Extended Cut: Kendall Jenner Reveals Kylie Makeup Collaboration

Jan 31, 2020
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Kendall Jenner revealed to Ellen that for the first time, she’s coming out with a makeup collection, and collaborating with her sister Kylie Jenner for the new project! The supermodel also chatted about celebrating her 24th birthday by drifting in fast cars, and how she keeps her personal life separate from her hit show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

  • She looks snatched af !!!

    Mehreen SultanaMehreen Sultana2 days ago
  • Who is here after kendall and kylie cosmetics collaboration

    juayriakhan moonjuayriakhan moon3 days ago
  • Its right what Ellen set

    Wendy VercammenWendy Vercammen6 days ago
  • Golden Ratio

    zyrilmae masinadingzyrilmae masinading11 days ago
  • Ellen: If you wrap pants around your neck, thats your waist size too No one: Literally no one: Filipinos: WRAPPING PANTS TO THEIR NECK BECAUSE THEY CANT WEAR IT IN UKAY UKAY

    Zina Marie ResomaderoZina Marie Resomadero15 days ago
  • She looks awesome in middle parted hair

    Anjali BhudeAnjali Bhude17 days ago
  • the pants around the neck thing actually works...... I tried it LOL!!

    emmah wanjiruemmah wanjiru21 day ago
  • Lol the pants thing is very Filipino

    Manzel Tirona CabarroguisManzel Tirona Cabarroguis23 days ago
  • It's funny that I'd love Kendall to slap me

    Lili_ezl BaeLili_ezl Bae27 days ago
  • these two deserve each other

    Tim SimmsTim Simms27 days ago
  • Kendall is so sexy, sure she will enjoy a bbc...Julio Gomes comes to mind..ladies agree?

    Magut 007Magut 007Month ago
  • The pants thing actually work

    Ben OuattaraBen OuattaraMonth ago
  • Ellen is actually right: that if you rap pants or a skirt's waist around your neck and both edges meet , it can fit your real wait too . It's how I normally check if somthing will fit my waist without trying it on !

    paiges 93paiges 93Month ago
  • This lady kills every outfit!!

    Nandinie KaushikNandinie KaushikMonth ago
  • The pants thing is true we Filipinos always do that

    Magsino TyriusMagsino TyriusMonth ago
  • Hey ellen, big fan from India. Watch all your shows, you are the robinhood for the deserving ones. Keep going.

    vaibhav srivastavavaibhav srivastavaMonth ago
  • The most humble, kindest, natural beauty in Jenner fam. My opinion so don't you dare argue with me

    BTS VBTS VMonth ago
  • The wingspan video has 26M views now 🤣

    HopeHopeMonth ago
  • Just liked my own comment to get started😂

    dhriya popatdhriya popat2 months ago
  • The neck one is actually trueee😂😂

    dhriya popatdhriya popat2 months ago
  • The thing about pants is true I do it a lot and I know a lot of people that do it too

    karla Alessandrakarla Alessandra2 months ago
  • Anyone else noticed the girl talking in the back round ?

    Isabella NIsabella N2 months ago
  • was i the only one watching the sweat bead in Kendall's forehead or WHAT?

    AnaghaAnagha2 months ago
  • Ellen is basically the Kardashians family show lol.

    Chandhan DChandhan D2 months ago
  • Wish i coulld be on this show

    RyanRyan2 months ago
  • Am 😊😊 need time alone right now it’s nothing to do with you OK and head’s down as well my bother mother as well

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine2 months ago
  • I love you Kendall Jenner dying to see you call me what's app 03132830885

    jabir ahmedjabir ahmed2 months ago
  • Like is the only word she knows in this video

    Sarah MoiseSarah Moise2 months ago
  • Soo much love for Kendal she's just herself, very confident love love

    Lorraine WairimuLorraine Wairimu2 months ago
  • birds be out there measuring their armlenghts

    Officialyme 31Officialyme 312 months ago
  • Am just feeling it what now

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine2 months ago
  • Love how famous rich people don’t have to pay there tickets but normal people who have troubles with money always do. What a world!

    Paige UditskyPaige Uditsky2 months ago
  • Kendall and kylie are most chill ppl and have the least drama associated with in kuwtk

    S PS P2 months ago
  • what happened to her face

    lydia gonenlydia gonen2 months ago
  • that girl: not the cleverest and not the most articulate but just so B E A U T I F U L

    Tim SimmsTim Simms3 months ago
  • did you notice that in this vid the audience did not really clap as much as usual

    cute'n'coolcute'n'cool3 months ago
  • YES Ellen!!! I use the wrap around the neck for pants and underwear!! 😂🙌🏽

    Desirée MasseyDesirée Massey3 months ago
  • In india, we measure pants by wrapping it around our neck. And i did it too just recently

    Thems AkaThems Aka3 months ago
  • The pants and waist thing, that is how filipino tailors measure stuff.HAHAHAH filipinos, we got ur back ellen

    Homer PerezHomer Perez3 months ago
  • Kendal is a blatant transgender

    Hassan MahmoodHassan Mahmood3 months ago
  • Oh I know she did not reference her dad for her good driving. He killed someone!

    RynRyn3 months ago
  • uhuh huhu mArIo KaRt? maybeeee

    Khadija KhanKhadija Khan3 months ago
  • I love how Kendall is talking about how good she is at driving........anyone can speed whilst driving up a long straight. doesnt make you a good driver. i remember her throwing a massive tantrum at bruce on kuwtk when she failed her drivers test after all these lessons

    Stella WalkerStella Walker3 months ago
  • How many people got up and tried to wrap your pants around your neck? I did, and it worked....!?

    Gabby CosterGabby Coster3 months ago
  • She is such a beautiful girl anyways

    Sihsiham97 HchSihsiham97 Hch3 months ago
  • Yes Ellen the size of your neck is the size of your waist

    Lydia JazimyLydia Jazimy3 months ago
  • It's TRUE Kendall and Kylie are FULL BLOOD sisters.

    RBRB3 months ago
  • ELLEN - have you been clipping your card you received from Kylie and Kris?

    Kaotik_ Attak24Kaotik_ Attak244 months ago
  • My daughter tried to get her pant size correct by wrapping it around her neck LOL let's just say we came home from the store with pants that didn't fit

    Handling The Howard'sHandling The Howard's4 months ago
  • Yes.... We used to do that..... Pant wrapping around the neck to check the exact fitting ..... Without wearing it😉

    Kanon NingthoujamKanon Ningthoujam4 months ago
  • I back you up Ellen, here in Nigeria we still do that strick 😀

    Annabel NwokoloAnnabel Nwokolo4 months ago
  • She loves her dad ❤️..she mentioned him a lot in this interview 🥰

    Anna EapenAnna Eapen4 months ago
  • she is very pretty

    Deniz hazalDeniz hazal4 months ago
  • Your dad? Which Dad? You mean my Then dad?

    Unknown GirlUnknown Girl4 months ago
  • Legend has it Kendall’s car is equipped with a hyperdrive that can make the jump to ludicrous speed

    Daniel ZimmermanDaniel Zimmerman4 months ago
  • Who else wrapped a pair of pants around their neck after watching this video?

    stevengmstevengm4 months ago
  • Also the length from your wrist to your inside elbow is your foot size

    Hena ChaudhryHena Chaudhry4 months ago
  • So privileged

    Javiera PalmaJaviera Palma4 months ago
  • Shouldn’t Kendall refer to her “dad” as mom ?

    Spy EyeSpy Eye4 months ago
    • Caitlyn wants her kids to still call her dad because that's what they are used to but since she is now a woman the correct pronouns are she/her

      Raquel AlvesRaquel Alves3 months ago
  • shes insecure about her height and constantly calling herself tall

    J LJ L4 months ago
  • What the accent they speak ?

    Ss SsSs Ss4 months ago
  • Wheres her outfit fr

    S BS B4 months ago
  • now can let me. see. Taylor swit

    Christy HormanChristy Horman4 months ago
  • Kendall can get away with whatever and I wouldn’t even be mad...🙃

    Kao SaephanKao Saephan4 months ago
  • Artık türkçe altyazı eklenmeli yaa

    mlsEğitimmlsEğitim4 months ago
  • I’ll drift with you. Let’s go!

    K KanK Kan4 months ago
  • This is for the Blablabla commenter: BINGO!

    NAYELINAYELI4 months ago
  • Why have people come to this video just to hate? It's pathetic.

    Animal LoverAnimal Lover4 months ago
  • kendall is my favorite jenner!! KHLOE is my favorite kardashian!!

    your_ideal_bitchyour_ideal_bitch4 months ago
  • That thing you don't like about yourself is what makes you really interesting.

    Marley ScottMarley Scott4 months ago
  • Wrapping the pant around your neck does work in most cases.

    Tifanity MooreTifanity Moore4 months ago
  • Rain. Pal. SC

    P ValP Val4 months ago
  • Amo a esta chica es hermosa

    Jorge VegaJorge Vega4 months ago
  • THE PRIVELEGE JUUUUUMPED OUT OF HER - not a cute look, sweetie.

    Chantelle WestlundChantelle Westlund4 months ago
  • I just noticed her ducky 😂😂

    Lark_ LoreLark_ Lore4 months ago
  • HOW ARROGANT OH MY GOODNESS. “I drive fast but safe” no you DONT. I honestly cannot believe these two were not even embarrassed enough not to mention their rich arrogance but to flaunt it?! are y’all kidding??

    Victoria MurphyVictoria Murphy4 months ago
  • I knew already Kylie said it in her vlog

    Aireyons Simple LifeAireyons Simple Life4 months ago
  • Her face keeps changing...

    Vee BeeVee Bee4 months ago
    • via Nguyen she looks so much different

      J CJ C3 months ago
  • I knew it!!! I love Kenny!!! She's my fave!!!

    T JT J4 months ago
  • I am her full blood sister 🤦🏾‍♀️

    DivaGirl JonesDivaGirl Jones4 months ago