Trump Proves He Hasn't Changed In Two Aggressive, Bizarre Speeches

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A defiant, post-acquittal President Trump delivered two fiery speeches on Thursday, taking shots at his rivals, threatening investigations into those who crossed him, and lavishing praise on his defenders in the Republican party. #Monologue #Comedy #Colbert
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  • What’s the song at the end of the segments?

    Elaina FortherailsElaina Fortherails3 days ago
  • I'm at a loss as to what's between his ears. Someday it'll be in a bottle of formaldehyde. Researchers will remain perplexed at the imaging for centuries.

    Robert HaysRobert Hays10 days ago
  • I'm surprised we haven't had a Adderall shortage with tRumps ups and downs! *Sniff *sniff *sniff

    Roy RodgersRoy Rodgers11 days ago
  • the loop video looks like a summit with Putin and Donny doll hands jerking off his master

    spacecowboy7591spacecowboy759122 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="390">6:30</a> Russia has and still is interfering with elections, no hoax, clown. And you're the result...

    Hyper SonicHyper Sonic27 days ago
  • Cobert and you fans are a sickness in America. Your laughter is born of hate.

    Trevor RavencroftTrevor Ravencroft28 days ago
  • Stephen Colbert proved he hasn't changed. His show is all about President Donald Trump. He has Trump syndrome bad. Stephen Colbert a loser whinny. Looks like Stephen Colbert is alot like Rachel maddow cant get passed the President elect.

    Richard DastrupRichard DastrupMonth ago
  • Trump should not have been invited to speak at a prayer breakfast. If they included an altar call, he should have been the guest of honor.

    Marvis SmithMarvis SmithMonth ago
  • The Anti-Christ is upon us 2 Thessalonians ver 3-5 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 4Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

    alotto cashalotto cashMonth ago
  • Me and my friends watch his debates and drink any time he says anything intelligent, were always sober :(

    Roy RodgersRoy RodgersMonth ago
  • I'm sincerely concerned about googling jim jordan + wrestling + showers, I really don't want my search history corrupted.

    M TullM TullMonth ago
  • Any idea what the latin chanting Stephen did during the demon joke?

    Dexter NicholsonDexter NicholsonMonth ago
  • imagine if trump was struck by the same curse that Pinocchio was struck by during his 2016 presidential election...

    Seth DonSeth DonMonth ago
  • Mitt Romney was the ONLY Republican who championed his personal (and party's purported) values to stand against the corruption and hypocrisy that is diluting and perverting the Republican Party. 👏👏👏 SHAME ON THEM for vilifying him, rather than allowing his words to remind them of who they were.

    stormkick75stormkick75Month ago
  • I don't like people who have no real faith using that as an excuse to defy basic human ethics and morals, Mr. Trump.

    stormkick75stormkick75Month ago
    • And he can take his insincere, BS apology to women and shove it.

      stormkick75stormkick75Month ago
  • Trump is a snowflake who gets triggered by anyone getting near his fragile whittle ego

    55Month ago
    • carved that one out👀

      red 5red 5Month ago
  • The Prez: Sorry guys but I can’t get Mitch out of my throat.

    Caroline ClarkCaroline ClarkMonth ago

    Vincent R AllenVincent R AllenMonth ago
  • The demon! I fell out, still laughing!

    Debra VanAusdaleDebra VanAusdaleMonth ago
  • We hired him to drain the swamp. Get it done. All you idiots still don’t get it.

    James CampbellJames CampbellMonth ago
    • You mean his closest aides, numerous of whom have been convicted by various courts of law?

      Kaizaro123Kaizaro123Month ago
  • I remember when late night TV host used to be funny and worth watching. Sad. TRUMP2020

    0doubled seven0doubled sevenMonth ago
  • Hey colbert time to expose more dem lies. Forbes: In addition to student loan cancellation, a president does not have the constitutional authority to levy taxes as proposed by Sanders or Warren. That power rests with Congress, so any funding for such student loan forgiveness plan would require congressional approval at a minimum, and potentially congressional legislation. TRUMP2020

    0doubled seven0doubled sevenMonth ago
  • Trump doesn't like people. Period. He sounds like he's been snorting too much cocaine.

    Aleta ThomasAleta ThomasMonth ago

    Glenn SankeyGlenn SankeyMonth ago
  • A great way to make a living...."Stephen Colbert" being a smug d*ck who makes fun of everyone and everything and gets paid well for it. Only in America!

    E JamesE JamesMonth ago
  • The Devil holds a newspaper that the Gang Of Putin acquitted him for high crimes and misdemeanors, at the National Prayer Breakfast, surrounded by so-called Christians who worship him. Apparently, their Bible doesn't cover The Ten Commandments.

    NightstoneNightstoneMonth ago
  • Trump among Christians lol lol... That's what they call themselves... And only call..

    Ad AdAd AdMonth ago
  • Trump 2020

    Bon SummersBon SummersMonth ago
  • It's so tacky when the President curses.

    LOGIC !LOGIC !Month ago
  • Trump is the red dragon of revalation

    Todd FabyanicTodd FabyanicMonth ago
  • Clemibility

    Jeannie GlodooJeannie GlodooMonth ago
  • Big 🍊 bugger feels all picked on , what a snow flake thin skinned petty little hands pothetic comb over goon con man . One these days GOD with Smyth him down hope he takes fartwell with him both anti Christ con and fleece American Christain community both crooks . God will judge fartwell and Trump hard using his name in vain .

    Brian RussellBrian RussellMonth ago
  • I liked Stephen 10 years ago when he was funny, but after the same punch line for years it's just old and not funny anymore. Move on and do actual comedy!

    Richard CookRichard CookMonth ago
    • Same suit too. Just a dull guy with nothing.

      Vincente FoxVincente FoxMonth ago
  • Liar, Liar, Trump your pants are on fire.

    jd djjd djMonth ago
  • "The day we came down the escalator" vs "...I announced my candidacy" 🤔 I heard Melania refused to wear the life size angel wings he had especially made for her. What a strange man- Trump.

    Andy GriggsAndy GriggsMonth ago
  • So evangelicals whom voted for you due to their religious leaders urging even though voting for you was very wrong ( you are a terrible human being, a liar, a sinner, and a cheat!) You dont like? Well your not the 1st politician to hate his or her own constituents.

    J BurnsJ BurnsMonth ago
  • Life During Wartime xd

    Michael RowlandsMichael RowlandsMonth ago
  • TRUMP and ICE Deporting our most profitable workers created the lowest unemployment among women and children. entire families must work pay the prices set by the 1%.

    Thomas PantoThomas PantoMonth ago
  • Legend has it Satan sent a demon to enter Donald Trump, but a couple of days later the demon returned saying "I tried my best but couldn't do it. He must be one of us, but when i asked him about it, Trump said no, i'm actually an angel, so i don't know what to think". "You fool" said the Devil. "Everybody knows Donald Trump never tells the truth, he's our guy for sure. Go back and try another republican, i case we missed one".

    normie xnormie xMonth ago
  • FDT.. why are the lids of his eyes and the bags under them all bright white and the rest of his face all orange? Weird.

    lilmacc 19lilmacc 19Month ago
  • Not just me, but everyone who saw my "moment" says it's really big.

    SENSENMonth ago
  • You're better than a triple-scoop ice cream cone. With sprinkles.

    Francoise GillenFrancoise GillenMonth ago
  • Only the most moronic cannot differentiate an elevator and escalator. Well, it is congruent.

    Melchizedek Phuah Siow JinMelchizedek Phuah Siow JinMonth ago
  • American drone population. I can't stomach this. The UK sees through your lies Stephen. Puppet

    sperminspacesperminspaceMonth ago
  • Trump makes my skin crawl...

    BerekHBerekHMonth ago
  • Mitt Romney is an amazing man. He has my utmost respect. -A Democrat

    BerekHBerekHMonth ago
  • Is there some one he does like...oh yea Ivanka

    Bruce strklandBruce strklandMonth ago
  • trump acts like the xtians ive encountered. thats whats wrong with him

    S H I Ω I N GS H I Ω I N GMonth ago
  • Its not funny. You clearly lack political arguments so you try to ridicule and mock him with stupid details. Bad quality show.

    USVVMZ 5689USVVMZ 5689Month ago
  • Hey, Stephen Colbert, Your puppet master called. You must plug Bloomberg and hate Sanders, ok! Good!

    umberto Palatinumberto PalatinMonth ago
  • Good for trump

    NitroReviewsNitroReviewsMonth ago
  • Eventually it will be time to draw straws. Trump's got to go one way or another.

    Larinda NomikosLarinda NomikosMonth ago
  • A defiant, sellout and sissy host Stephen Colbier delivered two fiery speeches on Thursday, taking shots at his rivals, threatening investigations into those who crossed him, and lavishing praise on his defenders in the Pedophile party. #awful #TDS

    DaumaishDaumaishMonth ago
  • Anyone from the audience, what did Stephen see @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="206">3:26</a>?

    sometimesgoodsometimesgoodMonth ago
  • hey colbert, if you're so christian, you should remember the 2nd commandment Jesus gave his followers: love your neighbour as yourself. and in another place He says, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. if you apply the above two statement to trump he would then: 1. be your neighbour and 2. be your enemy. if so, then are you not called to love him (more so since you claim to be christian). and pray for him? instead you dump on trump while you yourself have a baggage of sins that are probably greater than his? remember the log in your eye thing that Jesus also spoke of? boy, you are no better than those blood-crazed pharisees and saducees that were hot on the trail of Jesus in his time. not that trump is anywhere close to Jesus morally, but he is your brother in Christ. now, i'm sure you're making tons of money playing to that chorus of rabid, snivelling, ignorant, idiotic liberal anti-trump fans every night, but spare a thought for your poor, sorry, miserable soul.

    daddy cooldaddy coolMonth ago
    • Jesus loved the romans and prayed for them as they nailed him to a big plank of wood and look how that turned out.Even forced him to make the big plank of wood because he was a joiner but failed to pay him for the job, remind you of anyone so always look on the bright side of life (whistling of tune begins) ya'll know the rest!

      red 5red 5Month ago

    To YoTo YoMonth ago
  • I always laugh at Stephen Colbert. He tries so hard to bring down the President, but fails miserably everytime he he performs a monologue. That's the beauty of the Democrat party; they're just so irrelevant.😈 Four more years of Trump baby ! And then we're gonna elect his son in 2024 ! 😀🇺🇸

    LV-426 DevasherLV-426 DevasherMonth ago
    • Don't worry. Trump always succeeds in having plans blown up in his face. Quite the loser is Donald Trump. It's so, very sad.

      Ty SargentTy SargentMonth ago
  • Your jokes are terrible. I remember seeing you make a joke about spelling trumps name backwards saying Prod Turd Man. Wow. My 11 year old brother is exponentially funnier than you. When are you, and other late night hosts, going to get off your high horse and get over joking about trump. It’s old, frustrating, dull, boring, over saturated, infuriatingly unfunny, and just down right dumb. You constantly make and poke fun at him, and pester him, and yet you haven’t done ANYTHING nearly as intense, or fulfilling and it makes you look jealous that you can’t do anything else. Your failing viewer numbers show just how terrible you are, and the forced laughter from the audience possibly waiting for the LAUGH signal from the teleprompter is just as bad. How about joke about how bad the democrats are doing. How about joke about literally anything else but trump? You can’t because there isn’t anything you can make that is actually original and funny.

    Big_SchwartzBig_SchwartzMonth ago
  • I love the Talking Heads, that was awesome.

    Parker HunterParker HunterMonth ago
  • What’s wrong with his face??? Is he on a rash crisis? Or did he dip his face in a lasagna tray??? Wtf!!!?

    Daniel OsorioDaniel OsorioMonth ago
  • @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="467">7:47</a> I see you Jon Baptiste😉 nice song choice

    Rachel AugusteRachel AugusteMonth ago
  • Democrats are whiney little cry babies and just like it's ALWAYS HAS BEEN, nobody likes a cry baby but OTHER cry babies. Hence why the leftists are literally a cult now. No policy, no Intelligence, no reason or logic. All "..but but my feelings". Full of hatred and refuse to ever do any research... They have done amazing job at making themselves look like children so excuse me if nobody gives a sh-t about your feelings anymore. The left has went full retard and real people with REAL PROBLEMS are sick of it... I voted for obama and did NOT vote for Trump but my entire house hold is voting Trump 2020 cause any normal person can tell you leftists are all just b-tch made little babies. #CryAboutIt 😭😭

    Riachu HerbRiachu HerbMonth ago
  • Waa waa waa day 1127. Many more to come!

    Cyrus SlapatichCyrus SlapatichMonth ago
  • Trump is winning. Make fun of him if that makes you money but he ain’t going anywhere. He will be a remembered in history for everything he has done good and bad.

    Jonathan QuiocoJonathan QuiocoMonth ago
    • Winning isn't everything, Johnny. Get that into your thin skull.

      Ty SargentTy SargentMonth ago
    • "...if that makes you money." Anything for money, right. Because all you need is money to be a winner. I feel sorry for you.

      Larinda NomikosLarinda NomikosMonth ago
  • So where's God?!! (Parody)

    Rajan KhannaRajan KhannaMonth ago
  • Trump is a total moron; that's clear to anyone with regular intelligence or higher. Trump is far below average. And it's no surprise that a megalomaniac would spend this entire prayer meeting attacking his perceived enemies, and blowing his own horn (even though it's not truly his to blow). And he is NOT Christian. He would have called Jesus a chump, I guarantee you. Ask him to recite the Ten Commandments. I SERIOUSLY doubt he'd even get five correct. On a different subject, if the USA was standing true to the forefathers, there wouldn't BE a prayer meeting. That's why they stated, in the Constitution, that religion and state were to be seperate. Not that Trump would know that. He walked out of the required reading of the Constitution that every incoming president does (with a lawyer), because he got bored.

    Julie W.Julie W.Month ago
  • Trump2020

    FRÓÐIFRÓÐIMonth ago
  • What drugs is tRump on?

    EuroFrenchEuroFrenchMonth ago
  • Yes you do have to apologize to the women!!!!! Rude Rude Rude man 😑

    Tessa BurkhamerTessa BurkhamerMonth ago

    Michael R.Michael R.Month ago

    robert craigrobert craigMonth ago
  • just stop for a minute and imagine if Trump was actually intelligent. We'll all be fucked

    xev1435xev1435Month ago
    • That's where Boris Johnson comes in.

      Ty SargentTy SargentMonth ago
  • Trump and the republicans are guilty of treason against this country.

    Herman BoingHerman BoingMonth ago
  • " ... the demon just pops out ..." OMG - that was the BEST Trump-joke ever - I´m still laughin´ my ass off ....

    Swanny SwenumsenSwanny SwenumsenMonth ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="390">6:30</a> No you are all bullshit, FBI proved Russia was and still is interfering. And your sorry as is in office because your boyfriend Putin put you there.

    Hyper SonicHyper SonicMonth ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="335">5:35</a> BTW the witch is the 2nd one coming down.

    Hyper SonicHyper SonicMonth ago
  • Trump's doing a fantastic job. He doesn't need to change.

    Mark SilvaMark SilvaMonth ago
  • Dont pick my birth year as the last time trump has seen his penis. Please!

    Sir Michael JSir Michael JMonth ago
  • There is a reason why the Left is so prevalent in Media. Newscasters, actors, talk show hosts, comedians and even politicians...are usually the personality types that seek recognition and crave attention. They must have others believing what they do. This is why they permeate the airwaves of communications. However...because their lives were engaged in obtaining this exposure, they remain oblivious to how superficial their understanding is. They know the appearance of emotion, intelligence, understanding...but often lack the substance of it. They must maintain appearances desperately for livelihood, so are easily persuaded by the media and peer pressure...even though it misrepresents reality, science, events, etc. It is sad to behold so many falling to the illusion of the modern liberal facade. They think they are in the majority...but reality keeps hitting them. People like their entertainment...but take their opinions only with a grain of salt. That’s real life. They are no more “special” than the average person.

    Derrick CoxDerrick CoxMonth ago
    • @Ty Sargent There is a difference between craving attention and thinking you are better than others. Trump may have an ego, but he is a populist, and thinks of himself as one of the people...not a self-described superior moron like many of the elite Left.

      Derrick CoxDerrick CoxMonth ago
    • Donald Trump is an actor. Donald Trump is a TV show host. Donald Trump craves attention. And your point is?

      Ty SargentTy SargentMonth ago
  • The American Taliban. ✝️

    Robert ERobert EMonth ago