Sep 13, 2020
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Beat by quarantine. I'm just winging it, honey. Here's a compilation of my borderline bomb make up looks. Good luck, gurus. Also, get the D you need below.
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Thank you, beauties.
All love,

  • yall look at the channel name lmao

    Leilanii WrotenLeilanii Wroten17 minutes ago
  • She literally likes doing makeup😆 isnt that what beauty gurus do. Like putting on makeup

    The Bad HabitsThe Bad HabitsHour ago
  • The world’s end will come once I get these pencils for myself

    Tired StudentTired Student18 hours ago
  • Liza is the definition of beauty. period.

    Slithery Snakey snekSlithery Snakey snekDay ago
  • Who else thought she kinda looked like cardi b for a second

    Liann Joseph PhilipLiann Joseph PhilipDay ago
  • you've been making me laugh since i was 14 years old and now im 19 (yeah you can feel old). you're a beautiful human being and ilysm. thank you, youre the besttt

    s u g a rs u g a rDay ago
  • Where are these reference pictures from ?

    ImaniOhSnapImaniOhSnap2 days ago
  • i think she'd be a G R E A T rapper or singer💞her voice is just soooooo beautiful and she's too

    hanuldahanulda2 days ago
  • Move out the way James Charles we got a new beauty guru😂💄

    Luna FloresLuna Flores2 days ago
  • Definitely looks like left eye in the first look 👀

    Kiara ShawnitaKiara Shawnita2 days ago
  • She's the literal definition of _weird but fierce_

    upeksha wijerathneupeksha wijerathne2 days ago
  • They're way better than my makeup I look like if someone punched me in the eyes 😂😂😂 but Liza is already gorgeous with no makeup ❤️

    Angelica MarieAngelica Marie2 days ago
  • all of those look really good! I love it!

    Amelia LewisAmelia Lewis3 days ago
  • Well she is 🤩

    천사Angel천사Angel3 days ago
  • sooooo goood great job

    Alexandrea CastleAlexandrea Castle3 days ago
  • What you talking about Liza koshy is a beauty guru LOL 🤣

    rxsearered354 love struckrxsearered354 love struck3 days ago
  • she look like cardo b😍

    Romina anjaraRomina anjara3 days ago
  • The cow one was pretty good though 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Chloe ??????Chloe ??????4 days ago
  • She's sounds like a Goodwill version of Cardi B

    claire nessaclaire nessa5 days ago
  • She’s just too cute!!! She makes me laugh all the time.

    W LoW Lo5 days ago
  • I enjoyed every second of this video

    Briana CronmillerBriana Cronmiller5 days ago
  • 7:38 minutes of Liza Koshy being her badass gorgeous self and I love to see it !!

    Lucy RooLucy Roo6 days ago
  • Liza is literally my spirit animal 😂

    Hey StOb iTHey StOb iT6 days ago
  • Why did this randomly get recommend to me ?

    Red MintinRed Mintin6 days ago
  • Little did we all know this video was basically an ad...

    Leen ElshamiLeen Elshami6 days ago
  • thos eearings

    Priti DattaniPriti Dattani6 days ago
  • You are so funny

    Diamad BobbDiamad Bobb7 days ago
  • and now she has her own brand.....

    annaanna8 days ago
  • Am I the only one who thinks she looks a lot like Cardi B?

    Danica CasapaoDanica Casapao9 days ago
  • She makes it look so easy-

    AmeliaAmelia10 days ago
  • you guys were at the hair place in pokipsee

    Jah'ziah WardJah'ziah Ward10 days ago
  • you was my moms friend

    Jah'ziah WardJah'ziah Ward10 days ago
  • Your just pretty

    Bethany TatseyBethany Tatsey10 days ago

    XxMidnightixXXxMidnightixX10 days ago
  • Shut up about my towel you the one wearing panties at home 😂

    monique blaauwmonique blaauw10 days ago
  • Best add ever

    monique blaauwmonique blaauw10 days ago
  • Minecraft

    t a y l o rt a y l o r11 days ago
  • I low key wanna try all these. Literally. So. Cute.💖💖💖

    Mikala VictoriaMikala Victoria11 days ago
  • H

    Masked ShadowMasked Shadow11 days ago
  • Ahhhhh Liza

    Sam De GuzmanSam De Guzman11 days ago
  • Can you pleaseeeee make more videos I love them so much 🤩🤩🤩

    Lasize NoordmanLasize Noordman12 days ago
  • I love you Liza but the danganronpa audio. Here im just gonna say what danganronpa is about. Danganronpa follows 16 high school students locked inside "Hope's Peak Academy", their High School. The students are threatened by an anthropomorphic bear, known as Monokuma, who gives them only one way to leave the Academy, to murder another student, and not be found out in the subsequent trial. Next time when you use an audio please know what its about. Also I'm not sending this as a hate comment I love Liza so much.

    Sidney SobochanSidney Sobochan12 days ago
  • i be getting cardi b vibe 😂💗

    life with taniecelife with taniece12 days ago
  • And now she has her own line!! Proud!!!!!

    Devanshii SharmaDevanshii Sharma12 days ago
  • The way she used a toothbrush to fix her hair-

    xXSweet _MilkXxxXSweet _MilkXx12 days ago
  • I just love the way she love herself...

    Saske KapingSaske Kaping12 days ago
  • New aesthetic gurl

    Eclair ButterflyEclair Butterfly12 days ago
  • I thought he makeup looked amazing

    Jorja BlueJorja Blue13 days ago
  • What are those crayons called? I want them tooooooo

    A DDCA DDC13 days ago
  • Isn't she an actor? She looks like an actor I know

    Hamza HadikatuHamza Hadikatu13 days ago
  • 1:20 you slayed tha- ThE sUn Is GoInG dOwNNnN

    Adoreee.kelseyAdoreee.kelsey13 days ago
  • What crayons/eyeliners are she using???

    Brie Brie DownsBrie Brie Downs13 days ago
  • She kinda looks like a mix between Alicia Keys and Cardi B.

    Becca JohnsonBecca Johnson13 days ago
  • she lowkey looks like miranda

    Myungwol구Myungwol구13 days ago
  • She slayed it thoooooo

    Sophie BurnettSophie Burnett14 days ago
  • With the zebra pattern she looked like Cardi b for a second

    Tamar ikechikonkwoTamar ikechikonkwo14 days ago
  • i legit was about to write a paragraph but then i saw liza was the one who uploaded this-

    eunoiiaeunoiia14 days ago
  • Look at her trying to be a makeup artist I can't (for legal reasons this is a joke😂😂)

    insecure snailinsecure snail15 days ago
  • Omg!Lizaa you're soo fuckin beautiful 😍.. you're blessed with such a naturally beautiful face and even from India🇮🇳❤️

    yoo bitchyoo bitch15 days ago

    DidUSee myGUCCI?DidUSee myGUCCI?15 days ago

    DidUSee myGUCCI?DidUSee myGUCCI?15 days ago
  • Fyya erwff wader errer

    LunaZn DORALunaZn DORA16 days ago
  • What is she using I’m horrible at makeup and those looks are bomb

    Lily Champoux élèveLily Champoux élève16 days ago
  • You always make my day I love you so much ❤❤❤

    Nora venterNora venter16 days ago
  • But she still looks like a queen

    jelly bean OwOjelly bean OwO16 days ago
  • she could be a youtuber? i mean??

    Riane Marinie GaonRiane Marinie Gaon16 days ago
  • Liza Koshy shall now be named ✨b o o t y g u r u✨

    •†•Antisocial•†••†•Antisocial•†•18 days ago
  • You look like cardi b right now

    Queen KamieQueen Kamie18 days ago
  • She looks like Doja Cat 'n Cardi B.

    NamelessNameless18 days ago
  • I want to do that hairstyle

    Vicky97MirVicky97Mir19 days ago
  • more like KNOWS WUTTTT

    Danielle CordesDanielle Cordes20 days ago
  • Liza is the one who roasts herself before others do!😼

    Hira NaveedHira Naveed20 days ago
  • How did she know I was just wearing my underwear????🐧😐

    Kimin ParkKimin Park20 days ago
  • For some reasons, i want Liza to try singing honestly.

    eunoiaeunoia21 day ago
  • 5:05 she trying model and her dogs trying to eat her 😆

    Adriana HigaAdriana Higa21 day ago
  • Liza is so independent and Beautiful keep up the go work. By the way what’s your skin care routine❤️❤️❤️

    Norellies MolinaNorellies Molina22 days ago
  • She is a Beautiful girl 👧

    Isabelle MarshallIsabelle Marshall22 days ago

    Beatriz StefanyBeatriz Stefany22 days ago
  • *"So far ,So Bad"* That sums up most of 2020 So far 😭😅❤️ *Don't be shy worsen some more* 🙄😰

    Hyped Up ChinHyped Up Chin22 days ago
  • I actually am sitting on the couch in my panties 🤣🤣🤣

    Bailey BEAR22Bailey BEAR2222 days ago
  • I miss the old Liza she’s funny sweet I just loved her and I’m not saying she’s not funny now but really she changed

    LaylaLayla23 days ago
  • Wtf you mean by think she is a damn beauty guru

    Dua ImranDua Imran23 days ago
  • Who new Liza was good at makeup Me: aint me

    Mya MariMya Mari23 days ago
  • I think one day David dobrik should come back toghether again

    Safwaan MalekSafwaan Malek24 days ago
  • Wow Liza is normally so beautiful and half cringe

    Safwaan MalekSafwaan Malek24 days ago
  • 😑😑😅😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😏😏😏😏😏😣😝💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

    zərifə Fərəcovazərifə Fərəcova24 days ago
  • Omg you are funny!!!!😂🤣 new sub!!!

    Mssweetness66Mssweetness6624 days ago
  • Omggggg she looked like Cardi b for a split seconddddd

    roblox noobroblox noob24 days ago
  • What brand is the eyeliners+ eye makeup their so cuteeee

    LeiizyLeiizy24 days ago
  • but she IS A BOOTY GURU!! guuurrllllll that makeup fire 🔥🔥

    ding dongding dong24 days ago
  • liza koshy being sponsored for 8 minutes straight

    Joslyn CampbellJoslyn Campbell25 days ago
  • Liza's dog is so cute

    Jane MarieJane Marie25 days ago
  • Her makeup is weird but pretty...

    Kanasuppasit 1Kanasuppasit 125 days ago
  • girl you lookin like a snack at the begining!

    Ziah marieZiah marie26 days ago
  • She isint bad doe

    Emelia SeerattanEmelia Seerattan26 days ago
  • Liza you sound like cardi b

    Sarah Udiyah GavriellaSarah Udiyah Gavriella26 days ago
  • When she said the Siri thing my Siri went off😂😂🤪🤪

    Anthea ThomasAnthea Thomas26 days ago
  • Girrrll i look like mona lisa

    ICE CHANICE CHAN26 days ago
  • What you mean thinks........................... SHE IS!!!!!

    Bibi LaibaBibi Laiba26 days ago
  • Liza living her best life behind the scenes 😂❤

    AlaziaAlazia26 days ago