What Actually Happens During an Autopsy

May 28, 2020
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So you died under suspicious circumstances, and a pathologist is ordered to perform an autopsy to uncover any hidden evidence about your death, but what actually happens during an autopsy? Be brave and watch out new video all about what occurs during an autopsy, how is your body dissected, and the selfless men and women who carefully handle our remains after we expire. Think you can handle it being a Pathologist or a Mortician?
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  • I guess this job is entertaining as the narrator presented it 🤣🤣🤣

    KeepsLearningKeepsLearning3 hours ago
  • Logging is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country for a reason.

    Laura NelsonLaura Nelson4 hours ago
  • Yeah try that on Michael

  • As a operating theatre nurse during a stint in Trauma Orthopaedics (road traffic accidents, factory accidents, busted bones)I had the opportunity to see an autopsy (post mortem - in the UK) the thing that gets you is the smell!. You really do become desensitised. Especially in an operating theatre, you don't even smell blood. The people who work in this side of healthcare are quite normal, honest. Although we do have a warped sense of humour. BTW when during an autopsy when they look at the brain, they use the same saw thats used to remove a plaster cast! it's called a Stryker saw. I want to say one final thing - We don't take our work home!

    Lin JoyLin Joy5 hours ago
  • This is not an autopsy. A mortician is not a medical doctor

    Barry EfronBarry Efron8 hours ago
  • How can anyone take this seriously when the title refers to an "AUTOPSY", the process of reconstruction of and preservation of the body is "EMBALMING"

    deckywalsh1deckywalsh110 hours ago
  • 😱

    LAGF CLAGF CDay ago
  • I worked at a cemetery as a groundskeeper/greave digger. I didn’t have to see the deceased person’s. We did have to carry the deceased to their final resting place. Most of the time that we had to do that. It was because NOBODY ELSE WAS THERE! Those and children were the hardest part of the job. I have gone to the cemetery several times to visit the people who didn’t have anyone come see them off. I just hope that I don’t have that happen to me and my family and friends. Before I had that job I didn’t go to funerals. I didn’t want to have that as my last time seeing them. But now I see it a lot definitely.

    Chris LeachChris Leach2 days ago
  • I'm don't to trigger anyone if you want to see a sick video faces of death once I seen an autopsy I puked alot

    M SM S3 days ago
  • the flaming lips reference is based

    clown teethclown teeth5 days ago
  • Now please explain what happens during death.

    Cute CatzCute Catz5 days ago
  • I know everything about an autopsy because I watched the horror movie: The Autopsy of Jane Doe

    Zeera- ChanZeera- Chan6 days ago
  • Foo fighters...right

    Chris SimmonsChris Simmons6 days ago
  • Unfortunately they had to do this to my grandfather. He had been exposed to agent orange during the Vietnam war, so everything had to be documented.

    Ethan FairweatherEthan Fairweather6 days ago
  • I was n't feeling my self , when I was watching 😵😵😵 this video

    Veerabhadra B CVeerabhadra B C6 days ago
  • My mind having difficult time thinking this situation

    Laracill ReverenteLaracill Reverente6 days ago
  • How much does being a mortician pay?

    Ordog123 123Ordog123 1237 days ago
  • I have a small deformity with my chest nothing health threatening but very interesting for science to study to help other’s in the future when my time comes I’m going to donate my chest cavity. Much love to all 💗🙏🏼

    Lil BlurLil Blur7 days ago
  • Yes

    ahir bbahir bb7 days ago
  • Kudos for the graphics. Very interesting video article, thanks.

    pr vapr va8 days ago
  • Your so talkative just get to the point. 👎

    Dee Jay MaraDee Jay Mara8 days ago
  • They out the wrong hand over their "heart" haha

    Imiza KenwayImiza Kenway8 days ago
  • I find organs and opening body’s cool

    That0neKidR!c hThat0neKidR!c h9 days ago
  • Do you realise that everyone u know someday will die. Transformer 5 song. Figure out urself the rest. Hehe.

    Krish 3DKrish 3D9 days ago
  • How do you have so many jobs

    Trippa snippa AlexanderTrippa snippa Alexander9 days ago
  • Fun facts about morticians/ the Darker the punchline the brutality Funny it gets.

    Strega MajinStrega Majin9 days ago
  • So the lady on law and order does this every episode 🤔

    Double O_O BenjiDouble O_O Benji9 days ago
  • So is our narrator a mortician by trade? Sounds like hes speaking from experience Nevermind. Comment confirmed.

    Travis CarrTravis Carr9 days ago
  • Sorry I sort of lost it for some reason @ 5:04 kind of weird look.

    E.M.L DonahueE.M.L Donahue10 days ago
  • Give that brain to Liv in iZombie to solve the cases

    Myk TAMyk TA10 days ago
  • its been a week or two since my aunt peanut died and this got recommended to me... making me know she wasnt in a coma or anything and didnt get buried alive, thanks

    ThatOneLeafThatOneLeaf10 days ago
  • Can't watch dead bodies I'd freak out

    Ayerley naaAyerley naa10 days ago
  • ehy restore sb who is dead when he will be burried kinda nonsense for me

    Mauntax the legendMauntax the legend10 days ago
  • How many jobs has this guy had? 😂

    Xlard /Xlard /10 days ago
  • Do you realize... by flaming lips.

    mirkonomirkono11 days ago
  • *Imagine you are a doctor and autopsying a 18 year old girl*

    【Lee Kenshin】❨이겐신❩【Lee Kenshin】❨이겐신❩11 days ago
  • Wait, are you a mortician?

    HearThrobHearThrob11 days ago
  • do you realize we're floating in space

    Damien MillsDamien Mills11 days ago
  • So let the sun shine in face it with a grin. Smilers never lose and frowners never win. So let the sun shine in face it with a grin Open up your heart and let the sun shine in

    xXXStitches&N33dlesxXXxXXStitches&N33dlesxXX12 days ago
  • Me watching wanting to become a forensic pathologist 👍🏾👌🏾

    Cherique CampbellCherique Campbell12 days ago
  • I hope serial killers aren't watching this

    MarwanMarwan12 days ago
  • Video: Everyone will die Queen Elizabeth: ✨No✨

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    • هاها 🤣 صحيح

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    Julia LesherJulia Lesher12 days ago
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    F.B.IF.B.I12 days ago
  • This is how a day in the life of should be

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  • Imagine you have this job..and you were offered to work from home due to pandemic 😅

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  • The flaming lips?

    IGChanIGChan12 days ago
  • Queen

    ModuwolfModuwolf12 days ago
  • No thanks, just cremate me after done playing with my organs, better for environment too...

    AaronShenghaoAaronShenghao13 days ago
  • I thought the brain was put in the stomach/abdomen after autopsy...😳

    EttibridgetEttibridget13 days ago
  • I admit this was very entertaining.

    Old-Rugged MediaOld-Rugged Media13 days ago
  • Ok nine inche nails

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  • Mortician:im not in danger skyler, im the danger😈

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  • In the end it doesn't even matter 🤣🤣

    Alisha QureshiAlisha Qureshi13 days ago
  • 4:16 😂 that gasps and then that faint sfx had me laughing idk y thi xd

    Nut Master 69Nut Master 6913 days ago
  • What am I doing here???

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  • Every time I see a brain I want macaroni and cheese.

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  • The band is The Flaming Lips. I cannot remember the song's name.

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    Neil Martin GabaNeil Martin Gaba14 days ago
  • I think death is better than life, in death all is over, no feelings, no emotions, no pain, no doubt, no wisdom, no love, no hatred, all is just over but while we live we will experience all those things

    Davi SilvaDavi Silva14 days ago
  • 🇺🇲🇺🇲🙏

    Roger D'costaRoger D'costa15 days ago
  • They ask: How could you possibly fix this guy? I ASk: HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY LOOK AT THAT GUY?

    Mikaylah BairdMikaylah Baird15 days ago
  • The way he by the way it makes a pop sound when the cap is removed.....

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  • See's Corpse with an entire katana sticking out of it Mortician: *Hmm, Interesting*

    ZOCCOKZOCCOK15 days ago
  • Corpse with a entire Katana sticking out of it FBI: How did this guy die?

    ZOCCOKZOCCOK15 days ago
  • I wonder if we feel any pain during this even though we are dead

    Brook FoutBrook Fout16 days ago
    • @Mikaylah Baird what

      Brook FoutBrook Fout15 days ago
    • bruh

      Mikaylah BairdMikaylah Baird15 days ago
  • They still need less make up for a dead person unlike the kardasian family.

    SavaSava16 days ago
  • I hope I never have to get one

    kaylee Absherkaylee Absher16 days ago
  • LOL this is by far the best video by far thanks The Infographics Show!

    Jack SparrowJack Sparrow16 days ago
  • Dang my guy had a hematoma on his brain 🤯 They wanted him dead dead. No afterlife or nothing

    Adia GillespieAdia Gillespie16 days ago
  • DaVinci had done autopsy to many bodies with out any experience and fear to know how body works 🤯

    Ssk BunnySsk Bunny16 days ago
  • Ah yes, a flaming lips reference.

    Basically GamingBasically Gaming16 days ago
  • 2:47

    KayVee ProductionsKayVee Productions16 days ago
  • Death is an industry did Geris for 12 years

    Angie MaloneAngie Malone16 days ago
  • Why is he acting like he is a medical professional? He obviously is not

    ThatInternetGuyThatInternetGuy17 days ago
  • Dooo you realizeeee, that happiness makes you cry.. Do you realize? Everyone, you know. Somedayyyy, will dieeeee.. **DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN** **WERRRRRR**

    Gavin PutmanGavin Putman17 days ago
  • Ha, the flaming lips. Nice 😂

    Ezra FowlerEzra Fowler17 days ago
  • 1:47 The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize??

    Kuya WayneKuya Wayne17 days ago
  • They better get payed well

    Chicken NuggiezChicken Nuggiez17 days ago
  • People who prepare the dead are performing one of the last acts of compassion one human being can do for another.

    Miriam BucholtzMiriam Bucholtz17 days ago
  • i once heard of a man that died in bed who was watching The Infographics Show, the autopsy report came back showing that he died of boredom...

    SRGSRG18 days ago
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    Ms MalikMs Malik18 days ago
  • Beautiful woman: **dies** Brazilian morticians: It's free real estate

    Alba FormigaAlba Formiga18 days ago
    • ...

      Tomura ShigrakiTomura Shigraki17 days ago
  • Autopsy or embalming?

    Tuason BeastTuason Beast18 days ago
  • That song “Do You Realize?” By the Flaming Lips, was the nail in the coffin ⚰️ for me, it made my mother’s lung cancer all that more real and the fact that I was going to lose her, broke down crying 😭 on the 10 freeway! Long long time ago

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  • Any one watched AWAKE movie

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  • The narrator is the most talented person in the world.

    John paul Bura-ayJohn paul Bura-ay19 days ago
  • A woman woke on the embalming table a few months ago.

    guardians animal rescue/ state certified 501c3guardians animal rescue/ state certified 501c319 days ago
  • I'm studying to be a mortician! One of the things that makes my future seem bright to me. I love biology and I can be very soothing so I think I'd do pretty well!

    Carlee ElenaCarlee Elena19 days ago
    • Succes!

      ItzzGabeItzzGabe14 days ago
  • "Eventualy we all will die" but death is not the end

    Athony NesbittAthony Nesbitt19 days ago
  • 7:00 i had to do a double take

    Ian NorrisIan Norris19 days ago
  • Ah yeah, the flaming lips reference, nice one ^^

    AllOverAgainAllOverAgain21 day ago
  • Lol I'm in the process of becoming a Mortician now so this was fun to watch.

    The Painted SkullThe Painted Skull22 days ago
  • my granpa had an autopsy kinda bc he just.. died. he died on my grandmas wake. he didn’t wear glasses no medical conditions he was perfectly fine. death ruled as a “broken heart” because they said he didn’t even try to fight to still live. almost as if he was ready

    Maegan CMaegan C22 days ago