Trump and Phil Robertson Freak Out About "Socialism": A Closer Look

Feb 7, 2019
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Seth takes a closer look at President Trump freaking out about the Democrats running for president.
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Trump and Phil Robertson Freak Out About "Socialism": A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • I'm confused. The US Military is an example of socialism in action - affordable housing and food, tuition assistance, and universal healthcare are just a few examples of what the armed forces provide...paid for by taxpayers and formed for the good of the nation. What am I missing?

    MandyMandy2 months ago
  • America is hilarious!

    Bad at GamingBad at Gaming2 months ago
  • oh the days where there were multiple democrats running for president

    SanthaniusSanthanius2 months ago
  • We have all these jobs but yet keep allowing people to live on the freebies and free ranging on the people who do work?

    Ozzy KrahnOzzy Krahn2 months ago
  • I think Trump has someone off to the side at his speeches with the same audience reaction cue cards as Lord Farquaad from Shrek.

    ZOSO900ZOSO9002 months ago
  • WHAT. AN. ASS. our enlightenedest Bigshot of a President, hooo eeee !

    mark hatfieldmark hatfield2 months ago
  • These night shows is a disgrace and ignorant people! Liberals and democrats will ruin America

    Chad BruceChad Bruce2 months ago
  • I hope they pay Seth alot....he's so dam funny!

    DJ LDJ L2 months ago
  • If you are against socialism, bring your own damn private roads wherever you drive. Public roads are socialism!

    ADvorakADvorak2 months ago
  • Oh God... These anti-healthcare beasts are downright evil. There comes a point, where ignorance, when preached, is evil, and so many of them have reached it.

    Sage ChannelSage Channel2 months ago
  • Capitalist freedom, particularly under Trump, is hardly free. Your company chooses your healthcare, or you go I to medical debt. You stay employed, or you go I to medical debt. You go into medical debt, or you die. It's not freedom, if your very survival, perpetually puts you in debt, and as such, controlled by the system.

    Sage ChannelSage Channel2 months ago
  • Ironically Trump praised quite a few countries with socialised medicine which go beyond what Sanders supports

    Nina MimiNina Mimi2 months ago
  • "People get sick on earth, in human form". Nothing will beat that line for at least another generation. Maybe never.

    KmancanadaKmancanada2 months ago
  • I don't appreciate people that are worth $15 million and can afford health insurance and health care, telling those that don't have $15 million just to trust in God. Hey bible thumper...Jesus told us to SELL ALL THAT WE HAVE and give it to the poor...and you are worth how much? If you are not following the bible, don't try preaching it! That is what your chosen one, the grand wizard tRump does.

    David EdwardsDavid Edwards2 months ago

    wayne montgomerywayne montgomery2 months ago
  • Technically the military is socialism.

    Tyler SmashTyler Smash2 months ago
  • Spanky's goin' down, in a burning ring of fire, down down down like a walmart paper flyer.

    Vivian StimpsonVivian Stimpson2 months ago
  • Duck Dynasty dude has been sniffing his own farts for too long. Guy is nuttier than squirrel sh*t.

    nostrilnicknostrilnick2 months ago
  • As Congressman Grayson said, "The GOP healthcare plan is: Don't get sick, and if you do, die quickly".

    Jared LesslJared Lessl2 months ago
  • Not directly related to this event. But if you beyond the comedy of Duck Dynasty, The Robertson family really are hypocrites.

    WeAreItWeAreIt2 months ago
  • Why is Socialism in quotes? And who is freaking out over who these last 4 years exactly?

    Chrizzie 78Chrizzie 782 months ago
  • If this guy is the Republican answer to the coronavirus then, you can't Make America Germ-free Again, and I don't just mean the viral kind. After all, Germans have infiltrated too many nations as nationalists and want more than equating! Bye bye supremacists :D

    Justine LinleyJustine Linley2 months ago
  • Check out Denmark/Finland -- Reasonable capitalist democracies with tax dollars helping the people -- no extreme wealth, but no extreme poverty which breeds crime and ugliness. They rate highest in happiness in the world according to United Nations. Bernie Sanders 2020 it's time to go for broke. Enough really is enough.

    Leslie CurranLeslie Curran2 months ago
  • I'm somewhat disappointed that Fox didn't say when you are raised from the dead it is not for celebration relaxation eternal peace. But it is to make up for all the wasted time and energy you neglected throughout your life. In layman's terms if life is not free why the hell would death be any cheaper? Get ready for double the work less than half of the pay in the worst conditions that is possible Amen let's go.

    james fiacojames fiaco2 months ago
  • The prayer at breakfast should go something like this blessed this plate and food let my wife be in the mood. Then after everybody's has prayed finished eating. The question should be then how do we pray for a person that is a sexual failure asexual criminal? What if you are a combination of those two? And then you look at Donald Trump and understand why so many are spiritually sexually suppressed internally and externally for all eternity throughout existence case closed mercy forgiveness spiritual welfare death are not changing these facts. Protecting carrying compensating any whimpering whining souls and spirits that are freely connected to a life that is not living up to the pleasure potential responsibility of femininity and masculinity.

    james fiacojames fiaco2 months ago
  • “History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government. This marks the lowest grade of ignorance of which their civil as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for their own purposes.” ~Thomas Jefferson: in letter to Alexander von Humboldt, December 6, 1813

    StikibitsStikibits2 months ago
  • When cast members from Duck Dynasty are your news "experts" = *Everything you need to understand about today's GOP

    JMHJMH2 months ago
  • when he says a lot of people" he's talking about Don Jr Eric and ivonca.

    James ButtersonJames Butterson2 months ago
  • Oh Really, Doctor Science

    MK UltraMK Ultra2 months ago
  • It’s amazing how low fox has fallen considering it started at the bottom. Not even a fake man in the sky can save fox news.

    Bubber CakesBubber Cakes2 months ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="642">10:42</a> She meant hook worm lol

    mrburns805mrburns8052 months ago
  • Hilarious, thanks Seth

    David GurarieDavid Gurarie2 months ago
  • I am so glad seth is educating the public with his comedy.

    Orange TangOrange Tang2 months ago
  • [ILLUSION OF DEMOCRACY] Q PROSECUTION OF ALL THOSE WHO 'KNOWINGLY' TOOK PART IN THIS ILLEGAL MANUFACTURED EFFORT [ATTEMPTED COUP] TO TAKE DOWN THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES [1]. [1] OPENS THE DOOR. THE GREAT AWAKENING. Q ---- some guesses on who is in the INDICTMENTS Archer, Biden, Branson, Brennen, Bronfmans, Bushes, Clintons, Comey, DiNiro, Dimond, Epstein, Frank, Guistra, Holder,Hunter, Imran, Jarret, Khans, Lynch, , McCabe, McCain, Nadler, Nuland, Obamas, Ohrs, Pelosi, Page, Rice, Rosenstein, Soros, Spacey, Trudeau, , Victoria, Weinstein, Wexner, x y z the entire alphabet of ABC's Clowns and Puppets and this time their masters - CAN YU ADD SUM NAMED??? lol BUTTigiEAD, AOC There is at least 100,000 more??? - READ ---ALL those who KNOWINGLY !!!!!!

    Rysa PerisannaRysa Perisanna2 months ago
  • Osama bin ladinson

    jaca van heeschjaca van heesch2 months ago
  • I'm voting for Bernie just so I can hear your impression of him every day.

    David AtchisonDavid Atchison2 months ago
  • Tbh, charging for bread in a restaurant it's kinda retard. The price of the meal should always include bread in any average/general restaurant. In my country a high-quality, big-size bun (we don't make the traditional bread sweet, and they're quite big), is something as insignificant as 0,25 cents a piece. And because bread is thousands and thousands and thousands of years old, we do consider it almost the same as breathing air or drinking water. If you're portuguese you should expect for the bread to be included or diluted in the price of your restaurant meal, if you don't expect it or get annoyed by being charged for it... well, then you're probably just another big baby that never really learned to enjoy food including veggies. Grow the f... up!

    tnightwolftnightwolf2 months ago
  • Trump's "It" is Syphilis.

    YvaelleYvaelle2 months ago
  • Hillbilly Gandalph ❤️❤️❤️

    Scott PetersonScott Peterson2 months ago
  • Love all the people saying "Oh right wingers don't know what socialism is,socialism is roads and fire departments and schools" no thats capitalism within a society that knows having a stable infostructure and a good level of health and education is good for the economy,what socialism is is "a political and economic theory of social organisation which advoctates that the means of production ,distribution and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole" which also happens to have been tried out loads of times and every time it has collapsed in chaos.Try selling the truth of no private ownership instead of hiding behind the successes of capitalism.

    Joy GallavanJoy Gallavan2 months ago
    • Socialism is being used as a scare word by Republicans working towards a new Robber-Baron Era/American Oligarchy. The deficit was more than $1 trillion for fiscal 2019 alone because of an irresponsible and unnecessary tax cut given to the wealthy. The deficit/national debt should go DOWN with a strong economy.

      Copy BlocCopy Bloc2 months ago
  • The USA makes the rise of such a man possible, very sad.

    L MoraceL Morace2 months ago
  • So many of these great events you folks on here don't get to see because liberal media keeps it from you. Watch below for the president they don't let you see.

    J.W. JDUBJ.W. JDUB2 months ago
  • America. "We were born free and we will stay free." But we can't give anything away that's socialism. 🤣👌🏽

    Scrambled EggsScrambled Eggs2 months ago
  • The economy is working well for the rich and very rich.

    bansraj mattaibansraj mattai2 months ago
  • Trump: A gold-plated Moron!!

    Paul NuPaul Nu2 months ago
  • Corporate America, OWNS both parties. YOU DO NOT GET A VOTE The one percent have GUTTED the Economy of America,. VOTE TO TAKE IT BACK. DOLLARS FOR DEMOCRACY . . . . LEVEL THE VOTING PROCESS F D R I love it that they hate me. ( The bankers and Industrialist in the 1930s ) F D R regulated the wealth that we might PROSPER. REAGAN to TRUMP deregulated the wealth and we are SCREWED, do not bend over MORAL is GREED is GREATER than DEMOCRACY

    james mortonjames morton2 months ago
  • What makes America great? Reagan: America is a shining city on a hill. Obama: America is a place where you can write your own destiny. Trump: America's potential is unlimited because our extraordinaire people are just something that is Number One. Classic!

    greatboniwankergreatboniwanker2 months ago
  • I hate SOCIALISM and WELFARE FOR THE RICH Make America Fair Again Tax rich bastards

    Doc HolidayDoc Holiday2 months ago
    • @grumpy sod I appreciate your perspective. 🙂👍

      Doc HolidayDoc Holiday2 months ago
    • @Doc Holiday I am happy that you understand socialism. I have lived in a social democratic country for most of my working life and all of these are counties that have a welfare system that covers those who are at the bottom ofthe heap, reguardles of reasons why. Too many in the US equate socialism with communism. The propagander has worked real well.

      grumpy sodgrumpy sod2 months ago
    • @grumpy sod Technically you are correct. I used the word Socialism for dramatic effect. That is why I included the word "Welfare", which is completely accurate. We give Billionaires and their companies subsidies when they don't need them. That is welfare for the rich. We give them tax breaks when they don't need them. That means the people that do need them get neglected and often die. Billionaires cause poverty and death by buying politicians and rigging the system in their favor. They shouldn't exist and after Judgment Day, they won't. Thank God!! By the way, since you appear to be a walking dictionary who is a self appointed truth police, do you know what Socialism is? It is the public library, public streets, public parks. It is the fire department, police department and military. It is food stamps Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, disability and disaster aide. If you get a check because of the Corona virus that is Socialism too. It isn't Communism, Fascism or Plutocracy, which is what our current form of government is. I hope that information brightens your day, Grumpy. 😊🙏❤️🇺🇸

      Doc HolidayDoc Holiday2 months ago
    • 'lWelfare for the rich is not, has never been, and never will be any way a form of socialism. Your grip on fact is very insecure.

      grumpy sodgrumpy sod2 months ago
  • Is Seth wearing braces??

    kaylamarie8907kaylamarie89072 months ago
  • Phil: Put the lime in the coconut and call me in the morning. _"If Jesus had a gun, He'd be alive today."_ ~~ Homer J. Simpson

    jonesjones2 months ago
  • Phil argument for an abortion there is...what a moronic inbred.

    maurice powersmaurice powers2 months ago
  • Santa?? is that you? No, is Phil Robertson.

    viewomeviewome2 months ago
  • Minimum wage = modern day slavery Privately owned, for-profit prisons = modern day slavery Human trafficking = barbaric old-school slavery

    whitelion1284whitelion12842 months ago
  • People live most freely outside the USA, where we are not all terrified by crime, guns, corruption and the danger of being fired for not agreeing fast enough.

    Gus JacksonGus Jackson2 months ago
  • Seth's impersonation of the duck dynasty guy is my favorite thing, inject it into my veinssss lol

    Alyse Nicole HeinAlyse Nicole Hein2 months ago
  • Both of these motherfu_kers are idiots! Who gives a crap what that freak Robertson thinks! That whole family is a bunch of punks who are really disgusting! They're all freaks! Anybody who would grow a disgusting, nasty, lice infested beard like theirs should be tied up, beat to a pulp and shaved from head to toe! Their opinion is nothing to anyone but the trumpty dumpty sycophants who are delusional. Socialism is already prevalent in this country! The rich, corporations and the oil industries already control EVERYTHING, EVEN THE GOVERNMENT! It's incredible you give credits are even give the opportunity to this Robinson freak to give his opinion when nobody gives a flying flip ass f**k! And dumbty is a lying, corrupt, herpes laden piece of crap who probably has syphilis! That's why he's insane and getting worse every day! He wants power like Putinspawn!

    Rob CrebsRob Crebs2 months ago
  • "President" Trump has all the charisma of a school bus fire, except that with the school bus fire a lot fewer peoples lives are left in ruins than with Trump as president.

    John DwyerJohn Dwyer2 months ago
  • What's wrong with Medicare for All? It works Let's look at what's NOT working. Overdose death rate in red states that have refused medicare is 30 per 100,000; 10nper 100,000 in states with inadequately funded medicare Medicare for All would get it down to 2 per 100,000. But that would be bad for business. Just ask Mr. B.. He was in Afghanistan.

    Lyle CourtsalLyle Courtsal2 months ago
  • Hey Americans,take a look at Trump vs. Bernie on comedy central. It was beautiful. Watch it all the way through. Duck soup.

    Lyle CourtsalLyle Courtsal2 months ago
  • Two cretins, Trump and Phil Robertson are such thick illiterate unintelligent scum that neither of them (unfortunately like most Americans) understand what a capitalist society that enjoys the very best democratic socialist policies looks like. TRY EVERY MODERN DEMOCRACY AROUND THE WORLD.........EXCEPT THE USA. The USA is so backward and the population have been lied to about the benefits of socialist policies for 80 years. That is why the US public's standard of living has fallen to 30th in the world and is still falling. 29 COUNTRIES HAVE A BETTER STANDARD OF LIVING THAN AMERICANS!!!!! Bernie wants the USA to catch up and improve it's standard of living so Americans are much better off. Cunts like Trump and Robertson are far too greedy and unintelligent to want that to happen.

    Harry DennyHarry Denny2 months ago
  • Phil Roberts and his family are rich country club snobs, with a weird cult following, like most right wing public figures. When they were exposed, their fans started sending death threats to the USkeysr who shattered their illusions. The right wing hates truth.

    Jose JaquezJose Jaquez2 months ago
  • Bredicare for all 🖒 A local convent gave away bread and 1/2 pints of milk each morning in our town Grown working men could get two of one or the other. Awesome

    mala sangremala sangre2 months ago

    jane hydenjane hyden2 months ago
  • Seth is like a child, both mentally and physically for those of you too dim to comprehend. He willfully ignores 100,000,000 dead in Socialism's name, and entire nations laid waste. He happily embraces the dictators responsible for oppressing and executing gays and polluting the environment. Because Orange Man Bad.

    Mr. SatyreMr. Satyre2 months ago

    Rob ErvinRob Ervin2 months ago
  • That was so awesome brother I had to give you a thumbs-up even though you have so many.

    Santina marieSantina marie2 months ago
  • The reason the US is so scared of socialist ideas is based on fear, as most of the issues in the USA are. The USSR named itself socialist, but only a few plans came from Marx. The eventual system they ended up with was authoritarian first. Socialism is merely a society that strives for equality for all its people, for the people of the world. The weak thing about socialism is that for socialism, people need to be agreeing with it and want to share with one another. In effect, socialism believes in a system where people help each other, and the government helps everybody. The people however, seem to be the malign influence that try to use ANY system to enrich themselves at the cost of the other. Cheers !

    bo ter bergbo ter berg2 months ago
  • So America didn’t make its money from years of slavery. Wow. Damn I have been lied to for all of these years

    Oliver GutierrezOliver Gutierrez2 months ago
  • We have public healthcare here in New Zealand. Happy to report, civilisation has not collapsed down under...

    Frank MacskasyFrank Macskasy2 months ago
  • ok, a big hand for the poor and BS and his free healthcare, assuming it works. Why nobody asks him about religion? his views, I know is stupid, HOWEVER, people that support BS you live with the votes count, no, they don't so far, and other questions that don't matter much but they will be asked.

    Ana MaldonadoAna Maldonado2 months ago
  • I love Seth.

    Lee WalshLee Walsh2 months ago
  • somewhere down the road, I hope we see Ocasio-Cortez run for the presidency. She could do lots of good things for america as well as the rest of the world.

    Sven R.C.LSven R.C.L2 months ago
  • Clown trump

    MOSTOFER MobleyMOSTOFER Mobley2 months ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="584">9:44</a> for an ancient swamp-relic, he kinda does

    Sven R.C.LSven R.C.L2 months ago
  • Look at all his followers that need Medicare for all

    diane whalendiane whalen2 months ago
  • Duck Dynasty represents the intellect (or lack thereof) of the average trump supporter!

    Charlene LordCharlene Lord2 months ago
  • presidunce chump : "you were born dumb and you will stay dumb" why are Americans so vehemently anti socialism.... wasn't Jesus a socialist ? care for the poor the weak and the down trodden, the meek shall inherit the earth, in the kingdom of heaven, the last shall be the first... or was it love thy neighbour, unless he is poor, in which case beat his kids and rape his wife and daughters...

    A. LernerA. Lerner2 months ago
  • The people in Trumps audience would benefit from a „socialist“ healthcare (as they call it). And still, they boo it.

    Mr. CaliMr. Cali2 months ago
    • They would literally benefit from all of his policies... This is the power of propaganda. They're manipulated into voting against their best interests.

      SkyBlueSkyBlue2 months ago
  • Govt sucks at everything, Douchey McDouche Bag

    Mike TittleMike Tittle2 months ago
  • Those duck dynasty dipshits are cruddy AF.

    Snodge KatSnodge Kat2 months ago