have you seen my laptop?

Sep 13, 2020
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i procured a hurdy gurdy through mystical means, and i refuse to learn what a laptop is
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this is where brian david gilbert is:
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  • This was amazing

    vazak11vazak115 minutes ago
  • "That's fine-" And in that moment, karen accepted fate.

    FinalshadicFinalshadic26 minutes ago
  • what kind of King Crimson song is this?

    Alina SchumacherAlina SchumacherHour ago
  • Karen has such an angelic voice omg

    ♡ LILITH ♡♡ LILITH ♡5 hours ago
  • all twelve verses PLEASE

    Zev Spencer-ShapiroZev Spencer-Shapiro5 hours ago
  • I need the rest of this story

    Andrew isadoilyAndrew isadoily6 hours ago
  • ever since i watched this video for the first time youtube wont stop suggesting me hurdy gurdy covers. thank you brian

    Frankie BluethgenFrankie Bluethgen7 hours ago
  • I guess Karen can trade this fabula for the missing tomb

    Abel DrabbleAbel Drabble7 hours ago
  • I think the conedic timing in this video might be the best I've literally ever seen. Karen looking out the window when Brian mentions "a night much like the one tonight," Brian skipping to verse 11, the camera switching back to where Karen used to be when she's playing the wind instrument, it's honestly perfect

    orangeskarmoryorangeskarmory9 hours ago
  • Full version when?

    Forrest WatleyForrest Watley9 hours ago
  • love love love

    Bitcoin Out LoudBitcoin Out Loud13 hours ago
  • Thanks, Brian. Now my wife and I need a hurdy gurdy, or maybe 2. Aside from it being a worthy trade for a book of chrome, what else convinced you to buy one?

    James DunnJames Dunn13 hours ago
  • can we get a version with the 12 verses?

    Rodrigo Ghisi TobaldiniRodrigo Ghisi Tobaldini14 hours ago
  • I want to hear the full song now

    Henry HenryHenry Henry15 hours ago
  • Don't let this distract you from the fact that we haven't seen Brian's progress with darts.

    Xen KenshinXen Kenshin16 hours ago
  • I need all 12 verses! Have you composed the melody? It is lovely.

    Yavor ArsenievYavor Arseniev16 hours ago
  • Why does the wizard sound like waluigi???? I can’t wrap my head around this...

    Roelof SonneveldRoelof Sonneveld16 hours ago
  • Day seven of rewatching this video. I cannot fathom how this changed the course of my life.

    Leif MillelnuieLeif Millelnuie17 hours ago
  • love the content , you'll reach 1 million subs in no time , keep it up

    Victor Gallardo silvaVictor Gallardo silva17 hours ago
  • brooklyn medieval ensemble here to say: there is *deep truth* in this video. brian and karen - much admiration - and also we can't stop watching it and giggling. (every time we get together it's either: do you think this is coherent if we do verses 1, 3, 19, and 23?? or: not another song that's 30 seconds long...what if we repeated it with a recorder descant?)

    AlkemieAlkemie18 hours ago
  • Karen’s commitment to this REALLY sold it.

    JJDudemanHPIJJDudemanHPI21 hour ago
  • The FFCC remaster is a lot different than I thought

    Sam HeningerSam Heninger21 hour ago
  • Why does Ashcot Brian remind me so much of a young Rob Pinkston. I think it's the eyes. 👀

    C. A. LewisC. A. Lewis21 hour ago
  • is this how all of us will look like in a another couple of months of lockdown?

    IgorIgor22 hours ago
  • I watch this everyday. I can't stop.

    jlklai98jlklai98Day ago
  • this was a week ago?

    Alexis dAlexis dDay ago
    • Almost 2

      Me the awesome guyMe the awesome guyDay ago
  • Peter Pringle moment

    geremachekgeremachekDay ago
  • Brian, you are afflicting me with the Big Gay. I am not okay with how okay I am with this. Please stop not stopping. Okay?

    Li'Ud, Pervert PriestessLi'Ud, Pervert PriestessDay ago
  • How did you find hurdy gurdy that cost the same as a laptop? I literally asking. I want one so bad

    Emily BowersEmily BowersDay ago
  • Funny thing with this video is that my computer is in russian and all the videos on youtube show up with their original english titles and english description but for some reason THIS video is the only one i've seen with a russian title and bio

    Illusive[Brick]Illusive[Brick]Day ago
  • This is the best thing I've seen all month 😂💕💕💕

    seeingtheinvisableseeingtheinvisableDay ago
  • How to make a hurdy gurdy purchase tax-deductible.

    Ryan GochnauerRyan GochnauerDay ago
  • I need the full 12 verse version.

    Truffle MumkinsTruffle MumkinsDay ago
  • Birds arent real.

    Caleb BrownlowCaleb BrownlowDay ago
  • where are the other verses, coward

    NuinabaNuinabaDay ago
  • Don’t be shy, drop the rest of the song

    AustinAustinDay ago
  • Theory: Brian first sold his knowledge of what a laptop is to learn how to get the hurdy gurdy, then pawned her Chromebook no longer knowing what it was.

    Jack NeilJack NeilDay ago
  • Not the worst trade he's probably made over the years.

    CleodelCleodelDay ago
  • The only Karen I trust

    QueenOfFabulousQueenOfFabulousDay ago
  • I don’t understand, am...am I dying?

    Colossal ShakeColossal ShakeDay ago
  • I like how during the greenscreen part, the hurdy gurdy is just the right color to be green-screened

    • nBean •• nBean •Day ago
  • tbf a chromebook is like 250-400$, that's a steal for a good hurdy

    basilmemoriesbasilmemoriesDay ago
  • The beginning of the song reminds of that one mouse in the “There Are No Cats In America” song from An American Tail ❤️ the one who gets his like girlfriend killed by a cat

    erin isabellaerin isabella2 days ago
  • This has no right to be this good...Karen and Brian better drop the full verse.

    Elliot HarringtonElliot Harrington2 days ago
  • Please share with us the middle eleven verses

    Galileo JonesGalileo Jones2 days ago
  • It's the "WAT price you mahst paaaay" for me

    Shantel HillShantel Hill2 days ago
  • bdg is slowly animorphing into hozier

    shrinkwrap supremeshrinkwrap supreme2 days ago
  • I need to stop coming back to this video But the music is so good

    gabriel giovanigabriel giovani2 days ago

    prune eaterprune eater2 days ago
  • ...this was a week ago? i SWEAR this was posted august.....

    pay paypay pay2 days ago
  • This is what happens when two theatre people date

    Em CEm C2 days ago
  • I want all 12 verses

    Nick KennamerNick Kennamer2 days ago
  • I have but one request. Please put this on spotify

    Jesse WordenJesse Worden2 days ago
  • has anyone decoded what he was searching on his computers

    eldabyseldabys2 days ago
  • Guys, what the fuck is Brian researching in this video? Because his monitor is full of seagull pictures, but his book forged in chrome is showing us pigeons. Maybe this is proof that not only are seagulls the pigeons of the sea, but also a more advanced form of the pigeon cameras used by the government with the ability to steal your chips and also mainain buoyancy on water. Or maybe Brian is a weirdo.

    NotsureNotsure2 days ago
  • We all know brian made this video so he could claim a hurdy gurdy as a business tax rightoff

    NebulorNebulor2 days ago
  • Where can I get a hurdy-gurdy? I need one.

    Dirty ToesDirty Toes2 days ago
  • hurdy gurdy amazing

    Jesse HunterJesse Hunter2 days ago
  • This is amazing.

    Michael WMichael W2 days ago
  • I can't stop rewatching this. This is the curse afflicted by a hurdy gurdy enchanted with BDG and Karen's hypnotic singing.

    Evie CraftEvie Craft2 days ago
  • BDG is listed as a hurdy gurdy musician on the hurdy gurdy wikipedia page

    Casual CommunismCasual Communism2 days ago
  • Brian David Gilbert is a gift from heaven

    Manuel Bernardo Ibáñez OcampoManuel Bernardo Ibáñez Ocampo2 days ago
  • I've officially watched this too many times

    Joshua StGeorgeJoshua StGeorge2 days ago
  • So you DO have all 12 verses right? And you're just waiting to drop it on us? Right?? (Please say yes)

    zuliumzulium2 days ago
  • So when’s the full song coming to iTunes?

    Cal ChurchillCal Churchill2 days ago
  • Can you release the full album?

    Dr. WatzDr. Watz2 days ago
  • How, when, where?! How come you can play a hurdy gurdy?! :O 🤣🤣🤣

    Debz BaumausDebz Baumaus2 days ago
  • I have inexplicably watched this upwards of 10 times now.

    Ferraratron PokemonFerraratron Pokemon2 days ago
  • Bruh where can you get a quality electric gurdy for as cheap as a pawned chromebook? I've needed one for years.

    Matt HorvathMatt Horvath2 days ago
  • It must be hard to live with Brian David Gilbert, aka “Briam Gilbert” “BDG” “Bri” “Ol’ Brian” “New Brian” “the ultimate bed salesman” “Brian David Spillbert” “Fluffy hair” “Baby boy” “Magic Brian” “Spillasaurus” “Jorts Jeremy” "Best Boy” "Wet Brian" "Safety Fan and Bureaucratic Wunderkind" “All-seeing god” “Dry Brian" “God of strawberries” "Bean David Gilbert" "Brian David Gilbean" "Jorts Enthusiast" "Himbo" "vang0 bang0" "The Lewd Improvisationman" "Cheerio CRISPR" "Aquarius Rainbow Shark" "Horses Trident" "Started a Recordingman” "Big Brain Producer" “The one who sells the ovens” “Banana David Gilbert” "Reality Brian" "Polygon Twink" “Wears a bow tie man” “The U.K’s Second first man’s First Man” "Wholesome Individual" "PEN! PEN! PEN! PEN!" "The Number 1 Video Boy" "The Number 2 Audio Apprentice" “1948 Detective” ”Luigi” "Waluigi" "Brian Doublenose Gilbert" “Hugh Brandity” “Substandard Molding Guy” "Watermelon Man" "The Master Chief of Halo Novels" "The Master Chief of Loneliness" "Honest Bri"

    Bekah SpBekah Sp2 days ago
  • interesting that griffin mcelroy, bdg's former polygon coworker, talked about the hurdy gurdy in episode 147 of his podcast "wonderful," which was posted august 26th of this year, and here two weeks later this video appears. coincidence? I THINK NOT!

    Lauren MichelsLauren Michels2 days ago
  • I’d fully support an entire album from him of Hurdy Gurdy folk songs. Who’s with me?

    The BatmanThe Batman2 days ago
  • Turns out that the only thing that could make BDG more attractive was a hurdy-gurdy.

    Dr. BeesDr. Bees2 days ago
  • My dad walked in during the song and I didn't have time to explain to him that this "beautiful music" was absolute nonsense lol.

    ByrdByrd2 days ago
  • This is just brian flexing his singing... I LOVE IT!

    DaaronaaronaxDaaronaaronax2 days ago
  • Karen looking outside to the bright daylight on the word “tonight” is gold

    DeathnoteBBDeathnoteBB2 days ago
    • Wait i never caught that-

      • nBean •• nBean •Day ago
  • BDG, could you fix Warhammer to make it more... Peacehammer? We could use some content like that rn

    ItsmecaaarlItsmecaaarl2 days ago
  • So many reasons as to why I'm confused

    Glaciate OWGlaciate OW2 days ago
  • That’s Nina lu

    Super AndySuper Andy3 days ago
  • how much must i pay for all twelve verses

    Roland OwenRoland Owen3 days ago
  • When you need to write off a hurdy and gurdy on your taxes

    Stereotypically WrongStereotypically Wrong3 days ago
  • i demand to see the full song

    Gilad LevyGilad Levy3 days ago
  • For a second I thought the wizard was his sister-

    Hui Yi LienHui Yi Lien3 days ago
  • Brian, where is the full song... where is the FULL SONG

    Robert McAuleyRobert McAuley3 days ago
  • PLEASE release the full 12-verse version, i need it in my life

    Maia B-WMaia B-W3 days ago
  • ok tell me. who is the luthier

    Anna JohnsenAnna Johnsen3 days ago
  • Omg I’ve watched this a hundred times and I just realized that “and regret filled my MIND” is a hilarious twist. Since “though it pained me to part” should be followed by “and regret filled by HEART”

    UltraSuperGamerUltraSuperGamer3 days ago
    • UltraSuperGamer “Regret filled my mIND” “leaving naught but this gurdy behIND”

      Declan TechoDeclan Techo2 days ago
  • I need more bdg singing to a herdy gerdy

    Ciaran LaveryCiaran Lavery3 days ago
  • I really wanna hear all 12 verses

    Mr beans bakedMr beans baked3 days ago
  • this made me think of the time in my dnd campaign where we had a book that would only give you knowledge if you relinquish some of your own and one of the guys in my party gave up his ENTIRE knowledge of gender so the rest of the time he was very confused and called people "it."

    Calliope LynnCalliope Lynn3 days ago
  • We lack such music now a days

    DonotsleeponBAPDonotsleeponBAP3 days ago
  • god i love the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles OST

    Matt OwensMatt Owens3 days ago
  • Anybody Else Want To Hear The Full Version With All 12 Verses?

    rate eightxrate eightx3 days ago
  • Know what'd be amazing to see? BDG and nakey jakey collaborating.

    Cosmic TurbanCosmic Turban3 days ago
  • One of your finest videos Brian. Please make more

    Glide StarGlide Star3 days ago
  • Also, did he get good at darts?

    YouWalkedByYouWalkedBy3 days ago
  • Oh no, BDG, I just learned that I REALLY LIKE the Hurdy Gurdy.

    Hannah GrimmHannah Grimm3 days ago
  • this is fucking gold dude

    Anthony FunkAnthony Funk3 days ago
  • Crystal Chronicles feels.

    kikio heartskikio hearts3 days ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/gYJg9cLk1us-video.html This was in my recommended after watching this video

    CuberStacheCuberStache3 days ago