May 22, 2020
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Jason Nash:
Toddy Smith:
Zane Hijazi:
Scotty Sire:
Men Are Trash:
Joe Vulpis:

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Simon Rex
Camera/ Editor
Oscar Alva
Assitant to the assistant Editor
Joe Vulpis

  • Jeff looks like a sheriff.

    Tinu JijoTinu JijoDay ago
  • At this 2:47 point he realizes he f%&ked up

    king timeking time2 days ago

    Pigeon NosePigeon Nose3 days ago
  • Jonah dying laughing at the peanut M&M comment, that shit was hilarious, so quick

    NSBTNSBT4 days ago
  • What are Todd’s shades called?

    Luis Ocelotl lopezLuis Ocelotl lopez5 days ago
  • So this is why david hasn’t posted any vlogs

    Sam da manSam da man6 days ago
  • What glasses are those

    MGMMGM8 days ago
  • Toddy actually looks pretty sick with the handlebars lmao

    Jacob MinsterJacob Minster11 days ago
  • qwwehjkkdcjnidnweoiwncjfnvirovcueiosmfvvunvjnbvvvnduhcjbhdnj cjjvhjjrgfyfm jrbjvmofnmcvnc 9r fjdn,gvc cjfjim,r

    nereida aguilarnereida aguilar11 days ago
  • Jeff is out of shape

    Rumen RadevRumen Radev11 days ago
  • joe haircut is awesome ❤️😍next levl 😍

    Feature ChampFeature Champ12 days ago
  • 9:47 why am I laughing so hard at Jeff saying this 🤣

    kika laperritakika laperrita13 days ago

    Cristina OrtizCristina Ortiz14 days ago
  • Without glasses: 2020 With glasses: CyberPunk2077

    Red KyrieRed Kyrie14 days ago
  • Bought my ridge wallet using code JEFFWITTEK

    Diego SanchezDiego Sanchez14 days ago
  • Joe's before looks like the guy who shot up a movie theater

    Favii GFavii G14 days ago
  • lol Jef didnt show a before or after for Scotty haircut!!

    Aldo RayasAldo Rayas15 days ago
  • Jeff’s a metal head, sweet.

    Jovanny FJovanny F15 days ago
  • 4:17 wow it’s John Stamos

    Amy LeeAmy Lee15 days ago
  • I would never listen to scottie's song voluntarily but holy shit that was cringe

    chris lozchris loz15 days ago
  • Jason’s looks like he rediscovered blink 182 after 20 years

    Rose BeatsRose Beats16 days ago
  • Jason has great hair period.

    LEAH maddisonLEAH maddison16 days ago
  • i recognise the 80s intro song. anyone know what it is?

    Isaac.J.C-TIsaac.J.C-T16 days ago
  • Jonah us savage * is that matt king all grown up XD love you Scott but that was a good one got to give it to Jonah !!!

    DomknowzDomknowz16 days ago
  • I fuck with Jeff so thats why I'm commenting.. but Jason can pull off that short cut tho

    Aye JayAye Jay16 days ago
  • But i don't have a dad

    King Acer12King Acer1217 days ago
  • 2020 is really just an episode of Jeff’s barber shop

    julka sznitkajulka sznitka18 days ago
  • So you listen to FatBoySlim, hmmm

    Pedro RosaPedro Rosa18 days ago
  • Gotten so bored in quarantine that I found this gold nugget

    Joshua XuJoshua Xu19 days ago
  • why is no one talking about this 9:45

    SilentSZNSilentSZN19 days ago
  • todd is so hot

    Maelynn BensonMaelynn Benson19 days ago
  • I love how nerf dies every episode like kenny from southpark hahaha

    odd flackoooodd flackooo20 days ago
  • whats the song at the start of the video?

    Oskar GalvinOskar Galvin20 days ago
  • When people get awkward when scot plays his music lmao

    Video StopVideo Stop20 days ago
  • Okay jason complainer expert

    Lauren HarrisLauren Harris21 day ago
  • That Scott guys music is so trash

    Chris JChris J21 day ago
  • Anyone in the room : H- *everybody laughs*

    Pixel TearzPixel Tearz21 day ago
  • 🤣🤣I look forward to their expression after the hair cut lol.

    Mahogany FilmsMahogany Films22 days ago
  • Tell me why Toddy looks like James Franco at 4:11.

    AlexAlex22 days ago
  • Why u messing up peoples hair D:

    Optic500Optic50022 days ago
  • Scott stay simping STOP IT SCOTT

    Leo HenryLeo Henry22 days ago
  • Everyone laughing together put me in a good mf mood!

    TheReal AnonymousTheReal Anonymous23 days ago
  • does jeff actually cut the hair? idk why it seems like he doesn’t sometimes i just started watching him today sorry

    nevaeh snevaeh s23 days ago
  • We’re is my damn hat yeff !!!!

    Jordan BarocioJordan Barocio23 days ago
  • Yea okay and now let’s talk abt that picture at the end 🤭 11:03 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Chloe TurnerChloe Turner23 days ago
  • BAHHAJEOWEDEIWOOWKFJJIEO I love his little giggle tho

    Chloe TurnerChloe Turner23 days ago
  • He looks younger thoooo

    Chloe TurnerChloe Turner23 days ago
  • Great video

    Luke AbearLuke Abear24 days ago
  • Yo Jonah 1v1 me on call of duty

    Etan TaeEtan Tae24 days ago
  • Don’t let this distract u from the fact that lightning McQueen blew a 2 lap lead in the piston cup

    elijahelijah24 days ago
  • Food for thought here , if joe has antibodies that have saved people lives from corona , surely that is what scientists need to create a vaccine , if it is the case and they have the why not widely known news , and if it is true America is definitely hiding stuff from the rest of the world and that can’t be argued

    Charlie AndersCharlie Anders24 days ago
  • Zane is too much all the time and I’m here for it

    Skyler CalenderSkyler Calender24 days ago
  • Why does Jason actually look GOOD

    Skyler CalenderSkyler Calender24 days ago
  • Influencia

    Krish GargKrish Garg24 days ago
  • Oh good scotts here

    JuliaJulia25 days ago
  • Zane's hair plugs grew in

    Bradlee297Bradlee29725 days ago
  • cut Alex Ernst's hair! please. dont make me beg.

    Kacy WilliamsKacy Williams25 days ago
  • "Look at the sideburns, you look like a sex offender" 😂

    Green RiverGreen River25 days ago
  • Zane literally looks like a white Joyner Lucas

    Alex HAlex H25 days ago
  • Peep the pit vipers

    SIGSSIGS26 days ago
  • Jeff’s fat

    Sawyer McDanielSawyer McDaniel26 days ago
  • "on a spaceship"

    PeachSconePeachScone27 days ago
  • What did Jeff say at 9:54?

    Ash CloudsAsh Clouds27 days ago
    • His famous catchphrase "how'd u get ur start"

      𝓑𝓵𝓾𝓮 𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓮𝓼𝓮𝓑𝓵𝓾𝓮 𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓮𝓼𝓮27 days ago
  • There's no way Zane is not a gay at least he's a bisexual this if he isn't a gay lol

    hi bobohi bobo27 days ago
  • Wow that dude Scott is THE WOORST

    Nicolas LeoneNicolas Leone27 days ago
  • ‘You look like a peanut m&m’ 👁👄👁

    St1ckySt1cky28 days ago
  • Scott hair looks like ninjas

    Jack DunnJack Dunn28 days ago
  • Tod looks like Dr disrespect with the glasses

    Toast4YouToast4You28 days ago
  • 7:00 I lost my shit when he hit him

    sky warsky war28 days ago
  • Todd looks like Johnny Damon 😂

    MicoMico28 days ago
  • Jeff is too hot bYe

    RoseRose28 days ago
  • Scott looks like an off brand Ninja lol

    WuqzWuqz28 days ago
  • tbh, Jason looks great with this cut...

  • The vlog squad should have a motorcycle gang

    SpookyCerealSpookyCereal28 days ago
  • where did you get your start zane

    Drew MartissaDrew Martissa28 days ago
  • 4:25 looks like the week end :)

    SandCvlogsSandCvlogs28 days ago
  • todd looks like the guy from the “trailer park guys”

    Warren RyanWarren Ryan28 days ago
  • bruh i thought he gave him a drdisrespect haircut lol

    DLDL28 days ago
  • Is it just me seeing things or is that a Meth Pipe on the couch at 7:15 while Jonah is talking?

    Andrew de la RosaAndrew de la Rosa28 days ago
    • No that's door's handle lmao

      𝓑𝓵𝓾𝓮 𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓮𝓼𝓮𝓑𝓵𝓾𝓮 𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓮𝓼𝓮27 days ago
  • Why this video only got 87k likes this shot was funny asf and one of the few videos that have made me laugh today.

    Jonathan CarrascoJonathan Carrasco28 days ago