NBA Playoffs 2019: Best Moments To Remember

Jun 13, 2019
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Best dunks, blocks, assists, steals and clutch moments from the 2019 NBA Playoffs.

Congrats to the Toronto Raptors
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Citizen Cope - Let The Drummer Kick It
Fort Minor - Remember The Name
C.I.U. - Put It On The Line
NBA - In The Zone
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Wings
B.o.B - Don't Let Me Fall

  • NBA Playoffs 2020: Best Moments To Remember

    Frankie GFrankie G16 days ago
    • what is the music called?

      NY - 07GC 754250 Erin Centre MSNY - 07GC 754250 Erin Centre MSDay ago

    denis costa denisdenis costa denis22 hours ago
  • OMG

    Glyndon WarrenGlyndon Warren4 days ago
  • ggggg

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    Nathanael BoehmeNathanael Boehme6 days ago
  • 1v1

    Sang DiengSang Dieng6 days ago
  • background sound gg

    SilexcerSilexcer12 days ago
    • thanks

      Frankie GFrankie G12 days ago
  • Can’t wait for the new one

    T_Squado3T_Squado314 days ago
    • it's up

      Frankie GFrankie G14 days ago
  • Why don't you call it /14:23/ 'Mcollumesk'.

    Sonny DaySonny Day16 days ago
  • Back when Danny green could make shots🤣

    Cook Time—Cook Time—16 days ago
  • 5:47

    Matthew SanchezMatthew Sanchez16 days ago
  • Fun fact: The first song of the background music is Freddie Freeman's walkup song

    GrantpaGrantpa17 days ago
    • that's cool. It will also be the first song in a video i will be publishing in a few days...

      Frankie GFrankie G17 days ago
  • 5:55 mcollum 3 pointer looks so short lol

    Le TLe T18 days ago
  • Wow

    Seven tiglao jmanSeven tiglao jman20 days ago
  • Now we can play together Donovan

    Zach ButhZach Buth24 days ago
  • Song? In the beginning of the video

    SpLaSh JujuSpLaSh Juju27 days ago
    • Frankie G thanks

      SpLaSh JujuSpLaSh Juju21 day ago
    • Citizen Cope - Let The Drummer Kick It

      Frankie GFrankie G27 days ago
  • Song?

    Mohamed hushamMohamed hushamMonth ago
    • check description

      Frankie GFrankie GMonth ago
  • Giannis was just bullying his old teammate Thon that entire series.

    Tim EvansTim EvansMonth ago
  • Giannis needs to develop some fade away post moves if he wants to win chips. The way he moves right now is not enough

    Kazuma SatouKazuma SatouMonth ago
  • This video was an hour long. Now it is 28 minutes

    Ondoy BisdakOndoy BisdakMonth ago
    • it was always 28 minutes

      Frankie GFrankie GMonth ago
  • 0:10 + what song/instrumental is that? found it, Let the Drummer Kick - Citizen Cope

    AbsInABoxAbsInABoxMonth ago
  • 3:44 look how hyped the ref on the bottom is😂😂

    THEKID6THEKID6Month ago
  • The playoffs highlights this year would be different and i cant imagine that

    Shaun Calvin TrinidadShaun Calvin TrinidadMonth ago
    • Don’t you worry,this year’s playoffs highlights will be amazing, just like always

      Frankie GFrankie GMonth ago
  • I realized that im old now bc i started watching vids of playoffs highlights every year since i was grade 8 and now im second year college.

    Shaun Calvin TrinidadShaun Calvin TrinidadMonth ago
  • 16:44 did kawhi jus break the double team and finish with a three?!

    Eternity TeeEternity TeeMonth ago
  • 4:45 Harden’s defense is pure aggravation

    KKarlKKarlMonth ago
  • Man I never seen a team with such luck every inch of the team has changed they played like we never used to watch (I mean the shots they make not the style or D) they did some magic or power or voodoo shit all the bounce shot or 2nd chance shot they got it all all the stars were align for them each series they play apart of Orlando we didn't expect them to win against 76ers they passed short by a lucky shot Bucks I don't know what happened they chocked you shouldn't lose 4 straight and blew a lead 2 times than Warriors man apart of injuries this series could go to a G7 and it would be 50-50 with Durant GSW win sometimes luck is part of the game and it sucks whatever you do it seems something want to take you down the dubs was winning until Klay hurts ppl don't want them to come back. Raptors enjoy your one time wonder champ season congrats

    Mister MagicMister MagicMonth ago
  • 0:37 Nuggets bench 😭😭

    Abdul RahmanAbdul RahmanMonth ago
  • Raps in 6 2020 👀

    JustinDJustinDMonth ago
  • Kemba>kyrie

  • as a warriors fan is so sad to watch the last minutes of this video

    1258 max1258 maxMonth ago
  • 17:30 When Meyers Leonard dunked on Draymond I remember cracking up when he pumped his chest 🤣

    DNicerazorzDNicerazorzMonth ago
  • Playoffs without LeBron is soooo boringggg

    Lee RoyLee RoyMonth ago
  • 27:21 See how Lowry goes from really happy to neutral real quick LOLOLOL

    NoobNoobMonth ago

    Ferita KeyyFerita KeyyMonth ago
  • 1:26 gannis travels 3/4th the court on 1 dribble😂

    Andrew BraultAndrew BraultMonth ago
  • Augustin, 3 to shoot, he'll take, you bare!! DJ Augustin!!! A cold blooded three

    John WinchesterJohn WinchesterMonth ago
  • I love how at 7:29 dame had a straight face the hole time 😂

    Eazymoney SavageEazymoney SavageMonth ago
  • Imagine Lowry made that shot tho

    Liam MannellLiam MannellMonth ago
  • Soy al único que le salio la rolita del khea? 😅😅😅😅

    Ivan MaravelIvan MaravelMonth ago
  • I want Lakers to win the championship in a 2020

    kuldip Bhattikuldip BhattiMonth ago
  • why tf would you dislike this

    Seal Team SixSeal Team Six2 months ago
    • if you are a troll

      Frankie GFrankie G2 months ago
  • I miss fans in the stands so much.

    InterstellisInterstellis2 months ago
    • they will be back soon

      Frankie GFrankie G2 months ago
  • Fucking refs literally watched it happen

    Calvin FordeCalvin Forde2 months ago
  • The fucking travel kawhi does still gets me to this day. Not only that he made some fucking bullshit🙄

    Calvin FordeCalvin Forde2 months ago
  • Can't we go back to this😢

    Steven HarrisSteven Harris2 months ago
    • someday

      Frankie GFrankie G2 months ago
  • This video is magic...... Great memories!!!!!!!!

    DERR97 NBADERR97 NBA2 months ago
  • Looking back at the highlights of the Raptors just goes to show what amazing teammates Lowry, Siakam, VanVleet, Ibaka & Gasol are. Such a selfless team mentality 100% of the time. If by some miracle Antetokounmpo signed in Toronto they'd be unstoppable for yeeears.

    genevieve mgenevieve m2 months ago
  • 19:14 was crazy i will never forget that

    Zai MonZai Mon2 months ago
  • The good old days

    sad tolsad tol2 months ago
    • any time before march was the good old days

      Frankie GFrankie G2 months ago
  • Second best year after 2016 playoffs in 10’

    Karakan PLKarakan PL2 months ago
  • the face of lillard when he drops the 3 point winner ahahahaha Goat

    Walid GhWalid Gh2 months ago
  • What’s up with Ross and his buzzers

    Captianfoot 1287Captianfoot 12872 months ago

    ᴍɪᴅɴɪɢʜᴛツᴍɪᴅɴɪɢʜᴛツ2 months ago
  • 2:03 Draymond Green becomes a fan

    Cc ForeverCc Forever2 months ago
  • 16:26

    동탄1510번동탄1510번2 months ago
  • Me here in 2020 remembering wait it was like to have crowds 😢

    N BonaviaN Bonavia2 months ago
    • cant't wait to get them back

      Frankie GFrankie G2 months ago
  • "Taytum, three, GOOOOOOOD!!!"

    Dylan AlbuquerqueDylan Albuquerque2 months ago
  • Such a weird feeling to watch this video during the 2020 playoffs and actually find it strange that there are so many people in the arena.

    a. steva. stev2 months ago
    • maybe it’s just me but I’ve already gotten over the no fans. sports with no fans is better than no sports

      Frankie GFrankie G2 months ago
  • Anybody else noticed the conspicuous absence of KD highlights, dope compilation though

    Yeezy 254Yeezy 2542 months ago
    • @Frankie G No worries there's always other playoff runs

      Yeezy 254Yeezy 2542 months ago
    • thanks. I swear I'm not a hater. KD a legend, one of the best to ever do it. I'm rooting for him on the nets. There was so much I wanted to put in there that KD didn't make the cut. Looking back on it, I probably should have put one KD highlight in there. I almost put some shots in game 5 against toronto, but editing wise, It would be weird to show a few shots and next show him getting injured

      Frankie GFrankie G2 months ago
  • 3:47 even the ref is pumped

    Covert KumaarCovert Kumaar2 months ago
  • That Giannis dunk one step in the free throw line off of two strides was absolutely NASTY

    JohnawesomeJohnawesome2 months ago
  • 0:04 song?

    ChenChenChenChen2 months ago
    • Frankie G thank you😀

      ChenChenChenChen2 months ago
    • Citizen Cope - Let The Drummer Kick It

      Frankie GFrankie G2 months ago
  • 7:44

    Сахип НамазовСахип Намазов2 months ago
  • Oh he caught a body

    Corion Morbley-BrownCorion Morbley-Brown2 months ago
  • Encore félicitations aux Raptors, c'était des Playoffs de folie !!!

    Essengo MakassiEssengo Makassi2 months ago
  • I feel bad for Thon Maker

    Imran RediImran Redi2 months ago
  • it is that time of the year boys

    Lorenzo CBLorenzo CB2 months ago
    • video coming this october

      Frankie GFrankie G2 months ago
  • 116-99 Playoffs Game 3 LAL V GS

    Masato GamerMasato Gamer2 months ago
  • Hoops Playoffs LAL V GS Game 4 (August 21)

    Masato GamerMasato Gamer2 months ago
  • Who’s here getting hype for 2020 playoffs?

    Never Quit NateNever Quit Nate2 months ago
  • The music literally makes this video unwatchable. Wow

    Sandman12 Sandman12Sandman12 Sandman122 months ago
    • Sorry. People like it for some reason

      Frankie GFrankie G2 months ago
  • 9:02 didn't know Horford had those kinda hops

    Belarion A.D.Belarion A.D.2 months ago
  • This vid hit different in quarantine

    Yeoo YeooYeoo Yeoo2 months ago
  • Whats the first song

    Spencer UmbrellSpencer Umbrell2 months ago
    • Citizen Cope - Let The Drummer Kick It

      Frankie GFrankie G2 months ago
  • @19:21 A facial by Kawhi Leonard LMAOOO.

    MrBlvdmanMrBlvdman2 months ago
  • 2020 version gonna feel different without fans

    Ishan SharmaIshan Sharma2 months ago
    • no worries, we will find a way to make it great....

      Frankie GFrankie G2 months ago
  • woah.. theres alot kawhi traveling

    GilxSullingerGilxSullinger2 months ago
  • i wish you could've shown a bit more of the clippers comeback but its okay.

    QMLinkMQMLinkM2 months ago
    • if I could do it over again I think I would

      Frankie GFrankie G2 months ago
  • Raptors is lucky bastard Champion...

    Jayady RumenganJayady Rumengan2 months ago
  • Dame time

    Donald MooreDonald Moore2 months ago
  • すっげぇや

    カツ.カツ.2 months ago
  • [Basketball mixtape]

    HeroSOMA OfficialHeroSOMA Official2 months ago
  • kiwiz

    mixael santanamixael santana2 months ago
  • 0:37 RIP Millsap

    NintendoLegoNbaFanNintendoLegoNbaFan2 months ago
  • like this if you hate the raptors

    Keanan MageeKeanan Magee2 months ago
    • what the hell is wrong with the raptors?

      QMLinkMQMLinkM2 months ago
  • *golden state medical center*

    SickleFNSickleFN2 months ago
  • What a season that was.. Thank you my man for this amazing montage!

    hello jamhello jam2 months ago
    • @Frankie G Thank you! God bless you..

      hello jamhello jam2 months ago
    • thanks man. and get ready for the 2020 version coming in october

      Frankie GFrankie G2 months ago
  • Yo did anyone realize that the game seven winner between the Raptors and the 76ers the shop quiet shouldn’t of counted because Pascal Siakam moved on a pig on and down so it should in the 76ers ball and they probably would’ve made it and would be in the champion in the finals right now

    Logan FisherLogan Fisher3 months ago
  • Celtics are so fun to watch

    KH7KH73 months ago
  • as a warriors fan i cant even feel bad about the finals, they literally hit every tough shot and still pulled some shit out they ass to beat us, noting but respect

    Tye PhillipsTye Phillips3 months ago
    • I mean if game 7 Phili vs Toronto went to OT Phili would defintiley win it.

      SpongeBob SquarePantsSpongeBob SquarePants2 months ago
    • Lil Waiter they do, no question if everyone is healthy

      Tye PhillipsTye Phillips3 months ago
    • I believe Warriors win if Klay were healthy

      Lil WaiterLil Waiter3 months ago
  • Rest of the nba = avengers Warriors = thanos Raptors = Endgame

    Matthew CaoMatthew Cao3 months ago
  • Too many missed highlights from KD especially the series against LAC

    Jay Adriel TagbeJay Adriel Tagbe3 months ago
    • sorry. this was my first time doing this and i made some mistakes, especially not having kd. hope you still enjoyed it

      Frankie GFrankie G3 months ago
  • Who’s Watching This During Quarantine

    Abdirahman yusufAbdirahman yusuf3 months ago
  • Derrick White poster was unbelievable

    Timmy DTimmy D3 months ago
  • can we appreciate the warriors starters curry klay kd green cousins and iggy thats a powerhouse if only they didnt get injured

    Sebhu Buni1Sebhu Buni13 months ago
  • 9:04 good block

    박민성박민성3 months ago
  • Can't wait for the 2020 playoffs to start

    K ChuK Chu3 months ago
  • Raptors would have lost if KD was healthy and all the other warriors injuries no doubt, but they earned the chip this year

    Kenny The GoatKenny The Goat3 months ago
  • 4:44 lock down defense by Harden

    Jean SalomonJean Salomon3 months ago