How To Prevent Makeup SMUDGING! Mask Friendly Makeup

Aug 25, 2020
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this video is done in partnership with Pat McGrath
I don't know about you but keeping makeup off my masks has been quite the TASK so I brought back this old school tip on how to prevent makeup from smudging. This is a really amazing makeup transfer proof technique!! ENJOY!
stay back 6 ft crewneck
FORVR mood headband
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Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
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    Amna AlblooshiAmna Alblooshi16 hours ago
  • I just do my makeup from the eyes up also helps me keep my mask on since I look busted from the eyes down lol....also makes me eat less

    velvet wardvelvet ward22 hours ago
  • Thank you thank you for these tips!!! I’ve been wearing less on my face but upping my eyes.. let’s be real.. that’s all people see these days!

    Tori CloughTori Clough22 hours ago
  • Jackie, you are so beautiful, hilarious, and smart, smart, smart. I appreciate you always being yourself. Your presence, even through a computer screen, makes my heart happy. I laughed throughout this entire video. You're awesome!

    KhiahKhiah23 hours ago
  • That rap go hard tho🤣🤣🤣

    Sue JimSue JimDay ago
  • 11:20- 11:25 just....thank you so much for making me laugh and givin' me this knowledge!

    Reshawn LeeReshawn Lee2 days ago
  • Anyone know the name of the nyx foundation brush she uses?

    meshian2meshian22 days ago
  • A Jackie Jackie Jackie.. Jackie Jackie... a Jackie Jackie Jackie... Jackie Jackie Jackie....🥰

    Tammy W.Tammy W.2 days ago
  • Grrrrl... you are hilarious. Thanks for an amazing channel and setting the tone for influencers .

    SkeeterSkeeter4 days ago
  • This is most fun I have ever watching a USkeysr vidoe your sooooo funny!!!!

    tee ceetee cee4 days ago
  • I literally don't wear any or I prime and translucent powder and that's it

    tee ceetee cee4 days ago
  • 😂 the intro I cant

    tee ceetee cee4 days ago
  • 😍😍😍

    resha conleyresha conley4 days ago
  • Thank You for doing this.

    The Wright Way360The Wright Way3604 days ago
  • You have got to be kidding? This is ridiculous!

    Apk DarterApk Darter4 days ago
  • No matter what time of day or what I'm doing, watching Jackie's videos, make me want to do my makeup

    ericakay152ericakay1525 days ago
  • Okay, I'm white but a pro-black Target ad just played before this video and it made me happy. That is all ☺

    Hajira S.Hajira S.6 days ago
  • I love her 🥰

    Diva's Have To Eat KitchenDiva's Have To Eat Kitchen6 days ago
  • Hahahaha this is just what i needed to watch today to make my day better. I subscribed so fast! 🤩😁..the end tho..that was hilarious.

    Jessica GJessica G7 days ago
  • this look gives me destiny child's vibe

    Chuchu EfeChuchu Efe7 days ago
  • I put on mascara. Since my face is covered anyway, there's nothing to see.

    Alex MoralesAlex Morales7 days ago
  • "Hot tectonic plate breath". Sis...I was DRINKING 😭😭😭

    SummerSoulSis 90SummerSoulSis 907 days ago
  • OMG PLEASE BRING THIS INTRO BACCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!! You give me LIFFEEEE, Mrs.Ainnaaaaaaaa!

    Alexandra NiccoleAlexandra Niccole8 days ago
  • Gave me life sis, thanks!

    Chacha SlideChacha Slide8 days ago
  • i absolutely love this video and you look so good jackie!!!

    cormabe.cormabe.8 days ago
  • You have a great personality. I love it

    Ryan TechRyan Tech8 days ago
  • Is there a recommended technique for applying primer -> translucent powder -> foundation? Because I can never add a liquid (like foundation or concealer) on top of a powder. It makes the texture so clumpy and pulls off any makeup underneath. I see people do this from time to time though, so I must be doing something wrong! Any tips??

    Veronica PageVeronica Page9 days ago
  • Girl final seal has been my best friend forever and a day lol keep my makeup in place no budge lol

    Lovebug2719Lovebug27199 days ago
  • At 1:42 I really thought that was a song😂 sis had me bumping for real

    Emma LuvEmma Luv9 days ago
  • great video!

    Mood is EverythingMood is Everything10 days ago
  • YAAAAS KWEEN!!!! “The proof is in the pudding!” Thank you!

    Barbie BarkerBarbie Barker10 days ago
  • Thank you! I love my beat face but not the smudge game on the mask... Essential worker and this just save my life!!!

    FOXYLOVE75FOXYLOVE7510 days ago
  • ♥ thank you Jackie.

    redolentkateredolentkate10 days ago
  • I haven’t worn makeup this whole time and I really miss it

    Beauty_by_JazBeauty_by_Jaz11 days ago
  • Shout out to Jackie always dropping gems and ways for us to slay the right way! Come thru Ms. Jackie with the mask proof are so incredibly smart and gifted. You make me laugh so much!😂😘💜🙏

    Crystal HarrityCrystal Harrity11 days ago
  • You even put make up on ONLY on the parts OUTSIDE of the mask? I was in a rush and had to do that once. I felt like a flasher.

    Robyn PayneRobyn Payne11 days ago
  • Gotta try that PAT!😍👏👏👏👏

    Ann McleodAnn Mcleod12 days ago
  • What brand is her pencil?

    Ann McleodAnn Mcleod12 days ago
  • Can ppl with very dry skin use that Ben nye stuff? Because I def need moisture.

    Ann McleodAnn Mcleod12 days ago
  • Amazing! Thank you so much for this video!

    huniebear10huniebear1012 days ago
  • I need this for my hijab- any hijabis here who are sick of their makeup stained hijabs?

    Asanti GeradAsanti Gerad12 days ago
  • I was a competitive dancer growing up! And yess that Ben Nye final seal is no joke. I would usually order it from a dance website!

    Thatiana BaizaThatiana Baiza12 days ago
  • I just found your channel. I love your humor!

    SayyadeeaSayyadeea12 days ago
  • Loved this my girl!!! Thank you!!

    Tayler FoeTayler Foe13 days ago
  • When Tasha said "Boom"

    SuperKrystinSuperKrystin13 days ago
  • I work in Health care. Jackie AINA thank u so much

    Ruth mcqueenRuth mcqueen13 days ago
  • I don't know why, but I'm wearing MORE makeup then before. I quit taking days for granted 😭 so I've been actually getting ready each day now that I'm back to work

    Kelcie CrinoKelcie Crino13 days ago
  • 😂 you’re so funny however ,After your full makeup you definitely look like Alexander Burke, 👍

    Kathy playlist MayKathy playlist May14 days ago
  • I thought I would get away with not wearing makeup very often, BUT these video meetings!! I feel like everyone is getting a much closer and much larger view of my face, so my makeup wearing has increased because of COVID.

    Lillian BeasantLillian Beasant14 days ago

    Shari ScottShari Scott15 days ago
  • STAY BACK 6 FEET!!! love the sweater

    Ariel LorenAriel Loren16 days ago
  • I used to wear makeup to work everyday(full face) but since this pandemic I’ve only been putting on my eyebrows and a light pair of falsies. Since this whole thing started, my skin is as bad as it’s ever been. Only on my cheeks, I’m breaking out in blackheads and sometimes cystic acne. I know it’s because of having to wear a mask at work 50 hours a week. I only wear my reusable masks once before washing and constantly wear the disposable ones too. And absolutely no foundation. It’s horrible.🤦🏻‍♀️

    Jay YoutubeeeJay Youtubeee16 days ago
  • I literally stopped wearing makeup because of mask.. and the amount of talking I do at work( I’m a nursing assistant) ..

    Life with LyricLife with Lyric16 days ago
  • Beautiful and funny!

    mspivey828mspivey82817 days ago
  • Jackie Jackie can you do a video of the best liquid lipstick brands. I feel like liquid lipstick is very dry and cracks. You’re amazing!

    Cydni SanvilleCydni Sanville17 days ago
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    Yahimah WardYahimah Ward17 days ago
  • settling spray in every brush stroke has just changed MY LIFE! thank you

    Maiara Izabele Del PinoMaiara Izabele Del Pino17 days ago
  • Jackie what did you use for translucent powder all over the face? Was it in a banana color?

    keisha Littlekeisha Little17 days ago
  • I shall try this makeup technique for my motorcycle helmet since very few people make makeup tutorials for keeping the makeup on your face

    Keira PickeringKeira Pickering17 days ago
  • "You gon get some mentos!" 😂😂😂😂😭😭😂😂😂 You are hilarious!!!

    GodsmyloveGodsmylove17 days ago
  • Wow unbelievable

    Esther SowellEsther Sowell19 days ago

    Nguyen Thanh HaiNguyen Thanh Hai19 days ago
  • These tips are major 🔑

    Francesca AltemaFrancesca Altema19 days ago
  • There is a brand advertising that you used their setting spray for this video

    Blooming BeautyBlooming Beauty19 days ago
  • So. Many. Layers! Girl this would not set well with my wrinkles 😂 pandemic pretty much ended me wearing makeup, but now that I’m back on set, eye makeup is where it’s at.

    Rebekah AtheyRebekah Athey19 days ago
  • I need every single product!!! I sooo love youuu!

    Pamela Cooper-BillipsPamela Cooper-Billips19 days ago
  • You have a great sense of humor.....😁😁😁 hilarious

    kwf kwfkwf kwf19 days ago
  • Very helpful thanks 😊

    Claire BakerClaire Baker20 days ago
  • another technique that I love is setting my under eye with a pressed powder and then i bake that area. it lasts all day and is FLAWLESS

    Aliah TeclawAliah Teclaw20 days ago
  • You cracked the mf codeeee🤣🤣

    Madison HauguelMadison Hauguel21 day ago
  • I need that dang sweatshirt 😭😩❤️

    Ohsnap OseiOhsnap Osei21 day ago
  • Full coverage me now

    Kamiah WestKamiah West21 day ago
  • Check this ad from Facebook they are using this video to promote this product “Galaxy Setting Spray”

    aralis williamsaralis williams21 day ago
  • What brushes are you using for your foundation and concealer?

    Ajiah DaleyAjiah Daley21 day ago
  • I really like watching your videos Jackie! 🥰 I'm happy for your success!

    Kejuan LynetteKejuan Lynette21 day ago
  • 6-7 layers left... Hilarious

    Teresa WeberTeresa Weber22 days ago
  • Tough times for Lipgloss lovers 😭

    Mary JaneMary Jane22 days ago
  • Where do you get the OPV born to shine pallet?? I’m not seeing it at Ulta, Sephora or even Amazon. I don’t usually shop at poshmark I’m not sure if it’s a reputable company.

    Bibi AndrewsBibi Andrews22 days ago
  • Definitely been doing less makeup

    Angel MorrisAngel Morris22 days ago
  • Lol she’s funny

    Izza LisaIzza Lisa23 days ago
  • I love your videos!! 😭❤❤

    Dalia PerezDalia Perez23 days ago
  • Thumbs up 👍🏽 for being so helpful & creative!🥰🥰

    Shakira MccaffityShakira Mccaffity24 days ago
  • Chemicals on ones face, why?

    Pennycost StinksalotPennycost Stinksalot24 days ago
  • I wanted to see a mask drawn on with makeup. Like a costume, gonna keep looking

    Pennycost StinksalotPennycost Stinksalot24 days ago
  • I did my full-face makeup since COVID-19 shut down in March. It felt awesome... I missed her (my make-up)

    Cordelia McKoyCordelia McKoy24 days ago
  • Less makeup for me. 💕

    Laguna CandlesLaguna Candles25 days ago
  • love the look can you link all the products you used especially that gorgeous lip color. thanks

    Xplicit Hair StudioXplicit Hair Studio25 days ago
  • By the end of this video my jaw DROPPED. You really mastered the mask makeup look girl.

    AliciaFromTheFarAwayPlaceAliciaFromTheFarAwayPlace25 days ago
  • I just love watching you do your makeup. It is SO soothing and your skin is unreal

    tazzel10tazzel1025 days ago
  • I really appreciate your whole vibeee!!! I lovvvee this :)

    Destiny DiorDestiny Dior25 days ago
  • I’ve only put makeup on the top half of my face cause no one sees the rest anyway

    Japanology ReloadedJapanology Reloaded25 days ago
  • Does anyone know which translucent powder she used?

    SS26 days ago
  • Jackie the genius

    Denise BrownDenise Brown27 days ago
  • I love your headband in the video! You are an awesome human and hilarious!

    The Makeup RealmThe Makeup Realm27 days ago
  • You definitely made me realize that I've not been using my fixer enough. lol I'll add in every step of my face makeup (including sponge) from now on. Haha

    Nina DinizNina Diniz27 days ago
  • I’ve been going foundation free but my I’m hating the maskne and I want to cover it so badly.

    Michelle BMichelle B27 days ago
  • I needed this thank you for sharing

    Wendy LWendy L28 days ago
  • Brilliant 👏 👏 👏

    SemolenkiahSemolenkiah28 days ago
  • I recently discovered your channel and every video I watch is better then the last! You are always so informative, educational and drop so many tips and product recommendations. On top of it you have a wonderful, silly and vibrant personality! Thank you for helping get through these unusual times!

    The Power of HopeThe Power of Hope28 days ago
  • Wearing no foundation and playing up the eyes

    Amanda SwetlandAmanda Swetland28 days ago