Trump’s Impeachment Acquittal, State of the Union & Black America | The Daily Show: Global Edition

Feb 9, 2020
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J.Lo and Shakira deliver an impressive Super Bowl halftime show, Senate Republicans vote to acquit President Trump, and Roy Wood Jr. gives his State of Black S**t address. #TheDailyShow #GlobalEdition

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  • "This president's first impeachment" LOL, I almost missed that.

    Carol RCarol R5 hours ago
  • I wish that trump would learn to speak English. What the hell is a 'perfect call'? What, if anything, does that mean?

    Justess DelawareJustess Delaware4 days ago
  • Awww Ronny your adorable - that orange jumper is amazing - fits perfectly - that state of the union was unspeakable - remember four more years chant ??? 😲 America wouldn’t survive that - see that thang ? Holy mackerel Rush 😲Ron Kenny logins was breathtaking - the pandemic is over - it’s gone - thank god / Ron said it’s gone disappeared - no more worries - looking forward to fortnight ! Do the new smartphones come with Chris Wray built inside of it ?

    Andy MacedoAndy Macedo6 days ago
  • Seems like all highschool bitchy bitches are now working for Fox news......xD

    Bert EmmBert Emm7 days ago
  • Wow. :O

    Bert EmmBert Emm7 days ago
  • So... Just asking.. What the HELL were REPERATIONS for???

    Jess KerrJess Kerr11 days ago
  • Mr. T does the finger thing like Laurel and Hardy

    slayer 1slayer 114 days ago
  • Rush Limbaugh? Really?

    Ritika Roy ChoudhuryRitika Roy Choudhury15 days ago
  • Hey Trevor you are amazing ❤❤❤

    shiny samsonshiny samson17 days ago
  • One the most classless things? Compared to electing Trump for President?

    NiNi NaNiNi Na19 days ago
  • Rush Limbaugh saying white people shouldn't be mad at slavery

    college gradcollege grad20 days ago
  • U can't be to upset at the government senior citizens are set in their ways

    college gradcollege grad20 days ago
  • Limbaugh's medal is an election year tactic to bring Limbaugh's far-reaching microphone deeper inside the Trump camp. Limbaugh is keeping his end of the deal by singing Trump's praises. The Daily Show is entertaining, but I hate the fake "canned" laughter overdubbed to the audio track.

    mnpd3mnpd322 days ago
  • What's in store for 2020? The Future: Well.......

    Hunter BHunter B26 days ago
  • His chinese is the worst I’ve ever heard . What I heard from that mocking was what a baby say when they were born into the world . Shameful .

    Syrine Von BooSyrine Von Boo26 days ago
  • Well if socialism happens I’m packing some bags and moving to South Korea or Britain or somewhere safe

    • Lmao, if American systems are socialized, you're going to move to somewhere with even more socialized systems? You know you're going to have to move to a developing country to get somewhere less socialized than the US, right? Can you people actually learn about socialism before you throw it around, please? You make yourself sound stupid every time you do, it's embarrassing for you.

      Brian BetheaBrian Bethea9 days ago
  • imon_snow

    dee ladsondee ladson29 days ago
  • It's funny how black people are the same in the whole world.

    Candy BarCandy BarMonth ago
  • I love Cedric the Entertainer

    Candy BarCandy BarMonth ago
  • Pls be a pole dancer lol

    I N D E p E N D E N TI N D E p E N D E N TMonth ago
  • "Don´t boo, Vote!"

    filipa peixotofilipa peixotoMonth ago
  • Do u see the previous 2 Republican nominees, McCain and Romney, are actually truly wanna work for interest of America (according to their ideas) and who recognize this corruption and lack of humanity is too much. How the fck GOP went from that level, to this fuckwit trump?

    Thomas AndersonThomas AndersonMonth ago
    • Those guys are just less loud-mouthed than Trump. They all believe the same things, the previous candidates were just a bit more politically savvy, that's all.

      Brian BetheaBrian Bethea9 days ago
  • 6:26 You guys should not make fun of handicapped people. You should be more sensitive with people that have different/special brain function. Having a stroke is not something to laugh about.

    Antony TseliosAntony TseliosMonth ago
  • 7 grand are you fucking joking...

    nicole hainingnicole hainingMonth ago
    • I was so shocked to hear it. I'm not American, so I thought it would be like $500 or something, but OMG

      Jonoliah JohnJonoliah John29 days ago
  • We'll be right black! 😍😆

    MultiCowgirl22MultiCowgirl22Month ago
  • 16:28 "We'll be right black."

    MiTmite9MiTmite9Month ago
  • J lo can dance but she can't sing!! Shakira os amazing singer and dancer!!!

    Jen ManbegrotJen Manbegrot2 months ago
  • 16:27 "We'll be right black". Magnificent.

    Ariel ValsagnaAriel Valsagna2 months ago
  • Man...looking back at the world prior to the apocalypse...

    Copterinx 0Copterinx 02 months ago

    The True Legendary Super SaiyajinThe True Legendary Super Saiyajin2 months ago
  • I can sleep through everything

    emjay morris TVemjay morris TV2 months ago
  • Why do women always have to be "bitter" when they have a statement to make?

    Krysta EdwardsKrysta Edwards2 months ago
  • Online business, risking my life on it? No thanks. Stop those froads. Getting pissed by those commercials so easily. First ask the youtubers to watch the commercials, then decide if they want them removed.

    Paul KvothePaul Kvothe2 months ago
  • dear god us mainers need to stop voting for susan collins :/

    Allyson BeaulieuAllyson Beaulieu2 months ago
  • Trevor Sophie’s Choice is not about that. It’s not about what guy she wants. You should watch it, it’s really good! 😊

    Shayna CamachoShayna Camacho2 months ago
  • 🤣🤣😂 I kept watching Trevor sit and pole dance like several times! 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 Hilarious!

    MaddyMaddy2 months ago
  • You is so rude I’m Asian (Japanese) and i’d gladly defend all the asians and black people by saying to him, you’re such a bitch. Go to hell. How is it possible for him to get a medal or some sh*t?!

    Mika NakagawaMika Nakagawa2 months ago
  • Very strange for me to support Megan M. just because she showed misrespect to Queen. I don't understand what are you proud of about his woman

    Фарах СанаиФарах Санаи2 months ago
  • If I had been Pelosi I'd have at least messed up Donald Tramp's hair just to reveal exactly how LONG and folded over that comb-over is. It must be a world record.

    Mark ScottMark Scott3 months ago
  • ANY dope who's even listened to Chinese and Japanese can tell they are spectacularly different. That's like a Chinese or Japanese person saying English and Spanish just sound the same. The ignorance and arrogance and utter stupidity are mind-blowing. And he got PAID for that crap a la Alex Jones and the rest. Oh, I forgot ... free speech.

    Mark ScottMark Scott3 months ago
  • And Rash Slime-ball THEN nearly gave the medal back saying it was sullied and meant less because black people had been awarded it. I'm sure Trump did it just to flip the bird to his critics. LOOK AT WHAT I CAN DO!

    Mark ScottMark Scott3 months ago
  • They are such fucking sycophants. If she was disrespecting the people she wouldn't have stood and clapped when they were mentioned. "She is childish". *Trump is accused of of being someone who commits sexual assualts* *Trump brings out someone(s) who accused Bill Clinton, just to deflect from him* Trump supporters are immoral.

    David NelsonDavid Nelson3 months ago
  • You are amazing man .

    Somnath AcherjeeSomnath Acherjee3 months ago
  • Now you can pay for Meghan Markle, she's back in America. Put your money where your mouth is Markle fans. 😂😂😂

    Binky D'EathBinky D'Eath3 months ago
  • Love Trevor’s advice- “don’t boo, go vote!” That’s the deal with the republicans, they vote!

    North StarNorth Star3 months ago
  • Why do people listen to this moron? He's so filled with communism degradation of individual rights his entire outlook is stoopid, and mirrors Putin, Hitler and the China communist zero common sense crap

    Claude ArmstrongClaude Armstrong3 months ago
  • j lo is so old.. She was gettin in scandals when diddy was still called puff... that was like 20 freaking uears ago...

    Cheech WhitCheech Whit3 months ago
  • 12:20 "really tan italian people" its actually so true

    Lina MasreshaLina Masresha3 months ago
  • I don't know about you, but I'd pay $7000, maybe more, to watch Trevor Noah pole dance. Sorry not sorry.

    anvil gottliebanvil gottlieb3 months ago
  • Just watched this entire vid for the first time...anyone else as happy as me that Limbaugh has the cancer? Haha fucker!!! Hope he doesn't waste a cent of taxpayer dollars on treatment, and since he has one foot in the ground, why not let an Asian, a woman, or an African American push his sorry bigot ass the rest of the way in?

    Ryan StattRyan Statt3 months ago
  • Maybe Mitt should run. Clearly he at least still has some morals.

    makhal smithmakhal smith3 months ago
  • Don’t boo 👻 vote 🗳 people

    Emma sunnydayEmma sunnyday3 months ago
  • Turns out there's no black or white or yellow or brown people in the year 2020. There's only people versus coronavirus. And there are no rallies bc social distancing.

    Ethereal RhymeEthereal Rhyme3 months ago
  • 16:29 we'll be right black

    Evan RaiEvan Rai3 months ago
  • 16:27 We’ll be right BLACK 😂

    TDMK HippoTDMK Hippo3 months ago
  • Its $7,000 for a super bowl ticket??? That is the biggest waste of money i have ever heard. Who would buy that??

    Danielle IsaacsDanielle Isaacs3 months ago
  • Im dead the Mexicanos can go from this 🧗‍♀️to this ✈🛫🛩 like McDonald's commercial🍟🍔 I'm L❤ving it!!! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Dulcelina CabralDulcelina Cabral3 months ago
  • Trevor Noah, is a spoiled punk. No one on this chat could ever run a country, and some moron in a suit, a comedian thinks they are funny when they talk trash about a man whom we should all support as Americans. Very frustrating.

    Frank PottsFrank Potts3 months ago
  • Great show, great perspective.

    sunshine holiday travelsunshine holiday travel3 months ago
  • You can hear the fear shaking in Mitt’s voice like he knows someone’s going to come after him; he’s shaking her confident. You can hear the stupidity in Susan’s voice. You hear no confidence in her voice. Like she knows she’s doing something wrong and stupid but has a gun held to her head.

    Bryan NguyenBryan Nguyen3 months ago
  • Maybe the sleeping dude has narcolepsy 🤔🙆🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤗

    Luka OrihimeLuka Orihime3 months ago
  • "Impeachment: democracy's version of sending back a meal."

    whobitmynamewhobitmyname3 months ago
  • you so funny

    chris pattonchris patton3 months ago
  • Don't Booo!!!!!!! VOTE????????

    Garcia JaimesGarcia Jaimes3 months ago
  • what an idiot, racist and mocking disabled people. how can you not lock him up?

    hizoka andouhizoka andou3 months ago
  • They were giving an award to Rush? What a waste of an award

    Niamh CorriganNiamh Corrigan3 months ago
  • "We will be right black." That is called perfection right there

    SamiSami3 months ago
  • 👍🏻👍🏻 TREVOR 💖💖💖💖💖 TREVOR 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Rinny DaleRinny Dale3 months ago
  • Trevor brings up so much mentions specific to " Black " People I wonder if it's being racist in itself???

    Ram KulkarniRam Kulkarni3 months ago
  • Your the MAN Trever!

    Shawn StarbirdShawn Starbird3 months ago
  • Funny Obama & his administration never caught shit for killing innocent people tho. I'm not a Trump supporter. I'm not a Republican. I don't affiliate myself with any political parties. I'm just curious as to why that shit is constantly swept under the rug. I mean, for fucksake, we impeached a guy for getting a blowjob. *A BLOWJOB FROM A CONSENTING ADULT* No mention of the atrocities committed in Europe during that time, which, our nation turned a blind eye to while innocent Bosnians were slaughtered. Why didn't we impeach Clinton for ignoring that?!

    Matthew DunmireMatthew Dunmire3 months ago
  • Jesus Tap Dancing Christ! $7,000 for a fucking ticket?

    Kaiser WilhelmKaiser Wilhelm3 months ago
  • "most americans could not vote (...) but thanks largely to black resistance and freedom struggle we are as close to a multi-racial democrac as we‘ve ever been" - I can't help it, but the way that more than 50% of those who couldn't vote disappeared between the beginning and the end of that sentence ... I get that this is about Black America, but seriously, not mentioning that women in the US had to fight a century to get the vote? (The Stenton-Douglass split after the Seneca Falls Convention is a sad example of that. Or starting point, if you will.)

    Julia YeniaJulia Yenia3 months ago
  • 4:12 Trevor channeling His inner Obama

    Chris Joe-Quinn FernandezChris Joe-Quinn Fernandez3 months ago
  • Lol. Y’all remember back in Obama days when Mitt seemed “out there” for liberals? How people seemed so divided. How could the left think that? How could the right think that??? Here we are... and I hope most Americans are saying; what is the president doing?

    Zman44444Zman444444 months ago
  • my favorite thing from a documentary from the 70's about the KKK this guy completely racist says in 60 years if things keep going like they're going there will be no White people everyone will be black. It was great because you're like there will be no racism. well that's not true I remember riding the bus and seeing my cousin I was like "yo what's up" and my cousins friend, I guess, stepped up in front of me and blocked me " you can't be stepping up on us like that" my cousin was like it's ok " you know this white boy" "yeah he's my cousin" " how are you two cousins?" you see what happened was I had a procedure that changes my skin color. anyway, I will always be the "white boy" to black people it's just the way it is. I can't get mad at it. another story I dated this black girl in Memphis and I went to church with her and she introduces me this is my BF brian you might not have seen him cuz he's the same color of the walls. we will always have to deal with racism I think but its how we deal with it that matters

    Brian ScidmoreBrian Scidmore4 months ago
  • “Don’t boo, vote” yesssss Trevor yassssss 🙌🏼

    Candice MichelleCandice Michelle4 months ago
  • Ah, rush limbaugh, cancer has the last word.😉

    Jane PaigeJane Paige4 months ago
  • All Democrats are pathetic weak snowflakes.

    Jeffrey LakesJeffrey Lakes4 months ago
  • “We’ll be right black”

    Butterman EXButterman EX4 months ago