Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

Apr 6, 2016
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Tim Urban knows that procrastination doesn't make sense, but he's never been able to shake his habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done. In this hilarious and insightful talk, Urban takes us on a journey through USkeys binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes and bouts of staring out the window -- and encourages us to think harder about what we're really procrastinating on, before we run out of time.
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  • I don’t think I’d procrastinate as much if school actually made me want to learn

    BookwormyBookwormy5 hours ago
  • I saved this to my Watch Later playlist.

    wilmar hanwilmar han5 hours ago
  • ⚡❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.?? みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやらかしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとね💕💞💞😊😊💕😻😻💕😊😊😊🙂 yg

    Ayumi AikoAyumi Aiko6 hours ago
  • 產生沒有意義的文字組合(文章?),供排版時填充版面用,但不會因為字義而左右版型的判斷。文字、標點符號出現機率大致符合台灣文章習慣。聽說很多學排版的都會用這個工具。

    AidenJPlaysAidenJPlays7 hours ago
  • I thought this was Fred savage

    Riki YamadaRiki Yamada7 hours ago
  • Who is watching this video when they have a test tonmorrow

    prasiddhaprasiddha7 hours ago
  • insanely brilliant talk.

    Son QuatschSon Quatsch7 hours ago
  • Who else read the title as something else?...

    Momentus GamingMomentus Gaming7 hours ago
  • One of the best Ted talks I've ever watched

    grapygrapy8 hours ago
  • Anyone watching this video while procrastinating?

    Unbox AlanUnbox Alan8 hours ago
  • Its just an easy label that bone idle Managers use on overworked employees who they want more and more work out of whilst doing nothing themselves except zoom meetings with other Managers in which they discuss ways to remain sitting at home spying remotely on their employees.

    up the betsup the bets9 hours ago
  • And here I am with two (assumingly hard) exams in two days and I still haven’t read a thing 😃

    Omar AlmansourOmar Almansour9 hours ago
  • I ''δo'' put things off to the last miηutε, but my philosophγ is that by the due-date, I'll βe so much more wise and have already eχhausteδ αll variable optioηs of hoω to get out of this; εrgo: more εχρεrieηceδ, as ωεll-! {8~)

    Asher WadeAsher Wade9 hours ago
  • It's also about how we don't want to feel a certain negative emotion and so we put it off so we don't feel negative (but obviously you feel negative while procrastinating)

    Leah FosdickLeah Fosdick9 hours ago
  • I procrastinated watching this video, I've just kept it as a tab. Havent even watched it yet.

    BlueLitonianBlueLitonian10 hours ago
  • I am not proud of it, I am not happy about it, but I have never related more.

    Titash AdhikaryTitash Adhikary10 hours ago
  • lool & rofl and wtf.Disaster nerds apocalypse!

    ShadowshroomShadowshroom10 hours ago
  • In the end procrastinating leads to regrets and one feels that he wasted all the possibilities in life because of procrastination.

    Bansi KaulBansi Kaul10 hours ago
  • Nobody: This guy: Let's destroy 🐒 reputation

    Julius RaymondJulius Raymond11 hours ago
  • watching this while working from home not doing my work......

    callmebigpapacallmebigpapa12 hours ago
  • My monkey brought me here.

    Aneeqa SarwatAneeqa Sarwat12 hours ago
  • I always know that if didn't did my i will be crushed But still I'm a procrastinator 🐿

    Ishwinder Singh291Ishwinder Singh29112 hours ago
  • I have OSDD, and wow is this accurate. He just explained our everyday life.

    Cyra SweetCyra Sweet12 hours ago
  • Hey If you guys want something practical then do this - 1. Write down all your interests. 2. Research and take action on each interest per week. So one interest for each week. 3. Journal your feelings everyday about that interest. 4. Then decide to choose one and fully focus on it! optional: Sunscribe me :)

    MashAllah Food SecretsMashAllah Food Secrets12 hours ago
  • so what I got from this video is that I have the brain of a monkey

    Manic SainerManic Sainer13 hours ago
  • 5:27 That girl over there with “😬” face is definitely a NoN-Procrastinator

    Aiman -Aiman -13 hours ago
  • Humor is indeed a nice thing. But too much humor in presenting something scientifically is a disaster.

    SevenTowerSevenTower13 hours ago
  • Im both because of Corona

    Ceva movCeva mov13 hours ago
  • Let me not procrastinate this comment....never mind....I will comment in a maybe later.🇰🇪

    OnyapidiOnyapidi13 hours ago
  • All I could think when I saw this title.. maybe we should all watch this later

    Pople BackyardFarmPople BackyardFarm14 hours ago
  • I have an exam i must study on that happens to be in 2 days.. lookie where I am

    What a coincidence!What a coincidence!14 hours ago
  • people who disliked this video probably deny the fact that they procrastinate

    Tsuki YukiTsuki Yuki14 hours ago
  • I am literally in a testweek right now while watching this video🥰

    S MullerS Muller14 hours ago
  • Im relating to this so hard right now. I have a class at 12:25, and I forgot to do the reading for a discussion. Now im listening to this video and writing as much notes as I can because our professor doesn't want us to use electronics in class. don't want to be embarrassed so the panic monster is now out.

    Jackie PeelJackie Peel15 hours ago
  • The dark playground ! Yes😂 I hate it

    Justen MoraJusten Mora15 hours ago
  • I was procrastinating and came here

    Patrick NascimentoPatrick Nascimento16 hours ago
  • This is just everyone right now-

    Hui Yi LienHui Yi Lien16 hours ago
  • Omg. I wrote my 100 pages thesis in 1 week and it was awarded as "Best Thesis for Undergraduate Physics". 😂 No joke.

    Mary DCMary DC17 hours ago
  • he is not funny and so fake why all people there just hahahaha all the time ??!!

    Mohamed AhmedMohamed Ahmed17 hours ago
  • I've literally got 4 projects and 3 assignments left. My exams are at hand, I ain't prepared for 'em at all yet I'm watching this video.

    Hermione Jean GrangerHermione Jean Granger17 hours ago
  • Ill finish this comment later

    DiscoWervyDiscoWervy18 hours ago
  • But seriously this procrastination has become my worst problem because I am a perfectionist also ie in the sense that if I have to do an assignment & project.. I start to procrastinate but at the same time I want to do my work with best perfection.. So, if anyone knows some sort of way to break through this procrastination.. Feel free too reply..

    Islamic messageIslamic message19 hours ago
  • im not even joking when i say my teacher emailed me the link to this video

    Maya GallagherMaya Gallagher19 hours ago
  • proscratinator are quick thinker and quick your just copying but the truth is youre mind is like a machine which can generate ideas quickly

    anjessa artistaanjessa artista20 hours ago
  • I'll watch this video later

    Anabel CuevasAnabel Cuevas22 hours ago
  • Finally a worthy opponent, *OUR BATTLE WILL BE LEGENDARY*

    MarzIsfraudMarzIsfraud22 hours ago
  • Obssessissive Compulsive Personality Disorder: 😌

    Haise SasakiHaise Sasaki22 hours ago
  • My monkey even not scared The panic monster

    Vinh TangVinh Tang22 hours ago
  • What about us fellow Grandmaster procrastinators?

    Edwards DeVollEdwards DeVoll22 hours ago
  • Really a great video 😃 I watch it once in a while, when I feel the monkey taking the wheel too long ! Il love the life calendar concept 👍

    Benjamin THOMASBenjamin THOMAS22 hours ago
  • 35 million people are confirmed procrastinating.

    KwmbrlyKwmbrly22 hours ago
  • And here I'm watching this instead of finishing that project.

    Sandra CvetkovskaSandra Cvetkovska23 hours ago
  • Ok shut up we all know we're master procrastinators

    Richard 1908Richard 190823 hours ago

    Anderson WillamsAnderson WillamsDay ago
  • is this video made about my mind?

    Harshita PasamHarshita PasamDay ago
  • this is so true I be looking up the dumbest stuff "how to light but cheeks?" how is fabric made?" like HUHHHH

    Jay.nickkelJay.nickkelDay ago
  • trying to explain to people why you procrastinate feels like trying to remember a word thats at the tip of your tongue, except there is no word.

    frenchdecagonfrenchdecagonDay ago
  • Actually, he is talking about you. Yes. YOU

  • I procrastinated for a week to watch this video. That truly tells how bad is procrastination.

    AnshulAnshulDay ago
  • the fact that i am probably procrastinating on my schoolwork right now and watching a video on procrastinating- but ya'll I'm telling this guy's moi spirit animal cuz he do be speaking facts update: Oh my god i just finished with the video and i realised that i really needed this ted talk OKAYBYEIMMAGOSTUDYokayprobablyintenminutesorsodontworry

    Shreya RameshwarShreya RameshwarDay ago
  • any one else have tests?

    Dagestani UFCDagestani UFCDay ago
  • Taking the inspiration from this ted talk, let's all start our pending works today😌🔥 ...or maybe not today or yeah "TOMORROW"😊

    kid from 1997kid from 1997Day ago
  • I've had this video in my 'watch later' list for about two months

    Jorge GarciaJorge GarciaDay ago
  • I Have Still Not Watched The Entire Video Yet

    Lil YeetLil YeetDay ago
  • I think thats a job that should start today, i mean not today but just sometime soon Thats so like me

    Nara NaraNara NaraDay ago
  • *Hehehe.........Amateurs.* You haven’t seen my power when the project is due in an hour 😎😎

    Aadi MjayAadi MjayDay ago
  • im watching this while procrastinating

    Anya SinghAnya SinghDay ago
  • My brain in a nutshell Rational: Okay, you have some time, let's type this paper Monkey: Meh, it's due at the end of the week, you should watch this cool bird instead Brain: Kay Rational: But- Monkey: Hey, we should look up how to gut a fish Rational: Why- Monkey: What's the capital of Russia again? Panic Monster: Yo, your math homework is due tomorrow Brain: GAH-

    McKayla MarilleMcKayla MarilleDay ago
  • Idk about y'all, but that monkey's name is ADHD in my world.

    runawayfae ?!!runawayfae ?!!Day ago
  • I love this video but what's the solution when there's no deadline and no panic monster to wake you up?

    Lanzo LoperLanzo LoperDay ago
  • Maybe not today ,but sometime soon.

    Joey LevesqueJoey LevesqueDay ago
  • This dude wrote his speech 5 min before he went on stage

    Carter BrillantesCarter BrillantesDay ago
  • Literally watching this at 8:30 when an english assignment is due tomorrow

    Brian YuBrian YuDay ago
  • No longer advanced civilization tho things are different - ain’t nothing and nowhere to go or nothing to do - can’t go outside the plague is there - can’t talk or touch anything - no communication no nothing - no playground - no school no education no college no travel no jobs nothing - but but it’s interesting - I’ll bet Tim feels differently today ? No more Ted talks those days are over - see where I’m going ? It’s a wrap - everything has changed because you can’t speak English - that simple 🤣 do when people say why is there no more school or college and no jobs available and no traveling and no future and no economy you say because I failed to speak English and that’s the only reason - how you like those apples ? Your fault you can’t speak the language ! Period doesn’t matter what you believe or what you tell yourself or what makes you sleep at night the truth is you failed to speak English and the consequences are exactly what we are dealing with nowadays - no deadline and look at the results - all that needed to happen was English - now it’s gone everything is gone - name Sutton and it’s gone - yippeee yippee gone nothing left longterm unhappiness - that’s what you have chosen - being miserable - cause you can’t speak English - that’s pathetic 😲 💸💸💸🦠🦠 that’s the economy and the plague and that’s your decision making -

    Andy MacedoAndy MacedoDay ago
  • lmfao you could've just @ed me

    ExpirationsExpirationsDay ago
  • I'm feeling very attacked rn lmaoo

    Jazzelynn Dawson-VinsonJazzelynn Dawson-VinsonDay ago
  • I’ve actually come to the realization of my procrastination and have learned to live with it and learned that it’s gonna happen and I just function better that way I function better under the pressure I guess just roll with it

  • Procreate tutorial

    David ShaDavid ShaDay ago
  • This is me right now😭😭😭

    Vico JoloVico JoloDay ago
  • Want to know health benefits to live healthy? find out here ....👉

    ManakosamManakosamDay ago
  • I think my panic monster has stopped working... especially when the monkey gives him beer

    127Kronos127KronosDay ago
  • guess what, it's 12:22pm, i have school tomorrow and a big french test, my papers are next to me but i havent given them a single glance. xd

    Suna JeonSuna JeonDay ago
  • I feel like watching this reformed me into a better person.

    josefujosefuDay ago
  • me here watching "one more video" before finally going to bed, knowing I will regret it again tomorrow morning. EVERY night same dynamic

    Marianela LeitonMarianela LeitonDay ago
  • Me procrasinating by watching this video rn

  • a trick I read somewhere is to at least work on your task for 10min, easy enough, less than the time of watching this ted talk, you'll be surprised what results 10min per day get you and some days you get in the zone and 10min turn into an hour

    EliteChingonEliteChingonDay ago
  • I read it as, "Inside the mind of a master XX tor"... 🤣

    Superduper English IdiomsSuperduper English IdiomsDay ago
  • this video has sat in my recommended for years youtube please stop

    Henry ChandlerHenry ChandlerDay ago
  • the fact that I have never related to something more in my life scares me.

    Anita WhiteAnita WhiteDay ago
  • Haha, I'm just watching this video for fun, because this video is all about my mind.

  • youtube has been suggesting this to me for months now, so I am fittingly watching this while I should be doing schoolwork

    Graham ThielGraham ThielDay ago
  • I graduated without ever writing a paper 📝

    Ami MichelleAmi MichelleDay ago
  • Скука

    claude snakeclaude snakeDay ago
  • Im procrastinating while watching this lol I ish regret it in the dark playground

    MistyThe WillowMistyThe WillowDay ago
  • One of my classes showed this video and I was like “yeah that’s me!!” Well it’s actually adhd lmao

    Sketch UTSketch UTDay ago
  • Anyone else watching this when they should be doing a project?

    DeadByPlayerDeadByPlayerDay ago
  • اه تسويف اسوء عاده ، اتمنى ان انجح واساعد نفسي مع تخلص منها ...

    Just be yourselfJust be yourselfDay ago
  • Never in my entire life have I related to something as much as this video.

    Anay MulayAnay MulayDay ago
  • Why would you put this in my recomendation USkeys? *If you have something to say, spit it out already*

    YshaYshaDay ago
  • Eh, I'll watch this later.

    Mr Tic_TacMr Tic_TacDay ago