• yell at the sky pansies

    fastacker2fastacker2Day ago
  • That was the best day ever

    Robert MillerRobert MillerDay ago
  • a republic is ran by the people a democracy is ran by an appointed group of people by the people. republicans are now the democrats and democrats are not he republicans

    Freddy NovemberFreddy November4 days ago
  • The secret to assanation these days is to make it look like a suicide.

    Freddy NovemberFreddy November4 days ago
  • Not guilty is not guilty ur people are disgusting,making president hard to do the best for the country unbelievable kind of human

  • I'd actually think of voting for Mitt Romney. "Thanks Obama." was comedy gold!!

    Wutzmyname MikeWutzmyname Mike7 days ago
  • A republican with honor, unbelievable.

    Desperadox23Desperadox2319 days ago
  • Yes, he did.

    Desperadox23Desperadox2320 days ago
  • dad explaining venture capitalism on your prom... Stephen you are awesome!

    Minhazul IslamMinhazul Islam20 days ago
  • Oh my gosh Stephen. Thank you. That’s all I can say, thank you. I’m gonna out myself here but I’m a moderate conservative but I’ve been following you for over a decade. And I have always appreciated your perspective and approach. And I appreciate you all the more for being willing to acknowledge Romney’s humanity.

    Keri BeirdneauKeri Beirdneau20 days ago
  • he absolutely did not honor his oath. the only vote that required courage would've been the one that asserted the basic principle of checks and balances in the constitution. by voting no on obstruction, mitt said: a democratic house does not have equal powers of oversight and should not be allowed to subpoena anyone to find answers mitt is a traitor, like all republicans

    saffy taffysaffy taffy21 day ago
  • Anyone else back here after Mitt was one of the only republicans to march in a Black Lives Matter protest? I’m a Utah resident, and Mitt and I have the same faith. The Trump administration has made me disgusted with the Republican Party, but I felt okay voting for Mitt because I knew that he had integrity. He’s proven this several times during his time in office, and I’m happy to have him as a senator for my state.

    Taylor McEntireTaylor McEntire21 day ago
  • yes 3 little words - 'orange man hate'. Stephan Colbert is crying because the political left did not destroy Trump. Poor Stephan. So much hate.

    Tony ScottTony Scott25 days ago
  • John McCain shouldn't have died before impeachment trial. He could have voted for witnesses, and possibly find Trump guilty. Potentially another alternative so Romney wouldn't have to take as much risk

    BOIII3 ProductionsBOIII3 Productions29 days ago
  • just saying: the band and that whole piano doodling as well as all the "common now!" are annoying as hell and i only endure it because i like colbert. Please for the love of god STOP IT!

    Arty MetalbenderArty MetalbenderMonth ago
  • "Jim Carrey is here." What the hell are you doing, Stephen? "Antivaxxer idiot trash is here."

    MythraenMythraenMonth ago
  • Hey celebtards take a kneel wont you? 😂😂😂

    Tommy SullivanTommy SullivanMonth ago
  • Did you guys see the video of Romney marching with BLM protesters? I gained lots of respect for him. He may be Republican but he is a good man who stood by his oath.

    Ryan StoneRyan StoneMonth ago
  • Donald Trump is gonna change... do people who cheat on their spouses 20 times in a row change? They don't change, THEY HIDE IT BETTER!!!! Fuck sake pour two drinks, 1 for yourself and 1 for american democracy

    Ozzy SpragueOzzy SpragueMonth ago
  • So in the House trial Democrat prosecutors said they had more than enough evidence to convict, then in the senate trial Democrat prosecutors wanted John Bolton to testify because they didn't have enough evidence but when bolton did not testify they still voted to convict. Makes absolutely no sense but you cant make sense out of a hypocrite.

    Clay BaileyClay BaileyMonth ago
  • 😂🤣😂🤣😂 Thank You Stephen!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 You were right on! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻!

    Jan truittJan truittMonth ago
  • That video is too damn cute!!!!😍

    Laurie HoldtLaurie HoldtMonth ago
  • Can we just take a sec and talk about Stephen's Susan Collins impression ?? Literally I can't anymore😂😂 nearly wet myself

    Y WY WMonth ago
  • Rrrr, what smart kinda guy

    Jan HeinbokelJan HeinbokelMonth ago
  • at least that tunnel was real

    David YvonneDavid YvonneMonth ago
  • 10:33 Mitt Romney knowing he’ll never get re-elected but at least he got to smack don in the face

    James DawsonJames DawsonMonth ago
  • Maine can't stand Susan Collins btw

    Franky ContiFranky ContiMonth ago
  • Mitt Mitt Mitt!!!

    Omar CominOmar Comin2 months ago
  • Wow 👏 I have a new respect for this man ,thats a man of character& strong conviction to faith ,integrity to stand up when all others are looking for a tuck tail & run.This speaks volumes thank you

    Ragdoll25Ragdoll252 months ago
  • Good

    Alaudin darjiAlaudin darji2 months ago
  • Stephen Colbert is a fool Sha....the first time Trump said he was going to contests you have been dissing him....just shut up Colbert

    Favour EmmaFavour Emma2 months ago
  • I think if he would of said this a few weeks b4 the day b4 or of to say this other Republicans would of n could of n should of followed i feel sorry for him. 😷🙏😇🌎👼😷God knows n remembers history a little more than we do

    Amy BeutlerAmy Beutler2 months ago
  • Colbert sucks ! Not funny . And a hand puppet for the Dems . He gets paid the big bucks , to lie to the public . True patriots would not do his job . Trump. And the Patriots will win .🇺🇸

    Johnny DangerouslyJohnny Dangerously3 months ago
  • So sad to see how hateful the comments are under the video of his speach

    James SchmittJames Schmitt3 months ago
  • I'll give Mitt credit and respect when he earns it. He did the right thing.

    That One UnicornThat One Unicorn3 months ago
  • b3

    Jon dowJon dow3 months ago
  • Yeah I look forward to Collins ghram mcsally and McConnell Peter Alexander senator Perdue and so many more gop senators getting kicked out when November comes around

    Noah AndersonNoah Anderson3 months ago

    Slavic Byzantine Power MappingSlavic Byzantine Power Mapping3 months ago

    Slavic Byzantine Power MappingSlavic Byzantine Power Mapping3 months ago
  • TRUMP 2020

    Slavised GermanSlavised German3 months ago
  • Using Gods name in this is SAD and PATHETIC.

    ScottScott3 months ago
  • Mitt like Stephen are jackasses.

    ScottScott3 months ago
  • Mitt, time to head over to the Dems....lol.

    ScottScott3 months ago
  • THE GOAT in 2020 !!!

    ScottScott3 months ago
  • YES !!!

    ScottScott3 months ago
  • Great sting! Plus “meanwhile”!

    Rachel BakerRachel Baker3 months ago
  • Writhing tentacles wouldn't so contaminate themselves as to touch Senator-in-the-main-for Susan Collins.

    Alcagaur1Alcagaur13 months ago
  • That was a great piece of tv right there folks

    Geoff SGeoff S4 months ago
  • Asking for help investigating fraud isn't a crime there were no threats made

    HunterHunter4 months ago
  • I just wanted to hear the cry babys again. obviously they never learned how to lose gracefully. it is so pathetic I could cry. lol 🤣😂🤣

    Matthew GraceffaMatthew Graceffa4 months ago
  • Now, THAT is a speech with a twist. Thank you!

    Marko KassenaarMarko Kassenaar4 months ago
  • How was Romney speech missed on the news?? I never saw it, I saw he voted for the impeach on a charge. Very passionate and brings back a good side of our country. and Stephen part was very emotional too.. but the best was the end, he blamed Obama for not having Romney as president now.. LOL

    Brian WBrian W4 months ago
  • Pierre Delecto is now following Stephen Colbert.

    Steven RinehartSteven Rinehart4 months ago
  • After Mitt Romney spoke, Stephen just delivered a reality check.

    Allon IsaacsAllon Isaacs4 months ago
  • That compassion right there Stewart-level epic and the Colbert is and will be taking a big role in US politics. Also kudos to Romney. Someone got his Twitter handle? I want to pass my grat from Germany.

    SchnapsbrennerSchnapsbrenner4 months ago
  • Romney doesn’t drink decaf either.

    Arwen BrimhallArwen Brimhall4 months ago
  • Mitt Romney earned my respect on the statement for Trump being dishonest.

    Vishnu MahantVishnu Mahant4 months ago
  • Yes now I realise that Obama shouldn't have gotten a second term as idoit would be dead.

    Violeta DVioleta D4 months ago
  • Stevens by far the best late night show host there is today

    Danny DouglasDanny Douglas4 months ago
    • #FACTS!!!!!!!!!!

      Janine HokeJanine Hoke4 months ago
  • You lost again Comunists

    All Lives MatterAll Lives Matter4 months ago
  • America looks good on the surface but venture below, just a bit, you'll see, it's full of sh!t. And also, Am I the only person who wants to smoke a Jay with Stephen and pick his brain? Sounds like a good time in my head.

    PlumBerryCherriesPlumBerryCherries4 months ago
  • Mitt Romney's speech and actions aside... Stephens closing speech was beautiful and patriotic and should be the main campaign message of the democratic nominee, whomever that ends up being.

    Bo MagnussenBo Magnussen4 months ago
  • I have no idea where the American’s confidence and arrogance comes from, when it comes to their social and political system, and their so-called “freedom” and “human rights”. When there is just as much as brainwashing, political propaganda, government incompetence done by their cooperates and government, to their own people and people of the world. There have been even more political bullying and dirty tricks they play agains other countries. This kinds of arrogance blinds them from seeing the world for what it is, it blinds them from actually understanding diversity, or seeing the matters from other peoples perspectives. This is why the American society is so polarised. And this kind of logic is why this world is so polarised. Ideology has been used as a political tool to create divisions between people, rather than what it is supposed to be used for, the betterment of human lives.

    A WA W4 months ago
  • 1:55 hahahahahahhaha gonna cry

    Matthew HainesMatthew Haines4 months ago
  • This was one of the best monologues in a long time. Glad to know I can respect at least one Republican.

    Andrew SchockAndrew Schock4 months ago
  • Susan Collins must live in a very nice world. Full of hope and prosperity, lush green fields in the Summer and gentle snow fall in the Winter. May an imaginary friend bless her sweet loving deluded heart!

    Sushi DaveSushi Dave4 months ago
  • STEVEN COLBERT'S NET WORTH $60,000,000 STEVEN COLBERT'S SALARY $15,000,000 PER YEAR. man, that's huge salary for one man. If you tax it, he would have to at least $3,000,000 each year, and if you tax his net worth at 20% is $12,000,000 That is millions of dollars he owes in taxes if Bernie gets elected, and if he doesn't, you and I will have to do pay more in taxes to cover his share that he is not paying. Please do the math.

    Biggus DickusBiggus Dickus4 months ago
  • Goodness me! Well said Mr Colbert! I wholeheartedly wish Stephen would get fervently serious a little more often than he currently does. As a Brit (and more specifically, an Englishman), I guess I'm comparatively cold and repressed, so I'm not wanting him to Kimmel all over me but, given that several polls and surveys have suggested many Americans (and due to USkeys, I should imagine people across The Globe) get much of their news from nighttime talk shows, and that Colbert is an effective orator, I think there's an opportunity to intelligently inform. I have some sympathy with the argument folk like Colbert and Jon Stewart use - basically that they are comedians and not political commentators - but all the while they hide behind that, we're subjected to the quasi liberal Bill Maher as popular tv in America's unchallenged, unchecked voice of The Left!... Yuck!!! :-) Having said that, I must confess my comment is based solely upon the little exposure to American tv I receive via irregular USkeys watching...

    sheldon lunnsheldon lunn4 months ago
  • "Thanks, Obama" = Stephen's best line ever!

    Adam HowellAdam Howell4 months ago
  • Love from India

    navneet kakadiyanavneet kakadiya4 months ago
  • Absolutely beautiful punchline

    FlameAdderFlameAdder4 months ago
  • Faith is the belief in something you can't prove. Separation of church and state. Keep your fake gods out of our government.

    AquaticBoardwalkEngineerAquaticBoardwalkEngineer4 months ago
  • I STILL get goosebumps hearing Romney's brave, truthful (although belated) speech. Thank you, Sen. Romney!

    stormkick75stormkick754 months ago

    Benjamin RosalesBenjamin Rosales4 months ago
  • I loved Colbert’s reference to the play “A Man for All Seasons.” The main character, Sir Thomas More, is in prison. His daughter, Meg, urges him to say the words of the oath but think otherwise in his heart. He replies to her: “What is an oath then but words we say to God? . . . When a man takes an oath, Meg, he’s holding his own self in his own hands. Like water. (He cups his hands) And if he opens his fingers then-he needn’t hope to find himself again. Some men aren’t capable of this, but I’d be loathe to think your father one of them.” Way to go, Mitt Romney. We need more oath-keeping people in the world!

    Peter BrooksPeter Brooks4 months ago
  • Quality????

    PersonPerson4 months ago
  • I really hope that coyote and badger are still pals

    mema0005mema00054 months ago
  • Don vs the Giant Impeach is over but Don vs the Supreme Court is coming soon

    JustsomegirlJustsomegirl4 months ago
  • Too late Mr. Rodney... You are a scrub like the rest of the republicans will go out in history like the snakes that they are. They killed our democracy . Now is too late....

    RAMON CRUZRAMON CRUZ4 months ago
  • This guy calls himself a comedian?

    Gordon SmithGordon Smith4 months ago