Controversy Over "Gone With The Wind" Removal | The View

Jun 10, 2020
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"The View" co-hosts react to HBO Max's announcement to pull "Gone With the Wind" from its platform.
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  • Removal of Gone With The Wind is waging a race war against the Southern Blacks who defended their white masters from invasion of the Yankie in the North. Are they suppose to free them or threaten them ????

    Lar MLar MDay ago
  • I think the movie shouldn’t be completely erased, because as a Historian myself it’s really important that we understand how things were before, and acknowledge GWTW as an extremely stereotypical/racist/demeaning movie, and we need to understand how wrong this movie is, and learn all the bad things in General history so we don’t make the same idiotic mistakes again, but if you can pull out ONE GOOD THING from GWTW, is that it gave the first ever black women an opportunity to win an Oscar, which this in particular shouldn’t be forgotten

    Jennifer Marenco:3Jennifer Marenco:32 days ago
  • I can understand why democrats want to desroy the past.They are the party of racists

    Dennis BoumaDennis Bouma3 days ago
  • Anyone else see that advertisement from youtube under the video to buy or rent gone with the wind? -__-

    moonmoon7 days ago
  • Omg Gone with the wind is a classic give me a gdamn break seriously

    Nicole ClarkNicole Clark9 days ago
  • I agree, we need justice, but we should not start burning books, so to speak. The context matters

    Tiamaat 23Tiamaat 2319 days ago
  • Pull roots and all other pre 1960s movies about blacks as well...

    A.J. PottsA.J. Potts21 day ago
  • Let's clone Hier Gerbles so he can sensor the media. Sorry about no more Jews, Blacks, and Latinos on the view anymore.

    Gene BohannonGene Bohannon22 days ago

  • It s easy. Don t touch art.

    Emilian CristianEmilian Cristian23 days ago
  • Gone With The Wind was a great movie, only lefties hate it cause it tells the truth.

    BoogalooBoy1776BoogalooBoy177624 days ago
  • I I I, me me me seriously Megan go away

    Kimberly OwensKimberly Owens26 days ago
  • GWTW is not about slavery. It's about obsession. The Old South was just the setting, could have been anywhere. Ms. Mitchell was from the south.

    W. Herschell Jamison IIW. Herschell Jamison II27 days ago
  • So next I guess they going to try to remove The Mack Superfly Friday Foster Imitation of Life Julia Coffy Foxy Brown Band of Angels Driving Miss Daisy The Beguiled The Color Purple The list goes on and on.

    James JonesJames JonesMonth ago
  • This country has become TOO politically correct!!

    Brenda CBrenda CMonth ago
  • Stalin and Hitler both remover parts of history and edited their history... the left has gone too far! When are we going to stand up and fight back against our history being taken away from us? Come on America!! We need to unite and fight back!! 🇺🇸

    Dave ThompsonDave ThompsonMonth ago
  • We should show history they way it was in order to learn not earase it as if you were hiding the evidence!

    Leena MustafaLeena MustafaMonth ago
  • So basically well to do white people are taking this movie down because the white people aren’t mean enough to the black people..............................ok

    experience Itexperience ItMonth ago
  • I love watching old movies. They are better than the ones out now. I love "Gone With The Wind" ! Hattie won an Oscar ! That is great!

    susan huntersusan hunterMonth ago

  • This is BS. This was along time ago and if we are to teach anyone anything they should know what it was like back then compared to now and how far we have come and how far we have to go.

    Stac MontanaStac MontanaMonth ago
  • You can’t change history.

    Lise pronounced LisaLise pronounced LisaMonth ago
  • America needs a maxie pad

    Edwards JamesEdwards JamesMonth ago
  • They are reading a script.. lol this is not free thought..

    Tom RiddleTom RiddleMonth ago
  • People need to watch this movie because despite literally being a slave named Mammy and the ever present racism, McDaniel has some of the *coldest* line reads in history. She EARNED that Oscar - Whoopi would know. It would be a disservice to try erase the landmark that is that movie even with all of its unfortunate implications. Yes it’s racist, but it is also a master piece and that is coming from a black woman.

    The Awesamazing EdenThe Awesamazing EdenMonth ago
  • Besides the story being fictive, the time of the movie is accurate, why censor it?

    Igriv OdagledIgriv OdagledMonth ago
  • People who watch Gone with the Wind and take it literally, should go back to school!

    Natasha MeyerNatasha MeyerMonth ago
  • Great movie, anyone who thinkz other wize dont watch it...


    Hog FanHog FanMonth ago
  • it wasn't a film on slavery but on a particular historical moment. if the internet or mobile phones become illegal in 10 years times, do we need to censor all films we are shooting now. every film depict the social situation of the time.

    S. H.S. H.Month ago
  • My mother used Gone with the Wind as a teaching tool to explain how things were back in the day for the south and black people, along with Imitation of Life. As a child I was able to understand what was real and what was fake. We need films like this a for us to learn and move forward to be humans. Honestly, it's simple teach your children and help them understand their not that slow lol.

    daj chadaj chaMonth ago
  • Nothing wrong with Mammie the south gave jobs and hid slave from the north. Leftists are full of hate to see that.

    Be YourselfBe YourselfMonth ago
  • I like gone with the wind I wish I met them but they dead cuz this is a long time move it is 1939 long time ago

    Ray NealyRay Nealy2 months ago
  • Rhett Butler literally talks about how he's anti-confederacy and Scarlett constantly talks about how she hates the war, same with Ashley, how does it glorify the confederacy

    Brendan VeitBrendan Veit2 months ago
  • The movie is not about slavery, it may of happened during the same era but other things happened then too!

    St SabadosSt Sabados2 months ago
  • Next we’ll be burning books

    The American CrusaderThe American Crusader2 months ago
  • I remember watching Gone with The Wind in grade 11 English

    Mr BlueMr Blue2 months ago
  • 'Gone with the wind' isn't a documentary! These people are ridiculous..

    yeah, rightyeah, right2 months ago
  • And I still gone with the wind mentions a couple of the founders of the Ku Klux Klan

    Kid Of flintKid Of flint2 months ago
  • What about the First 48? Should that go too?

    No OneNo One2 months ago
  • Even as a white child in Europe I didn't like how Rhett talked down to Scarlett , hated when she was hitting Prissy, always wondered if Mammy and Scarlett were friends and what would happened if Mammy decided to spend a day outside, just having fun on her own :). The movie definitely has cruel components to it, but then so many castles and historical places in Europe do too. It's just long gone history and it should be viewed in such contest.

    Light FairyLight Fairy2 months ago
  • Let’s just be honest about what the movie included: one person’s fictionalized and romanticized version of slavery. Hattie McDaniel played a slave and that is painful to say but it is the truth. Watch the movie if you want to but then talk truthfully about what’s going on in it. Before the depictions of the Civil War take place in the movie, keep in mind the that every person of color is enslaved. Be reminded that enslaved people are unpaid laborers and not just people who get low/unfair wages. Remember that Miss Scarlet owns her Mammy who was passed down to her and they live on a plantation. Even the depictions of enslaved men choosing to fight for the confederacy against the “Yanks” (lol) can open a discussion about why that was so because many of them were forced to do so. Let the movie become a beacon of discussion. We don’t need to idolize it but we don’t need to throw it out either. Once we get past all that...then we can discuss healthy relationships.

    emayaychemayaych2 months ago
  • I don’t care about the movie , change for maple syrup cover. all I care about is police reform. That is what should be important.

    michelle elmoremichelle elmore2 months ago
  • Gone with the Wind is a classic. Deal with it.

    Timmy BlueTimmy Blue2 months ago
  • I would like to point out that black people didn't really ask for this. We just want legislative changes and police reform. We aren't asking for all this other stuff.

    Simone AnthonySimone Anthony2 months ago
  • I'm black and really love gone with the wind. Its a good depiction of the history. It's a movie about romance.

    Simone AnthonySimone Anthony2 months ago
  • Whoopi has the most simplistic takes on controversial topics.

    SorzinSorzin2 months ago
  • Just shows how engrained White Supremacy is in every fabric of this Babylonian society called America.

    Franklin AdamsFranklin Adams2 months ago
  • Venezuela did the same they band movies too.

    ᑎᗩTᗩᔕᕼᗩ ᕼEᗩᖇTᑎᗩTᗩᔕᕼᗩ ᕼEᗩᖇT2 months ago
  • I have a problem. Why are all these big names going through we these changes NOW?... Isn't wasn't a problem until NOW?... if you fought for it to exist why are you suddenly trembling at the knees? Simply. Fight back with your facts instead of beating around the bush to cater to a bunch of crybabies. Y'all really gonna ditch every role to have us remember Hattie McDaniels because it doesn't fit the bill today. Fickimg stupid

    MarloSoBalJrMarloSoBalJr2 months ago
  • Meghan dressed up like mammy here 🤣🤣🤣

    Swati HSwati H2 months ago
  • Slavery was wrong, we all acknowledge that fact. But removing Gone With The Wind from streaming services will not change the fact that it did happen. History, however cruel and evil, has had its way. George Santayana was quoted as saying - "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it".

    Aussie CockatooAussie Cockatoo2 months ago
  • 4:55 - Then Meghan had to open her mouth..."I'm concerned about what I'm going to show my chi-ild" (number one- "child" is not a two syllable word). I was watching Maude when I was 9 years old and I heard about abortion, gay people, etc., and I asked what all that was. I was allowed to watch Maude because I thought it was funny the way she went off on people, and that's still its biggest appeal to me today. Don't worry about what you're going to do with your kids. Wait until they ask.

    ClarenceFisherClarenceFisher2 months ago
  • On the surface, this issue is ridiculous. But, this is only the beginning. Lol we all know how this ends for us when we start censoring what we can show, say, and removing what happened in our history. The books/stories have warned us 🤷🏽‍♀️ lets hope it doesn’t come to that.

    DancingQueen597DancingQueen5972 months ago
  • These people are over over over over thinking! They're going to give themselves headaches and stomach disorders! LOL!

    John HoyJohn Hoy2 months ago
  • Well guys let me share my story or my side of the story with you. I grew up in killing Vietnamese people in my video games watching Chuck Norris killing Vietnamese and after it was seagle then stallone. So basically I grew up hating people for nothing because america continent portrayed Asian as the enemies?in 2018 i went to visit the Vietnam and once there i also visited their war museum and i began crying none STOP because i saw that what we did to the Vietnamese have nothing to do with war that it was HUMAN cruelty. I WAS IN SHOCK BECAUSE I HAD REALISED THAT WE ARE NOT THE GOOD GUYS. I SAW VICTIMS OF AGENT ORANGE AND THEN AGENT PURPLE WHICH I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT THOSE CHEMICALS WEAPONS USED AGAINST VIETNAMESE AND UNTIL TODAY THE VICTIMS OF THOSE CHEMICALS ARE STILL FOUND EVERYWHERE IN VIETNAM. AGENT ORANGE SWITCHES THE CHROMOSOME AND YOU GIVE BIRTH TO A DOG LIKE HUMAN BEING A HUMAN WALKING LIKE A DOG? WE HAVE CORRECTED THE WRONG DONE TO ANY HUMAN BEINGS FROM BEFORE. IT TOOK ME 3 DAYS TO CALM DOWN I SAW TOO MUCH HORRORS DONE BY US AMERICANS

    hudson stanleyhudson stanley2 months ago
  • We can not fix yesterday. That has past. But we can try to fix ourselves today and move forward.

    Lisa HerreraLisa Herrera2 months ago
  • I also agree with Whoopi. Put an explanation note at the beginning of films that need it.

    WP Support ServicesWP Support Services2 months ago
  • If you do not like what Free people do, don't participate.

    Roy SmithRoy Smith2 months ago
  • Everyone has had things done to them and it is in movies

    Vicki KennedyVicki Kennedy2 months ago
  • What about Jewish people and the suffering they have gone through - they cant get rid of Nazi movies

    Vicki KennedyVicki Kennedy2 months ago
  • there are many white people who have also suffered in history - what about Irish people and the potato famine and other things that were deliberately done to the Irish people and the other people who have suffered things in history

    Vicki KennedyVicki Kennedy2 months ago
  • no one on this panel is in favor of censorship must be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard sunny day and that is pretty hard because every time she opens her mouth stupidity floods out. The only one on that panel who is not for censorship is Meghan McCain and even she wants things to be censored

    Austin GiguereAustin Giguere2 months ago
  • On COPS, if they just arrest innocent as well as guilty and mix it up all will be well.

    cheryl vegacheryl vega2 months ago
  • Muh racism

    Brandon WatersBrandon Waters2 months ago
  • Police arrest too many black people , it’s not police fault.

    RomanoRomano2 months ago
  • I'm looking for the original King Kong.

    killoreokilloreo2 months ago
  • Cancelling “Gone With The Wind” or “Roots” or “Driving Mrs. Daisy” or “The Help” or any other historical or period story/drama is not going to change what happened. That’s the equivalent of “white washing” history. There’s enough of that going on in k-12 history classes across the country. It’s better to educate ppl and acknowledge the fact that it is a period piece of entertainment set during a different time in history. Use it as an example of what things use to be like (or what was acceptable behavior), how far we’ve come, and how much more needs to be done.

    Tzan ParkerTzan Parker2 months ago
  • We need to tell the truth about this country not your his-story but true history. Stop telling lies. The truth is being revealed to the world. Those racist movies and cartoons lie about history. Tell the truth.

    Peggy WileyPeggy Wiley2 months ago
  • Get ride of cops it's wicked and evil.

    Peggy WileyPeggy Wiley2 months ago
  • the same should be done with "Song of the South"

    Mr. brownMr. brown2 months ago
  • Sunny is my favorite . She speaks nothing but the TRUTH‼️🗣

    Unapologetically BlackUnapologetically Black2 months ago
  • My two favorite characters are the ones played by Hattie McDaniel and Butterfly McQuuen. COPS have episodes that only whites get arrested, cops saving black children's lives who were hit by cars, cops playing basketball with the kids are some of the things shown on the show. COPs also explained the laws what people are breaking which we should used the show as educating.

    SpitfirethedragonSpitfirethedragon2 months ago
  • Tell that to Queen Latifah!

    sayra madridsayra madrid2 months ago
  • Also, it’s written from the point of view of a southern bell from a wealthy family that capitalized on slavery. It’s important to show different views of slavery and to be able to understand how people felt. If you don’t understand the lifestyle or motivations behind slavery or the culture of the antebellum south how are you supposed to have full context of the issue? You have to understand mindsets that are problematic in order to get to the root of the issue. To dismiss those who perpetuated slavery as simply evil racists who blindly hated black is an understatement that simplifies the time period. There were people that rationalized slavery through religious or scientific principles and felt as though it was for the greater good. We must discuss how religious/misguided scientific believes contribute to injustices and genocide. This is a common them throughout history that is not limited to America. Censoring or attempting to fix history is not the way to combat racism.

    Shani dayoShani dayo2 months ago
  • “Historical Context” you should be able to do that on your own! Obviously we are not living in pre civil war America! I feel that putting a disclaimer at the beginning of the film undermines the intelligence of the audience. People should be able to watch a film and take what they will from it. Besides the movie is already in a historical context, it’s set in the pre civil war south for crying out loud! Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 400 years no one thinks that the way of life depicted in the film is normal!

    Shani dayoShani dayo2 months ago
  • *cough cough SOCIALISM is where we are headed. When is the line going to get drawn. Soon people are going to want to remove and censor more and more content. Which already happens for the conservative folks more times that not. We are already oppressed to have free speech. So we are going to erase and delete everything that offends anyone now? Grow a backbone, move on. If you are whining about something from almost a 100 years ago clearly you have waaay to much time on your hands and need to be more productive and get a life.

    Maggie McCarronMaggie McCarron2 months ago
  • Best movie ever made. You can't change what was made.

    Sam KnightSam Knight2 months ago
  • There is nothing wrong with the movie!!! What’s being said is simple, the SJWS are going to take an all time classic movie about a way of life & make it be about mean people treating others badly!! Newsflash, not all in the south were as you SJWS have been brainwashed into thinking!! Believe it or not, many plantation owners had freed their slaves & were paying them for the work they did!!! Not all southerners owned slaves either!! Northerners did one slaves but you have been told differently!! Just like you will not believe that free black men volunteered, on their own, to fight for the confederates!!! I am so thankful to know history & to own a real copy of Gone With The Wind!!!

    Gary NewcombGary Newcomb2 months ago
  • It's fine the way it is. The script was written according to the times.

    BeccaCosmetics ChrissyTeigenBeccaCosmetics ChrissyTeigen2 months ago
  • Black lies matter

    Ken GrassaKen Grassa2 months ago
  • is Hogan Hero next

    Corey LevineCorey Levine2 months ago
  • Brains gone with the wind.

    jan barjan bar2 months ago
  • I have no problem with removing confederate monuments but this is basically book burning

    djpyscho 88djpyscho 882 months ago
    • Its true racism erasing history

      Jeff HagermanJeff Hagerman2 months ago
  • I think the BLM movement wants to hide black peoples success. Successful black people do not fit their agenda.

    Bamboozled Great Crowd!Bamboozled Great Crowd!2 months ago
  • Didn’t whoopi make her boyfriend Dan wear a black face?

    Leonard D.Leonard D.2 months ago
  • Movies are entertainment not history! Most programming is biased in one way or another!

    KalonjikalaKalonjikala2 months ago
  • People just need to be better to each other

    Patricia RitchiePatricia Ritchie2 months ago
  • Tired

    Patricia RitchiePatricia Ritchie2 months ago
  • Erasing history contradicts the entire "movement". People who are protesting/rioting point to the "racist history of america" as the reason for their anger. If we erased all American history that effectively erases the movement generations later. But it will not erase racism because racism is a natural instinct it doesn't have to be "set in stone" to exist in people. If we never knew about what Hitler did we would likely repeat the same mistakes that those voters did electing Hitler (we actually are repeating that by voting in the likes of AOC). "We are not makers of history. We are made by history" Martin Luther King Jr "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it" - Jorge de Santayana "The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future" Theodore Roosevelt

    Smith & WessonSmith & Wesson2 months ago
  • Oi you thickhead - the movie is about a love triangle! Why would you even bring up slavery!?

    duhawmaduhawma2 months ago
  • GWTW is not being pulled due to the black characters. dont be fooled. it is being pulled due to the scene where the democrats perpetrate a lynching. THAT Is the bit of history liberals want to hide

    john wallacejohn wallace2 months ago
  • A large portion of Americans have lost the plot - And it's because they really don't know or understand histort. All this nonsense of tearing down historical figures and removing certain films and TV shows because they are not politically correct. In the end, we will pay dearly for our stupidity.

    Timoth LucierTimoth Lucier2 months ago
  • I will.try to put my opinion into words, I dont think such a complex issue can be expressed in a USkeys comment tho! The danger with censoring books and movies is that the attitudes represented in them will be lost. Books like Gone With the Wind, Huckleberry Finn, To Kill.A Mockingbird ahow people how people treated people of colour in their eras. We must also be careful of anti-whitewashing history by showing people.of.colour being treated differently to the way they actually were contemperanously in the name of inclusion. E.G a person of colour in the civil war era becoming a success and nobody at least commenting on it. Remember even the Union practiced segregation. My point is racism was so prevalent, so ingrained in American (and other) society that it was just a fact that POC were at best as intelligent as a child. Change came when people.became educated on the facts, to deny the current generation the stages of this education is doing them a disservice.

    Paula ChristiePaula Christie2 months ago
  • Hatty McDaniel was brilliant and the realest character in that movie. Why would we want that stellar performance banned?

    MonsterHuntressRoonMonsterHuntressRoon2 months ago
    • Just to hurtful to others

      Jeff HagermanJeff Hagerman2 months ago
  • After Hitler everything relating to nazism in Germany and Europe was destroyed..... LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD still creates movies about Hitler and concentration camps we still in 2020 talk about it....concentration camps are still up and they're a tourist attractions....noone has destroyed them... ...

    HOT 2020HOT 20202 months ago
  • Well no more roots

    Peter GriffinPeter Griffin2 months ago
  • We can ban Roots. Not every white person treated black people that way. And guess what Sonny, Gone with the wind wasn’t about slavery! It was about a time in life . And in that time it’s depicting a love story. I’m disappointed with Megan for apologizing. She had nothing to do with this book.

    Jane VenableJane Venable2 months ago
  • Whoopi, Joy, and Meagan are smart and savvy commentators. Sunny is a total bore, and I would like to see her replaced with a more vibrant personality.

    Shari GartonShari Garton2 months ago
  • Just don't watch, you have a choice.....🙄

    Nadine DixonNadine Dixon2 months ago