DrDisrespect VS PewDiePie - The Ultimate YOUTUBE stand-off

Aug 16, 2020
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PewDiePie takes on DOC in FALL GUYS!
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♦ Producer/Director/Lighting: Alex
♦ Co-Assistant Producer: twitter.com/ThePeacePigeon
♦ Co-Assistant Editor: twitter.com/HobbertGames
0:00 Intro
0:40 Pewdiepie and Doc Sending friend requests
2:35 Finally able to communicate
2:39 Banter
4:16 Setting the rules
4:48 Playing Fall Guys (Versus Pewdiepie)
17:38 Doc reacting to Pewdiepie's most Disliked video
19:36 Credits
19:45 End Credits Clip

  • My life's role models finally meet!

  • King of USkeys and King of Streamer.

    MidracleMidracle8 days ago
  • Pewdiepie and the Doc in the same video, for sure this is what heaven must be like!!

    Alchemist EddieAlchemist Eddie9 days ago
  • 2X doing it big

    NoBueno4UNoBueno4U11 days ago
  • Calling Doc a boomer is like calling a Lion cute

    chipzahoymilkchipzahoymilk13 days ago
  • Is that just me or did he almost get stabbed by the knife when he ate the egg

    DoonsterDoonster18 days ago
    • Mrs Assassin knows what shes doing!

      MrBCutMrBCut12 days ago
  • boomers going back and forth calling eachother boomer oml

    Alejandro MaksimAlejandro Maksim18 days ago
  • these guys will give bidens and trumps debate a run for their money

    Aaif RabyuAaif Rabyu21 day ago
  • My favourite youtubers, i am loving this.

    SlimSlim28 days ago
  • 18:25 Doc removed a lil clip right there, lucky you I posted it long ago if you're interested ;)

    brokeNbrokeN28 days ago
  • Needs to drive 7 hours to get to a liquor store 🤣🤣🤣

    Banes BroBanes BroMonth ago
  • the bridge

    red kinda susred kinda susMonth ago
  • This puts smile on my face..

  • The 🥚 almost choked the Doc into submission but little did the 🥚know that it had met its match and that it too like the millions before it would succumb to the intense violence, speed, and momentum that is the 2x

    StöMpëR 510StöMpëR 510Month ago
  • 13:50 are you sick😂😂😂😂💔💔💔dead bruh

    Nicolas JacobsNicolas JacobsMonth ago
  • gg

    WiseOfRunesWiseOfRunesMonth ago
  • well done to both of them

  • This is freaking hilarious

    ZweiZweiMonth ago
  • Told you blue was innocent

    Akai DragoneelAkai DragoneelMonth ago
  • Pewdiepie in his worst-rated video:- BASICALLY TRYING TO COPY PAPA FRANKU

    ÆX-3:16ÆX-3:16Month ago
  • There way different from each other but pew is like 100× bigger

    Dukey DoozeDukey DoozeMonth ago
  • If we sub to Pewds & Doc does that make us "Floor Champions"?

    Reason DelafêtReason DelafêtMonth ago
  • this is quite epic!

    Martin UzunovMartin UzunovMonth ago
  • friking legendary!

    Ciro M.Ciro M.Month ago
  • All this Pewdiepie guy did was "you're so old, old this, old that, old" who finds this guy funny, he's so lame.

    Omegared -Omegared -Month ago
  • Top 10 Anime Crossovers

    Mojave DevilMojave DevilMonth ago
  • Why is pewdie using a lav mike on his head phone Mike?

    BushwookieeBushwookieeMonth ago
  • Swedish chad thrashes the Two Time Champ

    Trial_With_An_ErrorTrial_With_An_ErrorMonth ago
  • Shungite

    AT SilentAT SilentMonth ago
  • Love the content, but my favorite thing is that you actually promote the music artists at the end.

    Axel StoneAxel StoneMonth ago
  • This was very Highly Enjoyable!!!!!

    Jerry GJerry GMonth ago
  • Bridge

    LaneLaneMonth ago
  • 9:02 😁

    Marek KarmiłowiczMarek KarmiłowiczMonth ago
  • *Hooked On **14:48*

    Hooked On ChronicsHooked On ChronicsMonth ago
  • SWEDEN vs MURICA 1-0 Great vid guys! Round two..... when?

    Pontus HPontus HMonth ago
  • is he ever gonna like admit what he did

    ChodeChodeMonth ago
  • malayali undo

    muhammed afeefmuhammed afeefMonth ago
  • This possibly one of the funniest collabs I've seen on USkeys in a while

    Daniel ReyesDaniel ReyesMonth ago
  • at 11:20 not gonna lie, I thought he called him "Cutie" xD

    WolfieWufWolfieWufMonth ago
  • Who starts new USkeys channel in this Lockdown 🏠 Come lets grow Together 🤝.

    supRX YTsupRX YTMonth ago
  • Clash of the Idiots

    mmm Nutsmmm NutsMonth ago
  • 1:21

    VK DudeVK DudeMonth ago
  • ur mama gang

    Red Apple GamingRed Apple GamingMonth ago
  • 1942 is one of the best games ever and it was in the Atari

    Mikey CroweMikey CroweMonth ago
  • 15:21 when Doc asked, where are you.... While pewds bumping into wall lol

    KlidatorKlidatorMonth ago
  • hairy chest DansGame

    flamechickenflamechickenMonth ago
  • Finally the beards come off. Simp free September

    PoorLittleMom PornHubPoorLittleMom PornHubMonth ago
  • Doc, what is a pewdiepie?

    azores81azores81Month ago
  • Doc switched to USkeys, then not even a month later already has a collaboration with the 2nd biggest USkeysr in the world. The Doc is the best. He really his.

    JustAMessengerJustAMessengerMonth ago
  • This is hilarious 😂

    Drachen ZorDrachen ZorMonth ago
  • who else thinks DOC does a lot of over-acting?

    Mridul MarkandeyMridul MarkandeyMonth ago
  • one of the biggest comeback ever in online media ever

    rsanjurrsanjurMonth ago
  • Oh what's this an Alabama like old homie is still playin' games 😆

    ᴀʟᴇjᴀиᴅяᴏ нᴇяиáиᴅᴇzᴀʟᴇjᴀиᴅяᴏ нᴇяиáиᴅᴇzMonth ago

    FXIR _YTFXIR _YTMonth ago
    • It’s been 2 years. Go outside.

      Spiff KidSpiff KidMonth ago
  • Both of these guys started youtube 10 years ago. It's mind-blowing how far they've come.

    A. P.A. P.Month ago
  • Does anyone else find pewdiepie to be extremely off putting?

    wickkiddawickkiddaMonth ago
  • I’m actually surprised at the pretty decent chemistry between these two

    Aiden RoyAiden RoyMonth ago
  • Hahahha dou 💕💕💕

    Earl AmahanEarl AmahanMonth ago
  • pewds is hairy

    Authority101Authority101Month ago
  • Dang, I've been such a fan for years but you teaming up with a racist is beyond disappointing.

    tiffany victoriatiffany victoriaMonth ago
  • 17:40 when he said movie instead of video that's how you know he's a boomer..

    KuncuKuncuMonth ago
  • donnow hy i felt that everything in drdisrespect is taking verything over, i mean the screen

    Mad PredatorMad PredatorMonth ago
  • I Got the trinity GX ad with Doc White watching

    Eddie SkouboEddie SkouboMonth ago
  • should of did 1st place gets 2 points or something else spicy like they have to watch another video on top of the original one lol

    TheRMJQandATheRMJQandAMonth ago
  • The mind games from Pewdiepie are hilarious.

    SgtTeddybear59SgtTeddybear59Month ago
  • Ok this is the doc I like to see :)!!! The happy doc! Pewdiepie and the doc is gold!

    Cameron GrieveCameron GrieveMonth ago
  • internet boomers

    LusioLusioMonth ago
  • I like watching pewdiepie when he plays with others. Like cry, minx, Ken, and others...the contents is way better and wholesome. Doesn't always have to be the same people but it's fun watching them interact.

    Steve RinconSteve RinconMonth ago
  • bg music level is too high

    Young GodYoung GodMonth ago
  • this is just great

    iam_boskoiam_boskoMonth ago
  • Doc why is your name Dr disrespect?

    bara Barabara BaraMonth ago
  • 19:20 I thought Doc was gonna say "hey, look at us" Pewd "who'd a thought it?" Doc "Not me"

    My Favourite ChannelMy Favourite ChannelMonth ago
  • Pls make this a regular thing, pewds vs the doc over different games

    MehhhCHMehhhCHMonth ago
  • I quit 4 minutes in because it was very awkward

    cherrycherryMonth ago
  • Hahahaha "Im not even in a boomer racket."

    John SmithJohn SmithMonth ago
  • Luv you Dr D.

    superswede80superswede80Month ago
  • I don’t think doc is a boomer

    NyteThrasher YTNyteThrasher YTMonth ago
  • Can I offer you a nice egg in this tryin' time? -Frank Reynolds

    Shaheer AhmedShaheer AhmedMonth ago
  • i want someone to serve me hard boiled eggs on a big knife

    Benjamin BeaudryBenjamin BeaudryMonth ago
  • *The Bridge* Vietnam flash backs

    Sting JnrSting JnrMonth ago
  • It's actually fun to watch 2 boomers play.

    King CobraKing CobraMonth ago
  • I thought *Avengers Endgame* was the best crossover of all time. _But I was wrong._

    Strider StrykerStrider StrykerMonth ago
  • Pewdiepie is unbetebal

    Benedikte NilsenBenedikte NilsenMonth ago
  • doc is a boomer

    Der KönigDer KönigMonth ago
  • Poor pewds is so stressed. Really looking like an introvert there.

    AppltronAppltronMonth ago
  • I see he has flocked like a graceful swan to youtube

    Logan KerrLogan KerrMonth ago
  • Doc is hilarious, the hard boiled eggs part lol

    gypsygibgypsygibMonth ago
  • hey DrDisRespect i'm small youtber, i'm uploading warone weapon and sking unlocking videos, but my videos not more views, how can grow my gaming channel, please help to me...

    Warzone Top KillsWarzone Top KillsMonth ago
  • 2 ledgends

    mayank Dogra7mayank Dogra7Month ago
  • Twitch: 1:17 USkeys: 1:19

    A1RA1RMonth ago
  • Doc loves Sweden, even supporting Swedish music!

    Altered SerenityAltered SerenityMonth ago
  • 10:25 Syncronized seat adjustment.

    Marius BergMarius BergMonth ago
  • Can't understand two grown men playing this game. Now that I think about it, can't understand any adult watching these two idiots.

    Random ChaosRandom ChaosMonth ago
  • What people see: Dr.disrespect vs pewdipie What i see: an cool guy wearing cool glasses and like a true gamer vs an swedish guy that smack tamborine.Well thats cool

    Alex xAlex xMonth ago
  • ooooh, never know anything about this really. I heard about pewdiepie, yes. Got this vid in YT recommendation and as soon as I found out DrDisRespect is a PISCES and a bit older than me... I'm like... wooooowwww

    erica cerica cMonth ago
  • Who's gonna tell doc that felix dosen't live in Sweden anymore?

    AdamBazarsnakeAdamBazarsnakeMonth ago
  • Why didn't I watched this guy's content yet??????? Fcking EPIC!!!!

    Mr ShiroMr ShiroMonth ago
  • im only here for pewds but this other dood seems chill. plus, im only 2 minutes in and its so chaotic.

    Debby MarquezDebby MarquezMonth ago
  • The beard vs the stache!

    Asa YagamiAsa YagamiMonth ago
  • Tambourine smack!

    Brant MorseBrant MorseMonth ago