Amy's Baking Company INTERVIEW | Kitchen Nightmares

Mar 17, 2018
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Does Amy EVER Stop talking?
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    Young BucketsYoung Buckets5 hours ago
  • These two were made for each other!!!!

    Richard GriffithRichard Griffith6 hours ago
  • What are these shaved rats talking about?

    Kert PukkKert PukkDay ago
  • There's Karens and there's AMY

    Imad BenhalimaImad BenhalimaDay ago
  • The two craziest, weirdest, most closed minded and absolutely fucked up people ever

    Simon CrockfordSimon CrockfordDay ago
  • 8-14 USD hourly? Thats so low 😂

    VahekaVahekaDay ago
  • amy, your face is soooo... scary.

    brigitta josephinebrigitta josephine3 days ago
  • Camel toe mafia lol. Gotta admit that’s a good one. I gonna steal that lol

    Big NutBig Nut3 days ago
  • What is wrong with Amy's eyes?

    Kanishq QuotesKanishq Quotes3 days ago
  • When you go full karen you unlock Amy

    Kanishq QuotesKanishq Quotes3 days ago
  • "severe case of toretts syndrome" lol

    Dorian RussellDorian Russell3 days ago
  • That lady is crazy as hell😂

    Aneesh JoglekarAneesh Joglekar4 days ago
  • I feel so sorry for Amy, she is a psychiatric patient, but there is no serious medication for such a case

    Michel van de PolMichel van de Pol5 days ago
  • Serial killer in making 👍👍

    Harry P.S.Harry P.S.5 days ago
  • When a karen is in a kitchen

    Teo RomieuTeo Romieu5 days ago
  • They snort ghost chilli pepper for breakfast!

    The English HellThe English Hell6 days ago
  • Stay away from this type of people coz you will need therapy 😅

    K.P_V CinematographyK.P_V Cinematography6 days ago
  • Lol and whos open for business..not them...this women whats wrong with her and her husband oh my gosh seriously off...they'll be laughing in the unemployment line .. awful people

    Theresa MccueTheresa Mccue7 days ago
  • Don't mess with Gordon. Restaurant close lol😂🤣🤣

    wangdep wangpan UNIQUEwangdep wangpan UNIQUE10 days ago
  • "I can go on top of them" I don't need to know what this old broken mans favourite position when having sex is

    RavenRaven10 days ago
  • When the Karen becomes manager

    Tyler LeBlancTyler LeBlanc10 days ago
  • One thing good bout these two is they are perfect for each other

    chicken fried ricechicken fried rice11 days ago
  • has she lost her actual mind

    ninja breakerninja breaker11 days ago
  • No wonder she’s crazy, she’s married to someone double her age.

    kai honankai honan12 days ago
  • god her vocal cords must be in pain.

    kai honankai honan12 days ago
  • Ramsey did destroy their business and life. To think about it. In some way it's wrong. They did suck but then it's sad that he made it worldwide. Now even if I visit that part of the city, I won't taste their food. That's sad. If I think about it.

    K SK S12 days ago
  • Of course it's Gordon Ramsay. He is a world class chef the mistakes that he noticed can't notice by people who have not special skills in cooking.

    Johnny BravoJohnny Bravo12 days ago
  • Did this woman call the god GORDAN RAMSY a p*ssy?????

    Nicola ToichNicola Toich13 days ago
  • Crazy!

    Daniel WoodDaniel Wood13 days ago
  • The f#*k these people are shit as hell

    Christopher John MejiaChristopher John Mejia14 days ago
  • United couples hahaha ... psychotic? Hahahaha god have mercy..i mean patience hahaha

    wolf rangerwolf ranger14 days ago
  • Who else wants to see Gordans response to this? Cox I know I fucking do

    Mohamed ChicktayMohamed Chicktay14 days ago
  • Nino: Need's therapy Sammy: Need's two therapies, one for her and one for the first therapy Amy: Need's exorcist

    Ad-119Ad-11914 days ago
  • this women is a karen and she's crazy

    lovely 101lovely 10115 days ago
  • She's fucking nuts

    hi hihi hi16 days ago
  • Content

    leighXcoreleighXcore16 days ago
  • They even came on dr phil... And he thought they are nuts...

    Miki van DuynMiki van Duyn17 days ago
  • A pambsy for not firing his waitresses for asking him if he’s sure about something 😂?

    727loco727loco17 days ago
    • “Because is not true!” They are delusional

      727loco727loco17 days ago
  • This is not the work for Gordon Ramsey & Dr. Phill. They need Ed & Lorrain Warren.

    Haris JafriHaris Jafri17 days ago
  • Para jak z samowara. Oboje siebie warci. Typowy brudas - typiarz i cwaniak, ona zakompleksiona typiara..

    Ania TAnia T17 days ago
  • You two don't need protection you both need a head doctor a shrink Lady get real you would not know the truth if it slapped you in the face

    Desiree CollinsDesiree Collins18 days ago
  • this couple is match made in heaven

    Amanda ShuAmanda Shu18 days ago
  • Amy crazy borderline bitch

    BasBas19 days ago
  • Amy belike: 👁️ 👁️ 👃 👄

    JellybeanJellybean19 days ago
  • Amy eyes like evil so scary

    Delia ellaDelia ella19 days ago
  • only positive thing between them is that they love each other no matter what world thinks about them

    SecretSecret19 days ago
  • amy is fit

    John wayneJohn wayne19 days ago
  • I love how that old fart thinks he can still fight lmao... any push from a 15+ yold and he'll start bitting his tongue on the floor... 1982 is over dude, 5'5 70yold might scare your wife but in real life my mother is more dangerous

    FredericFrederic20 days ago
  • Amy's husband to Ramsay : My wife makes good food. Amy cooks food and serves Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay :: It's a shit. Amy's Husband:: Yes my wife made good shit.

    Dhaval RautDhaval Raut20 days ago
  • Craziest couple ever

    Aaron NguyenAaron Nguyen21 day ago
  • Fuck you two!

  • *they need help*

    whos Blakkwhos Blakk21 day ago
  • I remember those two pretty darn well when they aired, i was facepalming myself like Captain Picard in the captains chair.

    KalcronKalcron21 day ago
  • Lol

    Nattawud PhansuwanNattawud Phansuwan21 day ago
  • Me and my husband will stand up against anyone in the United States of America

    Deadpool WadeDeadpool Wade22 days ago
  • "Clone me 3 times". God she needs a fucking brain surgeon

    danial wrcdanial wrc22 days ago
  • why are the owners so aggressive, they should contact me and I would love to help them understand that as owners of business there attitude is extremely negative, they feed off each other and toxic relationships only end up in self-harm. remember that a minute of anger is 60 seconds loss of life. given that their cakes are amazing, the food can improve, the restaurants look lovely, Amy is attractive, and surely is a great seller, get some good waitresses, learn to trust and direct, your husband should take a step back and you will succeed. I would love to see that happen-

    Jane ClarkJane Clark22 days ago
  • Hunny if you think Gordon Ramsay is a pansy you're a lost cause.... Gordon would fight God himself for using frozen meat, and he would probably throw down with Hercules for not having lamb sauce.

    vincent vadacchinovincent vadacchino23 days ago
  • Don't go their restaurant they are terrible , their food are trash food , Uneven cooked food,.. Garbage

    Makoto ShiShioMakoto ShiShio23 days ago
  • Is it just me or does Amy look like Roger from American Dad in this?

    The Unreal Thick SunnyThe Unreal Thick Sunny23 days ago
  • Send her to the Ranch

    Joey XavierJoey Xavier23 days ago
  • "if this business is successful, you need to clone me 3x" Bruh we can't even cope with one rapping brat

    Avea KylaAvea Kyla23 days ago
  • Delusional couple, made for each other If Gordon Ramsay says your food is crap then your food is crap. He doesn't have all those micheline stars just for decoration And those people with sticks stuck up their ass dare argue with him He's not there to soothe your ego, he's there to tell it to you straight and if you can't take it why'd you call him to help ? 😑

    Aleks Ice-creamAleks Ice-cream23 days ago
  • "All the Amy clones will start killing off each other" I cannot argue with that.

    SarcwppySarcwppy23 days ago
  • The reason why amy is this uspet its bcoz she has 3 cats and her husband doesnt probably give her that D when he should. I think anys problem is sex and she need it so bad and this old man should just fuck off.

    Sp3NgL3RSp3NgL3R24 days ago
  • I’m just waiting for them to rest.

    Big Bad BissBig Bad Biss24 days ago
  • Amy is the ultimate karen

    Hello WorldHello World24 days ago
  • "My wife's food is excellent ", why did you call GR then?

    Black Swan.Black Swan.24 days ago
    • Good point

      ara bellciaara bellcia17 days ago
  • She’s really living up to the crazy reputation

    A Gamer's LookA Gamer's Look25 days ago
  • She's such a crazy b**tch.

    ITMN2 Marketing DigitalITMN2 Marketing Digital25 days ago
  • 😣😣😣😥😥😥😒😒😒😒most boring pathetic couple

    Mmathapelo Evelyn KgoleMmathapelo Evelyn Kgole25 days ago
  • Sammy needs to be in the marriage...or else he can’t stay in the US

    Sagnik BhattacharyaSagnik Bhattacharya26 days ago
  • 00:49 I probably would pass out from all that crazy.

    Manas SikdarManas Sikdar26 days ago
  • If criticism is attacking , burh Im being attact by teacher all day and im dying lol

    щhìт ёщhìт ё26 days ago
  • Omg! bitch BREATHE!!!!!!!!

    Anastasia WinchesterAnastasia Winchester26 days ago
  • I can't stop laughing this ppl actually need help

  • I would like to meet her parents 😐

    Simone NaickerSimone Naicker27 days ago
  • Her mouth doesn't stop running and she's talking as fast as an lambergini

    Rick MerloRick Merlo27 days ago
  • All clones team up to stab customers.

    Sh. FredSh. Fred27 days ago
  • She’s married to an old man wtf

    xX8ARN3YBEASTXxxX8ARN3YBEASTXx27 days ago
  • i watch and love quite a lot loud youtubers, first two that come to mind are jacksepticeye and markiplier. they might be loud but they produce good content imo. _these_ two however... jesus christ, i cant even tolerate them when they speak “normally”

    Itz N1ghtm4r3Itz N1ghtm4r327 days ago
  • What a fruit loop fuk amy shut up digging urself a huge grave

    Mariee FarrellMariee Farrell27 days ago
  • Nice tip guys they are actually on drugs lol

    Harvey BandrilHarvey Bandril28 days ago
  • I hate her eyes 😂

    Angelica OsornoAngelica Osorno28 days ago
  • But... You are pyscotic people, and you did throw someone out of your restaurant, and you did scream at someone after making them wait for an hour and a half...

    FleeBissFleeBiss28 days ago
  • These people are crazy!

    markstrugnellmarkstrugnell29 days ago
  • OMG, how did this People get by to themselves? Sheet....

    Chrome DomeChrome Dome29 days ago
  • "they edited us" myghaaaad! hahahaha

    Zecks's PlaytimeZecks's Playtime29 days ago
  • Haha, crazy psycotic morons

    Pelle HändénPelle HändénMonth ago
  • Married for money Amy. I thought she married her Grandad.what a Plonker.wasnt she a Stripper.🤮🤮🤮

    Eddie MurphyEddie MurphyMonth ago
  • THE CAMELTOE MAFIA... MY GOD... MY NEW WoW clan name

    Alexander Lynch TothearkAlexander Lynch TothearkMonth ago
  • When a hear this lady, is like to hear Trump with his líes and blame somebody

    Karlay BLANCOKarlay BLANCOMonth ago
  • At approximately 5:10 Amy tells the reporter that "We are not pschotic, lunatic people that will make you wait an hour and a half for your food“ I have seen other episodes of Kitchen Nightmares where Gordon Ramsay had to wait the same amount of time for food - in which the food was week's old and never fresh food was served. If you enjoyed watching these 6 minutes with 21 second of this version of Kitchen Nightmares, then please be generous and give to me the thumbs up only if you enjoyed it. Please think positive at all times. ©® August 20, 2020 @ 10:20 pm ©®

  • One day she’s gunna get smacked

    Dan ParrottDan ParrottMonth ago
  • Amy and Samy are two rude people who urgently needs to go to a therapist because like she said that there are no customers to be attended upon. Please stay inside during this quarentine as much as posible. ©® August 20, 2020 @ 6:55 pm ©®

  • these people are just Bipolar and passive aggresive

    W DW DMonth ago
  • If she has torets she should not be working with knives

    Kuyno SmitKuyno SmitMonth ago
  • so much D E N I A L

    Georgi Stanimirov MihaylovGeorgi Stanimirov MihaylovMonth ago
  • His the gangster ......Lol .

    Gavin WJGavin WJMonth ago
  • Pathetic

    Market ChaosMarket ChaosMonth ago