Polo G - Be Something (Official Audio) ft. Lil Baby

May 14, 2020
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Official audio for "Be Something" by Polo G featuring Lil Baby.
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  • uskeys.net/watch/Pv1r9PWdzGg-video.html Run this one

    Dick TatorDick Tator7 hours ago
  • Anyone here in 2030 Don't mind me just saving my spot 😉

    RøñëllRøñëll16 hours ago
  • Lil baby ruined this

    TNL TriggTNL TriggDay ago
  • Yo, I’m javier. This song makes me feel shit for real. Like this dude the goat!!! Add me if you wanna talk about this song. I’m very open to convos like that like holy shit though!!!! This guy is an actual goat, like the real animal and shit. Like not the phrase about being a goat, I think he is a real animal who got turned into a human by a spell or some shit

    Javier GutierrezJavier GutierrezDay ago
  • Lil baby too hard both goats

    Azarian DollarAzarian DollarDay ago
  • Am i the only one that think lil babys verse sounds like aboogie king of my city song ??

    A dondoA dondoDay ago
  • Y'all say lil baby's verse was trash. It was average

    Lil SavageLil SavageDay ago
  • This is fire

    kaden rowlandkaden rowlandDay ago
  • Polo g is the best rapper and he’s kinda young The goat album should have all his songs in it

    SwayyツSwayyツ2 days ago
  • Don't like this comment

    TriXTriX2 days ago
  • Two of the best rappers out rn on the same song, just what we needed

    Austin KanenwisherAustin Kanenwisher2 days ago
  • I didn’t know he featured Lil Baby Lol

    Lost DkLost Dk2 days ago
  • Polo G is the Goat

    Antonio CraddockAntonio Craddock2 days ago
  • When I heard the first words add to playlist

    slaysnipsYtslaysnipsYt2 days ago
  • goosebumps🤮🔥

    ztekiiztekii2 days ago
  • The best song no cap

    Quente WilliamsQuente Williams3 days ago
  • 100% TALENT 💯🔥🎶🥇 G.O.A.T 🐐🐐🔥💯 I hope polo g does music with yasinthedon in the future 🙏🙏

    Mohammed saleh oneMohammed saleh one3 days ago
  • Polo G Doin Good .. #Respect

    Janessa JoseJanessa Jose3 days ago
  • only people who are not from tiktok can like this

    marouane lachhebmarouane lachheb3 days ago
  • claim your before here 20M ticket.

    Minacious_FireGoatzzMinacious_FireGoatzz3 days ago
  • 🕊🕊🕊 Heat Keep Workin

    Travis OfficialTravis Official4 days ago
  • Lyrical genius 💪 polo g

    Kale SaucierKale Saucier4 days ago
  • i think polo the best rapper in the game

    Dominick MackDominick Mack4 days ago
  • ok plz dislike this comment im ugly

    Enrique Sherwood CaballeroEnrique Sherwood Caballero4 days ago
    • stfu boost that confidence up a bit

      the strugglin onethe strugglin one4 days ago
  • No words can explain this.. so I'll just leave this....🔥

    Unlawful MuzikUnlawful Muzik4 days ago
  • RMR ft Polo G needs to happen rn

    Mario MayerMario Mayer4 days ago
  • 🐐🔒

    Goateex34 GgGoateex34 Gg5 days ago
  • He’s staying at 3 on my rapper list

    LucidCupLucidCup5 days ago
  • Lil baby social distanced from the mic.

    RockyRocky5 days ago
  • Shorty on his grizzly mane keep it comin yo !

    A NelloA Nello5 days ago
  • Samie your dream will Come true I’m white and I wanna be a lengend like polo and x and juice and nobody believes I can be one

    Rach MooreRach Moore5 days ago
    • Lmao no you won't

      Caleb DuffCaleb Duff5 days ago

      Rach MooreRach Moore5 days ago
  • Polo is gonna be next lengend that’s gonna go

    Rach MooreRach Moore5 days ago
  • same flow in every song ...

    1kingQua The high court1kingQua The high court5 days ago
    • Cap

  • This song will never get old 🚫🧢

    Tristin DommerTristin Dommer5 days ago
  • You use to ride for me but you switched up so now it's fuck you and I mean it.felt that 💯

    John AndreJohn Andre5 days ago
  • Amazing flow Smart lyrics Real Talented Truly A Goat

    SPEED LIMIT 35SPEED LIMIT 356 days ago
  • Lpl9

    cloud starcloud star6 days ago
  • I promise I feel this like nothing else

    Kuincy ColemanKuincy Coleman6 days ago
  • Cool😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Antiago GutierrezAntiago Gutierrez6 days ago
  • Anyone that reads this, stay safe. And listen to Polo, he speaks fax

    Charlie KempCharlie Kemp6 days ago
  • i remember i was in da school bathroom and i was flexin in the mirror and pulled a muscle... lol

    Solid_ LoozerzSolid_ Loozerz6 days ago
  • Man this beat godly. Polo G damn near one of the realest to come out of Chicago.

    acerswift123acerswift1237 days ago
  • We were too late uskeys.net/watch/yxb7eInY1-8-video.html god damn it it’s on tic toc

  • PoloG. Sxe loveyou. yse. Unique😇😇love.

    Unique HowardUnique Howard7 days ago
  • Polo killed this shit 🔥 he the best rapper out right now no kap

    JDRapzJDRapz7 days ago
  • Lil baby kinda fucked the song up but polo g still went crazy 😈💯.

    Faith MckinneyFaith Mckinney7 days ago
  • This GOAT cover makes me highly uncomfortable

    Shandeisha MaximoShandeisha Maximo7 days ago
    • Who?

      Outa This WorldOuta This World7 days ago
  • When he said “keep a glizzy it’s going in with me” he was talking ab bringing the glizzy inside of the house at the cookout bc there’s no. Straight way to eat a hotdog. Polo g didn’t want to get caught lacking. Mad respect. Realist rapper out rn. No cap. The goat.

    Comment Section SpamComment Section Spam8 days ago
  • Let's dance ladies

    Jonathan NixJonathan Nix8 days ago
  • This the one

    Christian EstradaChristian Estrada8 days ago
  • lil baby is the best person to have a feature on a song no cap

    joe mamajoe mama8 days ago
    • @Rahim yea, I definitely prefer juices music but I think one verse from lil baby goes fucking hard

      joe mamajoe mamaDay ago
    • Or juice, any song with them is always a hit

      RahimRahimDay ago
  • Like polo g said. 'Before i put it in i smack her ass'😂😂 lol but fr 'Give this shit a year or 2 lets see who gets the farthest' he really meaning it

    Julio OcampoJulio Ocampo8 days ago
  • Love this

    Michelle GleaveMichelle Gleave8 days ago
  • 0:33 30 in a mag you get body bag😭😭🔥🔥🔥

    Nathan AguayoNathan Aguayo8 days ago
  • on everything a polo g and juice wrld mixtape wouldve ended the game.

    Jamie corpusJamie corpus9 days ago

    jmekj 58jmekj 589 days ago
  • I was just a girl in a village doing alright then I became a princess over night

    jmekj 58jmekj 589 days ago
  • Favorite rapper ever

    JackJack9 days ago
  • Dam

    Randy OruzRandy Oruz9 days ago
  • I'm still waiting on the "Music Video" for this song

    Chris ZmudaChris Zmuda9 days ago
    • yo this sh so fye we dont need no vid lol 🔥

      Your NeighbourYour Neighbour7 days ago
  • Pop smoke the best

    Eric DavisEric Davis9 days ago
  • Thhhdjfhfufu

    Eric DavisEric Davis9 days ago
  • Lol dis was at 11m dis morning

    nocap vanessanocap vanessa9 days ago
  • instead of stumppin he should've said runnin

    Desiree CoxDesiree Cox9 days ago
  • Please listen to my beats on my channel. Im gonna work with Polo G one day🙏🏽

    Produced By AnodracProduced By Anodrac9 days ago
  • ayo lil baby my favorite rapper but his verse was trash😂

    yerryerr10 days ago
    • @yerr nah, it's clearly the mixing, his vocals sounded wierd his flow was fire

      RahimRahimDay ago
    • joe mama nah bro i just think it’s his flow, it doesn’t quit match the the beat

      yerryerr8 days ago
    • I actually think his vocals were sick, it's the mixing that made it sound quite and "trash"

      joe mamajoe mama8 days ago
  • JESUS LOVES YOU ALL❤️For Real For Real

  • The only time baby disapointed me🤦🏽‍♂️ polo went too hard so i accpeted the same from baby

    PAY KPAY K10 days ago
  • Check out my new single #LawOfAttraction 🔥🔥 music.uskeys.net/watch/5j0sleP84fY-video.html&feature=share

    Young W.A.RYoung W.A.R10 days ago
  • No matter if he gets hated he keeps going, that's the thing I love about this legend. Keep succeeding, you're a goat

    Lori LuersLori Luers10 days ago
  • GOD IS GOOD💯🙌🏽🗣


  • anyone who likes this comment will one day "Be Something"

    YCG Ash420YCG Ash42010 days ago
    • @NBK Storm Lmfao nbk storm???? Do you play fnm?

      Nuty GodNuty God7 days ago
    • @Tohri Smith not really

      Super ggoat _Super ggoat _7 days ago
    • This was mad corny

      Tohri SmithTohri Smith7 days ago
    • I hope so

      NBK StormNBK Storm7 days ago
  • Love u polog I feel his pain u

    David MotoDavid Moto10 days ago
  • Polo G deserve a Grammy been zoning to his tracks for some Tym now....it hits different 🐐

    Mr BeardMr Beard10 days ago
  • So, enjoying the album?

    shortgecko 518shortgecko 51810 days ago
    • Y e s

      Mistoor KarabesMistoor Karabes10 days ago
  • Polo g, lil tjay, a boogie and pop smoke are the legends of this generation🔥🙌🏾

    Christiana AChristiana A11 days ago
  • 0:13

    Savage SlashSavage Slash11 days ago
  • Lil baby 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 flow like crazy damn as always

    Puvashan Lucas PillayPuvashan Lucas Pillay11 days ago
  • Artist like you polo g aren't just artist people like me look up to you guys who are real and keep it real because we got shit that people don't care about so thank you for being real. After losing xxx juice and nip I thought music was done for but thank you this is lit.... Stay safe bro

    Puvashan Lucas PillayPuvashan Lucas Pillay11 days ago