GOP-Controlled Senate Finds Trump Not Guilty, But Mitt Romney Honors His Oath And Votes To Convict

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Stephen Colbert has made a lot of jokes about Mitt Romney over the years, but today our host honors the only Republican Senator to stand up and defend the United States Constitution by voting to impeach President Trump. #Monologue #Comedy #Colbert
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    Slavic Byzantine Power MappingSlavic Byzantine Power Mapping3 days ago

    Slavic Byzantine Power MappingSlavic Byzantine Power Mapping3 days ago
  • TRUMP 2020

    Slavised GermanSlavised German3 days ago
  • Sorry Stephen but I disagree. You actually think that Trump *FAILED* history. Well guess what? You ain’t better. All you think is that joke of yours. But, also can’t wait that Nancy Pelosi is going to jail. Because all you know jest zamknij się Suka. TRUMP 2020 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Доктор Polskię СербовДоктор Polskię Сербов3 days ago
  • Using Gods name in this is SAD and PATHETIC.

    ScottScott4 days ago
  • Mitt like Stephen are jackasses.

    ScottScott4 days ago
  • Mitt, time to head over to the

    ScottScott4 days ago
  • THE GOAT in 2020 !!!

    ScottScott4 days ago
  • YES !!!

    ScottScott4 days ago
  • Great sting! Plus “meanwhile”!

    Rachel BakerRachel Baker10 days ago
  • Writhing tentacles wouldn't so contaminate themselves as to touch Senator-in-the-main-for Susan Collins.

    Alcagaur1Alcagaur111 days ago
  • That was a great piece of tv right there folks

    Geoff SGeoff S13 days ago
  • Asking for help investigating fraud isn't a crime there were no threats made

    HunterHunter14 days ago
  • I just wanted to hear the cry babys again. obviously they never learned how to lose gracefully. it is so pathetic I could cry. lol 🤣😂🤣

    Matthew GraceffaMatthew Graceffa16 days ago
  • Now, THAT is a speech with a twist. Thank you!

    Marko KassenaarMarko Kassenaar18 days ago
  • How was Romney speech missed on the news?? I never saw it, I saw he voted for the impeach on a charge. Very passionate and brings back a good side of our country. and Stephen part was very emotional too.. but the best was the end, he blamed Obama for not having Romney as president now.. LOL

    Brian WBrian W18 days ago
  • Pierre Delecto is now following Stephen Colbert.

    Steven RinehartSteven Rinehart18 days ago
  • After Mitt Romney spoke, Stephen just delivered a reality check.

    Allon IsaacsAllon Isaacs23 days ago
  • That compassion right there Stewart-level epic and the Colbert is and will be taking a big role in US politics. Also kudos to Romney. Someone got his Twitter handle? I want to pass my grat from Germany.

    SchnapsbrennorSchnapsbrennor24 days ago
  • Romney doesn’t drink decaf either.

    Arwen BrimhallArwen Brimhall24 days ago
  • Mitt Romney earned my respect on the statement for Trump being dishonest.

    Vishnu MahantVishnu Mahant25 days ago
  • Yes now I realise that Obama shouldn't have gotten a second term as idoit would be dead.

    Violeta DVioleta D25 days ago
  • Stevens by far the best late night show host there is today

    Danny DouglasDanny Douglas26 days ago
    • #FACTS!!!!!!!!!!

      Janine HokeJanine Hoke22 days ago
  • You lost again Comunists

    Anti WokeAnti Woke27 days ago
  • America looks good on the surface but venture below, just a bit, you'll see, it's full of sh!t. And also, Am I the only person who wants to smoke a Jay with Stephen and pick his brain? Sounds like a good time in my head.

    PlumBerryCherriesPlumBerryCherries27 days ago
  • Mitt Romney's speech and actions aside... Stephens closing speech was beautiful and patriotic and should be the main campaign message of the democratic nominee, whomever that ends up being.

    Bo MagnussenBo MagnussenMonth ago
  • I have no idea where the American’s confidence and arrogance comes from, when it comes to their social and political system, and their so-called “freedom” and “human rights”. When there is just as much as brainwashing, political propaganda, government incompetence done by their cooperates and government, to their own people and people of the world. There have been even more political bullying and dirty tricks they play agains other countries. This kinds of arrogance blinds them from seeing the world for what it is, it blinds them from actually understanding diversity, or seeing the matters from other peoples perspectives. This is why the American society is so polarised. And this kind of logic is why this world is so polarised. Ideology has been used as a political tool to create divisions between people, rather than what it is supposed to be used for, the betterment of human lives.

    A WA WMonth ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a> hahahahahahhaha gonna cry

    Matthew HainesMatthew HainesMonth ago
  • This was one of the best monologues in a long time. Glad to know I can respect at least one Republican.

    Andrew SchockAndrew SchockMonth ago
  • Susan Collins must live in a very nice world. Full of hope and prosperity, lush green fields in the Summer and gentle snow fall in the Winter. May an imaginary friend bless her sweet loving deluded heart!

    Sushi DaveSushi DaveMonth ago
  • STEVEN COLBERT'S NET WORTH $60,000,000 STEVEN COLBERT'S SALARY $15,000,000 PER YEAR. man, that's huge salary for one man. If you tax it, he would have to at least $3,000,000 each year, and if you tax his net worth at 20% is $12,000,000 That is millions of dollars he owes in taxes if Bernie gets elected, and if he doesn't, you and I will have to do pay more in taxes to cover his share that he is not paying. Please do the math.

    Biggus DickusBiggus DickusMonth ago
  • Goodness me! Well said Mr Colbert! I wholeheartedly wish Stephen would get fervently serious a little more often than he currently does. As a Brit (and more specifically, an Englishman), I guess I'm comparatively cold and repressed, so I'm not wanting him to Kimmel all over me but, given that several polls and surveys have suggested many Americans (and due to USkeys, I should imagine people across The Globe) get much of their news from nighttime talk shows, and that Colbert is an effective orator, I think there's an opportunity to intelligently inform. I have some sympathy with the argument folk like Colbert and Jon Stewart use - basically that they are comedians and not political commentators - but all the while they hide behind that, we're subjected to the quasi liberal Bill Maher as popular tv in America's unchallenged, unchecked voice of The Left!... Yuck!!! :-) Having said that, I must confess my comment is based solely upon the little exposure to American tv I receive via irregular USkeys watching...

    sheldon lunnsheldon lunnMonth ago
  • loved mr romneys comments, shame is the last 4 presidents have been acting in corporate interests, not the peoples.....all have committed war crimes.....

    Kelly FarrKelly FarrMonth ago
  • "Thanks, Obama" = Stephen's best line ever!

    Adam HowellAdam HowellMonth ago
  • Love from India

    navneet kakadiyanavneet kakadiyaMonth ago
  • Absolutely beautiful punchline

    FlameAdderFlameAdderMonth ago
  • Faith is the belief in something you can't prove. Separation of church and state. Keep your fake gods out of our government.

    AquaticBoardwalkEngineerAquaticBoardwalkEngineerMonth ago
  • I STILL get goosebumps hearing Romney's brave, truthful (although belated) speech. Thank you, Sen. Romney!

    stormkick75stormkick75Month ago

    Benjamin RosalesBenjamin RosalesMonth ago
  • I loved Colbert’s reference to the play “A Man for All Seasons.” The main character, Sir Thomas More, is in prison. His daughter, Meg, urges him to say the words of the oath but think otherwise in his heart. He replies to her: “What is an oath then but words we say to God? . . . When a man takes an oath, Meg, he’s holding his own self in his own hands. Like water. (He cups his hands) And if he opens his fingers then-he needn’t hope to find himself again. Some men aren’t capable of this, but I’d be loathe to think your father one of them.” Way to go, Mitt Romney. We need more oath-keeping people in the world!

    Peter BrooksPeter BrooksMonth ago
  • Quality????

    PersonPersonMonth ago
  • I really hope that coyote and badger are still pals

    mema0005mema0005Month ago
  • Don vs the Giant Impeach is over but Don vs the Supreme Court is coming soon

    Talia RiptonTalia RiptonMonth ago
  • Too late Mr. Rodney... You are a scrub like the rest of the republicans will go out in history like the snakes that they are. They killed our democracy . Now is too late....

  • This guy calls himself a comedian?

    Gordon SmithGordon SmithMonth ago
  • is a terrorist organization who tried to crap on the Jaws theme. Screw them.

    bbsy1bbsy1Month ago
  • badgers and coyotes actually team up like that all the time in the wild

    Tucker BowenTucker BowenMonth ago

    hecticproduktionzhecticproduktionzMonth ago
  • All I ever hear is cold bear🤣🤦‍♀️😑😛🐻

    Home DeviceHome DeviceMonth ago
  • Mitt Romney,,, The True Ideal Republican i fear the Most...

    Adam CortezAdam CortezMonth ago
  • Nanci Pelosi knew this would happen when she sent it to the Senate and I believe she made deals for herself to keep herself in power. Impeachment means nothing if it isn't followed through. These people don't care about America or us. They only care about themselves. She's putting this on the back of the American people. She passed the buck and it was wrong. And she knew it and now she's bragging that now Trump's warned. Big woop. She knows Putin will interfere with our elections again to keep this evil man in power. America's going down and these evil selfish people simply don't care. That Republican Trumpite who compare Trump to Jesus shows how evil he is and all of them. Lying if everyday stuff these days. Justice has gone out the window. A bigot, a man who stole money from his own charity foundation, an habitual adulterer who has no honor, morals and ethics at all. America's number one enemy is Trump. And people know he's literally mentally retarded. He can't even use a computer, read a book or take an I.Q. test. I beg you to read this article and it will explain why Trump does what he does. "Beyond Reason: Mental Retardation: An Overview." It takes a couple of minutes and one of the first things it says that many mentally retarded people look as normal as you and me. People who have the mentality of a six year old yet they are in their 60's. Trump's mental age is about seven years old and his has a filthy temper! Anyone who goes against him and he turns into a playground bully. He refused to shake Nancy's hand before they lying state of the union message. It makes me think they all are children who are bully in Trump's Republican party. I'm SO ashamed that they support an evil child like that. We all need to pray that God helps us. How ironic that the fake Christian never goes to church but sits in his bed on Sunday mornings with his female aide writing tweets to get back at the people whose offended him the most. It's just sick how low the Republican party has gone. I'm ashamed of all of them. God help us. :( Songs

    Songs MirthSongs MirthMonth ago
  • I'm really going to miss the "Don & the Giant Impeach" animations. They were hilarious, and I always looked forward to seeing what the team came up with. Kudos to them for a great job!

    jayoungrjayoungrMonth ago
  • Romney was more presidential in that moment than Trump will ever be

    Joseph GibbonsJoseph GibbonsMonth ago
  • That was a very powerful speech, Romney: "Waaaaaah waaaaah, I lost to Obama and now I'm gonna take it out on the President, waaaah waaah"

    Great Mama JagrasGreat Mama JagrasMonth ago
  • I trust three Republicans, and only three; my mom, dad, and Mitt Romney. He set aside his party’s bias and his own and saw without the rose colored glasses. Thank God for someone in the Republican Party having a heart, soul, and working unbiased brain.

    TheCursiveJTheCursiveJMonth ago
  • People not understanding that narcissists can’t change, so infuriating. He will be less cautious on what he does but weed out anyone left that says no to him in any way.

    blueshoes915blueshoes915Month ago
  • lol, Mitt is butthurt because Trump called him names. You can even tell he doesn't believe what he's saying. And on any other day Colbert would relentless make fun of Mormons and Mitt. You don't believe in souls Colbert ... you don't get to invoke them.

    BobBobMonth ago
  • Everytime this used-to-be-funny guy shows up in my recommended section I will write a Pro Trump comment. This time what I can say is Colbert is the perfect example of "Trump Derangement Syndrome". Alienating half the country to go after Trump. BTW Romney is a hero now but when he was running against Obama he was evil incarnate. Voting to impeach the most Pro-life President ever, but is such a saint. Or should I call him... PIERRE DELECTO

    bill 012bill 012Month ago
  • Mitt Romney kept it gangsta

    kevin Adriankevin AdrianMonth ago
  • Why do Americans have differences? ....because each worships his 'FREEDOM' for their way.

    John StefanyszynJohn StefanyszynMonth ago
  • Bernie is the new FDR

    Andrew SmithAndrew SmithMonth ago
  • Trump literally asks the GOP Senators to strip naked to cover his own nakedness with their clothes and now, they are the ones that are naked. Bwahahahahaha!!!

    Talk NowTalk NowMonth ago
  • Bloomberg 2020

    c dc dMonth ago
  • Mitt Romney was the Republican Nominee for President just in 2012, how far the party has fallen, I don’t like him or agree with his ideas but he has my respect now. Bravo Mitt.

    SomeRandomGuySomeRandomGuyMonth ago
  • You are an idiot....

    bill whaleybill whaleyMonth ago
  • I urge you all to watch this and share it I am posting here in hope maybe Colbert posts it on his show maybe

    EGPMHEGPMHMonth ago
  • Aweeee Colbert is all Butt hurt!! Maybe you should get some Vagisil

    puddin Tainpuddin TainMonth ago
  • Taking a gamble. He had no hope of election again so take a chance and bet on going the other way since there's nothing to lose.

    Molly SpurgeonMolly SpurgeonMonth ago
  • It’s funny how people calling this unfair even tho the dems didn’t allow the republicans to have their own witnesses, Adam schiff lying about his team not ever meeting the whistleblower before the articles were introduced, the dems literally ignoring the Biden’s corruption. I mean, cmon

    Chill HDChill HDMonth ago
  • I'm gonna be that one guy and say my main takeaway from this episode: the graphic designers who did all the "Don and the Giant Impeach"s deserve a huge raise

    30andfree30andfreeMonth ago
  • Why in the name of seperation of powers do you let politicians decide wether or not other politicians did something illegal?

    FiskarsmurfenFiskarsmurfenMonth ago
  • Why is it they all cry democracy but when it doesnt favor them they claim it was rigged?

    Mucho TacoMucho TacoMonth ago
  • Colbert uses drugs for his depression. Explains his lack of comedy. Wikipedia

    Oh BoysOh BoysMonth ago
    • Oh Boys If you actually bother to read it properly, he did for 9 days back in the late 80’s, when he stopped. So you’re peddling fake news.

      Mere GreenfieldMere GreenfieldMonth ago
  • I think Tulsi Gabbard honored her oath more than Mitt Romney.

    Barro the BroadcasterBarro the BroadcasterMonth ago
  • Reviewing these posts, one thing stands out: All the negative posts are short misspelled comments, like small rats showing up briefly, dropping their little shit, then scurrying back into their little holes. I have to applaud Mitt and Stephen and the many well thought out posts for still giving us some hope in these challenging times!

    Dom HDom HMonth ago
    • Hear hear

      Aramis3737Aramis37379 days ago
  • No more Republicans!

    Amy yAmy yMonth ago
  • Why god rhough? Just do it because it's right...

    Linda GrayLinda GrayMonth ago
  • Minority rules this country, Trump and republican senate elected by the land NOT by the majority of the American people.

    Vincent FaraceVincent FaraceMonth ago
  • You're losing, baby brains, deal with it. And praising a con man like Romney, all normal people laugh at you. 2020 isn't going your way, wanna bet?

    bbourbakibbourbakiMonth ago
  • The 'Evangelicals ' who mindlessly support Trump just got humiliated by a Mormon! He showed more respect for the truth and his religion that those so-called Christians.

    mark heynemark heyneMonth ago