The FBI Agent The Mafia Wants Dead - Donnie Brasco (True Story)

Feb 5, 2020
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Today's amazing story features and incredible but true tale of an undercover FBI agent that infiltrated the Italian Mafia. Donnie Brasco became a wise guy and fit right in, until the Italian Mafia became suspicious of a rat in their organization. Find out what happens to Brasco in the incredible animated true story that has been featured in movies.
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  • imagine he pulled a nou on the fbi and just worked as a mole

    ChrisChris8 hours ago
  • My 🧠 when im playing games = :) my 🧠 when I am watching infographics = :( (not in a bad way)

    DarklanderDarklanderDay ago
  • I feel bad for his family, not being able to live a normal life, having to frequently move and change your name Sounds like a hassle

    The person who killed hitler is my role modelThe person who killed hitler is my role modelDay ago
  • i’m sorry but new jersey is below new york and new jersey is on the coast

    Devin GarveyDevin Garvey2 days ago
  • And all he got for those 6 years, was $500-1,500 he said. Pretty sad

    RubthoseuddersRubthoseudders3 days ago
  • When you wanted to comment something but someone already wrote it😒

    gwenchana gwenchanagwenchana gwenchana3 days ago
  • Everyone gangsta till a spy comes out

    NappNapp5 days ago
  • My Grandpa was friends with Joe Pistone

    Chris SchirripaChris Schirripa6 days ago
  • 920 Italian mafia mob members disliked the video.

    TorgathTorgath6 days ago
  • Oh no i have been exposed

    FBI Agent#2010FBI Agent#20109 days ago
  • This guys beginning of the video is so cringey

    Josh WilsonJosh Wilson9 days ago
  • Wanted dead by the Italian-American Mafia sounds like a nightmare...

    м а у ам а у а9 days ago
  • This guy was the best imposter I’ve ever seen

    TheMadMechTheMadMech10 days ago
  • This gives me john wick vibes

    snipezxsnipezx10 days ago
  • Well... that is the kind of mafia that is supported by influential people in the country.... they just want blood...

    Farzad Rajaei SalmasiFarzad Rajaei Salmasi10 days ago
  • there is one imposter among us

    krishna bhojakkrishna bhojak10 days ago
  • joe mama

    jerrickjerrick11 days ago
  • Weird that Paterson NJ is in the middle of Ohio

    Saks ProductionsSaks Productions12 days ago
  • Mafia is more stronger than fbi sach have more guns and fuctory thay are warriors mafia is batter is rael warriors

    יהודה jodhaיהודה jodha12 days ago
    • Spelling is important kids

      Take 14Take 1411 days ago
  • "Thats how mafia works"

    TheNightWolfTheNightWolf14 days ago
  • How to hide from mafia: Wear glasses (Superman style)

    JeffJeff14 days ago
  • Best quote from the movie: Donnie! Put that window up! I'm gonna catch a draft!

    Mario LuigiMario Luigi15 days ago
  • You should only go undercover as a single person. If you're in a relationship with kids you're just putting your family at risk of being killed

    One FusionOne Fusion16 days ago
  • does (true story) mean everything else was made up?

    ĐävïđĐävïđ17 days ago
  • You just destroyed his career if he still does that

    I have no idea for a nameI have no idea for a name18 days ago
  • To be honest everything went above my head, ohh, please!!!

    Smartest worksSmartest works18 days ago
  • Korea = Russia

    Jefferson SteelflexJefferson Steelflex21 day ago
  • 7:40 That sounds way too familiar

    William ZhaoWilliam Zhao21 day ago
  • Mr. Angelo?

    The NightlingThe Nightling22 days ago
    • no

      mindsminds17 days ago
  • Be under no illusion he got addicted to that life while in it regardless what he says

    Eoin mEoin m24 days ago
  • Pistone didn't want to be pulled out; he thought that the Mafia inducting an undercover law enforcement officer would embarrass them to the point of collapse.

    JMUDocJMUDoc26 days ago
  • Guys there's a movie about this you should go watch it, it's in Netflix

    themaddogthemaddog27 days ago
  • Donnie brasco is in south africa

    vumazwe sizibavumazwe sizibaMonth ago
  • Truck hyacinth unit

  • is this the di caprio and matt damon movie??

    ROHIT PROHIT PMonth ago
  • I know about Donnie Brasco yup I know

    Jennifer WhiteJennifer WhiteMonth ago
  • This was a great movie

    M McmullenM McmullenMonth ago
  • the movie was amazing

    Rockabilly JoeRockabilly JoeMonth ago
  • He never had to whack a guy

    Minime 154Minime 154Month ago
  • Hey girls, 0:20

    Chamod shelanChamod shelanMonth ago
  • How You Doing 😌

    Chamod shelanChamod shelanMonth ago
  • Akhand Bharat tho

  • Akhane Bharat tho

  • Mom: You should go play with the neighbors kid. The neighbors’ kid:

    Alvin ButlerAlvin ButlerMonth ago
  • FALSE: He didn't speak Italian fluently..He even admit to that! Please check your facts straight!

    123InDaPlaceToBe123InDaPlaceToBeMonth ago
  • Fun fact that lied to us all- Italians aren’t actually white

    mathiasmathiasMonth ago
  • The Italian/English slang in this video is mood killing.

    Nicholas DeDomenicoNicholas DeDomenico2 months ago
  • Plot twist: he works for mafia pretending to be a part of the FBI pretending to get hunted down so that they don’t suspect him

    Oof OofOof Oof2 months ago
  • 0:43 lol India conquered pakistan Bangladesh and Afghanistan

    Sudheendra RaoSudheendra Rao2 months ago
  • Me: Knocks on neighbours door “Where is Cara” Neighbours: Sleepin with the fishes Me: Oh no!! Neighbours: No, No, the Fish family that are next door

    Chess FanaticChess Fanatic2 months ago
    • Pretty funny

      B&M NC 0409B&M NC 0409Month ago
  • It’s a fugazi

    Syndrome !Syndrome !2 months ago
  • The Johnny Depp with Al Pachino Movie was Great

    Moviebuff ShattoMoviebuff Shatto2 months ago
  • this is litterly a film...

    tr6uttr6ut2 months ago
  • Real gansters wear suits.

    SpaceCadetLaCSpaceCadetLaC2 months ago
  • only sonny black's crew wants him dead

    jeff davisjeff davis2 months ago
  • He’s still alive.

    Adi MenonAdi Menon2 months ago
  • mafia wear hoodies?

    Mike OxlongMike Oxlong2 months ago
  • Ah, Vinny Pistones dad.

    Nathan McDanielNathan McDaniel2 months ago
  • I will nuke the world

    Jaime VarillaJaime Varilla2 months ago
  • Karma is real

    Franks SFranks S2 months ago
  • This guy went undercover in a truck hijacking group. Sound familiar. This dude is Brian O'Connor in real life!

    ClumbsyponyClumbsypony2 months ago
  • I could never abandon my family for YEARS to carry this out. That's insane.

    GymnasmicGymnasmic2 months ago
  • Mafia 4 plot

    Eiqmal HudairiEiqmal Hudairi2 months ago
  • Joseph pistone FBI is still alive age 80

    geek squad 2099geek squad 20992 months ago
  • top 5 biggest anime betrayals in history

    Banana MangosBanana Mangos2 months ago
  • Hank from breaking bad: am i a joke to you

    CrazyZPCrazyZP2 months ago
  • ✍️C no 📀n Moore's know it's for n sing or direct correct the 💎 psalms 👏 hello ✨

    Phillip HoneysettPhillip Honeysett2 months ago
  • 👌 ha there still 100 percent around and in controller in what they did here just bigger and more low-key they been perfecting this for years and politics and music will say they aren't but they are and own police and judges and are your own govoners so welcome to America lol

    Willis GreenWillis Green2 months ago
  • 0:47 , all middle east countries have portrayed as Pakistan in green. Lol 😂

    Amin KarimiAmin Karimi2 months ago
  • I mean...that’s how mafia works...

    Matthew BuettnerMatthew Buettner2 months ago
  • * E Y. I M. W A L K I N. H E R E *

    christaljohnchristaljohn3 months ago
  • A real hero. Let not thugs and bullies cow is into silence and inaction while innocent civilians are killed.

    ryarodryarod3 months ago
  • For a highly dangerous weapon that could wipe out the humanity, There has been a lot of accidents

    R3digitR3digit3 months ago
  • Nice

    Donnie FranklinDonnie Franklin3 months ago

    Jennifer VendryesJennifer Vendryes3 months ago
  • Anyone from the mob is watching I am gonna say something ballsy: call off the dogs. The war with this particular agent is over. In all seriousness, admit the FBI won that round and move on.

    Ethan FairweatherEthan Fairweather3 months ago
  • Bada bing bada boom😂😂😂

    mild crazymild crazy3 months ago
  • Portugal is not spain, pls fix your maps

    Sman 405Sman 4053 months ago
  • I love how they put true story as if everything else is fake 👀

    Trap CoreTrap Core3 months ago
  • Who hasn't seen this movie

    cris glizzycris glizzy3 months ago
  • Jo Jo Golden Wind explained lol

    bx coldbx cold3 months ago
  • Laugh with many, don’t trust any.

    AGuyWhoKnowsAGuyAGuyWhoKnowsAGuy3 months ago
  • Looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life. And so is your wife and kid. GG fbi guy...

    Cat ManCat Man3 months ago
  • Lets be true Tony killed more people Than Bundy

    Trolling Guy of QuarentineTrolling Guy of Quarentine3 months ago
  • I think ur confused his name was jake peralta

    Jay MoneyJay Money3 months ago
  • He didnt know fluent italian

    David de JamaicaDavid de Jamaica3 months ago
  • Thumbnail looks like a anime

    Jojitaro KujoJojitaro Kujo3 months ago
  • fuggetaboutit

    RenoxxedRenoxxed3 months ago
  • Why does the thumbnail look like he is taking OFF his vest

    Major HarveyMajor Harvey3 months ago
  • i got way too many mafia city ads on this

    Aluhana _Aluhana _3 months ago
    • Lol

  • This was such a great movie, one of my favorites of all time

    Kevin PHKevin PH4 months ago
  • Why does it when he says Forget about it he sounds like Dally from the outsiders

    Fort JRFort JR4 months ago
  • Why does this looks like prologue to the blacklist!

    Sydney A. FernandesSydney A. Fernandes4 months ago
  • f***ing Rat

    Abir HasnatAbir Hasnat4 months ago
  • Of course his name is Donnie :/

    Your Friendly neighborhood Poop DealerYour Friendly neighborhood Poop Dealer4 months ago
  • Legend

    k yk y4 months ago
  • who else cried when they killed sonnie for being close to donnie 😪😪

    LilUziVert 1LilUziVert 14 months ago
  • You left out the bit where they were gang banging the Japanese dude in the restaurant.

    Borat SagdiyevBorat Sagdiyev4 months ago
  • they were lucky, it wasnt Special agent Alexander Mahone

    Ted ClevelandTed Cleveland4 months ago
  • I saw documentaries on Donnie, Mira, Lefty, Persico, Gotti and Gravano just yesterday and now I see this.

    1Rogers1Rogers4 months ago