Michael Jordan rounds out Stephen A's all-time All-Star list l First Take

Feb 14, 2019
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Stephen A. Smith of First Take reveals his all-time NBA All-Stars list which includes Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal, Stephen Curry and Michael Jordan. Scottie Pippen disagrees and would replace LeBron with Tim Duncan while Max Kellerman would replace Shaq with Hakeem Olajuwon.
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  • Pg- Curry Sg- MJ Sf- Lebron Pf- A.D C- Shaq everyone can shoot besides Shaq and they are great defenders besides Curry who makes up for it with his shooting. I can't think of a better list.

    Splitz1xSplitz1x7 hours ago
  • Did I just watch a Flightreacts video?

    Roles RoyceRoles Royce20 hours ago
  • Anybody people pay attention to this moron??? Just asking for a friend

    bruno Dammiziobruno DammizioDay ago
  • Kobe Bryant

    skrapp ordieskrapp ordieDay ago
  • Jesus Christ Stephen A is annoying AF

    HakimHakimDay ago
  • Micheal Jordan,Kobe Bryant, lebron James, Kevin Durant,wilt chamberlain

    God BakiGod Baki2 days ago
  • PG: John Stockton SG: Allen Iverson SF: Larry Bird PF: Kevin Garnett C: Hakeem Olajuwon

    Mika ShiotaMika Shiota2 days ago
  • got my 5 to play against sas 5 5. Dream 4. AD 3. Pippen 2. Kobe 1. Magic

    Boss MakBoss Mak2 days ago
  • I agree with max, I choose hakeem over shaq. Pg steph Sg mj Sf kd Pf duncan C hakeem Some people are gonna hate me for this 😁 but who needs lebron when you have those all time greats as your first 5, they are not just role players for lebron to elevate his game, and michael jordan is already more than enough to be that line ups leader. If you have the GOAT with that kind of line up, then they can go 82-0 in an nba season and 16-0 in the playoffs

    Smolderpants PantsSmolderpants Pants4 days ago
  • “KD is the one guy with the opportunity to pass Kareem in all-time points.” Think we’re forgetting someone here Stephen, or did LeBron cease to exist?

    Keith BrendesKeith Brendes5 days ago
  • *cough cough kobe is missing*

    Chase ElliottChase Elliott5 days ago
  • Pg: AI SG: MJ no question Sf: KD PF: Timmy D C: Shaq

    Guilty CrownGuilty Crown6 days ago
  • 1.Steph 2.Michael 3.KD 4.LBJ 5.Shaq They Win atleast 7 Championships🤷🏽‍♂️

    OG KALEBOG KALEB6 days ago

    Akash GomesAkash Gomes6 days ago
  • Bill Russell, Larry, Magic, Kobe, Duncan can take these guys

    GS400GS4006 days ago
  • PG Magic Johnson SG Michael Jordan SF Lebron James PF Karl Malone or Tim Duncan C Kareem Adbul Jabbar This should be the best all-time best lineup

    Jose L. EchevarriaJose L. Echevarria6 days ago
  • Can't lie that's a deadly lineup.. Steph bringing down the ball, lebron and Kd set screens for MJ and lets say MJ is double teamed, Steph either gonna pull it or send it to Shaq who is being guarded man to man...

    Hussain Al-nabhanHussain Al-nabhan6 days ago
  • Stephen talk way too much.

    Jeremy TuckerJeremy Tucker7 days ago
  • Kobe > curry that would be my team tho

    SavPlayz XSavPlayz X7 days ago
  • Pippen on no. 6

    christian cuevaschristian cuevas8 days ago
  • Well, i think they will need 4 more basketballs to run their offense

    Jan jaranjanjanJan jaranjanjan9 days ago
  • Magic Mj Bird Kobe Kareem Best team ever

    slow handslow hand9 days ago
  • Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Lebron James Scottie Pippen Shaq Who’s beating that??

    kobe ryankobe ryan9 days ago
  • Steven salesmen a list

    Prudhvi VankineniPrudhvi Vankineni9 days ago
  • 1. LeBron 2. MJ 3. Kobe 4. Wilt chamberlain 5. Kevin Durant

    NatureGazer FilaNatureGazer Fila9 days ago
  • Curry Mj Kobe Durant Shaq

    Avenge BasketballAvenge Basketball10 days ago
  • 1. Magic 2. Jordan. .3.lebron. .4 Hakeem the dream..5 wilt Chamberlain.....this would be the most powerful scoring and defensive team of all time period

    Emeron JacksonEmeron Jackson11 days ago
  • Honestly the best player in my opinion is *Flight*

    HmmmHmmm11 days ago
  • PG: LeBron James SG: Michael Jordan SF: Kobe Bryant PF: Kevin Durant C: Shaquille O'Neal

    Emerson Martin EstiponaEmerson Martin Estipona11 days ago
  • How about maxx kellerman and stephen a smith a big hater for lebron.the protector of MJ'S LEGACY

    nujnuj tilosnujnuj tilos11 days ago
  • Why they do Pip like that!??!

    Erik HopkinsErik Hopkins12 days ago
  • First Michael second and LeBron third Kobe fourth Stephen Curry fifth Kevin Durant

    Artemio GonzalezArtemio Gonzalez13 days ago
  • Scottie is really hating on bron we all know bron way better than Tim Duncan

    Juan GonzalezJuan Gonzalez13 days ago
  • Bro, Magic is the best PG all time

    Miquel Pico MerkushkinMiquel Pico Merkushkin14 days ago
  • Max: how about Larry bird Stephen a: sure One sec later, Stephen a: nooooooooooo

    Sierra SymoneSierra Symone15 days ago
  • Notice most of the players in this list are in this era.

    Antony TranAntony Tran15 days ago

  • I like how Steph and MJ stays up there like they’re glued.

    neverlose bigwinneverlose bigwin17 days ago
  • Niggas hate on lebron he is coming 6-6

    Julian McKinneyJulian McKinney19 days ago
  • I won't need Magic if I've kept LeBron, because LeBron would do all the things Magic can, instead why not have Curry. I like Stephen's picks.

    Rehmanali MominRehmanali Momin19 days ago
  • C. Hakeem PF- Duncan SF. Barkley PG. Curry SG. Jordan Bench Kobe Shaq Lebron Pippen Magic

    Jacob RobinsonJacob Robinson19 days ago
  • *Its just my opinion* A team like that wont last long, its like giving a meat for 5 hungry lions..

    Over aLLOver aLL20 days ago
    • No. They will obey the Alpha Lion, MJ.

      Sir JackSir Jack17 days ago
  • I Agree with ya list Stephen A.

    Reggie CutlerReggie Cutler20 days ago
  • 1. LeBRON 2. M.J. 3. RODMAN 4. Klay Thomson 5. Shaq

    King LeBRON 23King LeBRON 2320 days ago
  • Magic Michael Lebron Kevin Durant Shaq

    Jason TafaraJason Tafara20 days ago
  • Pg: King James Sg: The Black Mamba Sf: G.O.A.T MJ Pf: The Big Fundemental C: Deisel Weazal

    Samurai BrotherSamurai Brother21 day ago
  • I feel like he is RAPPING?

    Harish GuptaHarish Gupta22 days ago
  • no one has the issue on the 1 st place which is mj goat

    Aaron sam.jAaron sam.j22 days ago
  • First Team: Steph Curry Michael Jordan LeBron James Larry Bird Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 2nd Team: Magic Johnson Kobe Bryant Kevin Durant Tim Duncan Shaquille O'neal

    Jonas BrooksJonas Brooks22 days ago
  • You don't anything. If you don't put Kobe Bryant in this list with for MVPs and here is Steph Curry you must be joking. Also Where is Iverson? Where is Tim Duncan?? Kobe play better all stat than Curry aaand even Jordan.

    Hristijan DimitrovskiHristijan Dimitrovski23 days ago
  • This is how I put the starting lineup PG:Stephen curry SG:Michael Jordan SF:Kevin Durant PF:LeBron James C:Shaquille O’Neal

    Mel HellMel Hell23 days ago
  • I agree with this list

    Zachary T.V.Zachary T.V.23 days ago
  • People keep saying today’s rules vs yesteryear’s rules... his list ain’t perfect but I can’t see how any of those players will not work in any rules, if you take the smallest player in Steph as an example, if Dell Curry can average 16 points and 4 3 pt attempts a game, you don’t think the super sayan version couldnt have destroyed those defence with his shooting from 35 feet?

    Yang LiuYang Liu23 days ago
  • No Kobe on that list though? I am hurt.

    Ruthmeli CharlesRuthmeli Charles23 days ago
  • I would put Kobe

    Carlos OrantesCarlos Orantes24 days ago
  • Why is scottie so excited when stephen A. talks

    Alfred Mag-asoAlfred Mag-aso24 days ago
  • How can this dude be that dumb? Y all know that lebron is the GOAT and .

    Andrei ȘerdanAndrei Șerdan25 days ago
  • Lebron at number 4 whaa?

    RoyD RaGeRoyD RaGe26 days ago
  • Pg-Curry Sg-Jordan Sf-Klay Pf-LeBron C-Shaq 6th-Bird 7th-Duncan 8th-Kawhi 9th-Nash (I Want players that can accept coming off the bench and play great coming off the bench)

    Ryan BrewerRyan Brewer26 days ago
  • C-Shaq PF-The Dream SF-KD SG-MJ PG-LBJ

    Are you not Entertained?Are you not Entertained?26 days ago
  • where is kobe you too much disrespect kobe

    dmax moto vdmax moto v26 days ago
  • Curry? Bron at 4th, bron should be 2, Kobe didnt make it...... he on crack

    Mike JonesMike Jones26 days ago
  • Scottie on the side. Where am I

    A RamosA Ramos27 days ago

    Travis ChristianTravis Christian27 days ago
    • @DNasty Channel that would be Nasty, you definitely interchange and get the same dynamics

      Travis ChristianTravis Christian5 days ago
    • Lebron at Small forward and Curry as point guard

      DNasty ChannelDNasty Channel5 days ago
  • Pg stephen curry Sg mj Sf kobe Pf pippen C wilt

    kalvin 21kalvin 2128 days ago
  • At the 5 I got Kareem

    Cam WeldonCam Weldon29 days ago
  • The disrespect to kobe #24

    Angel VargasAngel Vargas29 days ago
  • Worst list

    The RockThe RockMonth ago
  • Larry over Durant

    Joe SeidaJoe SeidaMonth ago
  • This is Bs, Gsw had a great team together. Take Lebron on a Gsw team and take Durant out, they would win 10 Nba titles, come on! Or Curry ye, great shooter, but he couldnt do it alone or do what Lebron did.

    Al-GhurabaAl-GhurabaMonth ago
  • If we’re talking about best team (not life time achievements) I’m going Shaq at 5 Tim Duncan at 4 giannis at 3 MJ at 2 Oscar Robinson at 1

    bara zeidiehbara zeidiehMonth ago
  • Scottie can shut down one of those players except shaq.

    JinJinMonth ago
  • Magic Kobe Lebron Duncan Shaq

    Jeremy JamesJeremy JamesMonth ago
  • Kobe!

    StoryLV777StoryLV777Month ago
  • How about Kobe?...

    Malik KartMalik KartMonth ago
  • Kobe

    Ghassan AyyadGhassan AyyadMonth ago
  • Magic Johnson Michael Jordan Larry Bird Tim Duncan Wilt Chamberlain

    Blanton McGowanBlanton McGowanMonth ago
  • Pippen is standing right there have some respect

    PradoOfficialPradoOfficialMonth ago
  • Curry makes sure the game ends three quarters if all 5 are on fire. The way curry plays just makes teams give up. Other may impose their will on the game. Steph just kills the entire vibe to want to keep playing. Hard to assemble a team that would beat those 5.

    Dan ThompsonDan ThompsonMonth ago
  • Magic, jordan, bird, Duncan, Chamberlain

    Alex ChristianAlex ChristianMonth ago
  • I got Kobe over all of them

    Tee AhmedTee AhmedMonth ago
  • Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem, Micheal, Kobe, bill Russell With those 5 not a team in any generation

    matthew cruzmatthew cruzMonth ago
  • Are you kidding? Why the disrespect on the best Center ever Wilt?

    Aryan MondkarAryan MondkarMonth ago
  • That list actually sucks

    Brandon ShieldsBrandon ShieldsMonth ago
  • Pg- curry, iverson Sg- allen, miller Sf- lebron,bird Pf-duncan, giannis C-kareem, Chamberlain

    Nau 7Nau 7Month ago
    • @Pedro Guedes true sg would be mj still would have allen as backup

      Nau 7Nau 720 days ago
  • Allen Iverson Kobe Bryant Lebron James Tim Duncan Shaq

    Cristian echevarriaCristian echevarriaMonth ago
    • @Jon Russell Allen Iverson would move really well without the ball look at all his playoff games with Larry brown as a coach!cury is good but I feel in a more physical era he would have problems!Tim Duncan is one of my favourite players he was the perfect team player but Barkley was something special in many ways and I think he was better!

      Ioannis BezasIoannis Bezas4 days ago
    • @Ioannis Bezas That's a solid top 5. I'd take Steph over Iverson because he's lethal with and without the ball and extremely efficient. You could never double MJ or the rest. Iverson was not effective without the ball so you lose an entire player on the court whenever the ball is in MJ/KD's hands which it should be in their hands a majority of plays. I'm a huge fan of Sir Charles, but I gotta go with Tim Duncan. Not even a fan, but that guy never team hopped and absolutely dominated the difficult west for over almost two decades. He turned coach pop into a HOF coach with his quiet personality. Even just from a chemistry standpoint, it would be great to have a player who is a bonafide double double who is unselfish insight out passer. Props on the hakeem pick because he is wildly underrated at his peak.

      Jon RussellJon Russell4 days ago
    • My top 5would be1)Iverson 2) Jordan 3)Kevin Durant 4) Barkley 5) Hakeem.i would bet all my money on this team

      Ioannis BezasIoannis Bezas4 days ago
    • @Jon Russell there is no conversation about Jordan he was the best or second best I m just saying that Allen Iverson would have a diferent legacy if he had a team and that he is allot better than many of the new era players!harden, Westbrook, cury,and many more!Kevin Durant is the most talented scorer but his rings don't count for nothing!Iverson for me is top 10ever!!

      Ioannis BezasIoannis Bezas4 days ago
    • @Ioannis Bezas Except we got to see MJ without a squad of any sort and he was the most lethal volume scorer in the modern era while being efficient.

      Jon RussellJon Russell4 days ago
  • The audacity of this man

    Spirit okSpirit okMonth ago
  • I wonder if these top 5 or GOAT conversations would treat Wilt Chamberlain differently if he played today. Probably. He’s so casually dismissed nowadays but I mean come on, who else has put up numbers like him EVER? No one comes close.

    Justin WallJustin WallMonth ago
  • Espn must don't drug test their employees

    mackenzie sandersmackenzie sandersMonth ago
  • They are just strong but my Smart boys 0.Rusel Westbrok 1.D. Rose 2. Kyrie 3. Iverson 4. Thompson 5. Steph We don't need big menn ..

    RogBRogBMonth ago
  • They completely snubbed Kareem 🥱

    William FlorentinoWilliam FlorentinoMonth ago
  • Scotti is like MJ's girlfriend. Lol. Joke.

  • Scotti is being bitter about lebron bacauseof the GOAT argument which lebron is included.

  • Against stephen a. I will have.. Prime Allen iverson Prime charles barkley Prime kareem abdul jabaar Prime ray allen Prime kobe bryant.. What u gonna do stephen a.

    Jaggy's Exotic Pet'sJaggy's Exotic Pet'sMonth ago
  • Stephen “I’’m Gonna Yell” Smith

    Davis ReidDavis ReidMonth ago
  • Mj Kobe Lebron Giannis Shaq

    Peter KallianiotisPeter KallianiotisMonth ago
  • I'm positive Magic, Jordan, Bird, Duncan, Hakeem WOULD beat that team❗

    Scott DavidsonScott DavidsonMonth ago
  • To Leave Magic off is blasphemy ❗.

    Scott DavidsonScott DavidsonMonth ago
  • max "fate of the universe" kellerman

    kevin kiariekevin kiarieMonth ago
  • What is Rick Ross doing standing behind Max with ear piece like some delivery dude?

    Mr AwkwardMr AwkwardMonth ago