Larissa Lima - fired from TLC, detained by ICE, made $100,000 in one hour | 90 day fiance

Sep 26, 2020
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90 Day Fiancé Cast Member Larissa Dos Santos Lima has been under the media spotlight for the past few weeks.
Larissa has created a lot of buzz on Social Media after her body transformation and live performance on CamSoda. The one-hour live stream was viewed by around 2,000 viewers and allegedly yielded $100,000 in profits. Larissa was happy to show off her body after several plastic surgeries, which reportedly costed her $72,000.
A few days after the stream Larissa was detained by ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's) as she was about to move to Colorado Springs with Eric. There was no footage of ICE agents picking Larissa up. She was released within 2 hours.
90 day fiancé community was divided, with some accusing Larissa and her friend Carmen of staging the incident. 90 day blogger “90day_yahooboy” made a call to ICE public information office and they could not verify that Larissa was in ICE’s custody. Some were convinced this proves Larissa staged the event, while others doubted the recording as the blogger did not provide the date of birth and Larissa’s full name. Others were convinced by blogger’s points, including the fact that the office where Larissa was seen leaving from is closed on Saturday.
90 day bloggers John Yates and Katrina AKA Frauded by TLC claim they have inside sources that confirm the detention. Moreover, Frauded by TLC said the reason behind the detention was to check her status in the U.S. and that Larissa was probably told she has to leave the United States.
A week after the supposed detention, blogger John Yates broke the news that TLC/Sharp Entertainment released Larissa from her contract for 90 day fiancé, where she was already filming for another season. Larissa confirmed the rumors that she was let go due to CamSoda show. It happened a day prior to her ICE detention.
Time Stamps
0:00 - Intro
0:08 - Larissa's plastic surgeries
3:55 - CamSoda gig
6:24 - Moving to Colorado
7:47 - ICE
9:48 - Yahoo Boy calling ICE
12:05 - Why Larissa was detained?
14:16 - Fired from 90 day fiance
15:49 - Outro
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  • Eric: I love you Larissa Larissa: Erikee: I love your money, I mean I love you hee! Hee!

    Juan SantiagoJuan Santiago3 days ago
  • While people were mocking only Colt, thinking that she is an angel. I didn't! She was discussing about how much money he will spend on her when she first arrives to L.V. His cousin was so right about her. She could work for the sake of her children there in Brazil but nope, plastic surgeries are priorities

    Mello RineMello Rine6 days ago

    nicole violaninicole violani7 days ago
  • That 4:50 though HAHAHHAHA

    Shanieee LeeShanieee Lee10 days ago
  • Hey I'm happy for her hope she can bring her kids

    Cheryl ScottCheryl Scott10 days ago
  • En USA 🇺🇸 se proibe la prostitution.

    Lourdes De la CruzLourdes De la Cruz11 days ago
  • She looks like Michael jackson nowadays great!!!!

    Crystal MasonCrystal Mason13 days ago
  • From these $72.000 , your kids could live a good live in Brasil but i think they are better off WITHOUT such a selfisch gold-digger-mom who looks more and more like Michael Jackson by the day , poor kids !!

    rita treffersrita treffers18 days ago
  • I thought that don’t exist jealous people in EUA ... Coz all of them are RICHIES ! America is the best place in the world ... !?!, Am I wrong ???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I see Miss Debby sitting in a relax-chair. Laughing and grinning, with a nice glass of red wine. 😣😂😌😏

    Jalina CuranderaJalina Curandera20 days ago
  • "The American dream" 🤔😣😑 Leaving your children in Brasilia.

    Jalina CuranderaJalina Curandera20 days ago
  • The ED heads though..! Great turn-off😂😂👏

    Jalina CuranderaJalina Curandera20 days ago
  • 1:48 I love her but she looks like Michael Jackson at this angle

    TheMissDiva0001TheMissDiva000120 days ago
  • She should introduce her plastic surgeon to Daevan 😂

    Lim vivianLim vivian21 day ago
  • Y’all comments are real haters ...Let that lady be happy .... I think I smell jealous people

    Joya JeromeJoya Jerome23 days ago
  • And this is the type of chick men seek. 😭

    NopeNot4ItNopeNot4It24 days ago
  • She should have been deported already.

    Ellen JankowskiEllen Jankowski25 days ago
  • Whats with the Michael Jackson nose? So looks wrong in so many ways. She should be spending that money to feed her kids she abandoned. Shame.

    The Nina SavageThe Nina Savage27 days ago
  • Larissa somehow looks like Freddie Mercury now. Anyone else see that?

    Anna KWAnna KW29 days ago
  • She looks like Michael Jackson after he transformation

    Misty SheltonMisty Shelton29 days ago
  • Like she's gonna pay back Ericeee. She's an idiot

    Kenyan_Orange_fantaKenyan_Orange_fantaMonth ago
  • This is just a personal opinion: i think she looked much better without the nose job

    EmilyEmilyMonth ago
  • I dont like her. She should be sent back to wherever as he came grom and carinne can stay

    n williamsn williamsMonth ago
  • She looked better before

    christine navarrochristine navarroMonth ago
  • Is nothing more beautiful then a natural woman not something made out of plastic

    Block BoyBlock BoyMonth ago
  • I think she is a hooker in her country. 🤔

    Kris MasKris MasMonth ago
  • No 1 perfect🤣🤣🤣🤣plz dnt judge

    Sizile TshabalalaSizile TshabalalaMonth ago
  • “One more timy” 😔 “Éricy “ 😒 Whyyyy? 😂😊

    Erica JeanErica JeanMonth ago
  • She can now make a lifelong career in Brazilian TV. Brazilian Dream come true!😂

    Maicol X777Maicol X777Month ago
  • Erikii!

    Tony SopranoTony SopranoMonth ago
  • She looks like Michael Jackson 😂

    emzieemzieMonth ago
  • Wow fake and scammers

    Cristopher E GoodwinCristopher E GoodwinMonth ago
  • I never heard say she needed help to bring hers children all is about herself.

    Vilma RamirezVilma RamirezMonth ago
  • She is gold digger l don't blame her t she saws opportunity taken

    Vilma RamirezVilma RamirezMonth ago
  • I will not miss her at all. Buy bye. Selfish self centered narcissist.

    Sparks AboardSparks AboardMonth ago
  • Lol what’s the big deal? She’s an adult and we all grown. Why fire her for something like that? It’s not like she’s a teacher

    Ilovesesshomaru samaIlovesesshomaru samaMonth ago
  • She's uglier. Looks like michael jackson. Stupid larrisa🤣🤣🤣she uses e slot erice nosee worked, 😂😂😂

    Lisa ReyesLisa ReyesMonth ago
  • Wow Marissa that's such a weird face Marissa you need to just chill where's that you're trying to act like you're all that

    Connie BakerConnie BakerMonth ago
  • Marissa is trying to act cute

    Connie BakerConnie BakerMonth ago
  • They look as though they make each other happy.

    Katieee BarberellaKatieee BarberellaMonth ago
  • I think that she looks so manly now compared to before, but she seems happy and proud of herself so props to her for loving herself.

    Katieee BarberellaKatieee BarberellaMonth ago
  • Well yes it came to an end she got what she wanted and now can leave an go back home looking like a fake queen

    Patty StoeckelPatty StoeckelMonth ago
  • She could of spent that money on her kids such a good mom. Fake ass wannabe

    Patty StoeckelPatty StoeckelMonth ago
  • Lamo she still fake and honestly it doesn't look good on her

    Rosa KeolaRosa KeolaMonth ago
  • Worst mom forever, out of the 100,000 for candida and 72,000 for surgery her kids live in poverty

    Sleeping BeautySleeping BeautyMonth ago
  • She should be deported. She came here to do porn and neglect and abandon her kids for that

    Sleeping BeautySleeping BeautyMonth ago
  • "colda sac" I-....

    LaurenLaurenMonth ago
  • 05:50 ... um am I the only one who's fucking shocked rn? I never knew that many people knew of her??¿? Am I just living under a rock...

    LaurenLaurenMonth ago
  • She use to disgust me. However, seeing how god awful her nose job is, I actually feel sorry for her. Sweet Jesus her nose is terrible.

    Hillary HaymanHillary HaymanMonth ago
  • Do you girl

    Stephanie HernanadezStephanie HernanadezMonth ago
  • Big ed pict is annoyng ...🤣🤣

    Naningdjojosengoro DjojosengoroNaningdjojosengoro DjojosengoroMonth ago
  • Perfect body now suffer soon 😊

    Beverly DioneroBeverly DioneroMonth ago
  • Horrible,fake,greedy.

    Patricia BelliaPatricia BelliaMonth ago
  • If she's getting all that money and will be paid off of her american plastic surgery dream done not sending money to her kids in brazeew then I pray she'll be deported asap. she is a disgrace to all woman out here I hope she gets what she deserved!

    Queen AragonQueen AragonMonth ago
  • She looks crazy as hell now!! Looks like she got a Michael Jackson nose! She even sounds nasally! WTH?!? Looks like she got her nose done twice.

    TeeTeeMonth ago
  • Can’t stand western women behavior

    zach ezach eMonth ago
  • Her face looks like Michael Jackson....a little plastic surgery is OK, but she overdid it

    Sarah MarriedSarah MarriedMonth ago
  • ICE and USCIS, please deport people like Larissa, not hard-working people!

    soinfinitesoinfiniteMonth ago
  • Please deport this girl ICE

    Troy JordanTroy JordanMonth ago
  • hamburger face is already deforming.

    Maria MarMaria MarMonth ago
  • She needs to get ass with her kids she is so so selfish!!!!!!

    Yvonne ThompsonYvonne ThompsonMonth ago
  • Wow 72 grand to look like a science project gone wrong. She's very selfish and self centered.

    S CopherS CopherMonth ago
  • Feel sorry for her kids..

    Tee KayTee KayMonth ago
  • She looks more horrible now

    Kids activity Fun unlimitedKids activity Fun unlimitedMonth ago
  • Iced, Coltee, Ericee.. why does she talk like that??

    DeeDeeMonth ago
  • She could of used some of that money to go to English class and learn that not everything has an “e” at the end!

    Class of 2020Class of 2020Month ago
  • Wasted $72,000 to look worse than she did before. Sad.

    Christopher BrowneChristopher BrowneMonth ago
  • A "colda sac"!!! LOL. I'm guessing he didn't go to college. In case you ever need to know how to spell this French phrase, it's " cul de sac ".

    Amanda JonesAmanda JonesMonth ago
  • Why do girls destroy themselves like this?? She was beautiful before she had all the work done , now she just looks like every other girl who's had all this sort of work done - kind of freaky. I feel sad for her.😔😪🤒

    Amanda JonesAmanda JonesMonth ago
    • They don’t see that they’re beautiful the way they are, they just see things they want to change.

  • Larissa gotta crazy ass Lazy eye 😖

    PnkPrncss6986PnkPrncss6986Month ago
  • I knew this was a big mistake

    Carmen RodriguezCarmen RodriguezMonth ago
  • Copying a fake look😂 fuckery

    ZinnyZinnyMonth ago
  • Out of all the things they could of used to cover Larissa's body, they use pictures of no neck Ed. Basically the closet thing to a human rat.

    Dave GDave GMonth ago
  • Love her or hate her, ALL of us stayed glued to the show while she was on (I personally love her...don't hate!). I also feel TLC would or should rethink her firing. Some of the other BOREFESTS of couples hardly make the show worth watching. Without 90-Day's feisty, interesting, amusing, (disturbing) people, honestly, I could film myself with NO ONE and make a better show. A funny one. A few of the cast members DO make it worth watching, but that'd be about 50% of them. TLC? Think about it. :D :) Bottom line: WHOEVER made that call was either someone who couldn't have/keep her, or someone who couldn't BE her, and was jealous. Karma's gonna get 'em, no matter who they are.

    Terri BastedoTerri BastedoMonth ago
  • She will move on to the next man with money when Paul 2has no more he should wake up

    Annette IngleAnnette IngleMonth ago
  • I'm glad my boyfriend still thinks I'm pretty without liposuction. Would suck to have to go through all of this just for some attention

    january babyjanuary babyMonth ago
  • She looks ugly after the surgery.! She look like gay....!

    KharlaMae HalasanKharlaMae HalasanMonth ago
  • So instead of sending money to take care of her children it all gets spent on herself shes very selfish women

    Lesley AllinsonLesley AllinsonMonth ago
    • @Nalley Eaglecloud I could not agree more with you . You’re 💯 right.

      Anna FernandezAnna Fernandez22 days ago
    • @Nalley Eaglecloud That’s wrong though. That’s what’s wrong with our society. Being a hooker is wrong. Porno is wrong. It’s mind poison. I could do porn too. Lots of women could sell their bodies for money. It’s wrong. It’s immoral and a bad example for her children.

      AussiechickAussiechickMonth ago
    • @TheJuneuk What really???

      Ah'Nira WilsonAh'Nira WilsonMonth ago
    • @Nalley Eaglecloud No way!!!!!I guess you are a fan..

      TheJuneukTheJuneukMonth ago
    • She has a work and sending money to her kids.

      AngelicaAngelicaMonth ago
  • No one cares.

    Phyllis 4466Phyllis 4466Month ago
  • Woof woof.

    Cool KatzCool KatzMonth ago
  • I wish people gave me Money to live off of instead of working a regular job

    Ambir mAmbir mMonth ago
  • A basic White caucasian spanish immigrant from hispanic country or East European who adopt and do surgeries to assimilate to Black women body shape and facial features instead of taking care of her children! She is trash like Kardashian who cultural appropriation Black african culture to stay relevant in White community 🤣 prostitution is legal in Brazil I guess that is why men of all colors love Brazil

    Matteos Rafael Negus IstafanosMatteos Rafael Negus IstafanosMonth ago
  • Oh wait she still looks ugly u can't change that big head. Big head little body 😅😂😜

    Vernora ShackVernora ShackMonth ago
  • This Larissa girl is something special. She not wanting to b wit her new money bag. That's all he's good for is money 😂. Also he just want to be on the show.🗣️ Funny but not funny.

    Vernora ShackVernora ShackMonth ago
  • Your face look weared

    Sam TateSam TateMonth ago
  • I dont know man, after all that surgeries she still looks cheap

    Codename raptorCodename raptorMonth ago
    • You got that right

      Migdalia MoralesMigdalia MoralesMonth ago
    • Salty 😁

      Yazzbazz’s 360Yazzbazz’s 360Month ago
  • She shoud of spent that money on her kids . She got it all messed up. Go home and take care of your kidssssssssss

    Denise YanceyDenise YanceyMonth ago
  • Flirty woman

    Abad MirandaAbad MirandaMonth ago
  • Covid-19 please take down the US and everything it represents. Keep trump president and spread like a boss pleaseeee

    soska yebanaysoska yebanayMonth ago
  • This will melt your heart

    Jedidah MckenzieJedidah MckenzieMonth ago
  • YOU LOOK HORRIBLE!!!! You were so much prettier before!!!!

    Sparkle CavanaughSparkle CavanaughMonth ago

    Frances HorwitzFrances HorwitzMonth ago
  • She needs to go home and be with her kids anyway

    A CA CMonth ago
    • True

      nonhlanhla mabanganonhlanhla mabangaMonth ago
  • God, this woman is such a loser and a user !!! Any man should run for the hills if she comes near him !!!! She is one of the most narcissistic, selfish woman EVER.....from the time she was married to Colt, all she has ever wanted ( and was quite vocal about it !! ) is money and “ things “..... she was never shy about saying so, either ! Though I do not know the circumstances of her family life, I still think she is one lousy mother.....simply by virtue of the fact that she has left her kids with their grandparents for more than a year and a half or so ? What the hell kind of mother places more importance on getting boobs, big lips, a smaller nose and a fake ass than her own two children ???!!!!!! Her aspirations are be a stripper ???? What a fake, shallow USER....go home to Brazil, honey, and be a mother to your kids..... one day you will realize that a woman who has outer beauty but NO inner beauty ..just shallowness and selfishness, is not desirable or like able. Go home....

    Pam MastroianniPam MastroianniMonth ago
  • We don’t need you here in Colorado!,

    Becky StevensBecky StevensMonth ago
  • If y’all remember Kylie was the ugly duckling of the fam, so she had to spend boookoo to get fake everything!!! 🤢🤮

    MJ Partyof7MJ Partyof7Month ago
    • @Mark Cianfarani you're insane. Kylie did not look conventionally attractive before surgery.

      LaurenLaurenMonth ago
    • 😂😂😂😂

      Beverly DioneroBeverly DioneroMonth ago
    • That's mean no offense

      DeletedDeletedMonth ago
  • she looks like Mic Jackson lol

    SyritasDoneitGoodyTwoShoesSyritasDoneitGoodyTwoShoesMonth ago
  • Good, she should be with her kids .. Her dream was to catch an American . Go home and find your dream man. Bye bye👏😊

    Lorraine SierraLorraine SierraMonth ago
  • Send her home! She does nothing here for the US but spend others money...loser

    Bullydog LoverBullydog LoverMonth ago
  • She will never look like a model, just an ordinary woman who is trying to look younger when it will all fall apart, Jess is way prettier and she’s just normal too but not spending all ericees money

    Bullydog LoverBullydog LoverMonth ago