How Insane is El Chapo's Prison Cell Security?

Jan 30, 2020
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El Chapo is one of the most notorious drug lords of Mexico, and has successfully made several daring prison escapes, but now he spends his time locked in solitary behind bars. But not just any bars. In today's video we're going to look at the extreme security measures taken to keep the drug kingpin locked up for life.
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  • Everyone worried about being banished to Brazil, meanwhile el chapo was avoiding being banished to the United States

    Charlie TerrellCharlie Terrell6 hours ago
  • El Chapo is in my state

    YvnginnGGYvnginnGG7 hours ago
  • the whitewashing in this video is off the charts

    AbiritzAbiritz16 hours ago
  • Can’t they just put him on the second floor?

    SimpleFishkeepingSimpleFishkeepingDay ago
  • Carbon copies society where stupids come out and play

    you will never winyou will never winDay ago
  • PETA, find the Pandemic Playlist. Thank you

    Rich AnotherRich Another2 days ago
  • Bribe or threaten a guard not to escape, but for information. Once he is picked to go out to the yard. The guard alerts the team, they fly a helicopter in, grab the man and lift off

    ZeroCoolZeroCool4 days ago
  • Wilson fisk is amirican king pin

    HazardHazard4 days ago
  • So, that mean El chapo will not escape again?

    Roman RightRoman Right4 days ago
  • I heard of this guy years ago when I was little on the news

    Gloria GuevaraGloria Guevara5 days ago
  • He's never escaping ADX. If he does he'll go down in history

    Rossi CourvosiRossi Courvosi5 days ago
  • Okay but can a nuke destroy it?

    Reaper KillerReaper Killer6 days ago
  • So was it all worth it in the end? The only thing for him to do now is to get right with Jesus Christ. he has all the time in the world..

    Nate JonesNate Jones6 days ago
  • There is like a billion series of el chapo in Netflix

    Gael HernandezGael Hernandez8 days ago
  • Alright yall it’s time for Michael scofield to take over

    MoneyCaptainMoneyCaptain8 days ago
  • Why didn’t they bring Epstein or Ghislaine over here? High risk

    Ibrahim AhmedIbrahim Ahmed8 days ago
  • ADX Florence= the end of the line!

    RR8 days ago
  • The FBI waching this seeing them talking about how he might escape =_=

    2 ideots with a phone2 ideots with a phone9 days ago
  • He got arrested on my brothers 7 birthday, lovely

    brawlers fr lifebrawlers fr life10 days ago
  • I feel like yall got the year he escaped wrong

    NATE DAWGNATE DAWG11 days ago
  • I hope and pray that he get out

    Clsmooth9901Clsmooth990111 days ago
  • Funfact: he is digging a tunnel right now

    Ajung JamirAjung Jamir12 days ago
    • *Ok.*

      Kirb08 MrłsKirb08 Mrłs21 hour ago
    • if its real then f*ck

      TheHispanicUsernameTheHispanicUsername22 hours ago
  • He actually has a team of theoretical and experimental physicists working on creating a wormhole.

    Johnny TuckerJohnny Tucker12 days ago
  • I'd never heard of Terry Nicols before this video. I was certain that Timothy McVeigh had acted alone. I was very wrong lol

    Johnny TuckerJohnny Tucker12 days ago
  • He's lucky, he should get the electric chair.

    Mike GreerMike Greer13 days ago
    • Then his cartel would’ve killed the cops who put him in it

      Nick PerezNick Perez11 days ago
  • What if he creates a new way to escape??? That would be actually traumatizing for me

    HELLOHELLO13 days ago
  • holydiver

    Carolyn RogersCarolyn Rogers14 days ago
  • That second escape might be the coolest thing anyone's ever done. Imagine riding out of prison on a motorcycle.

    VoracityVoracity15 days ago
  • Brouktawit deserved to be here

    dave Magnawdave Magnaw15 days ago
  • I thought he had died as well🤔

    Emilio TorresEmilio Torres15 days ago
  • He should get sent to marineford

    Monkey with sharinganMonkey with sharingan16 days ago
  • Wait! you rhyme a lot in some portions of the vid. Is that intentional? Eg '...Dug tunnels where drugs were ferried through, digging tunnels was a forte for el chapo and his crew'

    Jeff MusyokaJeff Musyoka16 days ago
  • Free chapo

    B AAAB AAA16 days ago
  • Yoshie Shiratori escaped 4 times. he escaped more

    fendix lfendix l16 days ago
  • He gonna escape soon Mark my words

    ssssSTopmotionssssSTopmotion17 days ago
  • This is all fake news. He didn't live luxuriously as portrayed in the video. The Director of the penitenciary was in fact an american person and was not on his payroll.

    Patrick LBPatrick LB17 days ago
  • I drove past ADX Florence once, crazy to know how close El Chapo was

    Matt SupertrampMatt Supertramp19 days ago
  • With the connections that El Chapo has it’s more a question of when he will escape again, not if

    Stone HarperStone Harper19 days ago
  • Shiratori: Hold my handciffs

    MikequfvMikequfv19 days ago
  • dvd

    Mike CultzMike Cultz20 days ago
  • The same way they were watching EPSTEIN?? 😂 FTOH

    Ace BoogieAce Boogie20 days ago
  • El chapo: Escapes 2 times Petey from dog man: AMETUER

    09Monkey Boi09Monkey Boi21 day ago
  • He "Better Call Saul"

    IKnowGunFuIKnowGunFu21 day ago
  • Finally someone who can pronounce Sinaloa correctly 😴

    Dariel UrbinaDariel Urbina21 day ago
  • His son's a drug lord too

    AstroWølfAstroWølf22 days ago
  • this video only helps el chapos payroll list

    Boris ReportsBoris Reports22 days ago
  • Make a vidoe on joseph Kony

    Detron Gaming XDDetron Gaming XD22 days ago
  • He had to have his eyes blindfolded at the prison dentist so he wouldn’t signal the cartel with his eyes

    NikoNiko23 days ago
  • Thanks for the tips now l can escape

    Stanley DouglasStanley Douglas23 days ago
  • Terrible representation

    MacAttackMacAttack23 days ago

    Clutch 14Clutch 1423 days ago
  • He should have gone out like Escobar did. Better to die in your own country, than rot in an American federal prison

    GateCrasherGateCrasher24 days ago
  • Came here right after watching Queen Of The South 🤣

    Ajani LeslieAjani Leslie25 days ago
  • No chance he ever gets out

    Patriots Nation 4 lifePatriots Nation 4 life25 days ago
  • Kingpin is real. So Spider-Man is real too

    M K Medamon IanoM K Medamon Iano26 days ago
  • He says that the guards have been vetted. Can someone explain what that means?

    Subhopriya DuttaSubhopriya Dutta26 days ago
  • The first bit was wrong because at the start he was at a super max and was in solatary confinement for like 3 months

    James OctonJames Octon28 days ago
  • I love how at the end he’s basically giving el chapo ideas on how to escape

    Sir Heinz VSir Heinz V29 days ago
  • Is el chapo dead

    Emely BarbatoEmely Barbato29 days ago
  • @tel #10

    Blake AdkinsBlake AdkinsMonth ago
  • Donald trump at the time elchapo was alive Trump: we gotta build amwall

    Live Lucky27Live Lucky27Month ago
  • He can still get out. He has billions

    Peter PanPeter PanMonth ago
  • Plot twist: the infographics show is arranging men to make him escape

    ShozzaammShozzaammMonth ago
  • But Jeffrey Epstein killed himself lol

    Sauce DRIIPPIINSauce DRIIPPIINMonth ago
  • Stop making references to Prison Break. I can't like them all

    Lorena EnacheLorena EnacheMonth ago
  • He was mario. Loves tunnels drugs and couldn't be held down

    Christopher BlanchardChristopher BlanchardMonth ago
  • i know how to free him

    Jayden HuangJayden HuangMonth ago
  • PPAP

    Amber JimenezAmber JimenezMonth ago
  • tácos

    ShadowthecatShadowthecatMonth ago
  • Funny how the Alcatraz escape was also on June 11. Coincidence I THINK NOT

    Air VentAir VentMonth ago
    • Air Vent I agree

      Christian Robles-FernandezChristian Robles-FernandezMonth ago
  • “Sinaloa Cartel has activated ghost organizations”

    Ron FoshRon FoshMonth ago
  • “A player is off the radar”

    Ron FoshRon FoshMonth ago
  • Why not tunnel again?

    Indy125Indy125Month ago
  • He will escape again

    Shanice SullivanShanice SullivanMonth ago
  • It looks like his mom didnt use the Chancla on him LOL

    Random ContentRandom ContentMonth ago

    Wayne EddyWayne EddyMonth ago
  • Yoshie Shiratori is something else, if you know you know 😈

    Mr WigglesMr WigglesMonth ago
  • You could say he’s the most dangerous person in the world

    Bowgamer 100Bowgamer 100Month ago
  • Yoshie Shiratori escaped 4 times.. in japan.. even in cold conditions..

    CHEN YINGXU StudentCHEN YINGXU StudentMonth ago
  • ADX Administrators: Nobody can break out of this prison. Silvester Stallone: Here is my Escape Plan.

    Ethan WeeterEthan WeeterMonth ago
  • i hope EL CHAPO escapes

    Christian AvalosChristian AvalosMonth ago
  • is there a little kids show on the tv there better be

    Tianze LiuTianze LiuMonth ago
  • E

    James HendricksonJames HendricksonMonth ago
  • Ooooof!

    Oldschool gamer and LoverOldschool gamer and LoverMonth ago
  • El chaop

    Alexis MonroyAlexis MonroyMonth ago
  • Wow

    LongTuberLongTuberMonth ago
  • Ok make senses

    GP33VLOGSGP33VLOGSMonth ago
  • Like EL CHAPO YOSHIE SHIROTORI did the same

    Kaushal ShuklaKaushal ShuklaMonth ago
  • Easy, just make his cell out of bedrock.

    Nathan TNathan TMonth ago
  • So were talking about how notorious Chapo is while Mayo, the more dangerous one, sits around like a dank meme?

    Mr. MangaMr. MangaMonth ago
  • i dont think you need 30 years when ur already sentenced to life.

    The Goose GenreThe Goose GenreMonth ago
  • Well now there’s a wild fire at Colorado .

    1k subs for no reason?1k subs for no reason?Month ago
  • September 20th, 2019: Area 51 raid September 20th, 2020: Bust out El Chapo

    The Real YVNG JKThe Real YVNG JKMonth ago
  • He can get someone to shoot the guards down

    aubrey chanaubrey chanMonth ago
  • Don't worry, he sold definitely not drugs.

    toasttoastMonth ago
  • Free El Chapo

    i guessi guessMonth ago
  • This was on my recomendation after watching Moe Sargi..

    Mr. BushMr. BushMonth ago
  • They arrest ELL chapo and what did it change??? Nothing he left behind a vacuum and new generation are popping up... a new el chapo or a new tony montana a new Pablo Escobar will raise to power nothing changes for as long as there is demand there will be supply...

    InstegramSHQIPInstegramSHQIPMonth ago
  • Free el chapo

    Palushi 007Palushi 007Month ago
  • Is the plumbing all isolated? Can they send messages through the toilet?

    steve jonessteve jonesMonth ago