Buying An $18,000 House: Inside America’s Cheap Old Houses

Sep 6, 2020
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So what's it really like inside a really cheap old house? This week I found out the truth behind the instagram handle @cheapoldhouses - and it's pretty cool.
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After buying a house over the last year, I have become obsessed with all things housing. To amazing modern builds, to alternative ways of living out of an airstream, this week I explored America's cheap old houses! Wheeling, West Virginia is a post industrial city that never fully revived itself after the great depression. As a result, there are tons of beautiful, but a bit run down buildings in this town- for super cheap! Wheeling is starting experience an up tick of newcomers that are fed up with big cities and high costs of living.

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  • Is this house in Fallout 76?

    Joel-PeterJoel-Peter55 minutes ago
  • Just hope that no californians move there. You will see crime and homelessness everywhere.

    Carolyn YoxallCarolyn YoxallHour ago
  • Please watch your music levels. Too loud at times.

    Joel-PeterJoel-PeterHour ago
  • $18K?? That house would cost 1.2 million as is in Massachusetts.

    Matt Beauchemin PhotographyMatt Beauchemin Photography2 hours ago
  • Here in Sicily you can buy houses by 1 euro. Only 1(one) euro. Cheapest houses in the world. Should give a look.

    Alisson LaresAlisson Lares6 hours ago

    DustinDustin7 hours ago
  • Betsy is a very sexy hot and moist. I want to explore her house. 😘

    makeshift1970makeshift19707 hours ago
  • I LOVE OLD HOUSES THAT IS ALL I BUY!! I personally would not buy this house in this condition. Old houses in fair to excellent condition that are structurally strong have more character than the new CHEAP boxes of shit built since the 1960's. This female is a *_VISIONARY._* I see what she sees in terms of exactly how she wants the renovation to be. *This Old House - **_Bob Vila, Norm Abrams, Roger Cook, Tom Trethway, Tommy Silva, The new bald guy and useless Kevin_* come to this girls rescue or at least oversee/guide her project. (I know those guys are aging)

    MemoGrafixMemoGrafix7 hours ago

    Mia HansenMia Hansen8 hours ago
  • I absolutely Love victorian homes. I'd love to one day own one and restore. I wouldn't like to modernize it.

    The DenisseThe Denisse9 hours ago
  • Wow what a beautiful house this must have been. I believe she will renovate it very well, because I see how she appreciates the historal spaces as this is. Would love to see it when it's finished.

    Jerneja VJerneja V10 hours ago
  • I live in Hong Kong and my house is 1M but smaller than your house

    S McGillS McGill16 hours ago
  • I bet Monica's a pistol in the sack;)

    Rafael ReyesRafael Reyes17 hours ago
  • Wich had one here down under people buy one pay cheap No basement 12 or 15sq $560,000+30 years payment+ finance+ city council rates+ insurance more than 1 milion

    Rui CarsonRui Carson20 hours ago
  • Whoa, wait. Jobs didn’t immediately move overseas after the Great Depression! The United States maintained World War II production levels for the next four decades, tapering off after trade deals - the biggest of which included China. The economic downturn of Wheeling, WV really is related large part into changes in industry and, more importantly, as the riverways were used less and less for commerce due to various government regulations as well as changes of demands in industry. America is large enough that once a town no longer suits the needs of business, people can leave it behind like a trash pile. The cost of restoring old buildings to their former glory can be astronomical, and updating their electrical system, heating and cooling, insulation, windows, and roof can also be prohibitive. Large Victorians were built in an era where domestic servants were considered a must and the help was both plentiful and cheap. Nowadays, the cost of updating and maintaining such places still turns a lot of people away. A lot of those houses end up carved into cheap apartments.

    April CookApril Cook22 hours ago
  • What's important to note is $18,000 is not her total cost, it's her purchase cost. Please keep this in mind when you buy anything major! Whether or not it's a new car, house, or take on a student loan.

    DataReelDataReel23 hours ago
  • I mean, it's basically the ghetto

    TojoTojoDay ago
  • She’s the wife up the movie up. But in real life. That’s if you watched the movie UP

    Kevin GonzalezKevin GonzalezDay ago
  • Love it!

    M F QM F QDay ago
  • just randomly saw this video/channel then i subscribe right away😊

    I Am MarletI Am MarletDay ago
  • Great video! Wheeling is such a beautiful and underrated city! I grew up nearby, and it amazes me how beautiful the architecture is in Wheeling! I'm happy to see people restoring the homes there - There's a surprising amount of young people moving in and fixing the city up, and that's so great to see! With all the growth in Downtown, the cute market area, etc, it could be a really cool and hip city, sort of like a smaller version of Charlottesville or Asheville. It's so close to Pittsburgh too which is another selling point.

    Zach PerkinsZach PerkinsDay ago
  • I wanna see the house when it’s done omg 😱

    RynShay ReactionsRynShay ReactionsDay ago
  • I used to live in Wheeling and just randomly clicking on this video and hearing about it brightened up my day. It was a wonderful place to live in and I really miss it.

    Christin BaileyChristin BaileyDay ago
  • She needs a you tube channel. I would so watch the renovation of that house

    Linda SLinda SDay ago
  • I don't want to appear a party pooper but --- but ----- I would have asked a paranormal team to have spent 24 hours in the house and run their tests. As I said, I don't wish to scare anyone, but that was my first impression. Hope the house is clear xxxx.

    LaHayeSaintLaHayeSaintDay ago
  • Please do an update !!!

    Alex MarquinaAlex MarquinaDay ago
  • Most contractors dont even want to deal with that renovation. Good luck to her.

    Yasmeen NasirYasmeen NasirDay ago
  • I'd love to see it when finished.

    Guy TriboGuy TriboDay ago
  • dont try to go to her website right now I think there's something wrong with it. i was redirected to some shady website

    SpicycorndogsSpicycorndogsDay ago
  • If I had the money I would totally do this!!!

    Lana GreyLana Grey2 days ago
  • Would love to see a follow up

    LacouxLacoux2 days ago
  • This is so good! Are there any UK based instagram accounts that have this ??

  • Wow

    Transylvania GirlTransylvania Girl2 days ago
  • 125k? What are you plating the house in gold? Do the work yourself and avoid paying people to do the work, No way in hell you would drop 125k on that house. I refinished 2k square feet for under 20k.

    Jonathan EllisJonathan Ellis2 days ago
  • 2:25 "It's such a rich architectural heritage..." Sees an adult video store...Nice.

    Flirppy BirdsFlirppy Birds2 days ago
  • Amazing, more of these structures need to be saved.

    A HummerichA Hummerich2 days ago
  • Would love to see an after on this, she has such spirit, sure it will work out, hope foundation is OK

    Dale ValDale Val2 days ago
  • Our house was $13,700.00 in 1986. With all of the renovations we now owe over 60,000.00; around $400.00 per month house payment. Where can you rent a house that cheap in a great neighborhood? Our house was not even that bad, the front basement was the worse part of the house; it had a Michigan wall peeing water everytime it rained.

    Lou58LouLou58Lou2 days ago
  • fake news, total cost is not cheap and way past the amount in title, which is just the deposit!👎

    Yantan TetheraYantan Tethera2 days ago
  • It's a gorgeous house and will look amazing when done but i think 125k is severely underestimating the cost of materials and labor (and time) that it will take

    DollyDolly2 days ago
  • When most of the houses are cheaper and bigger than your English no-too-old house

    LibbymissLibbymiss2 days ago
  • Can a Chinese immigrant find a job in this city? I do not speak perfect English but have a degree earned in America

    Santos CarlosSantos Carlos2 days ago
    • @juancarlos montes thanks for your honest answer

      Santos CarlosSantos Carlos2 days ago
    • I would think most people moving here would be people who work from home and know their job follows them anywhere.

      juancarlos montesjuancarlos montes2 days ago
  • Can it be a haunted house?

    Santos CarlosSantos Carlos2 days ago
  • This is such a good video! I would love to see more of these and maybe even some revisits!

    trinity storytrinity story2 days ago
  • If those houses are full of rats 🐀 you won't be the only one leaving there

    The hated OneThe hated One3 days ago
  • This reminds me of the movie The Money Pit, lol

    VOLTRONVOLTRON3 days ago
  • I wanna see it after it’s done so bad 😭

    Amisha RaiAmisha Rai3 days ago
  • $18000 is deceptive because she's invest $140k to renovate it.. so did she save any money REALLY? NO!

    djohnson6528djohnson65283 days ago
  • I love this soooo much thank you for sharing

    Wheresmy wooderWheresmy wooder3 days ago
  • I don't care how hot you are high waters are so stupid

    David ZDavid Z3 days ago
    • hahaha lol

      juancarlos montesjuancarlos montes2 days ago
  • Haha dude just in paint ur talkin 35gs +

    Heisenberg 2420Heisenberg 24203 days ago
  • A future with more Working from Home Jobs... enables SO MANY options for low cost living across America.

    BigCooter.comBigCooter.com3 days ago
  • Check for secret passages like in Scooby-Doo

    deancook_netdeancook_net3 days ago
  • 2:26 "Rich Architectural heritage" Finds an adult video store

    Karthik MishraKarthik Mishra3 days ago
    • hahahaha

      juancarlos montesjuancarlos montes2 days ago
  • This is sooo cool. It would be great if we get to see once all the restores are done...

    modologymodology3 days ago
  • im not sure if anyones familiar, but the boom of these towns followed by the former shell of what they once were, is a theme explored in the game Night in the Woods! set within the same area up in the rustbelt actually! this really gives me hope that these communities will still continue to thrive.

    skeletonboxersskeletonboxers3 days ago
  • Will you construct a garage

    Guillermo RodriguezGuillermo Rodriguez3 days ago
  • I love this !!!! ❤️🙏

    sheila turnersheila turner3 days ago
  • The only Thing that's preventing me from buying a cheap *old* house is cause it might be haunted..

    Dream's Baby SisterDream's Baby Sister3 days ago
    • @Melody Yeah..they are most definitely real alright, but thanks for trying to comfort me ?

      Dream's Baby SisterDream's Baby SisterDay ago
    • ghosts dont actually exist though so you're good!

      MelodyMelody2 days ago
  • This house has good bones, lots of windows; it'll probably be nice when finished but I wouldn't take on such a major project. Please revisit when it's finished :)

    JāéJāé3 days ago
  • I'm delighted that young people are restoring these old homes in towns that have been 'left behind', instead of flocking to big cities. These houses were built to last, and have an esthetic value that cannot be matched in newer homes. And, it really helps revitalize the towns they're in. Having lived in both a small town and a huge city, I much prefer the small-town vibe. Wonderful video - thanks!

    Curious WorldCurious World3 days ago
  • this makes me so happy.

    Skim BroskieSkim Broskie3 days ago
  • 👌🏼👌🏼

    james sweeneyjames sweeney3 days ago
  • Australia. Cheap house, 500k. Average house. 800k.

    web2ytweb2yt3 days ago
  • I cant help but think she'll end up flippin this and doing it again. Or atleast borrowing from her new found equity and buying another place to do and sell while living in this place. I mean ... Why not!

    Strangely FamiliarStrangely Familiar4 days ago
  • We never saw the basement

    Hair HarborHair Harbor4 days ago
  • so cool that this was her dream and she was able to follow thru!

    Michael SinkMichael Sink4 days ago
  • After watching The Haunting Of Hill House, i will NEVER buy an old house, or even stay in an old house!! As cool and beautiful they may be, i will NOT step foot in an old house...😬😫

    Sophie CharlotteSophie Charlotte4 days ago
    • That’s true though, but still! It’s pretty scary...😅 (btw i do love old/vintage houses, exterior and interior!!)

      Sophie CharlotteSophie CharlotteDay ago
    • Not every old house is haunted. Vintage is better, darling!

      Vintage Pickin MamaVintage Pickin MamaDay ago
    • Not every old house has had multiple brutal murders, relax lol

      Nelson GilNelson Gil2 days ago
  • Omg I got confused is this twins 😳

    GogoTechGogoTech4 days ago
  • My 1st house was $18k. 1976, Phoenix historical district. In 2000 it sold for $299k. It even had a guest house!

    CatsEating LemonsCatsEating Lemons4 days ago
  • This is amazing! Great work to both of you! America has so many amazing little towns that need young people to revitalize them. She’s living her American dream.

    HokieBearHokieBear4 days ago
  • I wish I could own a house like this

    Chulbuli behneChulbuli behne4 days ago
  • damn its rough but whats there is beautiful

    Annoying AnomalyAnnoying Anomaly4 days ago
  • St Louis has $1 houses.

    DigitalYojimboDigitalYojimbo4 days ago
  • Fixer upper call Chip and Joanne Gains. I bought an old home age 25 Tacoma, Washington 1985. Back then either no $ and lots of time or $ and no time. Did most of the work myself and friends help. Barter my mechanic skills for carpentry, electrical, etc. Great to see the next generation take the initiative to restore these once grand homes. My wife and I raised our girls in the same house during the restoration and we're still married.

    Ron GreenRon Green4 days ago
  • Those cheap old houses are in the inner cities. They are in the ghetto. So don’t be fooled. This is not new. Young African Americans have been doing this since the 90’s. You can buy homes for $1 and rehab them.

    Independent Insurance AgentsIndependent Insurance Agents4 days ago
  • Please come back and show the finished project.

    Brenda RyalsBrenda Ryals5 days ago
  • Hoping that USkeys will reccommend me the finished product

    NatnovNatnov5 days ago
  • I would totally do this but investors have hookups in every major city. There needs to be some regulations.

    Adesa OAdesa O5 days ago
  • Very good video.

    Petra JPetra J5 days ago
  • your home looks like my house interior in many ways. So many same decorations, fireplace, trim etc. It took us 7 months to rehab and we not even close to be done. Good luck and I admire your vision.

    brunholdibrunholdi5 days ago
  • Sounds like a recipe for gentrification

    Joshua McKnightJoshua McKnight5 days ago
  • This house reminds me of one you'd see on "Rehab Addict". I love it. I love the character of the house. I have a small, cheap old (1905-1910) house but all of the character has been stripped out of it by the previous owners. Mine was already remodeled so definitely not as much work. We have since remodeled the kitchen and the bathroom is next. It is 682 sq ft and the purchase price was $52,000

    Sandy Seibel HagerSandy Seibel Hager5 days ago
  • Like omg! Let’s all move to wheeling and bring our disgusting culture with us!

    Blank NoneBlank None5 days ago
  • This looks like a house from Skins

    SarahKeySarahKey5 days ago
  • With all the work.and money she is putting in.... please don'tl et it be haunted....

    Melly MelMelly Mel5 days ago
  • i would just throw in a bed and settee ,,DONE

    Jessica KennedyJessica Kennedy5 days ago
  • Gets dark early in that time zone.

    pauld9pauld95 days ago
  • That’s such a gorgeous house

    HtonSneakerHeadHtonSneakerHead5 days ago
  • What an amazing house !!! I envy you !!!

  • Anyone else wondering what one girl & her partner could possibly do with 4,000 sqft of house?? It's huge, there are more floors than inhabitants, lol.

    ✔️ YOLO NYC by Eric David (watch my channel!)✔️ YOLO NYC by Eric David (watch my channel!)5 days ago
  • If somebody loves victorian houses visit goa in India especially Palolem, you have this style of houses and the 10 most mind blowing beaches in front.

    76 776 75 days ago
  • I love it. Gorgeous old fireplace & all the windows... wow what a home. Love the staircase

    m&m M7Mm&m M7M5 days ago
  • As someone who works with contractors.... I'll be surprised if it takes 6 months lol

    Rosa HernandezRosa Hernandez5 days ago
  • I’m positive that house is haunted

    SpookyJordieSpookyJordie5 days ago
  • The tour, views, and discussion of the house is interesting and useful. But the music is distracting, too busy, too many changes, and overpowering the matter at hand, the house and the discussion. And too loud.

    Tom HicksTom Hicks5 days ago
  • Ur so cute!😍

    Windex Bottle from the 90s says GO DODGERSWindex Bottle from the 90s says GO DODGERS5 days ago
  • So in reality she's paying at least $160.000 to have a house. I'm betting her $125.000 remodel budget ends up to be more on the lines of $170.000+. But I guess she can tell herself she bought a house for $8.000 if that makes her feel better about it. lol.

    Calvin H.Calvin H.5 days ago
  • Paying other people to do most of the work is a losing proposition. You need to do all but the really dangerous / difficult stuff yourself.

    FreemonSandlewouldFreemonSandlewould5 days ago