This Is What ACTUALLY Happens During Prison Lockdown

Mar 5, 2020
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Prisons have a safety protocol they follow when something out of the ordinary happens. They lock everything down. If someone gets violent and hurts another inmate or if the guards sense a riot brewing, the entire prison will go into lockdown, and lockdowns can last hours, days, weeks, or even months! Today we're going to show you what goes on inside a prison when everything gets locked up.
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  • I'm I the only one who was triggered when he made tally marks wrong at the beginning?

    Ayden MorganAyden Morgan10 days ago
  • The prisoners can take over the prison at any time as they greatly out number the guards. However taking it over is the easy part because nothing after that ever ends well for the inmates.

    Ryan OtterosRyan Otteros16 days ago
  • 1 shower every 3 days I DO 1 SHOWER EVERY 90 WEEKS

    Nukerane VloggerNukerane Vlogger16 days ago
  • this is f*&^%d up why is the Black guy shown to be extra buff? what is the point they are trying to make?

    Cara LawtonCara Lawton24 days ago
  • You did the tally mark wrong its 4 lines vertically and 1 line horizontally not 5 lines vertically and 1 line horizontally

    linray zoulinray zouMonth ago
  • 7 ads for an 11 minute vid? What happened to infographics

    MsFitMsFit2 months ago
  • 0:01 when you've been in prison for so long you don't know how to draw tallies anymore

    TsuruTsuru2 months ago
  • OH MAN. As someone who has done 4 years : this is ptsd-inducingly accurate

    One man HUGE country!One man HUGE country!2 months ago
    • And have done a) 3 month institutional lockdown b) 2 months in segregation

      One man HUGE country!One man HUGE country!2 months ago
  • Why would stamps be taken away??

    CHloE748CHloE7483 months ago
  • Dude Covid it’s like a prison lockdown we can’t leave we can’t do like anything upside is that we can actually use our phones and devices

    Erik VlogsErik Vlogs3 months ago
  • I couldn’t stand lockdown I’m kind of claustrophobic

    Erik VlogsErik Vlogs3 months ago
  • I’m sorry but at the start he puts a line over fine vertical lines instead of 4, 5 hours later *my O.C.D.*

    l MindfulDisc4847 ll MindfulDisc4847 l3 months ago
  • We actually are already in lockdown right now..

    Raptor - BSRaptor - BS3 months ago
  • Low-key thought this video was about the coronavirus in prison

    ojltaylorojltaylor3 months ago
  • I like this guys content but honestly that title “actually happened” was for the youtuber algorithm lol. Anyways that channel is gone

    Andrew TionoAndrew Tiono3 months ago
  • You have 3 minutes to escape

    inactive guy 03inactive guy 033 months ago
  • 8:18 wow story of my life

    Liv HermanLiv Herman3 months ago
  • This channel should get more views consistantly

    SebSeb3 months ago
  • I feel like this man is teaching me more than school

    sanssans3 months ago
  • Wanna laern more about prison? Watch Larry Lawton

    LopendeBlockLopendeBlock3 months ago
  • Here in the uk we have bangups. (Send all willing prisoners to their cell in a riot, or just like a normal lockdown)

    Darren DaviesDarren Davies3 months ago
  • 0:30 *you can’t rime lockdown with down!* *he just did..*

    Nadal van NunenNadal van Nunen3 months ago
    • He never said you can't rhyme lockdown and down. Are your ears ok?

      Coco's BoboCoco's Bobo3 months ago
  • Why is there 6 in a traditional 5 tally mark system tho 0:02

    Purpleapples357Purpleapples3573 months ago
  • Anyone having thoughts of Prison Architect.

    Odd_CopperOdd_Copper3 months ago
  • How on earth does a prisoner get a padlock? They'll have a key next! Lol!

    KEZKEZ4 months ago
  • Now were In "home lock down!"

    KEZKEZ4 months ago
  • Prisioner: LET ME OUT Cop: No Prisioner: *Coughs* Cop: LEAVE WE DONT WANT U !

    Z Emad ZZ Emad Z4 months ago
  • Every jail in the Uk has been in lockdown since the country went into lockdown caused by the Coronavirus. We have relaxed it slightly now though, they come out there cells for 30 minutes a day for a shower and exercise. But that’s all.

    xLowesProductionsxLowesProductions4 months ago
  • Maybe we should have prison reforms..... get rid of private prisons.... get rid of sending copious amounts of people to prison.....

    Bradford BoganBradford Bogan4 months ago

    Dave Ridlespriger 2Dave Ridlespriger 24 months ago
  • School lockdowns beat prison ones any day. During a school lockdown, the doors to all the classrooms are locked and everyone is sent to the least visible part of the room, the lights are turned off and all the blinds are closed over the windows. Paper is taped over any windows that don’t have blinds or curtains. This is to protect all the students from any potential violent threat and it usually only lasts a few minutes

    Jasmine JohnstonJasmine Johnston4 months ago
  • The actual video 3:11. Your welcome!

    Jaden AyureJaden Ayure4 months ago
  • If you want the real deal watch LARRY LAWTON'S channel

    Jaded JesterJaded Jester4 months ago
  • something: *happens* the characters on this show: gahahagfywhsahdwheheheaehdbababbabehfeafdh

    Superbug 3003Superbug 30035 months ago
  • Prison used to school but now online school is prison.

    Leah BeahLeah Beah5 months ago
  • Me: *goes to prison* Prison Guard: "LOCKDOWN!!!" my mind: *-IT'S LIKE SCHOOL!-*

    Ninjollie GamingNinjollie Gaming5 months ago
  • *Be Honest Who Has Been A Fan Of "The Infographics Show"?*

    Ninjollie GamingNinjollie Gaming5 months ago
  • '99 Seconds until backup arrives!'

    remington boydremington boyd5 months ago
  • How long can lockdowns be? Me: since the 23rd of March til the 4th of July at least

    real riolureal riolu5 months ago
  • I was in Allegheny county acj for 4 months. We were on lockdown for a month straight in 2018. Cos got stabbed an a couple inmates committed suicide. Me I read Frankenstein/Dracula/ doc Jekyll. It was messed up lol

    Juli RumbaughJuli Rumbaugh5 months ago
  • wwo

    Varun SoodVarun Sood5 months ago
  • Dead DOGS 2020 What does it mean Reply something u think it means

    Pizza MaulPizza Maul5 months ago
  • Maybe people got the coronavirus in prison and jail

    Abaan ChoudhuryAbaan Choudhury5 months ago
  • So it's normal life now

    ッBigwillッBigwill5 months ago
  • imagine being attacked by a pool ball, "trained" police officers, xD

    Sagittarius LeroaLenAtikSagittarius LeroaLenAtik6 months ago
  • Yoni

    siberian huskysiberian husky6 months ago
  • Did anyone notice that he wrote 6 tally marks wrong? At the beginning of the video.

    Sasha BivensSasha Bivens6 months ago
  • not going to talk about racial based lockdowns?

    DavDav6 months ago
  • One things true in prison riots Snitches get stitches

    Eric BuckEric Buck6 months ago
  • Reminds me of a prison lockdown 😭

    Joseph AguiJoseph Agui6 months ago
  • This is how I feel during this coronavirus quarantine 😊 - 😐 - 😑 - 😥 - 😣 - 😢 - 😭

    Joseph AguiJoseph Agui6 months ago
    • This is me 🙂-😒-😑-😠

      enderbrineenderbrine4 months ago
    • This is me 😇-😈

      Jeff SammeJeff Samme5 months ago
  • Why don’t you transport us some place cooler. Like Africa. Not that hot? When this man woke up this morning he was white

    Curtis GibsonCurtis Gibson6 months ago
  • He looks like athany from somsh

    Jake OrlandoJake Orlando6 months ago
  • Also, unfortunately, a lockdown can be PERMANENT! That's what happened to the Oklahoma State Penitentiary (OSP), for instance, after the 1985 prison riot there.

    Jeff ZebertJeff Zebert6 months ago
  • Prison: Lockdown Reason: Sickness Me: ITS THE CORONAVIRUS

    Master ChiefMaster Chief6 months ago
    • Lol

      Share the videosShare the videos6 months ago
  • I am on lockdown

    Amy louise McGowanAmy louise McGowan6 months ago
  • I live in Pennsylvania, don’t live in Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, there is nothing to do. Thanks.

    Will SmithWill Smith6 months ago
  • Is no one going to talk about the tallies the inmate was writing on the wall in the beginning of the video? 5 vertical lines and one across. That's not how it works.

    Chicken NuggetsChicken Nuggets6 months ago
  • Snap the Wisconsin I life not to far from that place snap snap oh snap

    TrooperUnitPatrols 333TrooperUnitPatrols 3336 months ago
  • Me, who played escapists 2:

    The Bald Pizza ManThe Bald Pizza Man6 months ago
  • Also if the power goes out that could cause a lockdown

    minecraft and legosminecraft and legos6 months ago
  • Lockdown in lockup

    Chase G GamezChase G Gamez6 months ago
  • Who else. Thought that a prison lock down was a robber breaking in to a prison

    Anna GlaserAnna Glaser6 months ago
  • Prison: Lockdown Me, an Escapists veteran: 99 seconds until backup arrives

    Márk BaloghMárk Balogh6 months ago
  • The tally marks don't look right because there's five that are crossed with one

    Pop CornPop Corn6 months ago
  • "you have been in prison for a few years now" bro it's his fifth day

    Erased HistoryErased History6 months ago
  • Who noticed that girl behind the windows when the prisoners were running?

    xuedong zhaoxuedong zhao6 months ago
  • Have u watched the Russian sleep test it’s very scary

    Jack AfonJack Afon6 months ago
  • I

    Asmiya SelvakumarAsmiya Selvakumar6 months ago
  • Well now we’re all on lockdown

    GalaxyGamer608GalaxyGamer6086 months ago
  • Being locked down is supposed to keep people from getting out of prison

    Candice PerryCandice Perry7 months ago
  • Who thinks Prisons should go into lockdown mode simply because of covid-19?

    Adven4U1Adven4U17 months ago
  • Its funny how the cartoon walks😂😂😂

    sydney khutsosydney khutso7 months ago
  • What’s going on in prison now with corona virus?

    martina shoukrymartina shoukry7 months ago
  • i live in wi

    Ben WesterhouseBen Westerhouse7 months ago
  • Yeah infographic it's really bad down here in Mississippi.

    Timothy MossTimothy Moss7 months ago
  • Support for death penalty...

    Drone SpencerDrone Spencer7 months ago
  • Some inmates dont deserve rights

    Devin FanningDevin Fanning7 months ago
  • I actually live nearby SCI Greene. I have a hunch as to who did the stabbing.

    WRL13WRL137 months ago
  • Jesus is coming back in your life time

    Strike Force DeltaStrike Force Delta7 months ago
  • So much nonspecific info in this one 😂

    un0m3asa13ahun0m3asa13ah7 months ago
  • Prison is a place where you are free you get cool clothes like goku.

    JabariJabari7 months ago
  • I HATE being on lockdown

    livelaugh thrivelivelaugh thrive7 months ago
  • I think you should explain what a lockdown is to people who don’t know. That should be the first to be explainsd

    Tae Sung JungTae Sung Jung7 months ago
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    ThatGamingKidThatGamingKid7 months ago
  • Can you guys do a video titled What would happen if the coronavirus got as bad as Spanish flu? and What would happen if the stock market crashes?

    Josiah RuscherJosiah Ruscher7 months ago
  • It's basically school

    INFERNO PlayzINFERNO Playz7 months ago
  • 11:11

    fatimafatima7 months ago
  • Whats with all the prison stuff lately? I think I'm starting to feel lile I'm getting ready to go to prison

    Anwar AbdullahAnwar Abdullah7 months ago
  • why is no one talking about the chalk tallies it bothers me that it is wrong tho i like the video

    Carter HawkinsCarter Hawkins7 months ago
  • I was locked down for three weeks in Indiana because of a supposed race war. 2 meals a day in a sack. And the worse part was them telling us when to use the restroom. Completely inhumane. But another way to punish us?

    Jesse LackeyJesse Lackey7 months ago
  • Hi😎😏😝

    Holly HarrisHolly Harris7 months ago
  • Ok what was with that tally?

    Ryan GrangeRyan Grange7 months ago
  • What’s up info graphic I’m from Mississippi it’s bad down here really bad

    Jhill. 721Jhill. 7217 months ago
  • Every infographics show has amazing music. I love this channel

    QuintonQuinton7 months ago
  • Up here in canada its crazy. google the shoe in Quebec, or bath road max prison

    super cyndaquilsuper cyndaquil7 months ago
  • Well! Mississippi always rank at the bottom state for well being and quality of life!

    Tony WilliamsTony Williams7 months ago
  • Clinton Correction Facility? What did HRC do?

    WellchWellch7 months ago
  • You do realise that isn't how tallying works right? 4 lines and a cross through. Unless he's counting in 6s...

    Elisa & Jack Travel Asia!Elisa & Jack Travel Asia!7 months ago
  • How do you have so high quality animations but you get videos out almost daily? (Legit question)

    Chris CollinsChris Collins7 months ago