Fortnite Tik Toks that will ruin your childhood...

Jun 29, 2020
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Rifty reacts to fortnite tik toks! protect your childhood!!
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Fortnite Tik Toks that will ruin your childhood...

  • use #rifty in your tiktoks that you post to be in the next tiktok video!

    RiftyRiftyMonth ago
    • ツSerkan you’re a yes

      Claire KavanaghClaire Kavanagh5 days ago
    • upload

      ツSerkanツSerkan8 days ago

      PaladinPHKPaladinPHK14 days ago
    • ok

      ツSerkanツSerkan19 days ago
    • Mines is probably bad but I still posted it

      XxxMrBlueJayXxxMrBlueJay19 days ago
  • What about Nintendo 😫

  • 17:20 I know that mission

    IIMaysonLaw IIIIMaysonLaw II2 hours ago
  • I play on Xbox and I edit better when he said PlayStation

    Megan PierceMegan Pierce3 hours ago
  • you look like cisco from the flash on netflix

    KclipzKclipz11 hours ago

    frazmxticfrazmxtic17 hours ago
  • Indeed it did

    bluemist gamingbluemist gamingDay ago
  • gentlewoman???????/

    NightNightDay ago
  • thumbnails that will ruin your childhood

    NightNightDay ago
  • Guess Xbox and PS4 are the same like to end the war

    Jacob FeatherstonJacob FeatherstonDay ago
  • 8:51 this is what i call a simp for furryies

    burgerz 15burgerz 15Day ago
  • yo i swear you and oompa have the same editor

    TeaLemon7TeaLemon7Day ago
  • Nana gang

    Beastmode GamingBeastmode Gaming2 days ago
  • Xbox for life and ps4 for life

    KRTBear on xboxKRTBear on xbox2 days ago
  • Yes unite yeeeeeeeeet

    Anthony BlackAnthony Black2 days ago
  • Uhhhh

    finn6610 finn6610finn6610 finn66102 days ago
  • I play fortnight on Xbox. /:

    hivewingbeetle !!!hivewingbeetle !!!2 days ago
  • I knew the vid was click batte

    Ghostmaster06Ghostmaster062 days ago
  • At least put in the thumbnail in the video

    Little BloodLittle Blood2 days ago
  • this video has 999,999 views when I was watching it lol

  • 1milli views.

    Cameron FerrisCameron Ferris2 days ago
  • 99.99% came here for the thumbnail

    Alpha DayDayAlpha DayDay2 days ago
  • I'm controller

    Valeria Lail-BolenValeria Lail-Bolen2 days ago
  • Hell na

    Valeria Lail-BolenValeria Lail-Bolen2 days ago
  • We all saw riftys feet

    MrTOP6MrTOP62 days ago
  • stop being political! 17:20

    Jacob KonwinskiJacob Konwinski2 days ago
  • I play on xbox😪😪😪

    That1kidThat1kid2 days ago
  • 2:04

    60 ping king60 ping king2 days ago
  • I hate ps4 it should burn Xbox one is better

    King VittKing Vitt2 days ago
  • wat it call of duty

    JBirdJax GamingJBirdJax Gaming3 days ago
  • 4:56 my friend judges me cause I got Xbox... I mean it’s not a big problem right?

    Bakougo-çhånBakougo-çhån3 days ago
  • Who ever gave off that super whet shart had to of poop them selves

    Jay_Mon GAMINGJay_Mon GAMING3 days ago
  • a stack of daily uploads

    MowerMower3 days ago
  • Im pretty sure the xbox and playstation war is over and i am glad it is

    christian kellychristian kelly3 days ago
  • XBoX is good

    Brock AndersonBrock Anderson3 days ago
  • Yes

    Brock AndersonBrock Anderson3 days ago
  • Y

    DuoDuo3 days ago
  • Mcjc$df

    ali diabali diab3 days ago
  • Bro i just realised a this was posted on my birthday took me a month to realise that

    I like PoopI like Poop3 days ago
  • most pro fortnite players use xbox

    jarred youngjarred young3 days ago
  • Remember no Russian

    Im_ SpookyIm_ Spooky3 days ago
  • Was that dog one a PH holy, Jesus

    Im_ SpookyIm_ Spooky3 days ago
  • Ninja is simp

    echo_vibezecho_vibez3 days ago
  • Why do some people hate xbox and some people hate playstation

    Gaming WolfGaming Wolf3 days ago
  • 🤴

    silverash987 123silverash987 1233 days ago
  • 😂🤣

  • Dropped your pocket

    Borntoe9775Borntoe97754 days ago
  • When you like the video before rifts tells you too: IM FOUR PARALLEL UNIVERSES AHEAD OF YOU

    JKing0618JKing06184 days ago
  • Hi

  • Love u man

    Easton LeyvaEaston Leyva5 days ago
  • Xbots gaystation and PC will unite to try and beat the switch players

    Jeremy ThomasJeremy Thomas5 days ago

    Riley CampbellRiley Campbell6 days ago
  • 5:06 I love how that kid says Xbox players are bad, yet he’s using a bot skin.

    Dewott Gen5fanDewott Gen5fan6 days ago
  • y e e t

    Zac WarburtonZac Warburton6 days ago
  • PS five and Xbox series s is as good as pc

    Furious GameRFurious GameR6 days ago
  • Where’s Xbox gang

    The world of plushys zThe world of plushys z7 days ago
  • It's sad he using fortnite porn as a thumbnail

    Hammer Head1507Hammer Head15077 days ago
  • Your editor must have a good time with the Kawii stuff

    Gamer tagGamer tag8 days ago
  • NO RUSSIAN (gunshoot)

    Arctic FPSArctic FPS8 days ago
  • Who is here because he has not uploaded in a while

    razy and the boysrazy and the boys8 days ago
  • I used the hashtag and the vids pretty funny

    Arctic FPSArctic FPS8 days ago
  • Fgfthgg

    Tikoisboss #fishTikoisboss #fish8 days ago
  • I hate the one were he’s watching the person making fun of the Xbox and PlayStation players because I’m one of the best Xbox players and my girlfriend is one of the best PlayStation players

    Brayden MillerBrayden Miller9 days ago
  • Because Jay station but you basically have to buy something to thousand dollars more just to play the same games with us

    Leeum PlaysLeeum Plays9 days ago
  • Why havnt you uploaded in forever

    PoisonJoeyTwitchPoisonJoeyTwitch10 days ago

    Challenge boyChallenge boy10 days ago
  • 1:50 wizard spittn' facts tho. The more you know

    Kristen ThompsonKristen Thompson10 days ago
  • 6.9k comments lol

    TommyplaysTommyplays10 days ago
  • At 9:03 I died of laughter

    Brandon WetschBrandon Wetsch10 days ago
  • Me=dumb fish

    Shadow_Revenge192Shadow_Revenge19210 days ago
  • 14:42

    King notthatlevijacketboiKing notthatlevijacketboi10 days ago
  • People are mean to x box

    Vaughn AutryVaughn Autry11 days ago
  • So close to 4 mil...

  • 4:50 I do not see the difference 😐

    franquel1franquel111 days ago
  • Who else thinks becca is his sister or mom?

    Mini DoomslayerMini Doomslayer12 days ago
  • Hi there

    Cameron ByersCameron Byers13 days ago
  • The best part was at the start

    Anthony MaguireAnthony Maguire14 days ago
  • am i the only one who actually likes when he says to?

    jm0ggsyjm0ggsy15 days ago
  • Hamburger dude be having a stroke do

    Thomas Cleveland12Thomas Cleveland1215 days ago
  • 7:40 I’m not laughing at. The noises I’m just imaginiing a pot in his head

    Joshboiaredi IJoshboiaredi I15 days ago
  • Props to the editor. Whoever they are did an awesome job

    The RenegadeThe Renegade15 days ago
  • At 8:14 he do be speaking straight Facts

    Langston McknightLangston Mcknight15 days ago
  • Who only came on here bc the thammnail

    Christina PickenChristina Picken15 days ago
  • 17:42 then where's the original?

    ShabanguShabangu15 days ago
  • Haha now , this is epic

    Chase MartinChase Martin15 days ago
  • Please can you do some Modern Warfare and WarZone dood? Fortnite is getting incredibly boring now... and you can meme a lot in WarZone

    MouldyFishMouldyFish15 days ago
  • love 15:01 almost woke my parents up bro WTF

    nonnon16 days ago
  • E

    veronica cveronica c16 days ago
  • No cap I would go to catgirl chipotle for the free food

    Freddy BerniardFreddy Berniard16 days ago
  • 0:43 literally broke my headphones. That isnt even a dang joke lmao All I can hear now is stuff really distorted. Thank you for this..

    ZelkTheCat #StayHomeZelkTheCat #StayHome17 days ago
  • 🤴

    SkittlezSkittlez17 days ago
  • Ima just say this... I made abut 1000 alt accounts to get his first 1k likes on his vids

    logan senkierlogan senkier17 days ago
  • 13:29 I love tik tok

    「SPK_WOLF 」「SPK_WOLF 」17 days ago
  • No Russian mission from mw2

    NoobyGamerNoobyGamer18 days ago
  • Its like me that sees that x box and ps4 thing thanme on x box with renegade raider black night purple skull and Og pink ghoul

    Ayden CummingsAyden Cummings18 days ago
  • I’m 10 and I love the mission

    hayden bobhayden bob18 days ago
  • Nintendo crying in the corner

    Lil WhipLil Whip18 days ago
  • Give rifts the dank number

    Timika RileyTimika Riley18 days ago

    Clide Duane ReedClide Duane Reed19 days ago
    • ok

      ツSerkanツSerkan19 days ago

    Clide Duane ReedClide Duane Reed19 days ago