Instagram Controls FaZe Clan For 24 Hours - Challenge

Jun 28, 2020
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Instagram Controls FaZe Clan For 24 Hours - Challenge with @FaZe Temperrr @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Kay @Cizzorz @FaZe Nikan and @TeaWap
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  • T

    Oliver MilmineOliver Milmine7 hours ago
  • it’s actually bearable then he chugs milk😂😂😂

    ceesai_ceesai_7 hours ago
  • Please

    Matthew VerseputMatthew Verseput8 hours ago
  • K fak this if yall evar say that jarvis playd fort k fak faze clan

    George AndrikoglouGeorge Andrikoglou8 hours ago
  • At It's T3XT01_BTW

    it's T3XT01_BTWit's T3XT01_BTW8 hours ago
  • Can u go sub to my channel

    it's T3XT01_BTWit's T3XT01_BTW8 hours ago
  • Bank is THE goat😂😂😂

    Light _Light _8 hours ago
  • Legends say Jarvis is still burning til this day

    Ben DewBen Dew10 hours ago
  • Haha torture scissors for 24 hrs karma for the death runs 😂😂

    Joey ForbesJoey Forbes10 hours ago
  • faze rug and faze adapt should join too..

    Grace VimsGrace Vims10 hours ago
  • Bpit

    Brandi BonnellBrandi Bonnell10 hours ago
  • Where is faze sway ??

    Faze SwayFaze Sway10 hours ago
  • bro jumping in hot stagnant water can be dangerous, would not recommend

    donnie scalessadonnie scalessa10 hours ago
  • I feel so bad for Cizzors

    MouldyFishMouldyFish11 hours ago
  • i feel bad for cizzorz

    Mark HaleMark Hale11 hours ago
  • “Don’t lie who’s been a FaZe Clan fan before July?” “I don’t know anything”

    Splash FloatSplash Float12 hours ago
  • Lol they all swear off cam. Its like 2face

    Amin_GGAmin_GG12 hours ago
  • Why would Fortnite be on Jarvis pc if he was banned

    Gabriel AcostaGabriel Acosta12 hours ago
  • This is what Cizzorz deserves torturing us with his deathruns!

    Saykle MintySaykle Minty13 hours ago
  • bro i feel special because i voted on every story.

    HerohicsHerohics14 hours ago
  • Bro i would call about the lake they can get that all cleaned up for u

    Kole OdKole Od15 hours ago
  • That's what cizzors gets for making super hard death runs 😁😁😁😁😁😁

    David royDavid roy16 hours ago
  • Why didn’t u guys pick Kay to ft his ex

    FaK3_ editzZFaK3_ editzZ21 hour ago
  • When Faze banks did the water gun at the camera it felt like i got sprayed

    Eunice MoudonEunice Moudon21 hour ago
  • At this point just stop playing if your not gonna showcase your talent

    D'shaun SquadD'shaun Squad22 hours ago
  • lol

    empier79empier7923 hours ago
  • FaZe y’all needa invite FaZe Bloo cuz i never seen him kick it with another FaZe member

    ItzzAlecItzzAlecDay ago
  • Cizzors gets karma for all the pain he gave lazarbeam

    King HaidenKing HaidenDay ago
  • Wait.... why does he have fortnite installed on his setup???? 7:39 it shows that he has 440 arena points on his setup, so he must of have been playing before.

    xceexceeDay ago
    • nobody will see this but it was worth a try

      xceexceeDay ago
  • if he is banned why does he have it on he pc

    leland blackmoreleland blackmoreDay ago
  • whoever subs to me will become a TRILLINAIRE

    MKTMKTDay ago
  • Have life but don’t sccseed 2:06

    Just JayJayJust JayJayDay ago
  • Have life but don’t succseed

    Just JayJayJust JayJayDay ago
    • 2:06

      Just JayJayJust JayJayDay ago
  • Did you guys take money from the government?...... you should be ashamed if so

    Deathmaskdevine TbdmrulezDeathmaskdevine TbdmrulezDay ago
  • Bro y'all should definitely get someone to clean the lake out

    Deborah WillisDeborah WillisDay ago
  • I wanted to see Kay FaceTime his ex

    Montages 4YouMontages 4YouDay ago
  • Faze clan slowly dropping down people ita sad over the years seeing them now just depressing its not the same no more

    Josh MartinJosh MartinDay ago
  • Cancelled

    Betty DavisBetty DavisDay ago
  • Glad you guys got one to two million dollar loan for small businesses when you spend about 4k on liquor for your get-togethers. Really nice of you guys. I'm glad no other small businesses needed that money.

    Greifers CrewGreifers CrewDay ago
  • 5:48 when Nikan said “why me I didn’t do it “ me when I get beat up with a whip and I sais I didn’t do it lol

    Ty On 60FpsTy On 60FpsDay ago
  • *Tommy sprays banks* *Banks takes Gus and sprays the dog*😭😭

    scorpionkiller0scorpionkiller0Day ago
  • You took money from the federal program set up to help struggling companies in the pandemic. You should return that money.

    Helen BellHelen BellDay ago
  • Didn’t anyone see a picture ZooMaa at the end of the video in the Outro, I thought he left FaZe

    Nightmare ClanNightmare ClanDay ago
  • Unbann Jarvis epic like if you agree

    Musaab UsmanMusaab UsmanDay ago
  • you fucking thieves

    Branden Collins GomesBranden Collins GomesDay ago
  • Hows that 2 million dollars you got in federal loan for the coronavirus pandemic that you didn't need? Scumbags

    Serpentine FireSerpentine FireDay ago
  • I really want to join faze clan

    Samer MohamedSamer MohamedDay ago
  • That’s why it’s bad to be in faze

    xel tunaxel tunaDay ago
  • Im commenting random shit

    X_ V3NOMX_ V3NOMDay ago
  • You dead Jarvis

    X_ V3NOMX_ V3NOMDay ago
  • Why is he playing if he has aimbot

    NENA VillalobosNENA VillalobosDay ago
  • I don’t Think he Really banned

    SequanSequanDay ago
  • FaZe clan really has changed😭

    kenusukenusuDay ago
  • Faze clan: owns a river front million dollar mansion Also faze clan: “is full of poo”

    JhayFNJhayFNDay ago
  • No wonder everyone picked cizzorz he tortured all of us with his deathruns

    Shaun O'ConnellShaun O'ConnellDay ago
  • No one: Actually no one: *Me to my girl*: 1:10

    Ailsa NiAilsa NiDay ago
  • How do you join faZe

    Fun kid PlaysFun kid PlaysDay ago
  • Nooooo

    Kevin BenavidesKevin BenavidesDay ago
  • Let’s compare Faze to Vat19. They basically drink ass blaster and eat bugs on the daily. Faze: dies when wats hot sauce and spits out bugs.

    Leon DinhLeon DinhDay ago
    • taking tax payer money after buying overpriced property. So if yall could just upload a video with proof, not some bullshit. Or better yet, release your finances. I will be looking

      Ailsa NiAilsa NiDay ago
  • Jarvis still plays fortnite lol

    Caizah-XCaizah-XDay ago
  • I am Italian and I love your videos you make me laugh out loud

    giovy4ever 1giovy4ever 1Day ago
  • I don't know why but whenever I see that Jarvis' crying pic, it makes me laugh so hard.

    WirelessPlutoWirelessPlutoDay ago
  • Ok but if u think about Jarvis wasn’t banned from playing forntite only his account

    Brett KitelingerBrett KitelingerDay ago
  • yall so amazing

  • Lol i felt bad for teeqo on insta so i voted ciccors.he kept pointing to teeqo

  • Fuck you cizz

    Preston SteinkePreston SteinkeDay ago
  • Faze up

    helenmtchelenmtcDay ago
  • Everyone has to buy 10 house

    Ethan Partyka-jonesEthan Partyka-jonesDay ago
  • Bruh

    SoyujtSoyujtDay ago
  • Imagine if the blue whale person saw it and a said to commit suic1d3

    Aeron WilliamsAeron WilliamsDay ago
  • We just gonna ignore what tf Jarvis was wearing 7:27

    SplurgeツSplurgeツDay ago
  • Like if they should do It again

    1,000 subscribers by the end of the year J1,000 subscribers by the end of the year JDay ago
  • I wanna be. In the faze house

    Daisy BrownDaisy BrownDay ago
  • A

    Tom WebbTom WebbDay ago
  • Being a US tax payer and you having received over a million dollars in loans, from me. I would like to know where all my money went and would like some accountability for you taking tax payer money after buying overpriced property. So if yall could just upload a video with proof, not some bullshit. Or better yet, release your finances. I will be looking forward to the morale and decent response as i know you wont ignore this issue, since it was big/important enough to fill out the paperwork, im sure you could spare 5 minutes to show us the results. Sincerely, your New Boss

    Teflon H.Teflon H.Day ago
  • People are torturing cizzors to get their revenge on all the death runs he's made.

    Pranay DhingrejaPranay DhingrejaDay ago
  • Cizzors now feel the pain he made people go through in hus deathruns 😂 lol

    ENL ProclivityENL ProclivityDay ago
  • Fu

    Michael LucasMichael LucasDay ago
  • Everyone was going for scissors because the death runs lol

    Colton BoiColton BoiDay ago
  • Anyone gonna talk about how sick that out to was tho

    ZonateVyzh KMZonateVyzh KMDay ago