20 Strict Rules Ellen Forces Her Guests To Follow

Dec 18, 2019
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Ellen Degeneres Is Extremely Strict With Celebrities, Guests and The Audience On Her Show. From Dress Codes To Backstage Behavior...
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Have you ever wondered what it takes to be one of the audience members on The Ellen Degeneres Show? We’ll take you through the application process and describe some of the surprisingly strict rules that have to be followed in the studios. Other than no cameras being allowed, there’s a dress code and a Riff Raff room for those who just don’t make the cut. Even celebrity guests follow some restrictions! Kim Kardashian might have been instructed to bring North West along for a social media photo op, and Kris Jenner got called out for being less than truthful during an interview. Being a part of the program means being put on the spot, which is something stars like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber found out the hard way. Billie Eilish learned about the power of a good prank, but did Kylie Jenner refuse to play by the rules by bringing her huge makeup crew along? Playing games is an infamous segment, and Cardi B knows it’s not an option when you arrive on the set.
What do you think about these restrictions fans are forced to put up with? Is it just the price of getting to be part of the production or are they way too limiting? Make sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and click on the subscribe button for more great content from us here at The Talko.
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  • *Thumbnail:* *HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY, BILLIE EILISH!* 😙🎉🎂

    Ariana Grande Cardi BAriana Grande Cardi B5 months ago
    • My big bro is the same age and birthday but BILLE is a few hours older than him

      Elizabeth MartinezElizabeth Martinez3 days ago
    • P ijnj

      Demelsa WatsonDemelsa Watson7 days ago
    • @Florence Attram-Gyeketey 6d be the r. g

      Demelsa WatsonDemelsa Watson7 days ago
    • Leanne Doddy it’s spelled “Billie”

      KolbreezKolbreez11 days ago

      Bogdan GibowiczBogdan Gibowicz17 days ago
  • Sorry but can we just admire how rushed that photoshopped thumbnail is? Her eye is really low down

    AverageStrawbAverageStrawbDay ago
  • Maybe Caitlyn Jenner is just a shitty person who uses her identity as a trans person as a shield for shitty behaviour. I have nothing against trans people, that is a serious personal journey which deserves immense respect for accepting and going through, but it doesn't make you immune to criticism being responsible for what you do in your life.

    AshaAsha2 days ago
  • Ellen is mean to her workers my dads friend used to work on her show .

    pekanpipekanpi4 days ago
  • Cause you cant be looking like a normal human getting by with life no. Ellen is too rich to want to think she is sitting in a room full of poor people.

    Skinny Man TwiggzSkinny Man Twiggz5 days ago
  • BTS👉👈💜

    BTS_FOREVER 7BTS_FOREVER 75 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="276">4:36</a> Me trying to watch a video wich is not kpop related but Super m making it harder for me.

    Viviana _127Viviana _1275 days ago
  • So what is wrong with these rules? Wth is this video even, and why are people getting triggered. All of these rules seems reasonable.

    sound wavesound wave5 days ago

  • too many adds

    Choi VictoriaChoi Victoria6 days ago
  • why does everyone put billie in thier thumbnail but there is no billie,who came here for billie too?

    Maxim EmirasanovMaxim Emirasanov6 days ago
  • I don’t like Ellen

    Onlyme ಠ_ಠOnlyme ಠ_ಠ6 days ago
  • These does not work for our Billiee💚🖤

    Mia MiloshevichMia Miloshevich6 days ago
  • Ellen is so annoying. Ugh.

    Larissa RodriguesLarissa Rodrigues7 days ago
  • So Ellen casually forced Barack and Michelle to dance ??

    Bonnetta JonesBonnetta Jones7 days ago
  • Kim Jennie

    juliana Salazar Francojuliana Salazar Franco8 days ago
  • I've never found her to be funny, and have never watched her show. Were I a celebrity and had to follow all those rules, I think I would decline her invitation. I'm not hating on her, I simply just don't think she's funny.

    n adamsn adams8 days ago
  • Ellen doesnt like kids: Still Ellen: brings Zaza, that girl lay lay

    Itzkylie JacksonItzkylie Jackson8 days ago
  • Remember wHen they scared kJ apa with somebody dressed as Archie ( the person kJ plays on riverdale)

    Wolf ravenWolf raven8 days ago
    • Hi profile twin

      Slytherin QueenSlytherin Queen7 days ago
  • Ya'll ARMY'S where are you?💜💜

    XxcuteixX xXAnglesxXXxcuteixX xXAnglesxX8 days ago
  • She was perfect for the role. Hell she is almost the only reason to watch the movie.

    Remove blackheads TeamRemove blackheads Team10 days ago
  • I love how they twist everything to make someone sound bad

    VikkiteeVikkitee10 days ago
  • So many of these were just normal rules for being in a studio or a theater 😂

    Stella MercerStella Mercer11 days ago
  • Let me guess this is 20 reasons not to watch this video

    Gabriela Dog LoverGabriela Dog Lover11 days ago
  • This makes her seem like such a bad person. Like my opinion on her has been changed after watching this video but I feel they made Ellen seem really rude in real life and that she puts in a different personality when on air

    Abi GriffithAbi Griffith11 days ago
  • Bill Gates didn’t dance 😛

    Med GharbiMed Gharbi11 days ago
  • The tweety bird that cant Dance >😳< 🐣

    Mark ArnottMark Arnott11 days ago
  • why is the talko back on my feed

    JiSoo QueenJiSoo Queen12 days ago
  • Ellen is NOT always there she often has other people to fill in for her.

    Shelley RobertsShelley Roberts12 days ago
  • I know it's like a part of her show to roast guests but I feel like she also makes them uncomfortable. When BTS was there she asked "Have you ever hooked up with your fans". When the translator did not specify the word "hooked up" she nudged him to explain the word to them. Now that is really uncomfortable. 😕

    igot7nctzensigot7nctzens12 days ago
  • Ellen is certainly not "notoriously cheerful" shes actually one of the meanest people in Hollywood. Her show is an act lmfao

    Jenna Peneueta-SnyderJenna Peneueta-Snyder13 days ago
  • A lot of these are common sense safety guidelines and rules put out by the studio's Legal department (e.g., the logos ban). They don't run background checks on the scores of people who see the show every day, and there are a lot of crazies out there.

    YggdrasilYggdrasil13 days ago
  • I hate Ellen now tbh

    Mariah KubaMariah Kuba13 days ago
  • All the comments here are moving by hate..most of this rules are normal in most of tv shows.. I dont really care about Ellen, I'm spanish and I just watch her show in youtube when there is some celebrity I'm interest in..but I know about the career of Ellen...People criticize her for being "rude" or show when she doesn't like someone... I think is not a crime, she is just human and probably so honest in real life that is hard for her to keep it for herself in her show...she is just a person with her good and bad qualities like aaaall of us...and many years behind her back in TV and in the eye of everybody.. PEOPLE, be more empathetic in life, you all gossipers (with love) !! 🤟🏼

    Marta SierraFoxtroxMarta SierraFoxtrox13 days ago
  • With the lastest crap that has come out about Ellen during this pandemic crap, all of these "you are just hating on Ellen" comments haven't aged well. Face it. These celebrities you worship and idolize many times turn out being absolutely horrible people. Ellen is no exception.

    NomadRTNomadRT13 days ago
  • But like why would you even take scissors to the Ellen show

    _Rozpruwacz__Rozpruwacz_14 days ago
  • TAEMIN!! Sorry I had to hahaha

    Nelsy OrtegaNelsy Ortega14 days ago
  • I'm not sure why YT recommended "videos about control freaks". I wonder if my kids have been using my account.

    Rob HRob H14 days ago
  • Twat

    Alex BazzAlex Bazz14 days ago
  • Who clicked for the title and not the thumbnail 😂

    Derpie Bubble YTDerpie Bubble YT14 days ago
  • She seems so nice which makes me think she isn’t so much in person...

    Ilana TaylorIlana Taylor15 days ago
  • now i know why in recent years some celebrities aren't interested in appearing on her show anymore.

    kanombueangkanombueang15 days ago
  • whos here after nikkie tutorials exposed her?

    Angelie OrtegaAngelie Ortega15 days ago
  • Can't stand the bumblecunt.... horrid horrid woman

    master iktmaster ikt15 days ago
  • all u man hating on ellen she has to act like this cuz this talk show is litterally her life and she spends most of her time on it

    J_schmuck14J_schmuck1416 days ago
  • I wonder why this was recommended to me...

    Lily BeardLily Beard16 days ago
  • Unbelievable how some people see thing ....

    Angel vhdAngel vhd16 days ago
  • I am glad that they include K-pop into this

    Anayeli SantiagoAnayeli Santiago16 days ago
  • ellen is really mean and i mean she needs to go sometimes

    Alice AlmeidaAlice Almeida16 days ago
  • She is a fake just like the vast majority who have her status.

    God Bless Texas EptingGod Bless Texas Epting16 days ago
  • and yet, she's boring as hell

    MP-Tuners ProductionsMP-Tuners Productions16 days ago
  • Honestly, she's just. Over the top. And it's fake, it's becomjgg noticeable, like bro, stop forcing ur guests to answer questions they don't want or exposing stuff they don't want public.

    Chaeryeong's Side HoeChaeryeong's Side Hoe17 days ago
  • Who cares? 😂

    RON DOCRON DOC17 days ago
  • I now have no choice but to unstan Ellen like byeeeee haha

    So.unluckySo.unlucky17 days ago
  • Too many rules😂😂😂i will stay at home

    Laura ScarcigliaLaura Scarciglia17 days ago
  • There are to mutch

    ItzBram MSPItzBram MSP17 days ago
  • WHAT A B*

    Bogdan GibowiczBogdan Gibowicz17 days ago
  • i hate her ffs

    Thomas SasikThomas Sasik17 days ago
  • Y'all forget that Ellen is only a host of a show. Everything is made up by a whole bunch of people but many of you try to blame her on anything that happens.

    pp18 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="268">4:28</a> yayyyyy BTS

    Elli. SElli. S18 days ago
  • She lowkey pyscho. She takes joy in humiliating people have yall never noticed what the premise is for all the games

    Amber FloresAmber Flores18 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="321">5:21</a> idina is me when I look in a mirror.

    Anna JeyachandranAnna Jeyachandran18 days ago
  • It’s almost like North Korea

    User0001User000118 days ago
  • she does the same stuff as everyone else who has a talk show....it's not even her decision!!! she is the most caring giving host... just stop!!

    Alice LovejoyAlice Lovejoy18 days ago
  • She's an Narcissistic Actress...she lives in the Public Eyes as a clean nice person, but she's doing a show...she's acting....She's a Left-Wing Marxist Hate America POS Narcissistic hypocrite...

    Aren't I AdorableAren't I Adorable18 days ago
  • She's an Narcissistic Actress...she lives in the Public Eyes as a clean nice person, but she's doing a show...she's acting....She's a Left-Wing Marxist Hate America POS Narcissistic hypocrite...

    Aren't I AdorableAren't I Adorable18 days ago
  • one thing i dont like about Ellen is the fact that she gives gifts to RICH people. I mean why would u buy expensive things for people who can already afford it? Go give money to charity and help the poor, dont make the rich richer.

    amixsingsamixsings18 days ago
  • Ellen is a meanie

    Petty PinottiPetty Pinotti18 days ago
  • The title says guests but the video describes audience. They are very different things.

    John SmithJohn Smith18 days ago
  • This is stupidly fake

    Louis G VS Noah PLouis G VS Noah P19 days ago
  • Not true about Ellen always being there, she has a lot of guest hosts

    Carrie TheLastFrontierCarrie TheLastFrontier19 days ago
  • I like that kim and Kylie do that. I honestly don't care for the family but Ellen needs to be pushed back every now and again

    Toki WarheartToki Warheart19 days ago
  • What’s wrong with not liking kids? Oh yeah, they are the “future”... *rolling eyes*

    Antoine H.Antoine H.20 days ago
  • She's a piece of shit

    Wayne BoylanWayne Boylan20 days ago
  • I love Ellen

    Morgan McgheeMorgan Mcghee21 day ago
  • I drove to a dr Phil show taping it was extremely far and was absolutely amazing the shows ( two double tapings ) all were really interesting his wife is sweet and I was on camera my only issue was dr Phil never acknowledges his audience and during a break we had to pay for basic bottled water with his logo - they hawked books and mugs I was done - great show but damn we can’t get some water this set is filled with guest without us there’d be no show dr Phil is a multi millionaire with a hit syndicated show multiple sponsors and we can’t get free water. 🤷🏽‍♀️✌🏽

    Shawn Plus OneShawn Plus One21 day ago
    • Shawn Plus One oh wow, in my experience sitting in at dr. phil, he has always chatted with the audience after every show and been so kind! and there has always been a free drink/snack between the shows! goodness, i’m sorry you had a poor experience with the show :(

      Naomi Joy TurnerNaomi Joy Turner17 days ago
  • More then half of these are pretty reasonable... why make it seem so obscure?

    Igor TeaCupIgor TeaCup21 day ago
  • I'd rather eat my own shit than follow that bitches rules

    Chris FayChris Fay22 days ago
  • She is right she doesnt like devil shit on her show

    ItsWinoxItsWinox22 days ago

    riki liauriki liau22 days ago