Spoiled Wife Fires Housekeeper, Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann

Sep 12, 2020
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You'll never know how hard someone's job is until you do it yourself.
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  • Hello #DharMannFam! Did you know I send daily inspirational text messages? Join my texting fam to get a new text from me each day. Text (213) 212-4550 or click this link bit.ly/2ZfA5ZR to get started. Also, we’re about to hit 10 BILLION views 🙏🏽 To celebrate we’re choosing 5 people to win an Apple MacBook Air Laptop! To enter: bit.ly/3l7b6lz

    Dhar MannDhar Mann6 days ago
    • Um did u notice the mums eyes

      Zhadae CarrZhadae Carr4 hours ago
    • Be real with me D-Man do you do this to teach kids morals? Cause this is insane. WHY ARE WE PUTTING MORE CLOTHES ON THE KID? The maid's on salary? THE MAID BROUGHT A DISH BECAUSE SHE FELT BAD! I'M GONNA DIE. You've changed my life, by ending it.

      B DB D12 hours ago
    • Hi hi hi

      Ibrahim PlayzIbrahim Playz15 hours ago
    • I love your videos and you are changing my life and im only 9 and so ur starting a great life love you darr😇😆😊☺😀

      Sadie StanleySadie Stanley16 hours ago
    • i worked hard all my life...weekends, holidays, nights, days, factory work, office, mowing lawns...what you have and what you achieve feels much greater when you see the callouses on your hands and know you earned it.

      Sonnabend00Sonnabend00Day ago
  • Those adults are some of my fav actors from this channel.

    MrGaming69MrGaming6916 minutes ago
  • Its amazing

    JKMS tecJKMS tec26 minutes ago
  • Can you do one about a girl who is always sanitising and gets called granny hands but they then find out her mom has asthma and is very high risk

    Pokemon GoPokemon Go35 minutes ago
  • I love how all these stories have a good happy ending

    Nadisha DissanayakeNadisha Dissanayake35 minutes ago
  • 4:23 HOLD up HOLD up why she put it near the edge she has enough space to not put it to not make it fall?

    Anna AnimationsAnna Animations54 minutes ago
  • Hi

    Holly HeathHolly HeathHour ago
  • Wife: I ain't doing nothing No cleaning,No cooking Wife again:Yes I do the cooking yes I do the cleaning....

    Malak DossaMalak DossaHour ago
  • I absolutely loved this one.. I love all the videos ofcourse, but I really get sucked into the actress who played the wife episodes... she just so amazing at every role she’s played, very body is so good, but I must say she has that certain quality that for a moment while watching her you forget entirely that she is even acting .. 👏 👏

    Nichole GNichole GHour ago
  • “I don’t cook, I don’t clean but lemme tell u how I got this ring”

    ToXic_BerryToXic_Berry2 hours ago
  • Dumb eye

    Marta LopezMarta Lopez2 hours ago
  • Gold digger

    Marta LopezMarta Lopez2 hours ago
  • The hands are for working dumb

    Marta LopezMarta Lopez2 hours ago
  • she have two different eyes i want to different eyes

    Yoldina LuxamaYoldina Luxama3 hours ago
  • My mom is not like this but i love the vid dhar man

    Jasmine MoraldeJasmine Moralde3 hours ago
  • I love how Dhar Mann is teaching me how to not just come off as mean,but ti try to be more understanding and have anothee approach when having a disagreement

    ari_xannyari_xanny3 hours ago
  • Anyone get that porno vibe?

    alex winsalex wins4 hours ago
  • I had tears after this video

    qt Spectralqt Spectral4 hours ago
  • I don’t know why but the wife gives me goldigger vibes

    Aishwarya Ravi KumarAishwarya Ravi Kumar4 hours ago
  • Her eyes is different

    Ismi MaLisaIsmi MaLisa4 hours ago
  • Gold digger vibes right guys

    The Glitches OnlineThe Glitches Online4 hours ago
  • the wife is in malcome in the middle

    Christian LealChristian Leal4 hours ago
  • Why are you guys disliking!!!

    IamNotWolf bgIamNotWolf bg4 hours ago
  • I wanna slap that lady.

    Mh18 2018Mh18 20184 hours ago
  • No one not gone talk about the wife’s eyes-

    Roblox ComedyRoblox Comedy5 hours ago
  • You can carry the bags your self and her hand were wet the plate will break And I will leave she let she do all the work by herself

  • Damn it when the spoiled wife’s name is Tracy and yours is Tracie😐😳🤭

    iipeachytracieiiiipeachytracieii5 hours ago
  • Oml ur videos are so good! I shown my cat the video just to see what she would do and she kept staring at Katherine (Tracy) the whole time and kept pawing at the screen. She even fell asleep watching the video about “Homeless man steals pizza”

    Abby KnustAbby Knust5 hours ago
  • Her eyes are 2 colors comment if u see it the wife

    Aaliyah NfonoyimAaliyah Nfonoyim5 hours ago
  • When I saw that chicken, *I* wanted it

    Squad•HouseSquad•House5 hours ago
  • Girl stop acting like you all rich I saw the water soap on the counter of your sink even I have that and dont get me started on how broke i am

    Oseremekhian OyakhilomenOseremekhian Oyakhilomen5 hours ago
  • So you had to break two plates for the video?

    TNT1 Chea DavidTNT1 Chea David5 hours ago
  • "do u have any idea how expensive that plate was" me: u prob had more then that-

    105 subs with videos i can upload105 subs with videos i can upload6 hours ago
  • Me:ROn? Me again:mental

    Lily Omar NizarLily Omar Nizar6 hours ago
  • This made me mad the whole video

    Mitch LarsonMitch Larson6 hours ago
  • Me live chicken mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so good

    Luke StefanLuke Stefan6 hours ago
  • These films have awesome quality!

    PARKIPLIER! !PARKIPLIER! !7 hours ago
  • I Wish Everyone appreciates the help they get

    Hydro GlacierHydro Glacier7 hours ago
  • This is a good example on how kids and teens (like me) treat their parents 😓 I will admit it I do that. 😓

    RvssianTvRvssianTv7 hours ago
  • Seriously what a lazy b****

    David RiveraDavid Rivera7 hours ago
  • “ all you have to do is cook and clean, “ *pauses* and let me tell you i got this ring..

    Caera TurtlesCaera Turtles7 hours ago
  • I would be angry if someone broke my plate but I won't fire them it's not that big of a deal

    Eddie LopaEddie Lopa8 hours ago
  • The son was giving it to the Mom to let her know that it wasn't all fun and games! Loved it. Good lesson Dhar.

    Perfect KarmaPerfect Karma8 hours ago

    Cody The PresidentCody The President8 hours ago
  • When she broke the plate, im shocked like it was infront of me😅

    afif misbahafif misbah8 hours ago
  • This is how the spoiled wife treats Valentina after she uses her help collecting recyclable bottles from the park to get money and getting out of being homeless 😂😂😂

    Pradhep GiritharPradhep Girithar8 hours ago
  • “sO yOu sEe”

    AlienVAAlienVA8 hours ago
  • Didn't he post it this before Not to be rude

    Faze KingFaze King9 hours ago
  • Why doesn’t she know we’re the own trashcan was in her own house………

    MEH CousinsMEH Cousins9 hours ago
  • These vids make me sad but teach people lessons thzx

    David BandaDavid Banda9 hours ago
    • Thank you for the like

      David BandaDavid Banda9 hours ago
    • I know

      erin xoxoerin xoxo9 hours ago
  • Ia m glad the wife knew how hard it is then got her house keeper back and was nice to her :3

    Alussa Fitzgerald tinnehAlussa Fitzgerald tinneh9 hours ago
  • I loved this vid I shared this with a lot of my old friends

    Yadira CastroYadira Castro9 hours ago
  • Why does this seem like they’re going to sell me something ?

    Jessica SparkleJessica Sparkle9 hours ago
  • Her eyes just me staring-

    Joyce WengJoyce Weng9 hours ago
  • Sis really said “I don’t cook I don’t clean but let me tell you how I got this ring”😂😂😂😂😭

    ItzComfyItzComfy10 hours ago
  • Some of these people are like this there just bitches

    Aileen Grace S. DemataAileen Grace S. Demata10 hours ago
  • when you 14 years old and your dad makes you do all the things in the house ( single parent, moms abusive)

    Saeran's GirlfriendSaeran's Girlfriend10 hours ago
  • She heard "salary increase " Uuu shh say no more

    Absol PlayzAbsol Playz10 hours ago
  • that mom does not deserve valentina

    Noob ClasherNoob Clasher10 hours ago
  • “Please don’t do this to me” Not to be mean but I thought of frozen

    seeni gztyseeni gzty10 hours ago
  • I cried so much watching this

    Gaming with ChabreahaGaming with Chabreaha10 hours ago
    • barkbarkbarkbark

      seeni gztyseeni gzty10 hours ago
  • Bruv u ever wanna 🤜👩🏼

    Asher KovarikAsher Kovarik10 hours ago
  • Rip expensive plate

    SeasickSolid73SeasickSolid7310 hours ago

    Audrey GradyAudrey Grady10 hours ago
  • Was that a real plate she broke? Lol you'll are rich breaking a plate for a video(sarcasm)

  • Is the woman the blue and brownish hazel colour eye a real eye colour ? Or is it contacts

    SS TaffytaffpopSS Taffytaffpop11 hours ago
  • Omg I Love The Thumbnail 😂🤣😂

    Layla xDLayla xD11 hours ago
  • I love your videos they relly teach u what reality is

    Ducky luckyDucky lucky11 hours ago
  • Wow 😭😭

    Lizbeth PallensLizbeth Pallens11 hours ago
  • That father looks like Jason Biggs thoughh..

    Sheriffo CamaraSheriffo Camara11 hours ago
  • she is also a gold digger no cap

    INNO ON EXPOINNO ON EXPO11 hours ago
  • I don't get this - who even needs such movies? Or is it for teenagers?

    Igor KhomenkoIgor Khomenko11 hours ago
  • I’m definitely going to start helping my mom out a lot more.

    Micah’s StuffMicah’s Stuff12 hours ago
  • She's exhausted from doing absolutely nothing. To many hateful people like her in this world

    Speak Up WorldSpeak Up World13 hours ago
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    icey wolficey wolf13 hours ago
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    icey wolficey wolf13 hours ago
  • "Tracy" is a good nice-actress. But she doubles back as an even better villain-actress!!! Gracious, I love her acting! And our housemaid from the previous pregnancy video was soo good with emotions here!!

    Sairaj MenonSairaj Menon13 hours ago
  • First thing i would is sue if they dont pay for all week

    controller caswell browncontroller caswell brown13 hours ago
  • Housekeeper: *drops plate* Wife: DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE THAT WAS?! Also Her 2 minutes ago: *buys 3 bags Of Dior*

    NABZIDDEEN 108NABZIDDEEN 10813 hours ago
  • Pff gold digger like here’s your card but nEeD tHaT tOmArRoW bi##

    Gaming wolf DarielGaming wolf Dariel14 hours ago
  • but... i do all this thing every day in my life. So it's not so difficult

    Français et한국어Français et한국어14 hours ago
  • I love you maid you are pretty

    Gabriela RodriguezGabriela Rodriguez14 hours ago
  • Lady: ugh chicken again. Me: what the hell I'd love to eat chicken every day

    Kanish RavikumarKanish Ravikumar14 hours ago
  • Good lesson

    Sergio PortilloSergio Portillo14 hours ago
  • She is such an awesome actor, she made that person look like such a dunce.

    Rishabh NairRishabh Nair14 hours ago
  • ;-; my face the hole time

    Dinosaur ClubDinosaur Club15 hours ago
  • This boss lady is awesome. She fits in all characters.

    faith muenifaith mueni15 hours ago