aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV

Nov 17, 2020
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aespa's debut single "Black Mamba" is Out!
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aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

  • "new era is begun"

    Arya DhikaArya Dhika27 seconds ago
  • LOL

    The Gospel of BubblegumThe Gospel of BubblegumMinute ago
  • es una copia de kda

    florencia toledo diazflorencia toledo diaz2 minutes ago
  • SM paved the way!!

    Muskan parveenMuskan parveen2 minutes ago
  • 😍woohoo

    Xinyue小宇啦Xinyue小宇啦3 minutes ago
  • 0:45 lmao the instrumental sounds like the instrumental of CHERRY by itzy

    nikkanieenikkaniee3 minutes ago
  • Say hii to those 94k pathetic antis poor they are so afraid from a rookie group who just debuted a week ago The Power Aespa holds🔝

    Muskan parveenMuskan parveen7 minutes ago
  • Guys you know the drill, in Kpop, no one cares of flop groups. People only hates big successful groups. So Aespa is more successful than their faves~ so sad

    felix navidadfelix navidad7 minutes ago
  • AESPA= ROTY (no one can change my mind)

    KPOPPI'NKPOPPI'N8 minutes ago
  • Karina so great dancer Giselle so grear rapper also and ningning so powerfull voice and winter so gorgoeus. Aespa is perfect.👍👍

    Seoyeon AhnSeoyeon Ahn8 minutes ago
  • I think this group will be successful I don't know why but it is like so much connecting to blackpink maybe but I think this will be famous group

    Neha TawarNeha Tawar9 minutes ago
  • Youtobe mulai gaa warass dah, dhapus terus viewersnya

    Anjelina HongAnjelina Hong9 minutes ago
  • hi aespa

    I getsomerestI getsomerest10 minutes ago

    KPOPPI'NKPOPPI'N10 minutes ago
  • Who else is here after the dance practice?

    Hadassah SHadassah S10 minutes ago
  • Those dislikes are from who can't reach Ningning's highnote

    ÆÆ10 minutes ago
  • Omgg ... these girls have an amazing future ahead ❤️... all main visuals ✨🌈✨🌈 All main dancers💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 All main vocalists 🗣🗣🗣🗣 Talent overloaded 🤩 ⚜️I hope they win a lot of awards ⚜️ Now will arrive ,toxic stans who will start their stupid shipping scandals 😤😔 I hope nothing comes between these girls hard work ... best of luck girlsss 😍😍🥰

    Elizabeth PElizabeth P10 minutes ago
  • Keep going, stream

  • If debut mv is like this... then i can't wait for their comebacks... yes.. m stanning Stayonce here 🤚

    pretty mgrpretty mgr11 minutes ago
  • From 56.424..m to 56.392..m Whatttt?

    Yatno YatnoYatno Yatno13 minutes ago
    • Ikr!! Wtf it decrease

      MY_ NingningMY_ Ningning6 minutes ago
  • Stan Aespa

    h hh h15 minutes ago
  • ما بعرف ؟؟!رقصهم حلو وصعب بس ليش احسهم يبغون يثيرون الجدل عشان ينشهرون(رأي )وبالاخير هما تعبو اكيد انشاء الله توفيق بس اذا سبون نامجون ما رح يشوفون خير💜💖

    ارمي فلسطينيةارمي فلسطينية16 minutes ago
    • لا ما سبوه؟

      kim kookekim kooke9 minutes ago
  • It would be nice to have a quick rap part scene at 01:51

    BlinkuuwBlinkuuw17 minutes ago
  • okay so im not the only one obsessed with 1:43

    beeyeonleebeeyeonlee17 minutes ago
  • ❤️

    Chae RyyChae Ryy18 minutes ago
  • this song giving me stray kids ,itzy ,and twice vibes with a little 2ne1

    nikkanieenikkaniee20 minutes ago
  • a little like blackpink, I don't think this is just a coincidence😳

    Andre ArmandoAndre Armando21 minute ago
    • lol no

      hoseok's forehead shines brighter than my futurehoseok's forehead shines brighter than my future10 minutes ago
    • Stan Aespa

      h hh h18 minutes ago
    • Nope

      Swiffers TeaSwiffers Tea20 minutes ago
  • i can't stop watching this, someonehelppp

    VelylVelyl21 minute ago
  • 0:45 this part give me god's menu vibes

    nikkanieenikkaniee22 minutes ago
    • no AKHDJS

      hoseok's forehead shines brighter than my futurehoseok's forehead shines brighter than my future10 minutes ago
  • 56,412,855!

    MY_ NingningMY_ Ningning22 minutes ago
  • 95% blink dislike Vidio ini 🤣

    Firman SyahFirman Syah23 minutes ago
    • @beepy beep you talkin to me

      Caden CampbellCaden Campbell9 seconds ago
    • We don't care man

      beepy beepbeepy beep17 minutes ago
    • @Swiffers Tea im a blink and a my so oop not me

      Caden CampbellCaden Campbell18 minutes ago
    • True.the immatures

      Swiffers TeaSwiffers Tea21 minute ago
  • Still stream

    فلسطينيهـ واأحـبكمفلسطينيهـ واأحـبكم24 minutes ago

    JENDRALJENDRAL25 minutes ago
  • 56.4M YES!

    Swiffers TeaSwiffers Tea25 minutes ago
    • 🤩🤩Fighting guys

      Reina Azida IlmaReina Azida Ilma25 minutes ago
  • am i the only one who think this song wasn't it until you keep repeating the song it will be better.. Indeed SM songs are unique they didn't follow the trend but make the trend for a song. Aespa All The Best for you girls!!

    blink foreverblink forever26 minutes ago
  • I Stan 😃 they’re all so talented 🥰

    JustjakaylaJustjakayla26 minutes ago
  • this is just me but I think that if Giselle really had a “dirty past” we should just let her move on from it! (N be proud she is moving on from it) (#^-^#)/ “-*•.*’o

    citrus tea jamcitrus tea jam26 minutes ago
  • 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

    Upik JoharUpik Johar27 minutes ago
    • Ugly hater

      Sheldon ShelferSheldon Shelfer22 minutes ago
    • You stupid

      فلسطينيهـ واأحـبكمفلسطينيهـ واأحـبكم24 minutes ago
    • Spam aja lo tong

      Yul uliYul uli25 minutes ago
  • Lha turun lg barusan ke tr3nding #8 *cries

    jndyjndy27 minutes ago
    • ini 8

      DSDS27 minutes ago
  • 43m to 100m

    luchi gimenezluchi gimenez29 minutes ago
  • 노래 중독성 있다.. 윈터언니 넘 이뻐..⸜(⍥)⸝♡ 카리나언니도 볼매..🍭💜

    주연주연30 minutes ago
  • カリナアンドフレンズ

    mi ami a32 minutes ago
  • ~Dear haters~ Thank you for the views! :) you just made aespa popular

    Zaidan ArisZaidan Aris33 minutes ago
  • que onda la canción es super buena , nunca había visto un mv tan producido , siento que las integrantes están perfectas , la canción es muy pegadiza no se si staneare este grupo pero esta super bueno estaba averiguando cosas de ellas me hubiese fustado que cuando vi en USkeys black mamba haber apretado pero lo deje pasar y ahora lo estoy viendo 6 días después así seré fan pero no se si de su famdom pero lo seré desde el inicio ahhhhhhh que emocion

    kpoper_ bounprem_blkpoper_ bounprem_bl33 minutes ago
    • Stan Aespa

      h hh h17 minutes ago

    wendygrooviewendygroovie34 minutes ago
  • Black Mamba

    Natasha MichealNatasha Micheal35 minutes ago
  • 57M when

    loey naugloey naug35 minutes ago

    BuffayloBuffaylo36 minutes ago

    Gabi MirandaGabi Miranda36 minutes ago
  • Karina's BLACK MAMBA could be replayed forever

    Rimjhim ChaurasiaRimjhim Chaurasia37 minutes ago

    Rimjhim ChaurasiaRimjhim Chaurasia37 minutes ago
  • Dammm the charisma of Karina and the insane vocals and dancing abilities of the members, this group gonna be big

    Khoo Chun qingKhoo Chun qing39 minutes ago
  • Support enhypen too guys

    Tox xxTox xx39 minutes ago

    Billie LilisBillie Lilis39 minutes ago
    • Stan Aespa

      h hh h16 minutes ago
    • Haters really scared and bother to came here .. such a loser ❤️

      Sheldon ShelferSheldon Shelfer21 minute ago
  • Jangan lupa cek tiktok mereka Gemesh banget

    Devi ParawansaDevi Parawansa40 minutes ago
  • Let’s go Like wtf

    Sooll19Sooll1941 minute ago
  • after dance practice, now i need aespa's variety show

    Ririn AndrianiRirin Andriani41 minute ago
  • Ning ning mine huhuhu

    Loey KunLoey Kun41 minute ago
  • Sebelum bobo str34m dolo

    Muhammad Ijwan AchwanMuhammad Ijwan Achwan42 minutes ago
  • Winter so cute

    mnosh.7 Renmnosh.7 Ren43 minutes ago
  • Str3@ming

    h hh h43 minutes ago
  • 다른 건 모르겠는데 전철씬은 KDA 같음 전철씬에 나오는 괴물? 같은 애도 그렇고 (03:01) 전철씬만 보면 KDA같아요 *갠적인 생각입니다

    눌러주세요 구독눌러주세요 구독43 minutes ago
  • 지젤 사랑해

    ken kanekiken kaneki44 minutes ago
  • Keep str3m Mys

    mnosh.7 Renmnosh.7 Ren44 minutes ago
  • 56364

    Gentur PrimaGentur Prima44 minutes ago
  • Giselle saranghae

    ken kanekiken kaneki45 minutes ago
  • mau panggil ningning adek tapi tuaan dia tapi imutan dia juga :))

    SM stan EntertainmentSM stan Entertainment45 minutes ago
  • A new group to stan ❤️❤️

    Namjoons Broken sunglassesNamjoons Broken sunglasses46 minutes ago
  • 60M kami datang!!

    SM stan EntertainmentSM stan Entertainment47 minutes ago
    • @Muhammad Ijwan Achwan lah ngapa lu tong?

      SM stan EntertainmentSM stan Entertainment33 minutes ago
    • 100M sebulan awokwokk

      Muhammad Ijwan AchwanMuhammad Ijwan Achwan41 minute ago
  • Guys can someone give me the link of that video that girls are walking and singing black mamba live?!

    Setnayeshc bSetnayeshc b47 minutes ago
    • @mnosh.7 Ren thanks

      Setnayeshc bSetnayeshc b41 minute ago
    • The Kpop

      h hh h41 minute ago
    • Write in USkeys the kpop

      mnosh.7 Renmnosh.7 Ren45 minutes ago
  • 😅

    Tien HieTien Hie48 minutes ago
  • We must get 100 mil

    Setnayeshc bSetnayeshc b48 minutes ago
  • 60 M LETS GO!!!!!!

    Dan StegallDan Stegall49 minutes ago
  • Who jumped when the mamba went to the train then jumpscares us, I know I am not the only one

    Unknown TVUnknown TV49 minutes ago
  • fighting str3am nyaa MY-!!!

    Najwa A PutriNajwa A Putri50 minutes ago
  • We need to make 100m guys Keeps streaming guys!! Who's here!

    MY_ NingningMY_ Ningning51 minute ago
  • æspa 💖

    MY_ NingningMY_ Ningning52 minutes ago
  • Geselli

    MY_ NingningMY_ Ningning52 minutes ago
  • Best girls

    Twicey OnceyTwicey Oncey52 minutes ago
  • Karina

    MY_ NingningMY_ Ningning52 minutes ago
  • Winter

    MY_ NingningMY_ Ningning52 minutes ago
  • Ningning

    MY_ NingningMY_ Ningning52 minutes ago
  • A

    MY_ NingningMY_ Ningning53 minutes ago
  • E

    MY_ NingningMY_ Ningning53 minutes ago
  • S

    MY_ NingningMY_ Ningning53 minutes ago
  • AmogUs

    Rossalina GrRossalina Gr53 minutes ago
  • P

    MY_ NingningMY_ Ningning53 minutes ago
  • A

    MY_ NingningMY_ Ningning53 minutes ago
  • بيجننو 😭😭❤❤❤

    mmllaak mmllaakmmllaak mmllaak53 minutes ago
    • شوفي فيديو the kpop رح تموتي ضحك وهني يرقصن ويتهبلن

      mnosh.7 Renmnosh.7 Ren43 minutes ago
  • semangat MYNE

    29.refaline tiardi29.refaline tiardi53 minutes ago
  • Ayyayayayayyayyay

    Sen Anan yaniSen Anan yani53 minutes ago
  • (≚ᄌ≚)ℒℴѵℯ💕(≚ᄌ≚)ℒℴѵℯ💕(≚ᄌ≚)ℒℴѵℯ💕

    mmllaak mmllaakmmllaak mmllaak53 minutes ago
  • Mamama mambaaa

    Sen Anan yaniSen Anan yani53 minutes ago
  • Nice, dance practice already available.

    CB BmbnutoCB Bmbnuto54 minutes ago
  • Wehh pada cantik cantik T_T

    Tasya 00Tasya 0055 minutes ago
  • 56 millions views

    Fun FunFun Fun55 minutes ago
  • MYne! ayoo semangaat! ayoo buat AESPA FIRST WIN!

    jeno chanjeno chan55 minutes ago
    • try our best

      Ni HanNi Han54 minutes ago
  • Full support of your channel injoy also

    jhesa Vlog tvjhesa Vlog tv56 minutes ago
  • Dislike = snake

    zjoelie 17zjoelie 1756 minutes ago
  • Love these girls!

    Twicey OnceyTwicey Oncey56 minutes ago