Trevor Noah - Most Viewed Videos of 2019

Aug 11, 2019
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    Trevor NoahTrevor Noah9 months ago
    • Watched one clip and now found myself obsessed with Trevor Noah. I'm a Filipino Social Studies teacher based in Thailand at the moment, and found several videos of you that are of great help to me (Sociology and History specifically). Love and thank you 🥰🥰🥰

      Oddre BaiwesOddre Baiwes3 days ago
    • Love you Trevor xxxx

      Sandra SwannellSandra Swannell3 days ago
    • Could watch you all night. You’re the best. You probably won’t even read this but it doesn’t matter. I wish you’d come to Aussie and have an early show for us old farts xxxx

      Sandra SwannellSandra Swannell3 days ago
    • It’s funny how when you WENT to USA, you were trying to learn the African American accent, and now going back you’re trying to learn BACK the South African accent! Hahah both times didn’t turn out well for you lmao!

      Jason WrightJason Wright6 days ago
    • FC Barca free

      Luz Lopez-RosasLuz Lopez-Rosas7 days ago
  • He spoke Chinese better than Russell Peters. Great show.

    Peter LuoPeter LuoHour ago
  • Just another Trump hater he's smarter than you

    Christian SharpChristian SharpHour ago
  • Trevor is smartfunny

    Fortuna FridmanFortuna Fridman2 hours ago
  • That was like soul therapy on a sunday afternoon, Thank you for putting together this treasure chest of laughs!

    FjarilGoddessFjarilGoddess10 hours ago
  • Thanks for helping out here in good old South Africa seems like staying at home is way more chilled then our current 59 day SOFT LOCK DOWN

    Chantal LesterChantal Lester20 hours ago
  • Trevor, you made me burn my food, I was cooking and I am addicted to your show,, f c o l. I love you thou.l m a o

    Diane de jonghDiane de jongh20 hours ago
  • his ebola jokes surely did NOT age well.

    M.A. RestyawanM.A. Restyawan23 hours ago
  • impressions are on point :D

    Diana SasaharaDiana SasaharaDay ago
  • He has a sexy pilot voice 😁

    iseeflowersiseeflowersDay ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="992">16:32</a> The woman in yellow seems to be apparently planning how to assassinate Trevor >.

    Post-RockPost-Rock2 days ago
  • one and a half hour of good shit

    SamurayGiattoSamurayGiatto2 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2400">40:00</a> The Ebola part Isn't it funny how Covid-19 is the symptoms as Ebola? High temperature and cough etc...

    yawe Cecileyawe Cecile3 days ago

    Rosie StrickerRosie Stricker3 days ago
  • There were 3 notorious American Criminals were finally caught after been on the run for decades. So President DJ Trump needed Vladimir Putin's help to lock them up in Russia. Please ,,,punish them in Russia" said Trump. Vladimir Putin takes the 3 criminals to Russia. Before locking them up, he gives them 5 seconds each for them to tell him what they want to do n enjoy in the prison for the rest of their time because they are going for life in a Russian underground maximum security prison. -First criminal requested: Mr President, I love alcohol. Please give me enough alcohol. So Vladimir Putin ordered all the alcoholic drinks from the most expensive down to a $10 goon bag. - Second Criminal requested: Mr President, I love women. So Vladimir Putin ordered every woman all over the world. Russian, Asian, Indian, Canadian, Brazilian, African American, White American, Australian, pacific islander, etc any country Vladimir Putin can remember on the world map. Vladimir collected every race all over the world. - The last criminal requested : Mr President, I love smoking. Please I would love to enjoy smokes. So again, Vladimir Putin ordered all the smokes. Every smoke you can ever think of from rollies, Winfield, white ox etc to bags of weed. Finally their time was up for the release after decades in Russia's underground maximum security prison... -When they opened the first gate, bang! The first prisoner smashed his last empty bottle and marched out with a beer belly hanging infront yelling, " Freedom At Last" Freedom At Last"..........." - The guards opened the second gate, there was a war cry. It's a one man built family tribe marching out screaming, " Freedom at last, Freedom at last......" - When guards finally opened the last gate, there was no noise. It was very quiet and every smoke was still stacked up. The guards were concerned and called Vladimir Putin to check up on him. Mr Putin asked, why you haven't smoked the cigarettes and the bags of weed I gave for you to smoke? He slowly replied, " you gave me smokes, time and everything but you forgot to give me the Gas Lighter".

    Lamma BrossLamma Bross3 days ago
  • I love Trevor ❤️ Noah!!

    BabiidollBabiidoll3 days ago
  • Ahh Mara you are the one who mentioned free things mos 🤷‍♂️. Super funny. Really enjoyed it. Honestly wanted to see the “you do not talk to me like that. Not even my father talks to me like that... I’d rather die...” bit.

    Siphesihle KuneneSiphesihle Kunene3 days ago
  • This guy is the best 😂😂😂😂 The trump n Melania' s impersonation is everryything 🤣🤣🤣

    yawe Cecileyawe Cecile3 days ago
  • Everyday watching a bit of stand-up. Always need a dose of laugh to start your day 💪💪💪

    Motivation on CommandMotivation on Command3 days ago
  • Funnier than anyone I’ve seen in a long time.

    D. MillsD. Mills3 days ago
  • Face all cramped... Crying from laughter, suffering stops when you live in the present. Joy is the man's purpose, ... I am here living to feel it. Blessed to attain this. And grateful for 'the' sense of humor. 🙃😂🤣😭😁 Thankful for Trevor Noah. 👏

  • I very like your style, it doesn't matter with the political point, you look like young Obama ,handsome.

    jessie zhaojessie zhao4 days ago
  • As a president, only focus on his politics?Doesn't he need to care about the people?Is the lives of the people just nothing for trump except a number ?

    jessie zhaojessie zhao4 days ago
  • I am really really sad for the situation of American , why do you permit your president to act rashly?I don't want to see anyone die

    jessie zhaojessie zhao4 days ago
  • Trevor, you have made this strange time that we are all going through much easier. Every time I watch this my face hurts with laughter😂😂😂😊✌🏿

    Lara OriokeLara Orioke4 days ago
  • Donald Trump is beyond stupidly 🆘️DUMB DOTARRD ⚠️⚠️

    LegalShield BarbaraLegalShield Barbara5 days ago
  • Where can i get a jacket this Fly ... seriously drop a link if you know. :)

    John DelaneyJohn Delaney5 days ago
  • OMG 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣this is too much 🤣🤣guy is really funny

    Treasure TreasureTreasure Treasure5 days ago
  • Who's watching during quarintine

    Bongmusa perfectBongmusa perfect5 days ago
  • Trump was voters choice, he is going to get all these CLOWNS a job, lol, lol, lol.

    Jose MartinezJose Martinez5 days ago
  • stepbystependdamagelandviruscorona

    ahmed habelahmed habel5 days ago
  • marasonanoroccorona

    ahmed habelahmed habel5 days ago
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    ahmed habelahmed habel5 days ago
  • My attractiveness eliminates the Corona virus جاذبيتى تقضى على فيروس كورونا Mi atractivo elimina el virus Corona. Mon attractivité élimine le virus Corona hahahaaaaaa my gravity

    ahmed habelahmed habel5 days ago
  • These comedians and talk show hosts should thank Trump. They have made tons of money talking about him. I wonder if they think of Trump all the time and i mean ALL THE TIME? 🤔

    Mami FanaiMami Fanai5 days ago
  • "Sir, have you been in contact with Ebola?" Me: Yes. And next stop, Coronavirus.

    devipriya sdevipriya s6 days ago
  • Enjoy the one hour, 23 minutes and 14 seconds of this vid, not a minute wasted eyyyy. I was laughing until i cried on the women turn to selfie monster and red carpet part rofl. Thanks for this compilation...

    smada dlogsmada dlog6 days ago
  • Yo, how come u never made a tour in Egypt

    Arno DorianArno Dorian6 days ago
  • Unable to register.

    Alaoka RoseAlaoka Rose7 days ago
  • Love you,, Trevor. God bless!

    Dawn DayesDawn Dayes7 days ago
  • He just roasted the donald duck

    sreejith Rsreejith R7 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1224">20:24</a> the fact that he memorized how to say “thank you” in mandarin xD

    Awesome RaraAwesome Rara7 days ago
  • I love his button nose

    Jocelyn HernandezJocelyn Hernandez8 days ago
  • thanks, cured my insomnia, slept really well after this

    Sarah MatthewsSarah Matthews8 days ago
  • Nice one. This guy is great all times

    Benson CheruiyotBenson Cheruiyot9 days ago
  • Haha That gay Part was Great

    MarvMarv9 days ago
  • Haha I miss SA

    MarvMarv9 days ago
  • Who else is watching doing quarantine? No just me? Okay

    Big Glock HorizontalBig Glock Horizontal10 days ago
  • Lekka👍

    Eddie SlavenEddie Slaven10 days ago
  • The starwars gave me a heart attack haha😂

    {Kei TH}{Kei TH}10 days ago
  • how fuckin tedious.

    Midnight RamblerMidnight Rambler11 days ago
  • Trevor you make my day awesome

    cebekhulu thokozanicebekhulu thokozani11 days ago
  • This guy is amazing full stop

    Zahid AsgharZahid Asghar11 days ago
  • I coughed once, and the plane shook! 🤣😂 lol

    Butterfly KissesButterfly Kisses11 days ago
  • I have never once laughed at this beta male accept when i make fun of Trevor. then I actually laugh. This knucklehead is a joke.

    Andrew BushrowAndrew Bushrow12 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2520">42:00</a> "tHE mOsT deathly dIsEaSe On ThE pLaNeT" oh Trevor...

    Mia BonomiMia Bonomi12 days ago
  • Kim in not crazy, if he was the peoples supreme counsel and the president would have kicked him out already.

    CrosshairCrosshair12 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂 he got blessed

    GZz37GZz3712 days ago
  • this video is so funny!

    Nysa DhunganaNysa Dhungana12 days ago
  • They were shining,not from excitement.....Vaseline😂😂😂

    purity njokipurity njoki12 days ago
  • I love him

    Sharon BallingerSharon Ballinger12 days ago
  • I fucking love this mouse LMAO!

    CombatInsomniacCombatInsomniac13 days ago
  • Cute guy! Really handsome, witty, intelligent, and talented.

    Gypsy LakeGypsy Lake13 days ago
  • Wooow great imressions

    DELIDELI13 days ago
  • A bit of everything for everyone, LOVE his comedy, hate his politics

    Darth ImperiusDarth Imperius13 days ago
    • @Darth Imperius I am personally not bothered by the politics .... Anyway, I really respect the fact that you might not like his political stands but you don't let that stop from appreciating his work.

      Eliab Tokelo D MalefahloEliab Tokelo D Malefahlo8 days ago
    • @Eliab Tokelo D Malefahlo yeah some of his comedy is super funny I just stop laughing when it goes from comedy to PSA i remember one video where he talked about trump non stopped. Another one where I did enjoy when he mentions Kim calls Trump a mad man then makes jokes about it. Because it tied in I ignored the politics of the second one and had a good laugh

      Darth ImperiusDarth Imperius9 days ago
    • I am glad you are differentiating the two... I have noticed that most people that hate him generally hate his political views and they end up hating everything he touches.

      Eliab Tokelo D MalefahloEliab Tokelo D Malefahlo9 days ago
  • His Trump is awesome! Perfect impression.

    DA Champs of Mile HighDA Champs of Mile High13 days ago
  • I watched this video during the crazy Corona period... it brings me so much pleasure... Thank you, Trevor....

    Kev SKev S13 days ago
  • Trump impression is uncanny lol

    Andrea Peter FlyAndrea Peter Fly14 days ago
  • Dunghole t rump self admitted sex offender, known oxygen thieving evidence denier. Composting will make the worthless vermin's nutrients useful

    Evolution is evident extinction is inevitableEvolution is evident extinction is inevitable14 days ago
  • This guy is hilarious, the best comedian of our times😊🙃😉

    Sohail TiwanaSohail Tiwana14 days ago
  • Trevor you funny guy! 😂😂😂😂

    Joanna Kriza RamosJoanna Kriza Ramos14 days ago
  • Look

    devanshdevansh14 days ago
  • Time u earned that 20 million $ home trev interview mikovits jon wedger shaun attwood

    aine naine n15 days ago
  • Trevor you are the best The French guy in a South African restaurant ordering BOERWORS

    Christopher MasialaChristopher Masiala15 days ago
  • Man these accents spot on plus exactly the same movements as Donald the Trumpet...

    Nickisha McFarlaneNickisha McFarlane16 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1766">29:26</a> what the fuck is wrong with that annoying man.... I know it's a stand up comedy....but her laugh is there through out the show...I wonder how Trevor managed to focus... I would have threw my shoe at her... For heavens sake...

    Gautham_Hector13Gautham_Hector1316 days ago
  • I’m 80, I’ll and depressed. Trevor is the only thing keeping me alive. My love goes out to him and the hell he must have to go through to keep us going. Be well Trevor. Corpus Christi, Tx 78404. 1613 18 th st

    Sally SpanbergSally Spanberg16 days ago
    • Sally Spanberg wtf is wrong with you 🤦‍♀️

      Apple FarmApple Farm13 days ago
  • Covid-19’s a lot more “terrifying” now.

    Atom GamingAtom Gaming16 days ago
  • Can we have a social distance relationship? I’ve been asking for years now 😉 haha or the ignoring is the distance? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Tasha JacksonTasha Jackson16 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1076">17:56</a> that man was not having it.

    SA MappingSA Mapping16 days ago