Trevor Noah - Most Viewed Videos of 2019

Aug 11, 2019
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    Trevor NoahTrevor NoahYear ago
    • @Grace Martin b b bbb

      Aaron SchromAaron Schrom5 days ago
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      Aaron SchromAaron Schrom5 days ago
    • c çb bcxcccccfccccc4cf@M N

      Aaron SchromAaron Schrom5 days ago
    • @FC Barca d

      Robbie SimpsonRobbie Simpson7 days ago
    • This gentleman is the man of the millennium, his name is TREVAAAA.... 😂 SALUTE, TREVOR NOAH!

      Keliling ManaKeliling Mana9 days ago
  • I can only get two words out of that Chinese airport announcement #1 cheng du (city’s name)#2 xie xie ni ( thank you) 😄

    Xinxing SunXinxing Sun2 hours ago
  • anuel aa

    Errol JuanErrol Juan3 hours ago
  • If you give Rump credit he'll file bankruptcy on you.

    Joyce AchiriJoyce Achiri6 hours ago
  • lmao he's chinese sounds better than mine

    lol idklol idk6 hours ago
  • I love your presentation. I always look forward to watch your videos whenever I have my free time.. keep it up

    Christina TownsendChristina Townsend6 hours ago
  • Trevor Noah is the brainwashed. If Trump2020 loses this election Trevor Noah would be out of a job.

    Chris BrownChris Brown16 hours ago
  • I was going to America from Gambia in 2016 and they still used the pesticides

    Aliyah BahAliyah Bah21 hour ago
  • Your so funny brother

    Nesabor AliNesabor AliDay ago
  • Very intelligent jokes i very much enjoy,

    fozlooove lozfozlooove lozDay ago
  • people werent enjoying the Trump part I can feel.

    haoran songhaoran song2 days ago
  • Your amazing Ive got covid. >cant stop laughing. Your brilliant ❤️

    Theresa HeywoodTheresa Heywood2 days ago
  • Trevor Noah is a jem

    Bonga KhumaloBonga Khumalo2 days ago
  • Am from Kenya, but even our own Churchill can't beat this guy. ♥you Trevor!

    carlla carllacarlla carlla2 days ago
  • "she didnt think of... bullets" lmaoooo

    ure sick in da headure sick in da head2 days ago
  • love this! he his awesome

    nbattle1999nbattle19992 days ago
  • Auto play turned this video on and I slipped getting out of the shower to turn it off bc if I had to listen to this unfunny douchewaffle for 2 more seconds I would've tried to cut my corotid artery with my gfs Venus razor

    KevinWood44KevinWood443 days ago
  • How is this guy on TV? Not funny in the least and on comedy central just wow remember when comedy central had comedy and not propaganda just another puppet for idiots

    Rollin RedRollin Red3 days ago
  • Hehe, got in a flying issue once. It was a 18 seater without pressurized cabin. An old spanish CASA. An african internal flight. The plane was close to the target airport and out of fuel already due to headwind and could not change to another airport. Over the airport was a thunderstorm. It became dark, sand rushing over the wings and cabin, then hail, then rain. It was dripping on my head. Flying like roller coaster, one was not belted and started flying a foot up from his seat. We finally landed, i thought "is that often like this with these flights?", i looked at the pilots. Sweat on their faces, white as a wall - ok. Lucky me.

    Michael WeskampMichael Weskamp3 days ago
  • Another dumb comedian who thinks their an expert on Politics and people they know nothing any value or importance about..TRUMP 2020

    Fred CostaFred Costa3 days ago
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  • Well, This Is The Most Popular Video Of Him With Over 10Million Views!

    Harine RamasamyHarine Ramasamy3 days ago
  • this guy is so sad, he talks about other people's relationship, he a Jessi Smollett wanna be.

    Julian DesmondJulian Desmond4 days ago
  • The doctors and nurses are really good looking in UK!!

    Anna MouseAnna Mouse4 days ago

    Dee LuCeDee LuCe5 days ago
  • @Trevornoah

    It's Me Nordia!It's Me Nordia!5 days ago
  • Zuma must go,! Zuma must go, Zuma must go oo🤣🤣🤣🤣 , so hilarious. Thank you Trevor, am your number one fan ever, Esther from Namibia.. 🙏🙏❤

    Trinity KamberipaTrinity Kamberipa5 days ago
  • Thank you Mister Trevor. Lmao

    Sonja StarksSonja Starks5 days ago
  • This guys is trash and a thief. He is not even funny and a puppet for the Democrats and he isn’t even American. Grow up Trevor and learn from real kings of comedy like Bernie Mac, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, Fluffy and Jim Carey.

    Random MomentsRandom Moments6 days ago
  • Too bad he's not funny.

    Bucky BrownBucky Brown6 days ago
    • Because you are American...

      NominalNominal6 days ago
  • Its disturbing that 6 year old black kids have the words "white supremacist" in their vocabulary. And yet have never encountered one.

    Mr VMr V6 days ago
  • I really thought we were going to war with korea and something like some ww3 sh** was going down!! KNOW TELL ME.. PLEASE TELL MEE THAT I'M THE ONLY ONE!! TELL ME!!

    K. T.K. T.6 days ago
  • Yuk

    Anti-theistAnti-theist7 days ago
  • The airplane scene will definitely replay after COVID-19

    Siddharth MishraSiddharth Mishra7 days ago
  • Fun fact: The compilation of most viewed videos of Trevor Noah, is actually his most viewed video

    Khalil MehriziKhalil Mehrizi7 days ago
  • 51:47

    David H.David H.7 days ago
  • I've watched this a million times in USkeys and Netflix. Yet, somehow, I'm just now getting the St Peter joke. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣🤣

    MissLady8806MissLady88068 days ago
  • Here we see another "person" speaking of Trump that must not know the Democrats ask Mr. Trump to run as their presidential candidate in 1988. He turned them down and the democrats lost.... you can Google it....beware you will find Trump is much brighter than you think....

    Steve MazzSteve Mazz8 days ago
  • If you hate the US & Trump so much, why not go back to South Africa??? Oh no of course you won't, you're too busy enjoying the American Dream...remember the American people don't like foreigners who take advantage of them & then make fun of them...

    Clan Duncan Ice CreamClan Duncan Ice Cream8 days ago
  • Whining and crying about Trump all the time, you must have a serious crush on him.

    porn theater mop bucketporn theater mop bucket8 days ago
    • Oh you are a trump supporter. I see.

      NominalNominal6 days ago
  • Trump build the wall to stop drugs and human trafficking

    lisette wolterslisette wolters8 days ago
  • little did Trevor know, Trump actually made peace with Korea...Obama started 7 wars, Trump 0.0...just saying...

    lisette wolterslisette wolters8 days ago
  • orange man bad jokes are so outdated and stale...

    Arkady ItkinArkady Itkin8 days ago
  • 2:07 bruh how you gonna let me focus on your jokes when you smile like that

    Sonelah SarmientoSonelah Sarmiento8 days ago
  • #warrio

    bexbex8 days ago
  • Damn..... don't know how many times I've been here... but you make me laugh like crazy every time.... :D Trevor :)

    ThaDoeMaHar_GamingThaDoeMaHar_Gaming8 days ago
  • What's wrong with the tief's accent?

    Brent PetersBrent Peters9 days ago
  • This gentleman is the man of the millennium, his name is TREVAAAA.... 😂 SALUTE, TREVOR NOAH!

    Keliling ManaKeliling Mana9 days ago
  • What ever you do in life, do not become public idiot No.1. And let Trevor, know about you... You roast toast. Definitely no shortage of excellent material to choose from in SA... Spoilt for choice.

    Marcus KellyMarcus Kelly9 days ago
  • blm blocking the ambulance rushing the LA deputies to save their lives from entering the emergency room is domestic terrorism. Chanting 'we hope they die'. Unacceptable. It demonstrates what they really are. blm is about socialist anarchist change to our society through violence. The mask is removed. We all knew it. Now it's confirmed. It's about violence to gain political power not social justice. It always has been. Condemn them!

    cgctorragcgctorrag9 days ago
  • Laughter’s best medicine! 😂😅🤣👍😃

    Lu GoLu Go9 days ago
  • IMHO All the best comedians are extremely intelligent. Richard Pryor, Dave Chapple, Chris Rock, and plenty white boys I just can't remember their names and I'm not trolling.

    MaterialmomnyMaterialmomny10 days ago
  • But Trevor u did the same thing in South Africa when it first surfaced !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yekolo TemariYekolo Temari10 days ago
  • just now, you just became my favorite standup comic. you were already my fave daily show host

    James StangeJames Stange10 days ago
  • We cry in bulk 😂

    Makeout JitMakeout Jit10 days ago
  • I would vote Trevor every day for eight years. I’m just afraid he’d tell a joke that someone wouldn’t like. 😂 but he makes me laugh.

    John KinseyJohn Kinsey10 days ago
  • My feelings exactly. I am a proud South African living in America, and I thought you could never make me laugh, about things I already experienced. I am happy to say, you proved me wrong. I am dying laughing at all your well thought out jokes. Keep on keeping, brother.

    F KTF KT11 days ago
  • St. Peter saying "Just wait till you see Jesus." Trevor knows something many don't

    Radley GaksyRadley Gaksy11 days ago
  • ඔබ මාව විශ්වාස කරන්නේ නැද්දයල්සන් කීවේ ආපසු සිනාසෙමිනි

    Josephine GriffithJosephine Griffith11 days ago
  • 🤣😂🤣😂.. from the Playstation to ebook! Oh THANK YOU TREVOR!! YOU MADE MY ENTIRE DAY!!

    Nunya D***-BIZNunya D***-BIZ11 days ago
  • 😂😂😂

    Alexander McLaughlinAlexander McLaughlin11 days ago
  • Apparently this is the most viewed video,lol

    BellBell11 days ago
  • Aht, aht! THIS HIT 10 MILLION VIEWS! 🎊🎉 🙌🏾🙌🏾

    nessakayeablenessakayeable12 days ago
  • Trevor Noah is terrible

    Ameet SanderAmeet Sander12 days ago
    • @Ameet Sander Still. You wont understand any of these. These were for South Africans. Go look up Jacob Zuma counting and you will see why we laugh

      NominalNominal6 days ago
    • @Nominal he's trash bro. Just terrible.

      Ameet SanderAmeet Sander6 days ago
    • You are an American lmao

      NominalNominal6 days ago
  • Since recently listening to your book Trevor, I have wondered about the story behind your mother and grandmother's reaction when they found out it was you who crapped in the kitchen and threw it away. Considering their huge reaction to the actual event, I have wondered with some amusement, about how they reacted to the truth. How long afterwards was it?

    Blue JayBlue Jay12 days ago
  • Ré look this

    Dutch ParisienDutch Parisien12 days ago
  • This was funny as heck -thanks my brother....

    Irv SheffeyIrv Sheffey12 days ago
  • Trump 2020

    Bryant AdairBryant Adair12 days ago
  • 👍👏😂😂😂🤗🤗🤗

    haydeh abdolahianhaydeh abdolahian12 days ago
  • God he is so funny 🤣I can listen to him all day 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

    haydeh abdolahianhaydeh abdolahian12 days ago
  • Uh, Donald will tell us how perfect its going to be. The most perfect health care plan, ever. No one could have ever created a more perfect plan other than a perfect president like me.

    lestat301lestat30112 days ago
  • I bet trump supporters don’t ask or their kids ask their father or mom saying . Mom how come Melania says . Be best . But her husband trump is not acting BE BEST . Mom tell me why ?. She took it from First Lady Michelle Obama own words . Be better .

    Smile_uwokeup _2daySmile_uwokeup _2day12 days ago
  • Luke sheesh what ya want man . No loook man . That crack me ass up n him too Noah lost it start lol himself

    Smile_uwokeup _2daySmile_uwokeup _2day13 days ago
  • He called for Velasquez. The mode change n they bowed their heads as he walked pass. He try to tell him what happened he wave his hand to them stop . He wipe out his wand . Began to wane me . Mexican Jedi . Lol

    Smile_uwokeup _2daySmile_uwokeup _2day13 days ago
  • Loved everything but the Trump bashing, not cool

    Lesel FluteyLesel Flutey13 days ago
    • No fuck trump, he’s a racist disgusting stupid piece shit who’s completely unfit to be president

      Abdullah AlmomtanAbdullah Almomtan12 days ago
  • You hate him you can go back to South Africa!!!

    Brandon DowellBrandon Dowell13 days ago
    • Trump supporter lmao

      NominalNominal6 days ago
  • 41:56 This didn't age well did it?? People would do that smh...

    Safia SinglaSafia Singla13 days ago
  • I am watching this in Botswana,a country next to South Africa. I am African which continent are you from?

    Thabang KelebengThabang Kelebeng13 days ago
  • this video is arse you dumb as fuk lefty. lives in a dream world! worthless piece of shit

    Brizzle IncBrizzle Inc13 days ago
  • Oh Dear Trevor❣️❣️

    Anju MathewAnju Mathew14 days ago
  • Trevor! You've made tears in my eyes. Am so into you. You are so brilliant man! Please visit Indonesia some other day, you are in my menu list LOL *cameraclick*

    AniE AgustianieAniE Agustianie14 days ago
  • did i just watch a whole one hr...

    El KebabeEl Kebabe14 days ago
  • If I ever a chance to work for Trevor Noah, I wouldn't stop working forever XD XD XD

    Travis MenezesTravis Menezes15 days ago
  • 16:02: Michael Jackson at the bottom Mechanical statue at the top

    Helix FNHelix FN15 days ago
  • becuz we love free things on free things :D bless you

    RaqueebHadia da BlessedRaqueebHadia da Blessed15 days ago
  • My best one hour and a half this week. Thank you Trevor!

    Ilze DirnenaIlze Dirnena15 days ago
  • I just don't see it.

    Corey WilliamsCorey Williams15 days ago
  • If he was really that stupid he wouldn't be a billionaire President ❗

    Norman SwarnNorman Swarn15 days ago
    • HAHAHAH You are so dumb. Have you heard of Jacob Zuma? He is also a billionaire and he cant even Count to 10

      NominalNominal6 days ago
    • Well he pretty much lied his way into fame and lied about his net worth which helped him get even more opportunities to get rich, and used his (KKK member) daddy’s money, and he got president by feeding off the hate of equally stupid people Not to mention that he could’ve been richer if he didn’t run all those casinos to the ground

      Abdullah AlmomtanAbdullah Almomtan12 days ago
  • reson why they dont tell you because they are trained to focus on the problem contact contral twoer than once everything stable then they tell you but ussaly they dont

    ReapzifyReapzify16 days ago
  • love you Bro so hilarious 🤣

    Jossi TubeJossi Tube16 days ago
  • Watch out for the KKK they are ugly and mean

    Peggy TrawickPeggy Trawick16 days ago
  • Margaret and Mitch McConnell but

    Peggy TrawickPeggy Trawick16 days ago

    ryco leungryco leung16 days ago
  • So smart and so intelligent. Wow. You're the best there is. And I'm not forgetting the funniest!

  • Pakistan you like when you trut sapeek

    Mojahid HussanMojahid Hussan16 days ago
  • Funny AF, what can you expect, He did have the best coach, Fluffy!!

    Zero EonZero Eon17 days ago
  • I came here after watching Amy Schumer... I have been saved!

    Sriharsha YadaliSriharsha Yadali17 days ago
  • Trevor Noah!!!!!!!!!!!✅💯👍👍👍 No words🤣

    Marcia AndersonMarcia Anderson17 days ago
  • His Trump voice is the best impression of any comic today. He nails the back-of-the-throat gutteral aspect of Trump's bellicosity. Brilliant.

    Cathleen RoccoCathleen Rocco17 days ago
  • Only 10 million for the best, not good at all. Pathetic Trevor really sorry

    Dylan AppenfeldtDylan Appenfeldt17 days ago