our last video together... goodbye

Sep 14, 2020
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This is our break up story…. part 9
Even though we broke up, we’ve been working on a project together
and we’d love your support - www.secretstofame.com/
In our program, we teach you the tips & tricks that made us go viral and
create an amazing life together. These secrets built both of our careers,
and we’re truly honored to be able to teach them to you.
Since we aren’t a couple anymore, youtube needs it’s next big relationship
channel and entertaining creators to fill the void. Want that to be you?
Unlock your potential now:

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You can always find us at:
Nate’s INSTAGRAM ➝ instagram.com/nategarner/
Karissa’s INSTAGRAM ➝ instagram.com/iamkarissaduncan1/
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  • It’s crazy how he gets so frustrated and bothered out of nowhere .... he’s definitely going through something deeper than we know

    Vanessa LopezVanessa Lopez3 hours ago
  • I hate how he keep mentioning how he taught her everything she knows

    Vanessa LopezVanessa Lopez3 hours ago
  • I am not a crazy fan or subscriber but I have seen a couple of your videos and I just want to say to both of you that from what I've seen, such major milestones in maturity, love, growth and humbleness between you both. May God bless you both on the plans he has for you both. The love you have for one another, never let it go. You two have such a strong bond, its amazing. God loves you both! Much love♡♡♡

    Jasmine Cuevas-AntonioJasmine Cuevas-Antonio4 hours ago
  • There’s no wrong time. It’s present and it’s now. Life is so god damn short. Sure I don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors, but if you’re upset, don’t end it. God, it’s not if you love something let it go. Those saying are toxic.

    lindsey Smithlindsey Smith4 hours ago
  • God bed such a dick. Talks over her all the time. She will thrive being single so she can speak her mind

    Mel’s LifeMel’s Life4 hours ago
  • This is real heartbreaking.. they seemed to be soulmates😭

    Udiga YoUdiga Yo5 hours ago
  • this was the right person wrong time sorta thing🥺

    Coco CooperCoco Cooper7 hours ago
  • Idk who they are, but this guy seems like a HUGE DOUCHE CANOE.

    Britanii HoecheBritanii Hoeche8 hours ago
  • I love you guys so much ❤️

    Ryan FlottaRyan Flotta8 hours ago
  • First time on this channel, this guy is the biggest tool bag I’ve ever seen

    Carley MillerCarley Miller10 hours ago
  • Lol notice how ur your video views aren’t shit w out her in it. So who’s rly the “master” bye boy

    Kiara RoseKiara Rose11 hours ago
  • And why he keep talking over her?

    Laneria ThomasLaneria Thomas11 hours ago
  • Yea they look odd doing this video.

    Laneria ThomasLaneria Thomas11 hours ago
  • Why are you guys breaking up

    Lily VisLily Vis13 hours ago
  • I'm bawling my eyes out!

    Leilani MaloataLeilani Maloata14 hours ago
  • wow, he's really full of himself isn't he.

    Aurora AnonAurora Anon18 hours ago
  • The irony of him talking about views and yet after this breakup video his views have gone down tremendously.

    Katie BurnsKatie Burns19 hours ago
  • God he’s an idiot !!!! Let her talk ....

    Katherine & Lee ChuckerKatherine & Lee Chucker23 hours ago
  • this guy is a complete idiot!! Let her bloody speak.... Too interested in his own stuff to even let her speak. 😡

    Holly RobertsonHolly RobertsonDay ago
  • Nate be more concious of words before they leave your mouth, you come off as arrogant sometimes

    Jocelyn VillegasJocelyn VillegasDay ago
  • Karissa seems cool and humble i like her may she have great success. Nate seems like his success got him. Still wish him well, but hopes he grows up fr.

    yuki crossyuki crossDay ago
  • What song did u use in the background ?

    Felix CardenasFelix CardenasDay ago
  • NO. Karissa, do NOT follow his secrets. Do NOT allow him to utilize your Organic followers using his program. You have actual supporters.

    Izamar GIzamar GDay ago
  • Omg you can tell that Karissa doesn’t want to let go of him .. She is hurting so much ... As selfish as this may sound yes he wants to live his life but he left behind someone who truly loved him

    Sofia SanyerSofia SanyerDay ago
  • wow this guy is a tool!!! he keeps saying "US" he means ME,ME,ME!!!

    Bre RBre RDay ago
  • Let her talk man wtf 😂

    SkiLxrdSkiLxrdDay ago
  • Everyone saying I hope they get back together in the future. I don’t think they should that poor girl not getting a single word in. He wants to experience life single is a huge red flag. Don’t need to be single to have fun. She deserves everything she’s too good for him

    Sophie CochraneSophie CochraneDay ago
  • Why don’t you guys just stay together please you guys need each other I can see through your eyes

    Alicia GarciaAlicia GarciaDay ago
  • always supporting you both! stay strong and keep thriving! i’m here for it

    Juliana MatosJuliana MatosDay ago
  • You both are beautiful human beings and both deserve to be happy, I wish u both the best of luck in life♥️♥️I support both of u!

    Toni ClarkToni ClarkDay ago
  • this made me cry😣🥺

    ashlee clineashlee clineDay ago
  • This guy is hella vain though!

    Kem & AlexKem & AlexDay ago
  • He doesnt even let her get a whole sentence out

    Steph TSteph TDay ago
  • 🥺

    Boglárka BellaBoglárka BellaDay ago
  • I don’t even know them but he is so disrespectful doesn’t let her talk and makes it sound like she can’t get nowhere without him 😡

    Itsmecathy WItsmecathy WDay ago
  • Let her talk.

    Ekin MedihieEkin MedihieDay ago
  • Don’t change the name. I agree 💯 with everything you guys say.

    Rebecca LongRebecca Long2 days ago
  • Latterly the saddest day of my life😭🥺

    Sadie GarciaSadie Garcia2 days ago
  • I love you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️

    Hannah KarissonHannah Karisson2 days ago
  • This is confusing. Is he on drugs? And why’s the whole video about some website

    ButterBeanButterBean2 days ago
  • Did she get to speak even 5 words. He was intense...

    Ciara JCiara J2 days ago
  • Petition for Karissa to make her own version of this series by herself so she can actually speak? Love u Nate but srsly

    beauty loverrrbeauty loverrr2 days ago
  • If u just wanted to break our heart why did u make this channel 😢i used to ship u guys everyday "kate"

    Rakshita KashyapRakshita Kashyap2 days ago
  • I was crying so much 😭😭😭😭😭

    Rakshita KashyapRakshita Kashyap2 days ago
  • I wish you both the best and always happiness❤️ it was fun watching the videos can’t wait to see what comes❤️❤️

    jena reamanjena reaman2 days ago
  • dude. nate. too cocky. let her speak. not cool

    ClaireelisabethClaireelisabeth2 days ago
    • you still fine as hell though

      ClaireelisabethClaireelisabeth2 days ago
  • I've never seen or heard of this broken up couple.. but like seeing them like this is so many mixed emotions...they care so much for eachother. They need to focus on their own future and what's best for them.. but damn I am rooting for whenever you do find eachother again

    Andrea AlvaradoAndrea Alvarado2 days ago
  • Some of y’all are never satisfied you get upset they aren’t posting then when they post you still aren’t satisfied. I just want to see both of them be the happiest versions of themselves weather they are together or apart. It’s just right person wrong time I believe they are soulmates and will find there way back when they are ready. I love them and will continue to support both of them🥺❤️❤️

    Shaniya BinkleyShaniya Binkley2 days ago
  • I love you both so much!! Can’t wait to watch you both thrive in life and see what other amazing success you do, but to also see what amazing people you turn into too

    Katrina CooperKatrina Cooper2 days ago
  • LIVE IT UP YALL you all deserve the best in life❤️✨🥺

    Ashrin RinAshrin Rin2 days ago
  • What a nice way to start my morning. "A GOOOOD MORNINGGG GARNER GAAAANGGGGG"

    Samantha ClaireSamantha Claire2 days ago
  • she is going to be such an independent queen and im here for it !!!

    Tania LimaTania Lima2 days ago
  • Is it just me or does he always cut her off when talking? Not trying to be rude or anything but she doesn’t even get her full thought out before he starts talking again. Maybe that’s another reason why they didn’t work out? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Also he keeps covering up his emotions but you can see it all over his face that he’s not okay. Best of luck to y’all

    Aurora GraysonAurora Grayson2 days ago
  • There’s no such thing as “the right person, the wrong time” there’s “I came into your life, taught you a lesson, and now you know what you’re looking for”. The right person stays. Always.

    Mariya Al DewliyMariya Al Dewliy2 days ago
    • Damn that hit hard

      Jennifer IbarraJennifer IbarraDay ago
    • Mariya Al Dewliy exactly right person wrong time

      Karrii DuboisKarrii DuboisDay ago
    • Karrii Dubois she came back, she stayed😊

      Mariya Al DewliyMariya Al DewliyDay ago
    • Not true I met my partner 7 years ago we both weren’t in the right place then a year later my mum was terminally ill and someone we both knew told her and she came back into my life to be there for me as she had lost hers 15 years ago and been together 6 years next April

      Karrii DuboisKarrii DuboisDay ago
  • this genuinely breaks my heart nate looks sooo old now how much has he been crying for 😭😭

    shannon shannonshannon shannon2 days ago
  • You guys are both such inspirations and so supportive of each other and it’s amazing to watch❤️

    Karen BerentsenKaren Berentsen2 days ago
  • I wish she would say “yeah” more actually, sounds super cute 🥺 stop interrupting her!

    Rosie PattersonRosie Patterson2 days ago
  • Then just that my imagination just died

    J U N G Y E O N N I S MJ U N G Y E O N N I S M2 days ago
  • “I’m not really getting views but subscribe to my program” 😂

    Miranda GascaMiranda Gasca3 days ago
  • why is this literally just a promo, let karissa speak

    karen elizabethkaren elizabeth3 days ago

    Heidi IzabelleHeidi Izabelle3 days ago
  • I've never watched them but this guy is a douche....not because if the break up but bcuz he thinks hes the shit...and hes dogging her ...He's a narcissist

    Traci SkipperTraci Skipper3 days ago
  • ‘See how easy it is to be a fan of ours’ ‘Be a fan without ruining our lives’ You’re not gonna have any fans if you don’t have respect for them in the first place cause nobody wants to be you fan.

    Nina NinaNina Nina3 days ago
  • Seriously wanna cry

    Jiala AJiala A3 days ago

    It's MeIt's Me3 days ago
  • Dude this is just messed up

    brayden deanbrayden dean4 days ago
  • 💜

    Gina CassAtGina CassAt4 days ago
  • This isn't even your break-up story explanation anymore, this is just a promo for your dense program which costs way more than you say it does. We watched Karissa's content because we love her and she just makes really good content, not because of *_your_* secrets. #LETKARISSASPEAK

    Rose WernRose Wern4 days ago

    Abby CrabbyAbby Crabby4 days ago

    jimmy neutronjimmy neutron4 days ago
  • I can’t stop crying

    Lior MamaLior Mama4 days ago
  • I’m glad they’re breaking up. He does not let her shine, he wants all the attention.

    Savvy xSavvy x4 days ago
    • Savvy x i kinda felt that

      S AngelS Angel2 days ago
  • Why did they break up

    Emersen WeaverEmersen Weaver4 days ago
  • Noooo

    Genesis FigueroaGenesis Figueroa4 days ago
  • I am so extremely impressed with how you both have handled this. You should be proud of yourselves. Keep your heads up I hope people stop giving you hate because you both are amazing.

    Alyssa EdwardsAlyssa Edwards4 days ago
  • Please no I love you guys so much please dont break up you guys are goals

    Jasmine ThousandJasmine Thousand4 days ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Lauren CoughenourLauren Coughenour4 days ago
  • I'm subscribing to her and following her on Instagram cuzz fashion is my life!!!❤❤❤❤❤

    Elizabeth FerrerasElizabeth Ferreras4 days ago
  • these feels so unreal

    unfriendlykarmaunfriendlykarma5 days ago
  • The way she looks at him 🥺🥺💔

    daniela zuritadaniela zurita5 days ago
  • I am CryINg

    Lily MartellLily Martell5 days ago
  • Aww ily yall so much even tho i cried hope yall do great and have a great life love yall ❤

    Gabby RaineyGabby Rainey5 days ago
  • I don’t know why she reminds me of Britney Spears

    a. cordovaa. cordova5 days ago
  • Why can’t I never take these things seriously

    Sara YalcinSara Yalcin5 days ago
  • I can’t believe thjs🥺

    Aleigha CharlesAleigha Charles5 days ago
  • Omg I´m crying so much.. :(

    Nanna LindhardtNanna Lindhardt5 days ago
  • Yeah I’m not gonna make hate pages

    MiCayla BalesMiCayla Bales5 days ago
  • They will not getting married ?

    Carolina SimõesCarolina Simões5 days ago
  • Why the pic of them kissing in the sunflower fild tho

    Sara ThompsonSara Thompson6 days ago
  • The last video togter 😭😢🤤😖

    Sara ThompsonSara Thompson6 days ago
  • why he being a dick

    Jack PorterJack Porter6 days ago
  • I love you guys. Respect for Nate, haven’t seen this side of him before and I really like it! I like the real ness. Karissa is adorable and will be successful in whatever she does ❤️ Love youuuuuu😭

    karen Gfittkaren Gfitt6 days ago
  • He keeps talking over her 🙄 let her talk geez

    Briona AvieBriona Avie6 days ago
  • Why did you break up 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Teagan wellsTeagan wells6 days ago
  • Quit talking over her -_-

    Just_ JemJust_ Jem6 days ago
  • Fame definitely got the best of him and went to his head. I pray he finds the real world and real life because being single is no fun I wish men would realize what they have in front of them and stick with that wonderful amazing person bc he wont have that again.. when hes 80 he will regret it.

    abbigail thomasabbigail thomas6 days ago
  • Supporting whatever you do. Just want u to be happy!!!!!

    Klaudya JacobsKlaudya Jacobs6 days ago
  • so dramatic....

    Ava MccordAva Mccord6 days ago
  • Are you guys still going to be friends?❤

    Nakeshia MaggardNakeshia Maggard6 days ago
  • Easily the most arrogant guy I’ve ever come across...

    Brittany NicoleBrittany Nicole6 days ago
    • 100%%%%%%

      Gruffalo08Gruffalo083 days ago
    • THANK U!!

      Antonia B.Antonia B.3 days ago