Why BMW And Mercedes Made Cheap Cars That Failed

Mar 24, 2020
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Luxury cars are typically meant to symbolize prestige, wealth, and even excess, but sometimes they can come pretty cheap. Every so often premium automakers like BMW and Mercedes push out cars with starting prices well below the market average. However, in their quest for even greater volumes, some premium automakers are trying to see if they can net a few more buyers down at the lower end of the price range, and sometimes it doesn't work out.
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Why BMW And Mercedes Made Cheap Cars That Failed

  • Simple logic. They are cheap to buy but expensive to maintain.

    krishna kumarkrishna kumar10 hours ago
  • Yeah forgot that America made very unreliable sh*tty cars such as Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ford and Lincoln that is why most of these sh*tty brands aren't being sold anywhere else in the world.

    WheezyWheezy16 hours ago
  • Get a Toyota.

    Daniel FinchDaniel Finch20 hours ago
  • Actually what is happening is something very new and unexpected by both German brands. The truth of the matter is that Tesla is poaching half a million car sales a year mostly from those two luxury brands. This is putting exceptional sales pressure on them, and naturally are trying to push metal out of the door at any price. This is only the starting salvo, but watch them both closely in the next couple years, trying even harder to sell those obsolete ICE cars for whatever the market offers, as Tesla production and fantastic new models are increasing its sales and production. While both Mercedes and BMW are already starting a downward sales trend.

    gino enasgino enasDay ago
  • bmw and mercedes are consider as middle class cars anybody who has a job can afford it.

    Retro KicksRetro KicksDay ago
  • What a recipe! Sad, slow and grey narrator talking to patriotic americans about failing european cars.. Huh!

    NorwegianTurboBrainsNorwegianTurboBrainsDay ago
  • Here in Europe entry and base model BMW, Mercedes and Audi are not considered luxury only there top tier is.

    kablg81kablg81Day ago
  • Because BMW and Mercedes are endless money pits.

    Jay SantosJay SantosDay ago
  • Why BMW And Mercedes Made Cheap Cars That Failed "TOYOTA" Ends

    keiming227keiming227Day ago
  • It’s like rap songs, they help sell more cars when a rapper mentions em but you lose your core customer base because now there’s too many poor people driving em.

    Kee CharKee Char2 days ago
  • Is this series available as a podcast?

    Kiran DoddapaneniKiran Doddapaneni2 days ago
  • 2:55 Feeder, Buck Rodgers

    PadraicMc54PadraicMc542 days ago
  • And awful resale value

    Daniel MayDaniel May2 days ago
  • I think ALL CAR MAKERS in the world will HAVE TO limit their production to making only the cheapest lines of cars in the coming months and years. Not many people will have money for more, and JAY LENO'S GARAGE is almost full already.

    JSB103JSB1032 days ago
  • Next vid: *People pulling a sike after BMWs become way more common because of said cheap luxury vehicles*

    Lil_LyriXLil_LyriX2 days ago
  • Me, a BMW fan: sees the title Also me: *your death will be quick*

    Spectrum PlayzSpectrum Playz2 days ago
  • how could they miss the 1 series

    mikle65mikle652 days ago
  • Watch it in 1.25x speed, save your time ;-)

    Masood SaleemMasood Saleem2 days ago
  • Again this video doesnt apply to Europe

    Nitish GuptaNitish Gupta2 days ago
  • All these models were great hits in European countries..

    mhkq 786mhkq 7862 days ago
  • Cheap & luxury cars, hmmm...., BS ?

    Gabe NewellGabe Newell3 days ago
  • I wann buy a BMW now..

    Rahul singhRahul singh3 days ago
  • Maintaining a "cheap" BMW or Mercedes isn't anywhere near cheap and they aren't really known for reliability, which is what rational buyers seek, opposed to people who buy expensive cars for show.

    Moreno RochaMoreno Rocha3 days ago
  • these are cartel that put exotic price on spare parts and they will make sure it will not last. same goes to vw and audi etc

    B LB L3 days ago
  • Did he just call the 3 series compact a "luxury" car LMAO dafuq you on about

    Markus KorpelaMarkus Korpela3 days ago
  • meanwhile singapore coe cost 30k without car juz the certificate to use the car

    YH WuYH Wu3 days ago
  • A lot of salty CLA owners in the comments.

    CoryCory4 days ago
  • 00:07 why did he show a veyron whilst saying that 😂😂😂

    NullNull4 days ago
  • "According to JD Power" Ok this video is a joke already.

    Dean FrigginWinchesterDean FrigginWinchester4 days ago
  • Mercedes and BMW are Notorious money pits.

    DexterNunezDexterNunez4 days ago
  • Got the 2011 accord coupe V6 it’s about as close as you can get to a CLA (it cost about 29k back then). It’s really does look really similar inside and out.

    Adrian OlivaAdrian Oliva4 days ago
  • 1:47 sounds like a graphic card

    Aero GamesAero Games4 days ago
  • I will no longer by German anything to much bad unreliability Japanese is the way forward.

    riccccccardoriccccccardo4 days ago
  • Outside the US the series A and series 1 sell incredibly well

    sotitofanschopsotitofanschop4 days ago
  • Bad editorial fail. Talking about "lower end "BMWs and not covering 1series and acquiring Mini?

    MrFlo87MrFlo874 days ago
  • I think the X type has become a bit of a modern classic

    cdd1craigcdd1craig5 days ago
  • why cars fail around the world is lack of maintenance and taking care of it. especially the US. ive worked there, saw people leasing expensive cars (couldnt afford it at all). if wasnt warranty 'nah ill do it next time; nah those tires will bring me at least a few thousand miles' on a daily basis. its true that audi, mercedes and bmw is more costly to maintain, but dont forget what technology is in those cars - you want massage seats? you pay extra, you want this or that - guess what? if those things breaks down, you blame the manufacturer - not yourself because you cant afford the repair. we here in germany, we LOVE our cars, we take CARE of it and thats why they last us a long time. its not rare that bmw's, mercedes's live for up to 500-600k miles with proper maintenance. heck, we use mercedes as TAXI's!! and why luxury cars are so expensive? bentley, aston martin, bugatti are HAND MADE. so much for that. please do a better research next time. one last thing... why european cars are so amazing? we can provide you much bigger safety (in case of an accident) than of your cheap GM crap. just sayin'

    snoke2007snoke20075 days ago
  • They failed 'cause the mechanics will rip you off every single time something needs fixing and in those cars everything breaks

    wx xwwx xw5 days ago
  • First, does anyone believe JDP? Don't they sell their "data" for marketing? Second, does anyone who prizes reliability in a car buy any German brand? I sure don't any more. Some of the models shown as "luxury" cars depreciate like rocks dropped from a bridge, and for very good reasons: poor quality manifested as lack of reliability.

    wholeNwonwholeNwon5 days ago
  • What this really comes down to is the market and cost of ownership. Everyone wants to be in the market for BWM and Mercedes. The problem being the cost of ownership is astronomically high with both these brands. Thus a cheap car which can be seen with mini cooper using BWM parts is a nightmare to repair. Along with the normal warranty of these cars only being 3 years puts a roadblock in anyone that has any financial sense. These are not financially viable to own, they are the worlds best brand to lease.

    SlathianSlathian5 days ago
  • Rubbishy, unreliable electronics !!

    juergen bertramjuergen bertram5 days ago
  • Cadillac Catera

    Ludwigia pilosaLudwigia pilosa5 days ago
  • All Mercedes and BMW cars are cheap junk. See them in the junkyards with fried engines and transmissions.

    Javier HernandezJavier Hernandez5 days ago
  • “Survival is a numbers game”

    D YAD YA5 days ago
  • man usa spend way to much on cars

    yeah naryeah nar6 days ago
  • Never buy interim luxury cars....they are pure gimmickry. Either get the durable Toyotas and those with money get those Supercars as they are worth what they do as automobiles. These mid tier segmented luxury vehicles are just money pits for low durability, low value retention vehicles.

    Constantine JosephConstantine Joseph6 days ago
  • Admittedly Jaguar can’t sell small saloons. The Xtype was recognised as a rebadged Mondeo(Fusion) & the current one isn’t selling very well.

    John SmithJohn Smith6 days ago
  • Title's misleading. They should add ”in USA“ at the end of the question, because affordable luxury cars work perfectly in Europe and other parts of the world.

    Random VidsRandom Vids6 days ago
  • The rich dont want them because they are cheap.The money conscious dont want them because they are still BMW and Mercedes. Cheap to buy but still expensive to keep.

    Azmi ZakariaAzmi Zakaria7 days ago
  • It’s because Americans preferred sedans while Europeans appreciate coupes, it is practicality vs chic - VW Golf was the best selling car all over Europe, in US Jetta was...

    Alex WieloAlex Wielo7 days ago
  • or an aura im also good with that and Lexus

    Roblox_craft guyRoblox_craft guy7 days ago
  • im fine with a Subaru wrx or a mini

    Roblox_craft guyRoblox_craft guy7 days ago
  • These luxury car brands would do well to learn the lesson of Packard. Packard was once the premier luxury brand of the world. Packard was unmatched in terms of luxury, quality, innovation, engineering (does any of this sound familiar), and, of course, reputation. When the great depression hit in the 1930's Packard was forced to make a smaller, and for lack of a better word, more common car to stay in business. No on faulted Packard for doing this, you do what you have to do to survive, and they made some pretty good lower end cars. The problem was that Packard kept making lower end cars after the depression ended. This cheapened their reputation and ultimately was a big reason for them eventually going out of business. A real shame.

    JV SmithJV Smith7 days ago
  • Beacuse there is no such thing as cheap luxury . ( Niike , adibas , zora , reebook , louui vitto are even below cheap )

    Kokil JainKokil Jain7 days ago
  • Why ground planes failed. Luxury and cheap just don’t work together

    User NameUser Name7 days ago
  • I assume CNBC is sponsored in some way by Cadillac with the hate the lavish on German car brands.

    MrRdb1963MrRdb19637 days ago
  • Why BMW And Mercedes Made Cheap Cars That Failed: the answer is in the question ...

    Steven RixSteven Rix7 days ago
  • Why is this only about the US its like saying why did the Ford Mustang fail to sell and its only about the sales in EU

    Wolf BWolf B8 days ago
  • I am not agree, the TI and the SC are just smaller versions of the E46 and class C, but the quality of the cars are exactly the same. very relieble cars in general (depending n the engine only)

    Angel ArroyoAngel Arroyo8 days ago
  • E46 Compact is amazing car, with best handling of all e46 and quality better than by limousine and touring brothers. It is 100% made by Germans, Bavaria in Munich.

    JustJeyKeyJustJeyKey8 days ago
  • 2006 Lexus ES 330 💪

    Acustic SunriAcustic Sunri8 days ago
  • 32k for new a-class is good look at how nice interior is

    Insecure ChickenInsecure Chicken8 days ago
  • “But sometimes they can come pretty cheap.” Shows a $3M+ car. (0:07)

    Rumble BeakRumble Beak8 days ago
  • putting the words cheap and luxury next to each other is grammatically incorrect.

    M CM C9 days ago
  • I had a 2014 CLA, out the door was $34,777. No sunroof, quasi leather...it was awesome and nice to pay off a MBZ in 4 years. I just hated the basic wheels and look of those wheels....but I got over it ........I sold it in 2019 for $17,000......not bad, thank God mileage was low (if i sold it private party, i could've gotten $19,000). The 2019 BMW X2 was calling my name and had to say bye to my awesome light blue 2014 CLA for this

  • It’s a little different for US coz you get Eclass for instance with some quite powerful engines and leather interiors and things while in Europe... I don’t need A class coz I can get E class with taxi specifications. I can get E 180 diesel with cloth interior and zero extras... it goes quite affordable in Europe. But yeah... that’s why we don’t necessarily consider Mercedes a luxury automobile. For us it’s just a random station wagon or grandpa’s simple diesel work car. Mechanical windows with cloth interior and no air conditioner. Really... we can actually buy such Mercedeses, Audi’s and bmws

    Edwin BraunEdwin Braun9 days ago
  • I drive an E-Class, and I'd rather see Mercedes Benz stays out of many markets. Cheaper car market has money in it, but there are also specialties in those markets.

    zhlizhli9 days ago
  • The mondeo you showed isn’t the one that the xtype shares it’s chassis with.

    England's Last PatriotEngland's Last Patriot9 days ago
  • in Europe, Mercedes and BMW ARE mainstream brands. why would they need an additional off-brand?

    gr3g0r5gr3g0r510 days ago
  • Give me any of these cars i wont care

    Mr. MacedonMr. Macedon10 days ago
  • From what I see in our market the lowest classes have been doing better. The CLA class is performing great and hooking up younger generation early on Smart move Mercedes 👍

    AlyaAlya10 days ago
  • Those thing are horrible looking, still overpriced for what they are. I can definitely get a more reliable Honda for that money. That is mainly the problem with “luxury brands” when they make something “cheap” it end up looking like crap because its made “to be cheap.” In all honesty no effort in design all around.

    Rusty ShacklefordRusty Shackleford10 days ago
  • Thats a “cretin” review

    MrAranhamanMrAranhaman10 days ago
  • Jag-u-er not jaeehhgaaurrrr

    L I M I TL I M I T10 days ago
  • Luxury is never cheap

    surinderjit SINGHsurinderjit SINGH11 days ago
  • Audi has left the chat

    Stevan SremacStevan Sremac11 days ago
  • any smart person here can tell me the ans of question why car failed by watching above vid bcz i didnt get the ans

    Amey KarpeAmey Karpe12 days ago
  • As usual MSNBC did not do their research outside the US. BMW and Mercedes cheaper/affordable models were, and still are, a big hit in Europe.

    barz4dayzbarz4dayz12 days ago
  • *Endless Moneypits*

    Vikram SinghVikram Singh12 days ago
  • Missing my favorite BMW car, the 6 series

    angel bambergerangel bamberger13 days ago