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    FoekoFoeko7 months ago
    • Lol

      Strawberry CowStrawberry Cow2 months ago
    • Hey

      C WillC Will3 months ago
    • No

      David CloggDavid Clogg4 months ago
    • 👌 ok

      Chase RuttyChase Rutty5 months ago
    • RED DOT 🔴 this week please watch out your name for your dad please send it please call mom I will send him to text me to tell him what I’m going through to you

      Elijah smithElijah smith5 months ago
  • She really makes the gays look bad. Guys we’re not like this. Fuck Ellen

    Nicole TantrabuanaNicole Tantrabuana13 days ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/_APJlB7kUHQ-video.html ellen is voice of dory?. pls subscribe i need 1000 subscriber🙏☺️

    Bru ProjectBru ProjectMonth ago
  • This vid is clickbait cause it has Billie eylish on the thumbnail

    Isabella EnriquezIsabella EnriquezMonth ago
  • Then why is billie on thumbnail?

  • She loves pizza

    Tuwa MosiTuwa MosiMonth ago
  • what is the deal with the guy saying LED?

    natalie hidalgonatalie hidalgoMonth ago
  • Everyone is on Ellen now.

    Film ManiaFilm Mania2 months ago
  • Clickbait

    Haris AmirHaris Amir2 months ago
  • my unlike just because of the cover 😒

    Ananda PaulinoAnanda Paulino2 months ago
  • Celebs with Friendship immunity. Justin Timberlake Adam Levine Jackie Chan Nicole Kidman Martha Stewart

    Jr Pueyo-MoralesJr Pueyo-Morales2 months ago
  • Who skipped the whole video just to find Billie in it?? 😛

    YashikaYashika2 months ago
  • Click Bate

    Evan KochEvan Koch2 months ago
  • you should not have put billie eilish on the cover. rude

    Greta JuneGreta June2 months ago
  • Click bait video

    Joseph ChhangteJoseph Chhangte2 months ago
  • *vomits*

  • Am I the only one who notice that there is only 8 celebrities instead of 10

    IrisIris2 months ago
  • Narration with irrevelant clips, fuck off

    oDannyMitchellooDannyMitchello2 months ago
  • Omg I love Danny G

    Lola DuckingLola Ducking2 months ago
  • Look how much click bait in this thumb nail

    W WPW WP2 months ago
  • Ellen looks like Carol from the walking dead 😂

    Rey JrRey Jr3 months ago
  • I hate what she did to that audience member-Don’t get me wrong, I do love her games and jokes-But this went too far

    Lucy SowamberLucy Sowamber3 months ago
  • Ellen had it coming

    Ada WongAda Wong3 months ago
  • No Billie, just CLICK BAIT. You're welcome.

    Craig HansonCraig Hanson3 months ago
  • why you talk about the situation rather than show us

    Alex RobinsonAlex Robinson3 months ago
  • Can some one shut this guy's story telling mouth,

    Rohit AnvekarRohit Anvekar3 months ago
  • It Smell clickbait here

    Leonidas CuentasLeonidas Cuentas3 months ago
  • Wish you just showed the clips instead of talking so much.

    Predator321Predator3213 months ago
    • Copyright probably..

      FlorinFlorin6 days ago
  • Stop using misleading thumbnails, bitch.

    OMEGAGunZOMEGAGunZ3 months ago
  • 🙄

    Beatrisa FloacaBeatrisa Floaca3 months ago
  • Ok.. but why do you have Danny's end song. You didn't even mention him .

    Aivars PakalnsAivars Pakalns3 months ago

    Lucas WattsLucas Watts3 months ago
  • is that a real boobs ...... i mean it's huge........

    Miracle EbubeMiracle Ebube3 months ago
  • Just fucking show the clip...stop the gibberish talk for the sake of prolonging the video

    Catalina RCatalina R3 months ago
  • I wat hed till the end please pink

    Nijhilie BrownNijhilie Brown3 months ago
  • You really had to do Billie like that on the Ellen Show.

    Nancy GatoruNancy Gatoru3 months ago
  • That was 8 celebs not 10 lol

    Safiya AkhmedovSafiya Akhmedov3 months ago
  • 10 celebs who insulted ellen on the ellen show *Only shows 8*

    Amaria Anson-BlackAmaria Anson-Black3 months ago
  • who else came here for Billie

    Andrew HwangAndrew Hwang3 months ago
  • Wendy having a show lol the world is over haha these stars think anyone actually cares about their opinions haha we really don't only the people without a real brain care haha ... love you Ellen

    bernhard85bernhard853 months ago
  • Leave it to Bruce to hate same sex marriages wow wtf is the world coming to when the guy who tries to be a woman hates same sex marriages lul can we say hypocritical...

    bernhard85bernhard853 months ago
  • click bait shame on low life

    LesBtcLesBtc3 months ago
  • who clicked on this just to see Billie Eilish but didn't see her🙋‍♀️

    Avani RajanAvani Rajan3 months ago
  • You are just trying to find fame your a clickbater

    Khawlah AlkhlassKhawlah Alkhlass3 months ago
  • Ellen doesn’t seem to like people

    Lore FreedomLore Freedom3 months ago
  • Did he just said Jaty Perry

    Tracy RexTracy Rex3 months ago
  • That's weird I only saw 8 not 10 celebs, and where was Billie Eilish?

    Hanna HaydenHanna Hayden3 months ago
  • Your going to prison

    sarah smithsarah smith3 months ago
  • The title said top 10 you only included 8

    Paul ThielPaul Thiel3 months ago
  • Ellen is horrible person to begin with

    Kurt KremerKurt Kremer3 months ago
  • Hey does Danni know his song is being used? I feel like we could get a video out of this 😂

    Sierra MathesSierra Mathes3 months ago
  • I only came here for billie😑😑 Billie would never be mean to anyone ❤️

    Mia RiaMia Ria3 months ago
  • Ellen Degeneres isn’t a kind person but her shaming a shoplifter is jusrified.

    A fat cat from swedenA fat cat from sweden4 months ago
  • Billie wasn't there😡😡

    Nasrin riyazNasrin riyaz4 months ago
  • I don’t think a lot of these are insults, and more of awkward moments. But I do like your style and editing!

    Rosemary AndersonRosemary Anderson4 months ago
  • Why is Billie always on the clickbait of ellen insulting videos?

    Tiniko IashviliTiniko Iashvili4 months ago
  • Is it just me or is ellen a bit or is ellen easily offended

    urbanobstaclesurbanobstacles4 months ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/0iGn52ePO_g-video.html

    Josh McdonaldJosh Mcdonald4 months ago
  • O mi god!! I'm tires from this loudd noisse!!is a scandal day by day by day....... ..........scandals por chutt offf noislly dogg

    areida Smittareida Smitt4 months ago
  • Who else knew that Billie didn’t insult Ellen but still clicked anyway

    Ldbeastmode 06Ldbeastmode 064 months ago
  • This commentary voice is annoying AF

    Lee GutierrezLee Gutierrez4 months ago
  • Take Billy off your cover if she's not on your video.

    Lee AnneLee Anne4 months ago
  • I did see the episode with Jennifer Lawrence and I'm sorry but it was weird that she though that all cats where only one sex...

    Lee AnneLee Anne4 months ago
  • Foeko:10 celebs who insulted Ellen on her show Also Foeko:02 the audience Me:🙄

    Josephine LalnunsiamiJosephine Lalnunsiami4 months ago
  • Why the fuck would you not put any relevant clips in only ones from different interviews?

    Branden MedinaBranden Medina4 months ago
  • Billie no la insultó fue un tic del tourette

    nxsonic Msnxsonic Ms4 months ago
  • Billie Eilish? *she never insulted Ellen, Billie just complimented her like a million times lmfao.*

    •Ayato-Chan••Ayato-Chan•4 months ago
  • When you have nothing else to do with your life and this is in your recommendations

    ChantexxX MclaughlinChantexxX Mclaughlin4 months ago
  • can u stop saying jady perry

    PAJ Your LifecoachPAJ Your Lifecoach4 months ago
  • Why do you have to talk, show the videos of what happened. Stop listening to yourself jabber.

    Ryan SRyan S4 months ago
  • This is cringy

    Jennifer MartinezJennifer Martinez4 months ago
  • I hate this disgusting tv show !

    Tom BusshartTom Busshart4 months ago

    The gaming Waffle XDThe gaming Waffle XD4 months ago
  • You had billie elish in the thumbail you laiarrrrrrrrrrr

    M AM A4 months ago
  • Click bait!! I only came for billie

    AllaynaSkye TVAllaynaSkye TV4 months ago
  • okay.

    Pee PeenutPee Peenut4 months ago
  • I have subscribed a long time ago, but I liked and this is my comment...literally Foeko since I subscribed I have been following the algorithm like a reflex...you gotta do something about this😂😂😂

    Tsitlo MagoloTsitlo Magolo4 months ago
  • click bait

    Kristen FaulKristen Faul4 months ago
  • None of these are insults

    Bella BellaBella Bella4 months ago
  • Foeko here’s an idea. Stfu and jus play the clips. Oh and stop click baiting ppl btch

    John DoughJohn Dough4 months ago