Backyard Underground Bunker Tour/Update 5 years on

Mar 26, 2020
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My favourite Project 5 Years later..........Hows it looking as I might need it.
See how it was made here
See the Shed Build here
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  • They said it would Rust, Leak, collapse, get damp, run out of air and many other things but after 5 years how's it holding up. Hope your all healthy and well.

    colinfurzecolinfurzeMonth ago
    • Woo you proved them wrong!

      Harley & Me Puppy Adventures Great Dane Style!Harley & Me Puppy Adventures Great Dane Style!3 hours ago
    • You are 41 yrs old. Just wanted to remind you of world poverty and hunger. Cheerio.👋

      m Nanim Nani19 days ago
    • Super Awesome

      Gunther's SquadGunther's Squad23 days ago
    • T

      L aHL aH26 days ago
    • Door mat is the wrong way around.

      SteveSteveMonth ago
  • What's with all the gurning.

    swimdeep 1swimdeep 12 hours ago
  • This guy should be the fifth member of the A-team.

    Andy McGillAndy McGill2 hours ago
  • Surprised no one asked how he got that coach down there

    Dallin CoyleDallin Coyle3 hours ago
  • This is such a good idea, I would love one for me & Harley! What made you want to build it in the first place?

    Harley & Me Puppy Adventures Great Dane Style!Harley & Me Puppy Adventures Great Dane Style!3 hours ago
  • Add a window so you and see the sky in the bunker

    Nattipat VNattipat V4 hours ago
  • Yo

    Ron JeremyRon Jeremy5 hours ago
  • Anyone else wish they were Colin Furze?

    Emø TrashEmø Trash8 hours ago
  • dont mind me just watching whats on my recommended

    ঊFΞ Δ Γ ΓঊFΞ Δ Γ Γ8 hours ago
  • We're Not, Worrrrrrrtttthhhhhy Maaaaaan!!! (WW) I have just watched the best video on USkeys in the history of me watching USkeys. You have both impressed me and humbled my sense of cool and accomplishment, as well as earned a sub!

    Captain InsanoCaptain Insano8 hours ago
  • That is one one the best things I've ever seen. F*^king AWESOME

    aaron shirleyaaron shirley10 hours ago
  • This is MEGA!!!!!!

    Stuart ChapmanStuart Chapman12 hours ago
  • My man is prepared for ww3

    Ayaan SayyedAyaan Sayyed12 hours ago
  • At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="541">9:01</a> he farts and acts like nothing happened

    cedgamer 2008cedgamer 200813 hours ago
  • ‘I’d have to sell the bunker with a house attached to it, rather than a house with a bunker’ 😂 legend. Love your content brother.

    CallumCallum13 hours ago
  • Do a collab with the hacksmith

    Brandon FuryBrandon Fury14 hours ago
  • Cool next make a batcave

    Austin GentryAustin Gentry14 hours ago
  • I would be seriously paranoid of being trapped down there, and never heard from again. It's not like you will have any chance of a cellphone signal.

    Kevin DunbarKevin Dunbar15 hours ago
  • How tf i didn't know about this channel

    Kristine CordovaKristine Cordova16 hours ago
  • That's the wrong kind of smoke for hot boxing a bunker 😂

    Daniel BrookerDaniel Brooker16 hours ago
  • Bill Gates : hold my laptop. Let me show you my bunker...

    Ferocious FerretFerocious Ferret16 hours ago
  • Make an escape room in the bunker, that'd be gnarbuckle

    I Don't Have SkillI Don't Have Skill17 hours ago
  • When i come out of the vault I can’t wait to discover this location and loot it

    Ghost UnknownGhost Unknown18 hours ago
  • How much did it cost ?

    Waza88Waza8819 hours ago
  • Not putting in a toliet and ventilation were the only problems I see . Can't imagine drinking beer down there and climbing a ladder every 30 minutes to take a piss .

    Jessshae FinchJessshae Finch19 hours ago
  • Make me that

    Alex MasonAlex Mason20 hours ago
  • April 13, 2029 = Apophis

    Belinda ElisaBelinda Elisa20 hours ago
  • Not impressive I’ve seen people make this with sticks

    Switch PowerSwitch Power20 hours ago
  • I want a dad like this...

    Gagagga 123Gagagga 12323 hours ago
  • As a retro bunker for safety from a tornado then yes. But if you plan to use it for something to survive a world war then it is a death trap. A true hard core bunker would have 10 or more feet of dirt on top. You know have to remember if you sell the house to tell the new owners not to use a riding lawn mower or it will fall through.

    Inachu IkimashoInachu Ikimasho23 hours ago
  • What a lucky boy he has, imagine how awesome that would be for a 12 year old child

    Constant ManConstant ManDay ago
  • I Wonder if he hot boxes the bunker... properly 😗💨💨💨

    Dan PDan PDay ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="106">1:46</a> thats bajaj?

    Irsyadi HakimIrsyadi HakimDay ago
  • There’s no toilet?

    Jin LongJin LongDay ago
  • Should have hit up that guy who makes houses under ground that only uses a chisel

    Elijah RamosElijah RamosDay ago
  • What am i gonna do today? I know! I'll make an apocalyptic bunker that's hidden beyond a shed!

    jack ortizjack ortizDay ago
  • Have you tried to fill it up half way up with water? :)

    Renata BargailaiteRenata BargailaiteDay ago
  • This guy is super cool

    User NameUser NameDay ago
  • Shame about the awful housing estate built in the field behind. Same across alot of green fields at the moment

    LaughterVanguardLaughterVanguardDay ago
  • ye well he's got nuthin on ol arthur.

    Andrew PennebakerAndrew PennebakerDay ago
  • I need a bunker so I can hear my TV at night without using subtitles.

    Richard WestphalRichard WestphalDay ago
  • Although I reckon this is a very cool build,(Not hating, just being realistic) its nothing more than a basement without a home above it. In a nuclear blast, its not deep enough to prevent radioactive contamination. And if it was hit by WW2 non nuclear ordinance, it wouldn't be too much use either if attacked directly or fairly close from bomb attack either..,Would probably be great for hiding the native resistance or supplies in though during non attack times. Again not hating, If I had a back yard to do this in, It opens up a LOT of unused space and is a pretty cool thing to be able to brag about at the pub. :D

    chemical mikechemical mikeDay ago
  • That room is acc insane omg

    Saajan BhatiaSaajan BhatiaDay ago
  • Why does the thumbnail look like gumball wattersons backyard and shed

    itsnubzitsnubzDay ago
  • I looks great but you shouldof had oxygen tanks in case of an atomic reaction.,you have air vent,but you don't want to be breathing radiation.

    Luis HLuis HDay ago
  • 2 sea containers put into the ground wasn't easy enough? 😂

    czondagczondagDay ago
  • Cruel joke if someone cut the comm's and put a padlock on the hatch while you were in there. Scream for help ! no emergency exit ?

    seravenerdiseravenerdi2 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="366">6:06</a> for the socks ^_^

    ÅØKÅØK2 days ago
  • Colin you've basically got everything to build a full operational mech in case a war broke out

    Sam GregorySam Gregory2 days ago
  • Wouldn’t it be funny to punk him as he leaves his shed and have damage all around with pretend zombies

    Christopher RivasChristopher Rivas2 days ago
  • Reminds me of the bomb shelter of the 1950 that never used.

    Samanthao49Samanthao492 days ago
  • Good place for quarantine

    Adibe R RafiAdibe R Rafi2 days ago
  • its perfect for murder 🗿

    _xze1__xze1_2 days ago
  • Property value

    Jagger MackenzieJagger Mackenzie2 days ago
  • Whelp there goes his yard. His neighbor are probably wondering what the heck he’s doing.

    Spade BricksSpade Bricks2 days ago
  • I aspire to be like this man one day

    Miguel CabreraMiguel Cabrera2 days ago
  • This would honestly be so cool

    Pakistan CricketPakistan Cricket2 days ago
  • i would love to have one of these built in my house

    klozzoklozzo2 days ago
  • Is an nice house for your kids when they are old anoug

    larsnllarsnl2 days ago
  • How much is a decent family saloon??? Haha

    llɒbnɒЯ ʞɔiИllɒbnɒЯ ʞɔiИ2 days ago
  • did you meet tom before that or was that the first time?

    Mike SchmitMike Schmit2 days ago
  • Mumbo Jumbo IRL:

    Alex StottAlex Stott2 days ago
  • im like 70% sure that thing is not going to withstand a atomic bomb

    Harold TuckerHarold Tucker2 days ago
  • Jealousy arise in me..

    Marion NitsugaMarion Nitsuga2 days ago
  • Any particualr reason why if you want to sell it, you have to sell it as a bunker with a house attatched to it instead of the other way around?

    ZdrytchX -{ReferenceZdrytchX -{Reference2 days ago
  • Well, this guy probably gonna survive the apocalyps

    //2 days ago
  • What an excellent place for a meth lab

    David OBrienDavid OBrien2 days ago
  • Eyy tall know what im Here for...

    100 subs with no videos challange100 subs with no videos challange2 days ago
  • That last clip made my day

    Brady James KraabelBrady James Kraabel2 days ago
  • You have to sell the bunker with a house? XD it’s free real estate!! Literally!

    Nighthawk 009Nighthawk 0092 days ago
  • My first thought: “ultimate hotbox sesh with the bois”

    R41NR41N2 days ago
  • best place to extend it is to under the house, at least an entry tunnel, as if you're in a real emergency, having to gather the family, run outside to the shed, unlock it, and go in, wastes valuable time.. so the better option would be if there was a way in through the house as this can save precious minutes in a real emergency. Another added benefit of adding an entryway from the house is it could serve as a panic room if you place the secret entrance in a strategic location (i.e. in a closet or restroom), so if burglars break in your home, or a home invasion is going on, can escape into the bunker, lock it up and call police from there (or escape through the shed)... even can tie it into home security cameras to monitor what's going on inside and outside your home from the bunker. - However, for sure building a restroom in the bunker is a must, bunker is completely useless if you have no way to dispose of waste in a real emergency (this can also be solved easily if you extend it to your house as then you can tap into an existing toilet plumbing/sewage line (just make sure to include a valve which you can open/close from within the bunker so it's only open when you actually need to flush waste, and to prevent/stop any potential sewage backup or odor/gas when it's not in use). - Another idea for a bunker extension (if not there already) is a room for a UPS/Batteries or a Generator.. as it's kinda pointless of having a bunker if it goes completely dark if the power gets cut (which would highly likely happen in an apocalyptic/wartime scenario), so at least having some temporary power backup would be good... especially if the bunker is also used as a panic room, to keep phone, internet, cameras, etc, powered if badguys turn off or cut the power to your house.

    RavenRaven3 days ago
  • This is social distancing to next level

  • Should of built a sniper tower on top of the shed too.

    Shell ShockedShell Shocked3 days ago
  • This makes me think of that one movie of a guy who had a bunker and kid napped two people, killed one of them then dissolved his body in chemical. But this is pretty cool!!!

    Kathleen TottenKathleen Totten3 days ago
  • А грунтовые воды🙄

    Natalia DevyatisilnayaNatalia Devyatisilnaya3 days ago
  • He is 6 years old with loads of money

    zoltan Lapuzoltan Lapu3 days ago
  • I work for Merc F1, can we do a project together! Ps please come build one of these in my garden!!

    The Real EntrepreneurThe Real Entrepreneur3 days ago
  • Perfect bomb shelter

    Leggo KidLeggo Kid3 days ago
  • Corona: i will infecting this with my all might Colinfurze: hold my beer

    Ernawita SikumbangErnawita Sikumbang3 days ago