Why You Wouldn't Survive Alcatraz Prison

Feb 11, 2020
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If you think you are going to Hell, you're not wrong. Alcatraz is one of most notoriously dangerous prisons in the world, and in today's insane new video we are sending you behind the bars to show you exactly why you wouldn't survive as a prisoner of Alcatraz.
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  • Is this the one in codm

    amazing gamer 705amazing gamer 70554 minutes ago
  • Eh Been there done that

    Nathan PepinNathan Pepin3 hours ago
  • Him:if you get sick you will have doctors Ynw melly:man I wish I was there

    løgíç pêrsøñløgíç pêrsøñ7 hours ago
  • I’m

    Nikolaus LewisNikolaus Lewis2 days ago
  • 3:21 Ehm excuse me ? That was totally out of place put your internal animal abuse into yourself im reporting this page

    WomenRightsLOLWomenRightsLOL2 days ago
    • U seriously need to stop taking things so seriously and what u said on my comment on a different video was HELLA racist(and reporting doesnt do anything btw

      It’sHarmonayy!! !It’sHarmonayy!! !2 days ago
  • What a wonderful view of San Fransisco. Much safer than Nancy Pelosi made it now not even one hypodermic needle in a playground. Paradise. Lol. I actually went there before it was beautiful

    Geoff BGeoff B3 days ago
  • Why you wouldn’t survive Alcatraz: Shark boy be like: 👄

    ShottsuShottsu3 days ago
  • *Ain't that swell*

    ZestobouZestobou3 days ago
  • Codm

    HiroHiro3 days ago
  • Call Of Duty Mobile Players Here?

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  • Why am I going to prison on my birthday

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  • Quarantine period Total isolation Hmmmm sounds familiar

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  • Why are you obsessed with prisons

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  • This is video of the prison in cod mobile well the prison in cod mobile

    LITENITE 7LITENITE 77 days ago
  • W... _what did I do!?_

    peanut sanspeanut sans8 days ago
  • now imagining with no girlfriend but your hands handcuffed on the front

    Mathijs MarkvoortMathijs Markvoort9 days ago
  • Brutis won’t let you escape

    Young DaggerYoung Dagger9 days ago
  • Ummm what is the difference between supper and dinner?

    lina kreutzerlina kreutzer10 days ago
  • The anglin bros reading the title: Hmmmmmmmmm

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  • Welcome to Mob/Blood of the dead

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  • .

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  • Sounds like school to me

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  • Cinemagic malayalam raid

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  • Plot twist: this was actually the wall complex that henry stickmin escaped from.

    Kakyoin NoriakiKakyoin Noriaki16 days ago
  • 3200 comment wooooo

    DragonslayerDragonslayer17 days ago
  • Fun fact: In Alcatraz, the showers there were very warm, so if anyone escaped they wouldn’t be used to the freezing water around the prison.

    Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill19 days ago
  • One prisoner has purple skin.ME:Definitely has to go to Alcatraz!

    yuting liyuting li19 days ago
  • I have a feeling that if I was in prison, I would be pretty cooperative, so I might be able to survive Alcatraz prison. Of course, I can't go there; It has been closed since... 1963, was it?

    Kenneth Radecki jrKenneth Radecki jr21 day ago
  • No prison is worst than north Korean prisons

    Miley CarsonMiley Carson23 days ago
  • the prison food is better than in my house

    Dhruv SinghDhruv Singh23 days ago
  • What about Frank Morris along with John and Clarence Anglin, the only men that escaped Alcatraz?

    Stephen HertzStephen Hertz23 days ago
  • Hey infographic go donate to team trees at least 1$

    Gindion PabiaGindion Pabia24 days ago
  • *Laughs in Jailbreak*

    BraykayattackBraykayattack25 days ago
  • I went to visit their last year it was cool I know about each part of the prison but the headphones I was given didn’t give me as much information as I would like gladly I ran into this video so know I know more about it. Btw if you get the chance I recommend you visit Alcatraz prison it’s cool

    Gwendolyn HarrisonGwendolyn Harrison26 days ago
  • Mob Of The Dead.......

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  • do a video on scp 231 - 7

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  • I wonder if lack of communication will help in rehabilitation.

    Musik PolymeraseMusik Polymerase28 days ago
  • I survived Alcatraz in the escapists. Even escaped :P

    Hunor GombárHunor GombárMonth ago
  • "quarantine period"😂

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  • 8:40 What will your life be When The School Abuses you with many work

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  • Online Schools Be Like:

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  • nah, doesnt seem taht bad if you behave

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  • Hey, I'm not that bad

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  • me: but alcatraz in jailbreak is EZ to escape in jailbreak in roblox

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  • i wanna try their food tbh o_o

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  • u can shower once a week me: that’s my normal dude get me in that prison rn

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  • “Quarantine Period” Introverts: Ahh yes, A place where no one can bother us for the most part.

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  • *ain't that swell*

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  • You won’t survive this prison: Jotaro:*laughs in invincibility*

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  • CJ can live there for his whole life

  • Alkatraz is like school

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  • *There is a prison far worse, that prison is this nightmare also known as “School.”*

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  • Aren’t supper and dinner the same thing?

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  • Title: Why you wouldn’t survive Alcatraz Henry Stickmin: I’m gonna do whats called a Pro Gamer Move

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  • CAJG

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  • At least the food inside looks more delicious than my school lunch boxes

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  • This is just sad, 10:00 exactly. wow.

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  • Ngl I could get over a month then be treated like a king for the rest of my life

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  • So what’s the difference between 2020 and Alcatraz

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