Drew Barrymore Gets a Surprise Call from Adam Sandler

May 17, 2014
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Jimmy talks to Drew Barrymore about re-teaming with Adam Sandler for the movie, Blended.
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Drew Barrymore Gets a Surprise Call from Adam Sandler

  • fallom is a verbose moron

    jonty bloomjonty bloom3 days ago
  • Hey Adam, no need to overdress!

    Juleus PublicoJuleus Publico4 days ago
  • Million dollars smile...Drew Barrymore, folks!

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name5 days ago
  • please make more awesome movies like this

    Aren #Aren #9 days ago
  • Who’s here after „hubie Halloween“

    Linaa 0803Linaa 080311 days ago
  • Oof! Fallon - please STFU. Those fake laughs and shit. Ugh, makes this unwatchable.

    hedegaard8hedegaard815 days ago
  • If I were a millionaire I would dress exactly like Adam lol Fuck everyone ima just be comfortable

    Jay JayJay Jay16 days ago
  • mark taylor

    anderson brownanderson brown20 days ago
  • Blended Bella and Bella now!

    Niuka JimoNiuka Jimo28 days ago
  • verry good

    Na BaNa Ba29 days ago
  • Who is here after hubie Halloween trailer

    Billy LoomisBilly LoomisMonth ago
  • The need to make a blended two but in the future as what happened after the 6 years of being together.

    Diamond FlashDiamond FlashMonth ago
  • When Adam wears pants it's b/c all of his basketball shorts are in the wash.

    Jason AndrewJason AndrewMonth ago
  • Hello from México

    Nómada Maya en CancúnNómada Maya en CancúnMonth ago
  • é tão estranho escutar ele sem aquela dublagem kkkkm

    BravadoBravadoMonth ago
  • Para mim o casal mais simpático e legal do cinema mundial, parabéns por levar tantos risos e alegria a muitas pessoas.

    Jefferson Antônio BarbiJefferson Antônio BarbiMonth ago

    TiktokBigo OfficialTiktokBigo OfficialMonth ago
  • Best couple in comedy movies ever!!

    Dennis AgraDennis AgraMonth ago
  • adam is drew's soulmate

    frank ellizer umadhayfrank ellizer umadhayMonth ago
  • I love her

    Poe MoePoe MoeMonth ago
  • Cutest couple

    Esteban EspejelEsteban EspejelMonth ago
  • I love drew a adam a their movies great friends so happy for them..

    Jerrilyn ErnstingJerrilyn ErnstingMonth ago
  • Guys get married

    Cynthia BlanchardCynthia BlanchardMonth ago
  • I love you drew

    Cynthia BlanchardCynthia BlanchardMonth ago
  • USkeys cleidson Coelho

    Cleidson CoelhoCleidson CoelhoMonth ago
  • Hes so cool. I dont know how they never hooked up.... Actually they did but u now what what i mean

    Ned KellyNed KellyMonth ago
  • the fire starter

    Kutis PwetKutis PwetMonth ago
  • I love Adam He’s a great actor

    Robert GonzalezRobert GonzalezMonth ago
  • Did she had a stroke? Why her facial/lips expressions looks like Stallone's?

    marcelo20xxxxmarcelo20xxxxMonth ago
    • Same here

      Marie grace SumbradoMarie grace SumbradoMonth ago
  • Drew Barrymore #forevercrush

    wrands Mwrands MMonth ago
  • Adam Sandler is a no talent clown...just like all the movies he's in...low class !!!

    J.KJ.KMonth ago
  • Watching this clip really makes me miss Craig Ferguson.

    1 mans opinion1 mans opinionMonth ago
  • This 2 are amazing so down to earth and cool.

    NemzNemzMonth ago
  • Drew is hubba hubba hubba nuff said

    Erik MartinezErik MartinezMonth ago
  • Some of those kids look unreal.

    Scott PowellScott PowellMonth ago
  • Skip to 1:44 for Adam

  • it's october 13 the party is starting

    Abdulghan MohammedAbdulghan MohammedMonth ago
  • Make more movies together please 🙏🏻

    Dee DeeDee DeeMonth ago
  • She's not a good wife unfortunately, she's never home.

    Jason BourneJason BourneMonth ago
    • Cuz she’s in love with Adam and he’s married 😑🤦🏻‍♀️

      Blair Waldorf-BassBlair Waldorf-BassMonth ago
  • I think Adam Sandler is so funny

    Tiffany OeppingTiffany Oepping2 months ago
  • Drew and Adam are the best, also Jennifer Aniston and Adam.

    Guia CalagGuia Calag2 months ago
  • What's up with Drew's face? It's like the left side is paralyzed or something. Bells Palsy maybe??

    Rizzanos WifeyRizzanos Wifey2 months ago
  • Yaul never Hall ass and get y'all U-Hauls back but always upgraded but on who still never can ever give a Fuck

    Carmen CocklinCarmen Cocklin2 months ago
  • Problematic place again but the He always and She knows but the real reason the depictation and team report can or cannot Resist Temptation

    Carmen CocklinCarmen Cocklin2 months ago
  • Whenever however only when she say or and

    Carmen CocklinCarmen Cocklin2 months ago
  • And I and why they can always visit the the Great Dentistry on on or about and never caire but enough allotted time and how upgrades always go a need to or choose where

    Carmen CocklinCarmen Cocklin2 months ago
  • Why I love them the most still when they hate them

    Carmen CocklinCarmen Cocklin2 months ago
  • O.A

    Carmen CocklinCarmen Cocklin2 months ago
  • A.O

    Carmen CocklinCarmen Cocklin2 months ago
  • None of do, why

    Carmen CocklinCarmen Cocklin2 months ago
  • She is my childhood crush and i still like her shes cute..

    greego sajugreego saju2 months ago
  • Too much positive movie.

    Kim89Kim893 months ago
  • Did my favorite alcolholic actually get banned?

    chuckdzxchuckdzx3 months ago
  • I'm here after watching the I wanna grow old with u clip on you tube

    Tommy GunnTommy Gunn3 months ago
  • It’s time to make another movie.

    Franklin YiFranklin Yi4 months ago
  • adam walking in like a husband who had a shit day at work

    Dale WylieDale Wylie4 months ago
  • 1:08 that laugh is so real, it’s not fake.

    Joseph Gabriel CastroJoseph Gabriel Castro4 months ago
  • ✊✌👊

    Wilson SousaWilson Sousa4 months ago
    • 👏👏👏

      Wilson SousaWilson Sousa4 months ago
  • 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 Adam you don't know how much you are loved in the Philippines.. you're humble and pure by heart... we love you!!!

    Mr. ChooMr. Choo4 months ago
  • All his movies SLAP!!!!

    Greg FAMGreg FAM4 months ago
  • It will be a shame if they just end up only doing 3 movies

    Hussain MustafaHussain Mustafa5 months ago
  • Adam Sandler is the realest down-to-earth celebrity, ever. He's a literal regular guy who became famous, but stayed a regular guy. Gotta respect that

    Kiya Lee Levy RunayaKiya Lee Levy Runaya5 months ago
  • What a legend Adam Sandler is!

    Simon MárSimon Már5 months ago
  • Adams daughter in movie is fuckable...

    signature1990signature19905 months ago
  • loveable and their movie 50 first dates uff so romantic

    Adnan ShahzadAdnan Shahzad6 months ago
  • I love them both

    FreeStyle OfficialFreeStyle Official6 months ago
  • American women are more close to their guy friends then their partners.

    Life CoachLife Coach6 months ago
  • Honestly I thought at first it was really Adam Sandler just doing his dumb voice during the phone call then I realized Jimmy does an impersonation of Sandler too. Forgot how good it was.

    Me Vs The WorldMe Vs The World6 months ago
  • His wife is sooo lucky

    Maria MacielMaria Maciel6 months ago
  • You’re the best Adam Sandler 👍

    Gabrielle DisneyGabrielle Disney6 months ago
  • I love Drew shes like everybody's friend. 😘Adam is my favorite Actor so funny. 👍

    Grisel OliveroGrisel Olivero6 months ago
  • Sandler makes me want to puke. Always has.

    JwadJwad7 months ago
  • Drew and Adam

    Fe BanguisFe Banguis7 months ago
  • Adam Sandler drew Barrymore

    Jose GuandiqueJose Guandique7 months ago
  • My favorite movie of them

    Nicole HenryNicole Henry7 months ago
  • Oh no, it's a real SNL star.

    MrScott4020MrScott40207 months ago

    Jeffrey ShermanJeffrey Sherman7 months ago
  • Nah, awe. You too people are acting.

    Dave PullifroneDave Pullifrone8 months ago
  • Adam Sandler is very shy when he does interviews. When my daughter was younger I was very depressed over the loss of my soulmate and I was crying often. To this day I have a letter she wrote to Mr Adam Sandler asking him to take me out because he seemed to be the only person that can make me laugh. Haha maybe I should have mailed it

    Katrinka San Francisco Bay AreaKatrinka San Francisco Bay Area8 months ago
  • I think all three of them would be cool in a movie

    Katrinka San Francisco Bay AreaKatrinka San Francisco Bay Area8 months ago
  • Jimmies fake laugh... Constantly interupts guests .. terrible host

    Mike GrizzMike Grizz8 months ago
  • I loved that movie, Adam and Drew just click when they work together......✌🏻

    TD WelchTD Welch8 months ago
  • Blended is a great movie. It’s got terry cruise too . Great for teens

    JohnnyJohnny8 months ago
  • Shes says like... A LOT!🤣

    B0L0B0L08 months ago
  • This two are soooooo great together, and so is Jennifer Aniston when she comes out with Adam Sandler Funniest movies

    Richard CisnerosRichard Cisneros8 months ago
  • That was weird meeting 😐 3:00

    Emalo BenghaziEmalo Benghazi8 months ago
  • Drew she's a natural beauty!!

    17178 months ago
  • Drew Barrymore is way hotter than Bella Thorn will EVER BE!!!!! And a far more awesome person!

    Brain GuyBrain Guy8 months ago
  • Shes a ugly fuckn junkie

    Tony RayTony Ray8 months ago
  • I like adam sandler and drew barrymore together. My favorite movie is the wedding singer...i cried many times when he sangs "I wanna grow old wih you" 😢

    kermit dimplekermit dimple8 months ago
  • drew is such a sloppy old ho

    randolph williamsrandolph williams8 months ago
  • Even Drew says like like like like like like like........very depressing.

    David PowellDavid Powell8 months ago
  • Holy chin drew it gives you a Down’s syndrome lisp

    Tom Short stopTom Short stop8 months ago
  • There goes Fallon again with his fake laugh..... What a jerk!

    Peter CPeter C8 months ago
  • was hat die denn für ein problem mit ihrer fresse

    goldmanjacegoldmanjace8 months ago
  • My god, he can put whatever he wants and look fukn amazing

    Theory Of A Deadman GasolineTheory Of A Deadman Gasoline9 months ago
  • She is same

    the unstoppablethe unstoppable9 months ago
  • I mean, she's a wonderful woman and she reminds me my beloved ❤️ friend Norma who passed away some years ago 😢. Gosh how I miss her.

    Charlie BowmanCharlie Bowman9 months ago
  • “Like”

    SVE GLIAAASVE GLIAAA9 months ago
  • I love Drew and Adam together on screen. As great as The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates were my favorite of the 3 movies they did is Blended. I love that movie more than the other 2 combined. I don't get why this wasn't each of their biggest movies to date? Alyvia Alyn Lind who plays Adam's youngest daughter Lou reminds me of a young Drew. So adorable.

    Kevin CrispienKevin Crispien9 months ago