Hide And Seek In A $30,000,000 Mansion - FaZe House

May 21, 2020
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Hide And Seek In A $30,000,000 Mansion - FaZe House featuring @FaZe Kay @FaZe Rain @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Temperrr @Cizzorz
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  • hey faze clan i really want to join can you plzz respond with information how to join pllz its been my dream to join my mom even will let me go and join because she knows its been my dream to join

    fortnite simpfortnite simp9 hours ago
  • No bully Jarvis

    Jaekob MuirraguiJaekob Muirragui18 hours ago
  • Everyone reply your favorite faze member and least favorite Favorite: faze banks Least: teeqo

    Jack GroganJack Grogan22 hours ago

    finesse bestfriendsfinesse bestfriendsDay ago
  • hope nordan gets better

    Ansel BrooksAnsel BrooksDay ago
  • Why did he look like he was high as hell

    SebasSebas2 days ago
  • Alright where’s the sniping 😂

    Gio AmgGio Amg2 days ago
  • 9:28

    Rahim ShaipovRahim Shaipov2 days ago
  • Me watching this when what happen with faze rain😪😪😪

    QtAlex_ YtQtAlex_ Yt3 days ago
  • Cizzorz=Snitch

    maso9020 maso9020maso9020 maso90203 days ago
  • cizzors is such a twat. tbh I wish he didnt live in the faze house so he wont be on the videos. he tries so hard to fit in

    Ibby MahmoodIbby Mahmood3 days ago
  • Nordan & teawap is the biggest cheater!!!!!!!

    FaZe_J.A_ 08FaZe_J.A_ 083 days ago
  • Who said Hide and Seek is for kids!?

    FlameZFlameZ3 days ago
  • Snitchorzz

    polybear playspolybear plays3 days ago
  • rip adapt casuse of death getting rosted and and screamed at by faze banks

    TheOffical ZaxorTheOffical Zaxor3 days ago
  • From Adapt: your head is busted check your forehead

    xxdableagndxpherxx YTxxdableagndxpherxx YT4 days ago

    SyitsSyits4 days ago
  • Before rain got kicked out the faze house😔😔

    Jose MendozaJose Mendoza4 days ago
  • Whoever likes this will be richer than all the faze members combined

    Logan GamingsLogan Gamings4 days ago
    • Honestly

      Cruz FloresCruz FloresDay ago
    • Logan Gamings stop lying for likes dumbass

      quintina ortizquintina ortiz2 days ago
  • Watching this rain looks so happy. Then you see what’s happening now and it’s just sad. Rain is a good guy but he’s in a bad place rn

    J SoliJ Soli4 days ago
  • If you reply I’ll buy you a ps5 when it comes out but faze orba because I LOVE him he’s a legend and because he plays on ps4

    Aspect HyperZAspect HyperZ4 days ago
    • Bruh u 100% not buying one

      HarryFishHarryFish4 days ago
  • Sooo harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd

    FaZe T3rr0r1stFaZe T3rr0r1st5 days ago
  • please can i trail for Faze it my dream

    TankpervTankperv5 days ago
  • 6:48

    Bemvindo RosaBemvindo Rosa5 days ago
  • Who’s watching this for nordan 😭

    Yt Junnxr11Yt Junnxr115 days ago
    • 💔

      SnipezyyySnipezyyy6 hours ago
    • I am

      Mahima’s CommentMahima’s Comment20 hours ago
    • Me !

      BM jimmyBM jimmyDay ago
    • Me

      Kz LeaderKz Leader2 days ago
    • Same lol

      Kody HillsteadKody Hillstead2 days ago
  • Possibly the last faze video Faze rain will ever be in

    Its GerstenkornIts Gerstenkorn5 days ago
  • Jarvis: its so cold Me: your in a fridge🤛😑🤜

    Crypton jebCrypton jeb5 days ago
  • Jack was just mad cause he can’t find a good spot

    Nsnsndndnjd NdndnndnddnfjNsnsndndnjd Ndndnndnddnfj5 days ago
  • Imagine if traveling in time was real

    AlexAlex6 days ago

      AlexAlex6 days ago
  • I came back here cuz i miss faze rain

    ItzPlayzItzPlayz6 days ago
  • Did anyone realise 7:37 he said it's 2012

    petar fucekpetar fucek6 days ago
  • Isent rug ther

    Will41iam gamingWill41iam gaming6 days ago
  • They do be in Burbank

    Beast likes PnutsBeast likes Pnuts6 days ago
  • 7:38 “it’s 2020 everybody has their phone on silent” faze banks- 2020

    Cryptic AnonymousCryptic Anonymous6 days ago
  • At 1:45 Jarvis looked like what he did in the cod days

    Carrie EmmersonCarrie Emmerson6 days ago
    • Sandra Robinson thanks

      Carrie EmmersonCarrie Emmerson43 minutes ago
    • Facts

      Sandra RobinsonSandra RobinsonHour ago
  • Need more banks

    Adam BurnesAdam Burnes6 days ago
  • Why doesn't banks post anymore

    vsco hatervsco hater7 days ago

    andrewxlllxandrewxlllx7 days ago

    Jesus JesusJesus Jesus7 days ago
  • i like your videos

    Cemal CelikCemal Celik7 days ago
  • It’s 2020 everyone has they’re phone on silent😂

    ッXpendedッXpended7 days ago
  • If the title said 30k that’s wrong it says 30 mill

    jack9260 jack9260jack9260 jack92607 days ago
  • More of these

    Joshua DoctsonJoshua Doctson7 days ago
  • anybody else notice the fly sticker🤣

    BG bl4ck0utBG bl4ck0ut7 days ago
  • Banks is so sketchy I swear

    Bob EmbleyBob Embley8 days ago
  • Look at your head you have a rectangle head Jarvis has a cool head

    FaZe king9569 up rizeFaZe king9569 up rize8 days ago
  • U big bully

    FaZe king9569 up rizeFaZe king9569 up rize8 days ago
  • Just leave him alone

    FaZe king9569 up rizeFaZe king9569 up rize8 days ago
  • He a good guy

    FaZe king9569 up rizeFaZe king9569 up rize8 days ago
  • Stop talking about his head you bully

    FaZe king9569 up rizeFaZe king9569 up rize8 days ago
  • I miss Nordan man :(

    krmkrm8 days ago
    • krm Why did they have to kick Nordan..

      Emrah & SahinEmrah & Sahin7 days ago
  • can i be in the faze house?

    Callum GoodwinCallum Goodwin9 days ago
  • R.I.P old FaZe

    Disabled GamingDisabled Gaming9 days ago
  • Friend me in Fortnite can I do tryouts for you guys:FaredWell

    Fared HasaniFared Hasani10 days ago
  • i haven't even watched this and i feel like jarvis is gonna use esp

    copfrendcopcopfrendcop10 days ago
  • My dream is to see Jarvis and Kay and Tico

    ashton Williamsashton Williams10 days ago
  • Lol kay won

    Pikolas GGPikolas GG10 days ago
  • Adapt has his own dictionary

    LeafyishereLeafyishere12 days ago
  • FaZe Clan is the best !!!!!!

    Erickson SemensErickson Semens12 days ago
  • Whoever likes this will live for 1000 years

    Rayyan EjazRayyan Ejaz12 days ago
  • "Chattin shit"

    Brian StinguBrian Stingu13 days ago
  • alex looks so high

    Blake BaumgardnerBlake Baumgardner14 days ago
  • Its 2020 everyone has there Phone on silent Banks 😂

    Latelex PlayzLatelex Playz14 days ago
  • Hello guy I'm Vietnamese

    Ghu Nhu Y Ty G 0949701233Ghu Nhu Y Ty G 094970123315 days ago
  • Roses are red Violets are blue I'm going to eat sommer ray just like some food

    1500 subs without a video challenge!1500 subs without a video challenge!15 days ago
  • Why did Banks get so pissed? Lmao.

    OnyxOnyx16 days ago
  • I love how everyone shits them selves when Faze Banks pulls up

    Clxwn-Clxwn-16 days ago

    MaddoxHarris 24MaddoxHarris 2416 days ago
  • Does it really matter just flexing how much money you’re house is

    • To convince people

      JR JrJR Jr16 days ago
  • 6:58 has me dead lmao banks got mad over and empty box 😂😂

    ItsFloatzsItsFloatzs17 days ago
  • Temperrr is underrated

    Shiven SandwichShiven Sandwich17 days ago
  • Stop talking about my boy Jarvis

    Elijah RossElijah Ross17 days ago
  • bruh how is this an hide and seek when Jarvis is ruuning around they could call it Jarvis run and seek

    berthony paulberthony paul18 days ago
  • Can I try out for faze clan pleaseeeee

    Liam jacksonLiam jackson18 days ago
    • no

      dreamy dreamsdreamy dreams16 days ago
  • Jack ruined it

    Lord JacobLord Jacob18 days ago
  • bots

    Dritan DibraDritan Dibra19 days ago
  • They are such a snitch oh my god

    Lisa LeeLisa Lee19 days ago
  • Normal people : playing hide and seek in our house Faze clan : Playing hide and seek in our ´30,000,000 mansion felxing boys

    Twix PancakeTwix Pancake19 days ago
  • Stop making fun faze juvzs

    gaming jeff gaming jeffgaming jeff gaming jeff19 days ago
  • Jack do be a snitch do, 69 would be proud

    HayZeeHayZee19 days ago