Superstore Season 6 "Amy's Big Surprise" Promo (HD)

Oct 18, 2020
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After the coronavirus hits, Amy and Jonah try to bring some order to the chaos in Cloud 9 while being pulled in multiple directions. The employees learn what it means to be considered “heroes” while Amy and Jonah’s impending move to California looms large. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on USkeys for more Superstore season 6 promos in HD!
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» Starring: America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, Colton Dunn, Lauren Ash, Mark McKinney


    Zara PowersZara PowersMonth ago
  • You would at least think forn6 season they would actually find a better career

    Aaron GalindoAaron GalindoMonth ago
  • She’s staying

    Jay PattersonJay PattersonMonth ago
  • I hope Jonah will stay !

    DianaAnkhDianaAnkhMonth ago
  • I missed this show. I'm glad its back

    PalkiaferPalkiaferMonth ago
  • So another show is doing Covid storylines. Enough already. Do not reflect real world events.

    Ormi AderOrmi AderMonth ago
  • America is leaving so who will be Jonah's new love interest

  • I’m excited but also dreading this. This is without a doubt my favorite show currently on TV right now and I’ve been eagerly anticipating its return, but it will be bittersweet to lose Amy. I’ve never considered her the main character, because I’ve always thought of this as an ensemble show, but her presence will definitely be missed. She was, after all, the first Cloud 9 employee we were introduced to and I always thought when the show ended that she would be the last employee we saw, maybe on her last day at the store. Sigh. I guess if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that things don’t always turn out how expected.

    RewindMeRewindMeMonth ago
  • Can't wait until we have to watch the team conquer the stereotypical white conservative that refuses to wear a mask in the store

    Eric FellenzEric FellenzMonth ago
  • they’re really gonna have to bring it this season to show me that this show will work without America... I just can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like without her!

    Chase ParkerChase ParkerMonth ago
  • Cant wait for the covid jokes

    Sage ForbesSage ForbesMonth ago
  • They are a funny bunch

    Ponitails _toPossibilities_GHPonitails _toPossibilities_GHMonth ago
  • I cant wait for season 6!!!!!!

    Cameron SimpsonCameron SimpsonMonth ago
  • “It’s usually Adam’s” 😂😂😂

    Dee M.Dee M.Month ago
  • As a person who hadn’t watched this show before and has worked at a supermarket during this pandemic,I am super excited to watch this, having not seen many shows yet shot during the pandemic or ones that give their take on it.

    magicoAmagicoAMonth ago
    • But watch the other seasons then. Hilarious.

      Nostalgic StuffNostalgic StuffMonth ago
    • Same, I work in a supermarket and I’m so excited for this

      Imke MerckxImke MerckxMonth ago
  • this show is overhyped

    Giancarlo VillarrealGiancarlo VillarrealMonth ago
  • No...surprise is she is leaving the show... which is do other things...which fell thru. Lol

    Pawsh GrizzlyPawsh GrizzlyMonth ago
  • Its usually Adams😂 Glenn spitting some truth

    miskelleneous kmiskelleneous kMonth ago
  • i love america but tbh not gonna miss amy. her character got annoying the last few seasons. more focus on glenn would be hilarious...he’s like the purified michael scott

    claireclaireMonth ago
  • I know imma love this season even more love them

    Aaliyah CastilloAaliyah CastilloMonth ago
  • “It’s usually Adam’s” I’m cryinggg 😂😂😂 poor jonah

    ari atlantisari atlantisMonth ago
  • I love every character of the show, and I think it's sad Amy leaves. As we followed her journey for many seasons. This could be a good chance to see more of Jonah but honestly the show would be boring to me without their romance. Maybe is a good time to bring a new romantic interest for Jonah (I haven't watched season 5 yet so maybe I'm missing things from Jonah and Amy's relationship. Also I would love to see a new member of Superstore starting from scratch. Honestly I'm dissapointed with America Ferrara and Ana Farris (Mom) for droping the shows just like that, still I think they could work because both series have lots of great characters!

    ClautasticClautasticMonth ago
    • Idk how you find the show boring just because their romance would be gone but regardless, I do agree this could be good for Jonah to get more screen time. They did confirm that her and Jonah aren’t breaking up which is a bit odd to me since we’ll only be seeing him as far as we know

      Donald WalkerDonald WalkerMonth ago
    • @EmiRachelNatalie yeah, I wouldn't like if he fall in love inmediatly with someone else but if Amy is not there their relationship would be pointless

      ClautasticClautasticMonth ago
    • couldn't bring in a new lover for jonah :((( he was in love with amy the first time he saw her. Maybe a while after Amy has left but not the same season lol that's sad skkssk

      EmiRachelNatalieEmiRachelNatalieMonth ago
  • Glen is my favorite

    Elsa VillarrealElsa VillarrealMonth ago
  • I literally cannot wait for this season , I also kind of Hope Amy's brother comes back for a couple of episodes and not just because he's played by my favorite actor but like bc Eric was generally an awesome guy and honestly way better for Mateos than Jeff

    mollymollyMonth ago
    • I was so excited because it was saposta be premering today but got pushed to the 29

      Kate MeyerKate MeyerMonth ago
    • george salazar do b epic

      shïbushïbuMonth ago
  • I can't wait to see this season, Tina is going to kick it 😄

    Moniica DiazzMoniica DiazzMonth ago
  • Im excited more than i should be

    GEUSTGEUSTMonth ago
  • "You guys are the real heroes!"

    Shan WickremesingheShan WickremesingheMonth ago
  • I am looking forward to this season!!! Love super store and love Sandra!!! I don't want amy to go but I know the show can still carry on without her.

    c. herc. herMonth ago
  • Dina needs a 6 foot pole.

  • I think there trying to announce the new manager

    KitsuneKitsuneMonth ago
  • This is the most annoying part of any good show. Why the hell do you do sitcoms if you're not ready to make a ten year commitment?

    KrisKrisMonth ago
  • Why is Amy leaving

    Adrian GuzmanAdrian GuzmanMonth ago
    • America has 2 babies pretty close in age, plus some other projects she wants to focus on. Someone else said she wants to focus on more Latino-centric projects (like her Netflix show gentrified that she produces.)

      vanillamarshmallowvanillamarshmallowMonth ago
  • I thought Amy went to California

    Jovaine17Jovaine17Month ago
  • Man I'm getting Micheal Scott leaving the office vibes. Hopefully I'm wrong.

    Ronnie BushRonnie BushMonth ago
    • I disagree, in this show, Amy is definitely not the Michael Scott, for me it's Dina.

      M FCM FCMonth ago
    • I don't think it'll be like that. Amy isn't as integral a character as Michael was. For me, most of the humor in Superstore revolves around the other characters. Now if Cheyenne or Sandra ever leave, then I'll be concerned.

      Txnmia 86Txnmia 86Month ago
    • yeah but michael scott was likeable

      claireclaireMonth ago
    • Well I'm out 🚶‍♂️

      Todd GraysonTodd GraysonMonth ago
    • I love Steve Carrell but I didn't feel The Office was bad after he left. Actually I felt less stressed without Michael.

      ClautasticClautasticMonth ago
  • I hope they end up hiring Emma to work there, and Jonah can stay to keep an eye on her. It'll be like kinda having Amy there, except she's not.

    misterl0gicmisterl0gicMonth ago
  • I freaking love this show

    Tobi OgunjewoTobi OgunjewoMonth ago
  • this show didn’t get cancelled 6 years ago?

    MeadaMeadaMonth ago
    • no. leave if you don't like it pls :). It's really good and NBC's No.1 comedy so lol either try to watch it or don't comment cause people will tell you it's good lol.

      EmiRachelNatalieEmiRachelNatalieMonth ago
  • yup go dina!

    Yulee SalvaritaYulee SalvaritaMonth ago
  • She’s leaving the yeah whats the point Amy and Jonah are the main part of the show

    cerooscuascerooscuasMonth ago
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Dina tried to tell Glenn it was a hundred feet just so he would stay away from her

    charlie browncharlie brownMonth ago
    • I don’t hate Glenn (tho he definitely has his moments where he’s a total jackass) but he was way funnier in season 1 & 2.

      vanillamarshmallowvanillamarshmallowMonth ago
    • I liked Glenn a lot better early on, but I still like him around because of all of Dina's ruthless insults against him

      charlie browncharlie brownMonth ago
    • I love Superstore, all 5 seasons have been great and it should still be plenty good without America/Amy. But the character of Glenn is by far the worst thing about the show. His mousy voice, selfish, clueless, and offensive tendencies yuk. On a goofy sitcom, he still comes off unrealistic and ridiculous.

      D MERLSD MERLSMonth ago
  • My theory is they offered her a job at corporate and she’s gonna be a spy for Jonah’s organization and not Betray them like Jeff did

    Kylie IsabellaKylie IsabellaMonth ago
  • I can't believe that super store season 6 is out I have been waiting so long I finished season 1234and5

    Chaddieboyboy19Chaddieboyboy19Month ago
  • "No, Glen! Six feet!" Dina is going to love enforcing COVID rules this season.

    stephieirene1stephieirene1Month ago

      James RehanJames RehanMonth ago
    • @Magnolia Belle I disagree. She’s leaving. It’s a big deal. And she is part of the gang and everything is great (on this show) and will likely continue to be great once she’s gone. There’s nothing wrong with making an event out of her final episodes.

      RewindMeRewindMeMonth ago
    • I cant wait for season 6!!!

      Cameron SimpsonCameron SimpsonMonth ago
    • @Magnolia Belle you must not watch Grey’s Anatomy very much. It’s the final push to get you to love the character more before they’re gone.

      RestlessNights2552RestlessNights2552Month ago
    • 😂

      Lena SalimLena SalimMonth ago
  • the way this show is going to have REALLY GOOD storylines this season omfg!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh

    EmiRachelNatalieEmiRachelNatalieMonth ago
  • I hope they dont break jonah and amy up :(

    MaititisMaititisMonth ago
    • @Clautastic today on America’s livestream she confirmed she definitely plans to make appearances here and there (perhaps for Jonah and Amy’s wedding even)

      OctaviusOctaviusMonth ago
    • @David Sinnott I agree, I prefer they add a new romantic interest for Jonah, what's the point on pretending they have a long distance relationship if we know America is not coming back? I have no interest on that.

      ClautasticClautasticMonth ago
    • @ThatOctavian really? Thats a relief!! 💃🏽

      MaititisMaititisMonth ago
    • @Maititis the writers confirmed no break up!

      ThatOctavianThatOctavianMonth ago
    • @David Sinnott I know that America is not coming back! But I hope that the long distance works for them

      MaititisMaititisMonth ago
  • I am truly going to miss seeing America. It’s not going to be the same without her. I did however read that Justin Spitzer said that Amy and Jonah will not be breaking up. They did say that after building their relationship over the years they will not be breaking up. They will have bumps in their relationship but will be able to work it out together and make them even stronger. I can’t wait to see it and see how they write America’s character off.

    tara stawasztara stawaszMonth ago
    • @Nikunj Dixit yeah I was wrong and let me tell you I hated yesterday’s episode

      tara stawasztara stawasz27 days ago
    • @tara stawasz turns out that you heard wrong.

      Nikunj DixitNikunj Dixit27 days ago
    • @tara stawasz Well, based on the ending of the season premiere, it sure looks like they will break up.

      Nikunj DixitNikunj DixitMonth ago
    • Jay Patterson only for the first 2 episodes of the season.

      vanillamarshmallowvanillamarshmallowMonth ago
    • She staying

      Jay PattersonJay PattersonMonth ago
  • cool

    Rasaun TrotterRasaun TrotterMonth ago
  • Whew! Hope shes not . These story lines cheapen pregnancy , and why do career women need yet another kid theyll need a sitter for?

    Lindalee LawLindalee LawMonth ago
    • @Magnolia Belle I really wish they didn't write her first pregnancy into the show, plenty of sitcoms find funny and clever ways to hide a baby bump (How I Met Your Mother, The Nanny, Married... With Children) and Amy could have been gone an episode or two while the actress recovered. idk I just think season 4 is the weakest season and the unnecessary pregnancy didn't help. Plus I think any guy in Jonah's position would have (and should have) moved on from someone who is pregnant with their exhusband's child.

      vanillamarshmallowvanillamarshmallowMonth ago
    • "career women" are allowed to have kids lol and it's just a joke. and what does "cheapen pregnancy" mean? There's 7 billion people in the world, pregnancy isn't exactly some sort of accomplishment.

      vanillamarshmallowvanillamarshmallowMonth ago
    • She's leaving the store and the show, so doesn't really matter if she's pregnant or not.

      David SinnottDavid SinnottMonth ago
  • I am already crying...

    L. O.L. O.Month ago
  • i never watched this show but loved america ferrera on ugly betty lol

    Sniper QueenSniper QueenMonth ago
  • LMFAOOOO "it's usually Adam's" I've missed this show! I can't wait to see how they write her off.

    vanillamarshmallowvanillamarshmallowMonth ago
    • aliena America is leaving the show

      vanillamarshmallowvanillamarshmallowMonth ago
    • wdym they’re gonna write her off???

      alienaalienaMonth ago
  • Got obsessed with this show in the first couple months of the pandemic. Glad we're getting more!

    Emily RamsayEmily RamsayMonth ago
  • im so annoyed amy is leaving amy and jonah were the only interesting part of the show. so was dina but they should have made her a lesbian. no one fight me this is my opinion

    Arianna JArianna JMonth ago
    • I like straight Dina. I think it's hilarious that she apparently has a very active sex life yet is still ridiculously uptight lol.

      vanillamarshmallowvanillamarshmallowMonth ago
    • Why should they have made Dina a lesbian?

      Donald WalkerDonald WalkerMonth ago
  • I don’t usually say things like this, but this show is still going, like I’m actually surprised I swear I heard that it got canceled years ago, guess I was thinking of something else.

    Isaiah StephensIsaiah StephensMonth ago
  • I can't wait!

    Chelsea YoungChelsea YoungMonth ago
  • Is this show any good or just a shitshow

    Frank FelicianFrank FelicianMonth ago
  • Is Amy really leaving the show?

    Charles CrawfordCharles CrawfordMonth ago
    • @Gabe Logan oh, I got it. Thank you

      MariThorneMariThorneMonth ago
    • @MariThorne she’s done 5 years and feels it’s enough. Money may have something partially to do with it but America is ready to move on. She recently had a baby, I believe and she’s concentrating on her activism and directing and producing Latino centric content. She had a Latino dramedy streaming on Netflix. It was recently picked up for a second season.

      Gabe LoganGabe LoganMonth ago
    • @Gabe Logan why she is leaving?

      MariThorneMariThorneMonth ago
    • Yep. America Ferrara quit last season. She’s only back for one or two episodes due to the pandemic messing up the final episodes of the fifth season.

      Gabe LoganGabe LoganMonth ago
    • America confirmed it.

      Jacob BetouJacob BetouMonth ago
  • Poor Glenn😂😭

    Brandon BuiBrandon BuiMonth ago
  • Amy is staying!

    Its_MxMIts_MxMMonth ago
    • She's not staying. America Ferrera greed to return to the show for 2 episodes of season 6, because the pandemic prevented them from filming her final episode at the end of season 5. Still leaving, just in the 100th episode instead.

      David SinnottDavid SinnottMonth ago
  • Kelly should come back

    louiselouiseMonth ago
    • No, Kelly was literally only there as a roadblock for Amy and Jonah. Plus Jonah was a pretty shitty bf to her, especially towards the end. She deserves better.

      vanillamarshmallowvanillamarshmallowMonth ago
    • @renatoism If you're saying so okay

      louiselouiseMonth ago
    • @louise you seem to have no knowledge of the word chemistry

      renatoismrenatoismMonth ago
    • @tara stawasz Not gonna lie, Jonah and Amy have zero chemistry and don't even act like they're together or comfortable with each other

      louiselouiseMonth ago
    • @louise well yes I do agree with you in that she does deserve someone better than Jonah. This is why I really hope that what I’ve been reading in regarding not breaking up Jonah and Amy is correct because these 2 are my favorite couple

      tara stawasztara stawaszMonth ago
  • judging by the vibe of this promo, i literally have no idea how theyre gonna write amy off-

    meiling c.meiling c.Month ago
    • @David Sinnott OK good only because I was curious about that because he’s going with her so maybe something happens and he ends up not going with her

      Tangle LaneTangle LaneMonth ago
    • @Tangle Lane Ben Feldman is staying. It's unlikely they'll pull any surprises with Jonah leaving with Amy, as they didn't try to hide Amy's departure, so it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to lie about Jonah staying.

      David SinnottDavid SinnottMonth ago
    • @David Sinnott But is the actor who plays Jonah leaving to

      Tangle LaneTangle LaneMonth ago
    • I hope whatever happens, she comes back for the series finale.

      vanillamarshmallowvanillamarshmallowMonth ago
    • @Tangle Lane Well they aren't doing a pallet falling on her and killing her. So that being the case, as long as they don't decide to write her off by a "death scene" then there is no reason she wouldn't be able to return to the show.

      joewillgojoewillgoMonth ago
  • Today is birthday actress Pam dawber from the tv show mork and Mindy and Shelley duvalle fairytale theater as little mermaid

    garcia adriangarcia adrianMonth ago
  • Again?

    Mohd Daniel Shaffique BrohMohd Daniel Shaffique BrohMonth ago
  • Happy anniversary to Disney animated movie the jungle book

    garcia adriangarcia adrianMonth ago
  • I love Superstore so much 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Ilahmae CunananIlahmae CunananMonth ago
  • “Is it Adam’s?” “Why would it be Adam’s?” “It’s usually Adam’s”💀😂 I’ve missed them!

    Maya DraytonMaya DraytonMonth ago
    • That had me dying!! 😂🤣☠

      Claude HodgeClaude HodgeMonth ago
  • Be honest we all thought pregnant

    justin dixonjustin dixonMonth ago
    • did anyone really think Amy was pregnant? I thought it was a meta (I think I'm using that right? that might not be the right word lol) joke because the actress was pregnant in real life.

      vanillamarshmallowvanillamarshmallowMonth ago
    • Or that they’re moving to California.....

      ShaneShaneMonth ago
    • Not really. If it was Jonah’s baby it would make it make difficult for him to stay on the show.

      Gabe LoganGabe LoganMonth ago