King Von - Crazy Story, Pt. 3 (Official Video)

Jan 30, 2020
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From the album "Grandson, Vol. 1". Out now!
Director: James “JMP” Pereira @ualreadykmowjmp
DP:Mike Koziel
Producer: Jiorgi Miller @lilsabotage
AC/Drone Op: Drew Percival
Gaff/Grip: Cody Cook
Casting: April Rivera
Location Scout: Cosmo Orlando
PA: Davon King
Edit: Brendan Stepp & JMP
Color: Kinan Chabani
Sound Design: Ayodouson
Main Girl: Stefoni Sam
Friend 1: Nicole Berry
Friend 2: Cheyenne Curtis
Main Guy: Daniel “Royal” Martin
Goon 1: Duane Wallas
Goon 2: Marques Jackson
Production Company: JMP VISUALS LLC
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Official Music Video by King Von - Crazy Story, Pt. 3 © 2020 Only The Family Entertainment / EMPIRE

  • So how has he not gone to jail ik he beat all his cases but in most of his songs he’s describing how he killed them but I fw von hard

    frenzy-btwfrenzy-btw2 hours ago
  • Pop

    legit boizzlegit boizz4 hours ago
  • Von the type of dude to shoot up his school for getting a 63 on a test😂

    Prodigy Jay_YTProdigy Jay_YT7 hours ago
  • I'sad shit iam just chilling bich iam not from 63rd

    jamal makinajamal makina7 hours ago
  • Tooka smellin good

    Atrivis PerryAtrivis Perry7 hours ago
  • Aye I’m not from 63rd

    XgamZsmode YTXgamZsmode YT8 hours ago
  • Police:.....WE GOT HIM

    Makayla MeeksMakayla Meeks8 hours ago
  • Man could have his own show with all these story’s

    FlackaWackaFlackaWacka8 hours ago
  • somebody tell me where i can get that coat from

    King GamingKing Gaming9 hours ago
  • king von

    Aaron DavisAaron Davis9 hours ago
  • yes

    Gabriella CarneyGabriella Carney10 hours ago
  • I don't know 63rd but fuck that block.

    Andy TanuiAndy Tanui10 hours ago
  • Fuck 63rd

    Th3 birbs YoutubeTh3 birbs Youtube10 hours ago
  • Bro he is a story teller

    Gabriel PhilbrookGabriel Philbrook11 hours ago
  • this like a ratchet version of meek mills tony story

    dion waltersdion walters12 hours ago
  • Imagine Von narrating WWIII 🤯

    Devin HaywireDevin Haywire14 hours ago
  • This type of song to summarize Lamar's gta missions.

    Devin HaywireDevin Haywire14 hours ago
  • Cee murda in the cut 2:03

    SantanaSantana14 hours ago
  • :fire:

    Tshia GamesTshia Games16 hours ago
  • Bro dis 🔥

    Swagg NinjaSwagg Ninja17 hours ago
  • lil dicky

    John LennonJohn Lennon18 hours ago
  • He from 63rd he jumped ships in highschool do yo homework

    Je DosJe Dos20 hours ago
  • all starter from doin her a favor

    over_ratedover_rated21 hour ago
  • What’s the girls @ ?

    Ray MartinezRay Martinez21 hour ago
  • Von be like,” yeah i shot that nigga and his hoe”

    Sherk Teh OrgeSherk Teh Orge23 hours ago
  • like if people from 63 b*tches

    qulxvqulxv23 hours ago
  • After i read deeply i understand this 🔥🔥🔥, and yes it’s still 🔥🔥🔥

    Josh TRYJosh TRY23 hours ago
  • According to his birth certificate it says not from 63rd

    Killswitch RichKillswitch RichDay ago
  • I know all the words to crazy story part 1

    jessica Dempsjessica DempsDay ago
  • Why he told I jam to it all day

    jessica Dempsjessica DempsDay ago
  • Imma big fan

    jessica Dempsjessica DempsDay ago
  • 1:08 - 1:20 listen closely

    N GN GDay ago
  • "Tooka smelling good" he always gotta throw it in 😭

    Gavin GGavin GDay ago
  • Fun fact: his parents used to sleep with him when they was scared

    Ueue J3jejUeue J3jejDay ago
  • Teacher what’s 60 plus 3 Von: 😤😡 👩🏾🔫

    Devon WalkerDevon WalkerDay ago
  • This dude out here shooting like it’s GTA 😭

    JordanJordanDay ago
  • I’m not from 63rd von I swear 🖐🏼😳🖐🏼

    Faded MintFaded MintDay ago
  • VON FROM 63rdddddddd

    Eric BourgeoisEric BourgeoisDay ago
  • This nigga made the whole world hate 63rd

    Gm.tparkGm.tparkDay ago
  • VON is like the Midwest version of DMX

    Check CheckCheck CheckDay ago
  • as much as hes a dick you have to give it to him the nigga got bars

    Andrew McCartonAndrew McCartonDay ago
  • I vouch for *Cyberfoux* on telegram is the best and trusted vendor,i've been dealing with since 3weeks now i enjoy dealing with him,i got my cc fullz, Bank logs, bins,Fraud bible from him.

    Davis CrownDavis CrownDay ago
  • He not fron 63rd 😬

  • thats why im from 62

    ShagasShagasDay ago
  • ffiiireee

    Timothy HinckleyTimothy HinckleyDay ago
  • Fun fact: He's not from 63rd

    Dark RiflesDark RiflesDay ago
  • Teacher : what’s 60 + 3 King Von: pulls out glock

    FosterinooFosterinooDay ago
    • Why yall love stealing comments. Clown

      King BeastmodeKing Beastmode16 hours ago
  • Fun fact : when he turns 62 he’ll be 64 cuz he’s not from 63rd

    FosterinooFosterinooDay ago
  • Bruh I think king von skipped leg day

    Matthew LopezMatthew LopezDay ago
  • 😂😂🔥🔥

    girlhefunnyaf44girlhefunnyaf44Day ago
    • You should of did him worst cause he from 63rd

      Zayy RugRatZayy RugRat14 hours ago
    • yooo keep the good work love yo vids

      vuhnvuhn15 hours ago
    • Bro I haven't seen any of your vids in about 2 years

      Chris NaylorChris Naylor17 hours ago
    • Von would be proud of you 😂

      Man1acMan1ac18 hours ago
    • not from 63rd

      PlayboiPlayboiDay ago
  • “Flame me up a wood toonka smelling good😭😭”

    Rashaun BoromRashaun BoromDay ago
  • Von goin right from 62 to 64

    ChumChumDay ago
  • how the guy pull up on his right side and shoot Von's left shoulder lmao

    owen chongowen chong2 days ago
    • His car and gun probably glitched who know in Chiraq

      YHB IKEYHB IKE22 hours ago
  • how can he rap about story and it rymes

    KavershionKavershion2 days ago
  • Yo guys i think he doesnt like the 63rd

    Zalo_boldZalo_bold2 days ago
  • Don’t play wit von ‼️💨😈🔫

    Kaiden nnKaiden nn2 days ago
  • Is that Cee Murda in the video.

    Sixo deuceSixo deuce2 days ago
  • King Von’s least favorite Flash Game is Super Mario 63

    808Gengar808Gengar2 days ago
  • Funna make a banger with this one

    Jesus JimenezJesus Jimenez2 days ago
  • 30 deep grimy fuck with the bds?

    Trenton ConnerTrenton Conner2 days ago
  • Nwm Cee murda was out makin videos wit Von and i didn't even notice haha

    Artaxet VIArtaxet VI2 days ago
  • Fun Fact: He’s not allowed on 63rd

    Forever LostForever Lost2 days ago
  • Im on 62 and cottage so i dont fuck wit none of these niggas.

    mtVL WestmtVL West2 days ago
  • Yessir

    Hydro ClapsHydro Claps2 days ago
  • Sometimes I feel like this song is 5mins but he says so much in 3mins

    My tempo edits SmhMy tempo edits Smh2 days ago
  • “Flame me up a wood, tooka smellin good” WHAT DID TOOKA DOOOO

    Jayden CurtisJayden Curtis2 days ago
    • It’s Chicago O Block slang, they diss Tooka because they’re not from 63rd

      Travis JonesTravis JonesDay ago
  • Fun fact King Von and his piers are from 64th and 65th and most definitely not from 63rd

    Grande BoyGrande Boy2 days ago
  • Like if you’re from 63rd

    FBIFBI2 days ago
  • Cop: u got 63 years King von: carves a knife Cop:what's that for King von: *stabs

    Dorothy LaplantDorothy Laplant3 days ago
  • Tooka died in 2011. It's 2020. Von let that nigga rest please?!🙏🏾

    Aliyah CarterAliyah Carter3 days ago
  • Here come all the fuckin Tik tok kids who’s been here since November 2019

    FN GETTAFN GETTA3 days ago
  • This needs to be in gta 6

    BandoBoy_a1BandoBoy_a13 days ago
  • This shit fire 🔥

    Jose MungarroJose Mungarro3 days ago
  • Nigga is snitching on himself

    Elijah RoderickElijah Roderick3 days ago
  • Nwm cee Murdaa at 2:04

    Darik MartinezDarik Martinez3 days ago
  • Who peeped ceemurder in the video?

    Fred Da DonFred Da Don3 days ago
  • Never noticed hes got NWM cee murda in there ha

    Ethan TaylorEthan Taylor3 days ago
  • @reverse Dom stg

    Mary GoreckiMary Gorecki3 days ago
  • The guy that was hitting a blut whith von that was 30 deep grimyy cuz

    FNTXX ?FNTXX ?3 days ago
  • tooka smellin good

    DunnXDunnX3 days ago
  • She’s definitely from 63rd

    Scarponi18Scarponi183 days ago
  • If you looked to yo right and the opp sprayed you how you feel the pain in yo left shoulder. shouldnt it be in yo right?

    Zensa OfficialZensa Official3 days ago
  • plot twist: the people killed in the video actually got killed

    Noa FranssenNoa Franssen3 days ago
  • Von out here going hard on these crazy stories waiting for PT.4

    The Intelligent Brother Mr GThe Intelligent Brother Mr G3 days ago
  • This nugga go ham!!! No joke From south central Los ANGELES Much love VON

    Larry OgLarry Og3 days ago
  • von im not from 63 but all my teachers is GO get Em

    Zetsu KingZetsu King3 days ago
  • 98% of y’all ain’t even ever been to 63rd

    Dg BeastDg Beast3 days ago
  • I like this song keep up the work

    Black PatrickBlack Patrick4 days ago
  • 63 Rd no

    Sergio GreenSergio Green4 days ago
  • Who else can’t find part 2

    Kato KaiserKato Kaiser4 days ago

  • King von the only rapper that makes me hate on a block that I never been to😂

    Dripp_ Killa213Dripp_ Killa2134 days ago
  • Nigga upped on a female 😂😂😂 loch him up he a demon fr

    Robert Barclay Jr.Robert Barclay Jr.4 days ago
  • Von the only person I know that raps about him killing someone with a hoe w him 🤣

    iso X chrisiso X chris4 days ago
  • hi

    snotheadsnothead4 days ago
  • peep murda in tht bih😂

    Jake HendersonJake Henderson4 days ago
  • “Tryna get me caught like randy moss” hardest lyric of all time 🔥

    BrandonBrandon4 days ago
  • Shit reminds me of rico story days ago
  • Oo🤗😮😈🤟🤟🖖

    Krystle ballouKrystle ballou4 days ago
  • Check the score.

    JPfishingJPfishing4 days ago