gun fight?" "Lets get evil."

    Kevin AlcaideKevin AlcaideMonth ago
  • Maybe they could add a campaign DLC.

    Marge bouvier SimpsonMarge bouvier SimpsonMonth ago
  • the voice over for the shadow company video is definitely supposed to be General Shepherd.

    Ben TebbeBen TebbeMonth ago
  • I thought they killed al asad

    Jake EvansJake EvansMonth ago
  • The seasons got a story? I thought they were just operator inclusions with neat cutscenes.

    SaitamaSaitamaMonth ago
  • This keeps us all quarantined I love it!

    FNSTFNSTMonth ago
  • Now we know they were looking for something in the stadium.

    RevanhaldRevanhaldMonth ago
  • Price calls ghost soap in the beginning of the cutscene for season 3

    Professor BonkProfessor BonkMonth ago
  • I enjoyed the videos. I was hoping to see mace though

    Owen CampbellOwen CampbellMonth ago
  • If the Coalition and Allegiance operators are fighting eachother, then why when you play Warzone in squad, you can play as a Coalition soldier and a teammate as Allegiance (like, you play as Ghost and a Friend plays as Nikto)

    MrNachoMrNachoMonth ago
  • No one: Auto generated subtitles: the kayaks already confused

  • I have a questions, price gaz ghost and alex are part of the armistice or part of the 141 force, another questions, is 141 already in action or not yet, or we don’t know

    Cubegamer -reviews tutoriales de cubos y juegosCubegamer -reviews tutoriales de cubos y juegosMonth ago
  • Captain Price is responsible for Beirut?

    BlackRangerBlackRangerMonth ago
  • Is general shepard in this story

    ChankaChankaMonth ago
    • Yes

      Mr. GhostMr. GhostMonth ago
  • Ur background music is from the yt channel “the rubber” mainly in his scp vids,nice to see someone else watches him

    Swiper Zen ツSwiper Zen ツMonth ago

    CSMSgt. WorthyCSMSgt. WorthyMonth ago
  • I owed you... for Beirut That means WAY more now

    Jimmy BeshJimmy BeshMonth ago
  • I just realized that Khaleads voice is literally hadirs

    Kobe HarrisKobe HarrisMonth ago
  • I personally think shadow company is meant to confuse us I mainly think this because of the first thing they do which is open the stadium because it seems like that was main base of AQ in verdansk

    phazemo fphazemo fMonth ago
  • Hold up Price did Beirut explosions 1:45

    Luke SLuke SMonth ago
  • I swear price says soap at 8:06

    Corey_french1Corey_french1Month ago
  • My theory is that they sowed distrust between armistice to get them to fight eachother and disband, so they get an excuse to send in Shadow Company, and this is further supported by the season 5 trailer that has Lerch actively saying that Armistice doesn’t have what it takes, yet he and shadow company do

    Sebastian ArduengoSebastian ArduengoMonth ago
  • thanks i needed to gather the pieces

    RagnarRagnarMonth ago
  • Arm 3-1 is in the season 4 intel

    wwedwqedf ewrqewrwwedwqedf ewrqewrMonth ago
  • Yo nobody listen to this guy. He has absolutely NO idea what he’s talking about. He tried telling us that ghost is actually Alex, among other stupid and completely wrong shit.

    tankdempsey14tankdempsey14Month ago
  • For beiru... wait.......

    Yt SggtYt SggtMonth ago
  • What does fsb stands for around 1:40-1:51

    Jonathan Alie SaputraJonathan Alie SaputraMonth ago
  • Pretty sure that was General Shepherd speaking for season 5

    GiovanniGiovanniMonth ago
  • Who else thinks that barkovs gas is actually a Nova-6 imitation

    SF7GamerSF7GamerMonth ago
  • So its safe to say we will be having a season 6

    Alex AlvaradoAlex AlvaradoMonth ago
  • Ahh everyone grinding for demascus and obsidian but cmon now black ops Cold War is coming this December so aha ha

    Nakano Kiyoshi SenpaiNakano Kiyoshi SenpaiMonth ago
  • Even tho he’s dead, They should add general shepherd in season 6 to county he story for shadow company, Then in season 7 add soap to prices team

    ChronicChronicMonth ago
    • @Chronic this is a alternate timeline

      Jose LopezJose Lopez26 days ago
    • Jose Lopez so then what happened at the end of MW2

      ChronicChronic26 days ago
  • 1:56 *H M M M M M M*

    m3ntl3g3nm3ntl3g3nMonth ago
  • I swear tf if shepard is somehow fucking alive in S6 I'm gonna scream.

    straight white malestraight white maleMonth ago
  • I'm really hoping this doesn't mean Kamarov is gonna be a bad guy 😭😭

    ДестроДестроMonth ago
  • I wish we could get more spec ops missions they are fun

    ThisisDanThisisDanMonth ago
  • The game is getting boring but the story is gettin better

    Ashton RitchieAshton RitchieMonth ago
  • Great content. Start yesterday n wanna know which is best to buy it? Battlepass or bundle? Thx 👍🏻

    M NM NMonth ago
  • The new season is trash really. Doesn’t give you that much cool stuff

    DomDomMonth ago
  • Anyone else hear price call ghost soap at 8:05 or am I trippin

    Payton CisnerosPayton CisnerosMonth ago
  • If thier on the allegiance side wouldn’t that be the “bad guys?”

    2011.5BBC2011.5BBCMonth ago
  • man I love soap but I hate him in the eye

    gow pandagow pandaMonth ago
  • I just wanna know when the Dam will break. thanks.

    Tom NuttyTom NuttyMonth ago
  • Wow pray for Beirut

    Edward NycEdward NycMonth ago

    Joeki11aJoeki11aMonth ago
  • wait a sec.. so kamerov told price about beiruit.. in both MW 1 and MW (2019) so what actually happened in beiruit

    Vehviläinen LundqvistVehviläinen LundqvistMonth ago
  • Thanks!

    Ngọc Nguyễn HồngNgọc Nguyễn HồngMonth ago
  • I'm about to finish all your videos bro because of this quarantine very nice from old to new videos

    Josh MakapagaruJosh MakapagaruMonth ago
  • Why does Call of Duty always make Arabic ppl the bad guy

    Hicham 035Hicham 035Month ago
  • There is no way season 5 is the last season. It's so much more to tell and it's still so popular

    Soulgasm StoreSoulgasm StoreMonth ago
  • I'm I the only one that realized that the voice over for shadow company sounded a lot like Shepard just a deeper version of it?

    Jeremiah RamirezJeremiah RamirezMonth ago
  • Do a story on Minotaur from Warzone

    Hanson NgHanson NgMonth ago
  • Do a video on Minotaur

    Hanson NgHanson NgMonth ago
    • Play the campaign.... pretty self explanatory.

      Cpt GlobusCpt GlobusMonth ago
  • Just saw the cut scene a few days after the Beirut explosion. Forget the Simpsons predictions now we got cod predictions

    Chairman Mao ZebronChairman Mao ZebronMonth ago
  • Hit me up BizzyBone27

    Tammy PowellTammy PowellMonth ago
  • No more COD games , just campaigns , just update the story and update the game on 2019 game

    FulacheFulacheMonth ago
  • season 1 look likes call of duty mobile

    Greg Joshua TalonGreg Joshua TalonMonth ago
  • They still haven’t explained how allegiance and coalition soldiers are in the same squad...

    maninthebox0maninthebox0Month ago
  • Eww so much ads

    MeOnシ YTMeOnシ YTMonth ago
  • I started to play season 2

    Chris Playz GamesChris Playz GamesMonth ago
  • I’ll never get over the fact that Wyatt had no remorse for his dead default teammate in the season 2 trailer. Rip defaulty boi

    GhostPhantom_999GhostPhantom_999Month ago
  • At 1:57 he says Beirut a bomb has just gone off there wth

    LB2LB2Month ago
  • I got a warzone ad wtf

    Amby DrawsAmby DrawsMonth ago