EPIC 2Hype NBA Trivia Party!

Jun 29, 2020
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Today the guys put their NBA knowledge and basketball skills to the ultimate test!
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    JiedelJiedelMonth ago
    • U do realize ur audience is like 10

      OscarOscarMonth ago
    • Jiedel you gotta play this yourself get the Kenny or someone to host

      RockyFaithRockyFaithMonth ago
    • yes wheres the minecrafts vids

      Cade PearsonCade PearsonMonth ago
    • Absolutely no one: Mopi: YOU BROKEN BACK GRANDMA

      Spencer MeleeSpencer MeleeMonth ago
    • Road to 1 mil!!

      Jun Sung Kang OhJun Sung Kang OhMonth ago
  • Kawhi might have not been the player he is had he not been traded from Indiana to the spurs.

    Brian WesolowskiBrian Wesolowski4 days ago
  • I can’t atop looking at the noodles on zacks head

    TheSavagePandaTheSavagePanda5 days ago
  • i want part 5

    Rokas RimgailaRokas Rimgaila7 days ago
  • Bro that is definitely cheating

    William ArnoldWilliam Arnold12 days ago
  • kris is the worst mini hoop player ever

    aleksa raymondaleksa raymond12 days ago
  • damn whoever is the editor, he is going crazy with anime songs

    Filip BubonjaFilip Bubonja13 days ago
  • Mega Bemax

    Filip BubonjaFilip Bubonja13 days ago
  • Jiedel: "This is a family friendly trivia show!" Jiedel 10 seconds later: "That's carma" 😂

    Michael JonasMichael Jonas16 days ago
  • kris should’ve passed go then used the bill russel card and he would’ve gotten 300

    Aryan AroraAryan Arora16 days ago
  • why do yall still presenting manscaped??

    Olga DodićOlga Dodić18 days ago
  • I have a nickname for mopi The janitor because he’s a mop

    OL MOOSEOL MOOSE18 days ago
  • Bro Jesse always wins by luck. He always gets lucky and that’s how he wind

    Aarav PatnaikAarav Patnaik22 days ago
  • My impression of mario is way better 8:06

    Cassius LovetteCassius Lovette25 days ago
  • I hate “Zach”

    BRedSox1220BRedSox122025 days ago
  • Why is Kris in the front row?!?!

    J .heart17J .heart17Month ago
  • The Stephen curry one should be called like the Dwight Howard or the deandre Jordan cuz a second chance is basically a put back and those two are good at put backs

    Kieran LightKieran LightMonth ago
  • 6:11 i guessed kwame brown and it was right lmfao i’m screaming rn

    Ya Boi AlexYa Boi AlexMonth ago
  • Bye jk

    Raw BornRaw BornMonth ago
  • Hi

    Raw BornRaw BornMonth ago
  • Mopi jump shot looks like he’s a right hander trying to shoot on his left 😂😂😂

    Josh and RyanJosh and RyanMonth ago
  • Love the vids keep grindin

    Banana SandwichBanana SandwichMonth ago
  • Great video keep it up

    Banana SandwichBanana SandwichMonth ago
  • I feel like this always happens to zack lol 😂

    Agent 100Agent 100Month ago
  • O.M.G. Jessi

    LEE SZE LONG李思朗LEE SZE LONG李思朗Month ago
  • Love it

    OscjuliOscjuliMonth ago
  • Mitchell be hearing what Jiedel say and says a crazy answer and make up the excuse like he thought Jiedel said something else

    LupusWarrior GamingLupusWarrior GamingMonth ago
  • James is a sellout

    SG55SG55Month ago
  • Kris could've gotten past the trophy square and then used his card

    blazes brotherblazes brotherMonth ago
  • This shiws that Mopi is a Dion Waiters bandwagon....

    Matthew GuzzardiMatthew GuzzardiMonth ago
  • Zack ranting: “We don’t care”🤣

  • everyone needs mics for videos like this you can barely hear the people on the couch

    Mya JhendoeMya JhendoeMonth ago
  • Lebum trash

    The Galactic NuggetThe Galactic NuggetMonth ago
  • Something about Jiedel asking Mopi if he’d shaved his balls before makes me feel uncomfortable

    Victor PetrovVictor PetrovMonth ago
  • Get a mini hoop u can drill in ur wall there really cool

    It’s Light Work316It’s Light Work316Month ago
  • Get Mitchell in 2hype

    The Bird JournalThe Bird JournalMonth ago
  • Why couldn’t they steal

    frankiefred182frankiefred182Month ago
  • Anyone start hearing “United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru” in the background No.... just me

    Ben WalmsleuBen WalmsleuMonth ago
  • Jesse with the no look catch 🔥12:45

    shawnshawnMonth ago
  • Bruh there was a clue in the question "shooting guard" but mopi still said Al Horford 13:54 Bruh there was a clue in the question "point guard" but Mopi still said Klay Thompson 21:21

    A TA TMonth ago
  • Why does Kris seem way to into the game

    Scooperpooper63Scooperpooper63Month ago
  • I laugh out loud so much because they act so childish sometimes like 10:02

    Lincoln AmbrosiusLincoln AmbrosiusMonth ago
  • Nobody Literally nobody James: Rough goings here for Kris

    MarvelAvenge28MarvelAvenge28Month ago
  • Pls do more

    GamerGuy27GamerGuy27Month ago
  • Jordan never played for Miami so how'd his Jersey get retired there, it's Washington

    Matthew MagaroMatthew MagaroMonth ago
  • Minecraft

    Carter GrinsteadCarter GrinsteadMonth ago
  • I love dese

    Sxolarr StephSxolarr StephMonth ago
  • How come all 2hype uses this sponsorship when most of the viewers are kids

    Zayne ThomasZayne ThomasMonth ago
  • I can tell that Jessie can’t take a joke about him😂

    Crazy Black manCrazy Black manMonth ago
  • Nobody: Kris: OfF tHe RiPpA

    Nathan WalshNathan WalshMonth ago
  • Like if James should turn this into an actual board game

    Nick RobinsonNick RobinsonMonth ago
  • Ok could we please talk about how much of a try hard zack is mopi was most likely gonna win the game and zack makes him answer a triva question

    Gavin_cats9Gavin_cats9Month ago
  • I already know kris's Mario Impressions is going to be all over the subreddit😂

    Terrell DillahaTerrell DillahaMonth ago
  • Everyone always going after mopis neck and he isn’t even winning lol

    DommDommMonth ago
  • Why didn’t mopi wait til the end of the day to use that kd

    Mustang Not SamsungMustang Not SamsungMonth ago
  • Who else was happy Zack picked the wrong card 😂😂

    Mo JordanMo JordanMonth ago
  • Can someone tell me what Zack puts in his hair like I really want my hair that loose

    Josiah CarpenterJosiah CarpenterMonth ago
  • Mascaped when most of your veiwers are kids

    jimihemijames rollestonjimihemijames rollestonMonth ago
  • All these manscaped ads getting sus

    Christian DouglassChristian DouglassMonth ago
  • Bruh the way kris stared at mopi tho

    Kiem AnhKiem AnhMonth ago
  • Can u do a cooking Challenge that u have to make the best homemade fries🥺

    Julian DamasJulian DamasMonth ago
  • ha you look like steve kerr from 2k20

    Riley HowardRiley HowardMonth ago
  • The jonny flynn and Ricky Rubio question was easy for me as a Timberwolves fan I rage every time I think about the Timberwolves passing up on curry

    Luke ChristensenLuke ChristensenMonth ago
  • Why would the Miami heat retire Jordan’s number wtf

    DurakDurakMonth ago
  • Where are the JDL vids

    Liam TibbsLiam TibbsMonth ago
  • I love how Kris and him were wearing the boxers in the ads that they made

    IDK IDKIDK IDKMonth ago
  • Mopi used his kd card way to early.

    Victoria SchniedersVictoria SchniedersMonth ago
  • Bro Jesse look depressed the entire video

    Armour ForceArmour ForceMonth ago
  • Zack close ya legs bruh 😂😂😂

    noahl305noahl305Month ago
  • If zach was replaced by troydan 2hype would be the best group on USkeys

    Gage JanssenGage JanssenMonth ago
  • Do jesser really smell that bad lol

    Thebest -Thebest -Month ago
  • 10:15 dat sound do. chill

    Ryder BroylesRyder BroylesMonth ago
  • Im only here for everyone except Jiedel😅

    Jonathan VasquezJonathan VasquezMonth ago
  • how do i play this at home

    Timothy MozziTimothy MozziMonth ago
  • It's perfect that Zach is taking granny shots cuz he's old as all hell

    JD HLJD HLMonth ago
  • Spelt Goonn's name wrong in the description 4Weird

    rvanrvanMonth ago
  • James Harden Card That sends you to the mini hoop (free throws)

    Steven TorresSteven TorresMonth ago
  • Who else misses James playing fortnite with the 2hype squad

    Manraj nuckss14Manraj nuckss14Month ago
  • I like how James changed the rules of the KD card so Mitchell doesnt pull a Mitchell again w/ the whole last turn thing

    Ingus DimiševskisIngus DimiševskisMonth ago
  • That ramen looking nice and cooked on Zacks head

    49Faithful MM2049Faithful MM20Month ago
  • No bro mopi makes me mad bro like stop putting him in these videos

    Nigel ClayNigel ClayMonth ago
  • Basketball knowledge is one thing but mopi is just stupid🤦🏾‍♂️

    Nigel ClayNigel ClayMonth ago
  • Why Did The Miami Heat Retire Michael Jordan’s Number?

    Brayden 1221Brayden 1221Month ago
  • Does James like comments 🤔

    Gio ReyesGio ReyesMonth ago
  • I swear James is the type of person to tell mopi to act stupid in the video for views also shave the mustache

    Bernard GoldsteinBernard GoldsteinMonth ago
  • bro, quit it with manscaped. everyone skips over it and you do know most of your fans are like 7+ years old right

    Peter AgnelloPeter AgnelloMonth ago
  • What happened to Zack is called *karma*

  • Zacks hair do be looking like a rug

    Liam WatkinsLiam WatkinsMonth ago
  • Every video I think mopi is gonna win until he doesnt

    Gabe StackattakGabe StackattakMonth ago
  • Peep the Toad’s Factory background music

    Andrew NiboAndrew NiboMonth ago
  • They did the video in the movie theater ITS A AUTOMATIC BANGER🔥

    ZuixZuixMonth ago
  • Kris should’ve waited to use his bill russel card till after he already crossed the trophy so he could’ve got 300

    TheBeastyBoy 99TheBeastyBoy 99Month ago
  • 13:33 😂😂😂 SEERAQUSE

    That kid from FinlandThat kid from FinlandMonth ago
  • These are definitely my favorite videos

    John MorrisJohn MorrisMonth ago
  • Jidel needs one mil already

    VijunVijunMonth ago
  • Nobody uses cash Phrase anymore “Wet like Water”

    KPLx9KPLx9Month ago
  • 30:48 “that’s some good cap that’s great cap” 😂famous words of osn

    XxDannyKillerxXXxDannyKillerxXMonth ago
  • 30:47 “that’s great cap great cap”

    XxDannyKillerxXXxDannyKillerxXMonth ago
  • These manscaped ads are getting super weird

    Codered155Codered155Month ago
  • The grandpa was shooting the granny

    Holden BeckerHolden BeckerMonth ago