What a toxic friend looks like

Jun 30, 2020
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  • As an Erik I am very offended

    Erik TolandErik Toland26 days ago
    • Killian you were here before 3.7k lol

      Vlog. ComVlog. ComDay ago
    • Hahahaha

      St.ClaireSt.Claire3 days ago
    • :)

      Dyland22Dyland223 days ago
    • Hahahaha this is the 70th comment so now someone has to delete their comment

      Holy_ArtHoly_Art5 days ago
    • Ahhhh yes another

      ERIC18ERIC186 days ago
  • The boy is a bad movie tho

    Loop PooperLoop Pooper3 hours ago
  • Love the Mandalorian references

  • At 1:27 it ain't completely right. I've had to cut off an entire group of friends cuz they were toxic. They apologized about five years later, so it ended well. 🙂

    Lukman HassanLukman Hassan8 hours ago
  • I have *S P O K E N*

    jacinda walbornjacinda walborn9 hours ago
  • Swoozie, your animation has evolved so much! You went from semi-decently drawn hand-drawn pictures that don’t move, to this masterpiece! If I could, I would create a second account and subscribe AGAIN. Thank you for the entertainment!

    Doggie de DOGEDoggie de DOGE11 hours ago
  • So no one's gonna talk about Dream, George, and sapnap in the background at 5:07?

    WoohoohooWoohoohoo12 hours ago
  • I love how he fell off the ladder and actually put a bandage on his head 😂😂😂

    Khalil GardnerKhalil Gardner12 hours ago
  • Sometimes I don’t know if I’m the toxic one or if other people are

    Mone EliseMone Elise12 hours ago
    • But I honestly just think I was the Omar in the situation

      Mone EliseMone Elise12 hours ago
  • Yoswooze is gonna bring the Inner beast out ❤️ ur amazing!

    Ilianna SerranoIlianna Serrano17 hours ago
  • Be toxic just makes everyone miserable, so just be friendly.

    SketchressSketchress17 hours ago
  • んらな からかちりりん はなそのにみき すらちとかいし くにも "You totally fucking roasted him"

    Ebenholzt TatzeEbenholzt Tatze18 hours ago
  • I had this I had a friend who would be in my group act nice to me then be a jerk then nice I used to live in a big neighborhood where ppl were rich and we had less money and he called us the low life’s or under dogs of the neighborhood and the when I was chillin with him playin soccer we were gettin ready and we were just in the pool and I had my shirt off and he got annoyed and said stop sucking in and flexing and stuff when I wasn’t and I beat him in soccer so then he called me names the he blames me for stuff thanks Swoozie for helping me

    SammySosa ‘-‘SammySosa ‘-‘21 hour ago
  • I built a toxic friend group and it broke in one day

    Sebastian GranadoSebastian GranadoDay ago
  • Only clicked bc you have the worst fit I’ve ever seen. (That’s a toxic friend)

    Willy G RagsWilly G RagsDay ago
  • Even if i make someone cry, which has happened🤷🏾‍♂️ sorry not sorry, i have no problem confronting toxic people in my life face to face and then cutting then off. Which is why i only have two friends, they keep it real, i respect that🤙🏾

    Joel Michael CroesJoel Michael CroesDay ago
  • Toxicfortnite noobs

  • Swoozie please don't tell me that you're simping for the female Cuphead bosses.

    Anime TitsAnime TitsDay ago
  • Swoozie, EVERYONE knows the mermaid from Cuphead is fine AF. You ain't gotta hide it

    Anime TitsAnime TitsDay ago
  • Swoozie is a real ladies man and a pimp some people want to be like you 💯% so yeah

    Lovro KovačićLovro KovačićDay ago
  • Bruh the swooze has spoken

    TheoppedrubberduckTheoppedrubberduckDay ago
  • My biggest fear: I'm the toxic friend

    KittyanimatesXKittyanimatesXDay ago
  • My name is Eric but it’s different so I let it slide

    Erick VannErick VannDay ago
  • Who realised that mandalorian edit ‘i have spoken’

    Muna EzMuna EzDay ago
  • I love that Swoozie has genuine female friends and it’s not weird

    Rock girlRock girlDay ago

    Magali Ramos ArellanoMagali Ramos ArellanoDay ago
  • Man my name is Eric and I'm slightly hurt but true Toxic people be like this

    Eric PosadasEric PosadasDay ago
    • @Rock girl Yeah had a toxic person wreck my friend group but we good now

      Eric PosadasEric PosadasDay ago
    • 1.8k toxic friends hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

      Rock girlRock girlDay ago
  • Someone on my game saying my friend is bad and is bullying them: Me: I will rip you limb from limb Me getting closer:I will put your limbs in a garbage bad along with your body Me even closer:I will stuff you In my trash can, wait till garbage day, and wave goodbye to you while smiling Me backing all the way up watching them shiver and pale: please leave the game

    Emerald SodaEmerald SodaDay ago
  • this happens to me. I've learned. *eVerY BoDy STOP*

    strxlightArt _strxlightArt _Day ago
  • I tried being the toxic friend and ngl it was pretty easy

    Cal ThammaCal ThammaDay ago
  • Cartman

    Gabriel GoliathGabriel GoliathDay ago
  • Damn, you are so good with the animationsssss arrghh

    Nosakhare IyamuNosakhare IyamuDay ago
  • Whoa am I the toxic one in my friend group....

    Ej MarbellaEj MarbellaDay ago
  • i have a toxic freind and he riuns most things

    BucaBuca2 days ago
  • This is one more reason to stay off social media...you won’t have to worry about your friends knowing or seeing what you are up to with other people. Just one less thing to even think about.

    ScallywagScallywag2 days ago
  • I had a toxic friend in my group he would always try to make plans convenient for him but not for us and played the victim card a lot. He started cancelling people spreading rumours but when he tried it with me I shut him up and everyone in the group agreed to kick him out.

    Faizaan MalikFaizaan Malik2 days ago
  • offending or whatever.

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 days ago
  • The amount of times I’ve seen this video is ✨astronomical ✨

    Gucci PancakesGucci Pancakes2 days ago
  • Cool

    Chuma DyaloyiChuma Dyaloyi2 days ago
    • 5:57 I HAVE SPOKEN!!!!!! 👴👴

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 days ago
  • I have an ex boyfriend like that always in my face for money only calls me to buy him something he would dump me not for very long he would be in my face begging me to take him back he's still in my face I can't stand him

    Anna SheroskyAnna Sherosky2 days ago
  • Swoozie is you alladin

    zack playszack plays2 days ago
  • 1.8k toxic friends hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

    crazymonkey123crazymonkey1232 days ago
  • I have a toxic friend as well:(

    Generic IdiotGeneric Idiot2 days ago
  • The dislikes are from toxic noobs

  • Going through this rn and this all rings a bell. It feels so refreshing to cut off toxic people though.

    Crystal AlienCrystal Alien2 days ago
  • I just learned all my friends a toxic, I do stuff for them but they don’t do stuff for me

    Parker PhillipsParker Phillips2 days ago
  • Kuiil: “I have spoken..” sWooZie: “I HAVE SPOKEN!”

    bocoy noiubocoy noiu2 days ago
  • I love that Swoozie has genuine female friends and it’s not weird

    Josie TennysonJosie Tennyson2 days ago
  • Danm the off white chucks 😮

    Jordan.04Jordan.042 days ago
    • yo

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu2 days ago
  • Did any one see dream 5:08

    Random As usualRandom As usual3 days ago
  • Yh mate let's go kidnap puppies

    GhoulyGhouly3 days ago
  • Toxic people can also be the opposite of "the victim". Had some friends blame EVERYTHING on me, even though everyone individually had their own problems. Gotta love em *crying emoji*

    ALLYALLY3 days ago
  • If you have toxic friends be happy :) I have none (;-;)

    009 009009 0093 days ago
  • 5:57 I HAVE SPOKEN!!!!!! 👴👴

    WolfGirl Warrior JWolfGirl Warrior J3 days ago
  • 4:51 the board is right lol 😂

    Golden KittenGolden Kitten3 days ago
  • When he said "I have spoken" its a reference from "The Mandalorian"

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni3 days ago
  • i had a toxic friend. she just was bossing me around, whining to me. when i tried to break up with her she cried and i said "fffffffffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee....................."

    Jacker1025Jacker10253 days ago
  • everyone needs a Swoozie in their squad

    bear6213bear62133 days ago
    • Let's go kidnap puppies

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni3 days ago
  • 'Eric' watching this must be embarrassed as fuck and he can't share it with anyone lmaooo

    Fa MulanFa Mulan4 days ago
  • So no one gonna talk about the dog?- That dog can might as well be his 😭😭😂😂😂

    SippinTeaSippinTea4 days ago
  • Воу бой, тебе надо сменить шапку канала... (Wow dude, you neet to change your channel cap...)

    Ирина ПашковаИрина Пашкова4 days ago
  • You sound like uncle iroh from Avatar The Last Airbender when you said I've said my peace

    Tremain ParkerTremain Parker4 days ago
  • Part 2 pls

    isaac isaisisaac isais4 days ago
  • yo

    1 million subs eat a million pocky sticks1 million subs eat a million pocky sticks4 days ago
  • It took you like two days to realize the toxicity and I’ve been making excuses for this girl for 13 years...

    Hannah ThomsHannah Thoms4 days ago
  • this boi is handsome af + awsome vid

    zasde,zasde,4 days ago
  • 1:04 why get on the floor like that 😂

    S BKIDS BKID5 days ago
  • 5:43 STANDO POWA

    Valentino ArsovskiValentino Arsovski5 days ago
  • I just ended a friendship with my childhood homie and I thought I was in the wrong when I did but watching this she sounds just like Erik.

    TTxLovelyTTxLovely5 days ago
    • I haven’t seen a Swoozie video in literally years and he is every bit of entertaining and real as I remember lol what an OG

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue4 days ago
  • You don't realize how deep the roots have grown until you're the one everyone is ignoring

    Depressed MomentDepressed Moment5 days ago
    • This Erik has 80% chance that he is playing LoL

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue4 days ago
  • Mmmmm 4 fingers

    Daniel CarreraDaniel Carrera5 days ago
  • Eric dumb how he gonna say he’s in long beach but stay in the building he knows his friend is moving in to

    CarrotCarrot5 days ago
  • -Let's go kidnap puppies-

    Jasmine GeorgeJasmine George5 days ago
  • Thankyou swoozzie

    Grey EthingtonGrey Ethington5 days ago
  • offending or whatever.

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi5 days ago
  • Well at least is better to have a friend then to have none like me :(

    Emira GashiEmira Gashi6 days ago
  • Love it😍😍😍

    SO_NOT PlaysSO_NOT Plays6 days ago
    • doesn’t know how to take the word ‘no’ nor can she fathom compromise because she’s never had to.

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi5 days ago
  • Dj

    Dj DemetriusDj Demetrius6 days ago
  • ErIc ErIC

    anupam dasanupam das6 days ago
  • I'm a toxic friend I'm the freaking harley/joker of the group

    Inell LancasterInell Lancaster6 days ago
  • I have a toxic "friend" in my friend group and I always knew that he is toxic but others barely believed me and he turned everyone else toxic. They blame everything on me and they don't even go out that much anymore and if they do its just gossip, arguing, fighting and they're not even fun to me anymore, they're boring. So I cut them off.

    Agera RAgera R6 days ago
  • sWooZie: “They are always the victim” Me remembering the type of people in society who love to claim victim hood: *You don’t say...*

    Corona VirusCorona Virus6 days ago
  • Mack a video

    Javier OliveraJavier Olivera6 days ago
  • This Erik has 80% chance that he is playing LoL

    The Frist LordThe Frist Lord6 days ago
    • Great now how do you do this when there're your parents

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui6 days ago
  • I haven’t seen a Swoozie video in literally years and he is every bit of entertaining and real as I remember lol what an OG

    Garnet GarciaGarnet Garcia7 days ago
    • Where to get this jacket-_-

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui6 days ago
  • My dude put on da drip in this one

    MATTSPACE587MATTSPACE5877 days ago
  • The dad of the group is you for sure 😂

    Olivia WacktOlivia Wackt7 days ago
  • my favourite part is when he says i have spoken

    YouTube AnimatorYouTube Animator7 days ago
  • Im sure not all things about toxic people in the video are true

    Potatoe O04Potatoe O047 days ago
  • I support no injustice in the video and comment section if there is any

    Potatoe O04Potatoe O047 days ago
  • Inner thug jumped out

    Valie KabuyaValie Kabuya7 days ago
  • Honestly, I really needed this video right now. I’m having a little bit of a crisis with my two closest friends being toxic. One’s got compulsive liar as a personality trait and the other doesn’t know how to take the word ‘no’ nor can she fathom compromise because she’s never had to.

    DuckyDae XDuckyDae X7 days ago
  • Eric stands for Eric Cartman

    mrflimflam in a bathing suitmrflimflam in a bathing suit7 days ago
  • Ballin’ with the off white converse

    I’m a V-22 OspreyI’m a V-22 Osprey7 days ago
  • I am terrified of the boy

    Shadowseeker621Shadowseeker6217 days ago
  • I have spoken 👏🏾

    Zakey PritchardZakey Pritchard7 days ago
  • Does "Eric" know about your channel because if he didnt i just imagine him telling you "oh im sorry il never do it again btw can i have a shout out for my social medias in ine of your vids thank youuuuuuu" XD

    Johnny BoiJohnny Boi7 days ago
  • Where to get this jacket-_-

    lucado 99lucado 997 days ago
  • Great now how do you do this when there're your parents

    TheDede508TheDede5087 days ago
  • I have a toxic friendship that I can’t avoid. She’s my cousin smh.

    Sleepy_ pandoSleepy_ pando8 days ago