I played every single Call of Duty in one video...

Sep 7, 2019
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Hey guys! In this video I went and played every single Call of Duty.. I played 17 Games in this video, and each game with a different guest. I grew up playing these games, so this was a nostalgia journey. This video is pretty much a tribute to the Call of Duty Series, from 2003 to 2020. Modern Warfare comes out in a month, would you guys want to see video on that? And what do you want to see from me aside from COD. I hope you guys all have a great day!

► Video Recap:
2:31 (COD 1)
4:39 (COD 2)
6:02 (COD 3)
7:58 (COD4) Puffer - uskeys.net/user-BigPuffer589
9:40 (WaW) Cheezy - uskeys.net/user-xCheezy747
11:54 (MW2) Chaos - uskeys.net/user-WhosChaos
13:30 (BO1) Exzd - uskeys.net/user-Exzeedee
15:30 (MW3) Tranium - uskeys.net/user-HypeClue
17:56 (Black Ops 2) Crispy - uskeys.net/user-ClanCrispy
20:24 (Ghosts) Codstra
22:13 (Advanced Warfare) Hyper - uskeys.net/user-r4boys
24:18 (Black Ops 3) Wr3tched - uskeys.net/user-Stevezor187
26:30 (Infinite Warfare) Sam - uskeys.net/user-GreenEggsNSam69
30:16 (WW2) LEGIQN - uskeys.net/user-LToTheEGION
33:07 (Black Ops 4) Soup uskeys.net/user-liquidmetall711
35:07 (Modern Warfare)

More Call of Duty ► uskeys.net/playPLQsI2DI6yuYZ1dvU2X_BZ2uORb-rTHN-e
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    Dampened_Dampened_4 hours ago
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  • Ironic how all call of duty games play the same .Which is why Pewdiepie doesn't play them anymore. I don't think will see a call of duty get game of the year anytime soon.

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  • Everybody message cjslol and spam him with the opposite of the N-word Edit: nevermind can't find his gamertag but I did find DeathPool713 so I messaged him asking him why he was being a hypocrite and a penis

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  • uskeys.net/watch/vs4EojoobZo-video.html

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  • Okay I watched your entire video thank you for the contents. Although I think Black ops one and two should be at the top of your list. The new modern warfare is a great game I really enjoy it it has its moments but overall it better than the rest of them except Black ops 1 and 2. As for this new Cold war from what I've seen it doesn't look like it is going to be all they say it's going to be I don't know why they keep on getting this wrong and just learn from their mistakes or if it's not broken don't fix it Black ops 1 and 2 were a great platform well-balanced that game would still be hitting hard today if it wasn't for modders . I would really like to build with you my gamer name is mirageevo1. I'm sure you've heard of me I've had this account for almost 10 years. Peace out for now hope everybody is well take care

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