Rittz - Friend Zone (Official Video)

Oct 23, 2020
159 839 Views

Ever been stuck in the Friend Zone? Follow along as Rittz walks us through an all too familiar scenario.
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Friend Zone
▶Produced by: Heartbeatz, Leon Tiepold and TrakkSounds
▶Directed, shot & edited by Tommy Jackson

#Rittz #CNT #PicturePerfect

  • Anybody else come back to this and see the geek monster video on the TV?

    joe huntjoe huntDay ago
  • Squirm says hello. And Luke and Paul too!

    Richie RomeroRichie RomeroDay ago
  • Charlize?

    Richie RomeroRichie RomeroDay ago
  • i got put in the friend zone. i found my true love, soul-mate feelings, from my toes to the deepest part of my heart, i felt it instantly and just met him since i was new to town. anyways, now im friendzoned with him and his new chick, 3rd wheelin friend zoned, Rittz stay goin hard and tellin it how it is.

    Just NothingJust Nothing2 days ago
  • Badass

    Fred DurstFred Durst2 days ago
  • That was token in the video

    WAOR MusicWAOR Music4 days ago
  • This is stupid good. I know every dude in this comment section can relate. 🤣😂. Fuuuuck its happened to us all. The worst.

    Brandon KaneBrandon Kane7 days ago
  • Yes even the closest pop hit you get from Rittz is still a banger yes love it Happy Thanksgiving y'all 2020.

    Ross GardnerRoss Gardner8 days ago
  • Yo pretty cool to see you foreshadow your new video in the background of this one

    charles hookercharles hooker10 days ago
  • Rittz hooks always get me. Guy is a master. And I love this chill ass beat

    SupportacctSupportacct10 days ago
  • @1:58 is that ekoh?

    thethe11 days ago
  • Ritz me and my uncle listend for 7 years ago but he passed so it's just me here nov 19th 😭🥺

  • Second verse, I've been their. An her name,..... Hahahah 🤣🤣🤣 not important

    Brandon TenorioBrandon Tenorio18 days ago
  • High school bull. Rather than assume , ask her straight out. If she say F you. Then dip

    hiddendragon1001hiddendragon100120 days ago
  • uskeys.net/user-rguerra2609

    RobGIIIRobGIII20 days ago
  • Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Banger Banger Banger

    NoJohN GamingNoJohN Gaming21 day ago
  • This junt so bumpn mane 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    OX StoneOX Stone21 day ago
  • LMFAO 😂

    Margaret RosalieMargaret Rosalie21 day ago
  • I love how he put ehok in the video 🔥

    Antonio SepulvedaAntonio Sepulveda22 days ago
  • the ending

    Torvald AskTorvald Ask23 days ago
  • Ekoh cameo ayye

    lazi4areasonlazi4areason24 days ago
  • lmaoo i love this new direction

    SugarSugar24 days ago
  • 💯 🔥

    BurdensFan JenBurdensFan Jen26 days ago
  • That fucking smile after he says "Stuck inside the friend zone" is priceless

    Nicolas GouletNicolas Goulet27 days ago
  • Ayeeee saw Ekoh...love thisssss song!

    Ma RizzyMa Rizzy27 days ago
  • Rittz you the man. Legendary 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Do it yourself channelDo it yourself channel27 days ago
  • shits comedy

    Brandon ConleyBrandon ConleyMonth ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂💯🔥💪

    Yung KleffYung KleffMonth ago
  • Me af bruh

    Eddie JoyEddie JoyMonth ago
  • Damn that bartender part hit way to close to home wtf....to many variables

    MurdochsTuneMurdochsTuneMonth ago
  • dope ass song rittz

    DopEsMackDopEsMackMonth ago
  • "Ew what the fuck you're like my brother" I lost it

    Shadawg RealoneShadawg RealoneMonth ago
  • 👍👍🔥

    schwarz weißschwarz weißMonth ago
  • Oh Rittz, you know I don't think of you like that!

    Sandra TraceySandra TraceyMonth ago
  • This shit feels like a early 2000s hit. Fuck it i still like it

    Chris WaltersChris WaltersMonth ago
  • genuinely dope! Love and respect from germany

    Aurel SzczesnyAurel SzczesnyMonth ago
  • 1:58 Ekoh rolling in for a drink.

    John AbellJohn AbellMonth ago
  • Where's waldo......IDK but I saw Ekoh

    Bi PolarBi PolarMonth ago
  • 🤟

    Joseph DeLaTorreJoseph DeLaTorreMonth ago
  • Wait a second.... Was that Ekoh? MY MAN!

    LoadingCodexLoadingCodexMonth ago
  • I'm a janitor and bumping this at work while cleaning bathrooms seeing Rittz cleaning bathrooms to made me laugh at my own irony🤣

    Michael BennettMichael BennettMonth ago
  • EKOH sighting.

    Michael CzmilMichael CzmilMonth ago
  • It would be enough for Rittz to just write his usual verses and mail in the rest but this man creates the greatest hooks known to man... The goat

    ectobeamectobeamMonth ago
  • This is fantastic!

    UnXpectedUnXpectedMonth ago
  • the friend zone hurts!

    Jjay1979Jjay1979Month ago
  • rittz this was soooo good hahaha

    Shane CollinsShane CollinsMonth ago

    Aaron KAaron KMonth ago
  • Rittz doesn't miss.

    Tyler429FVTyler429FVMonth ago
  • To all my fellas and ladies who got friend zoned you aren’t alone. If you haven’t found someone new yet just be patient cause you’ll find the right one soon enough!

    C SC SMonth ago
  • WOW !!!🤣 RITTZBITCH !!! ❤️🔥

    L. Heather WindleL. Heather WindleMonth ago
  • Hahaha...the outro tho...

    slimunique84slimunique84Month ago
  • Good tune 🤙

    slimunique84slimunique84Month ago
  • Rittz, you keep the bangers come !!!

    Rob FalknerRob FalknerMonth ago

    Crazy Luch1Crazy Luch1Month ago
  • That fuckin toot my horn like louie Armstrong line was on point

    Mike ManMike ManMonth ago
  • Idk but the bartender is beautiful

    Jeffery HendonJeffery HendonMonth ago
  • nice song!

    Acer GamerAcer GamerMonth ago
  • 😆 🤣 😂 this is my time in high school

    JesseJesseMonth ago
  • 😶💀🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣 dead relatable. Fuck sakes. Love how it's straight to the point as well

    David MortonDavid MortonMonth ago
  • 💀😂

    LayoonaLayoonaMonth ago
  • Anyone who knows lloyd banks super good story telling n lyricism. Who thinks rittz and banks could make a banger 2gether? I wanna see it soo bad!

    keith /keefkeith /keefMonth ago
  • Man rittz is a great story teller! He's so underrated! Another artist who is super underrated when comes 2 lyricism n crazy story telling is lloyd banks! Wish both these fellas do a track 2gether! B4 banks retires

    keith /keefkeith /keefMonth ago
  • The Ultimate Simp song

    John HarrisonJohn HarrisonMonth ago
  • I fuckin love this song it's tight af

    Joaquin AcamapichtliJoaquin AcamapichtliMonth ago
  • If they try to friend zone me I tell em hook me up with your friends bestie an then they are quick to try an fuck you 🤣

    Bennett Ain't In ItBennett Ain't In ItMonth ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 listening from broomfield Colorado

    uncle bobouncle boboMonth ago
  • "I'm in this post and I don't like it"

    EnderMiteCraftEnderMiteCraftMonth ago
  • I really love that Rittz looks super happy/awkward in these scenarios hehe. It's a fun and relatable story, but also a shitty situation hehe.

    Martin Ekberg LjungstrømMartin Ekberg LjungstrømMonth ago
  • Story of my life....

    Allen BoydAllen BoydMonth ago
  • Lmao when this video was shot at my highschool 😂😂 that’s wild

    Brian KnightBrian KnightMonth ago
  • 👶🏻

    Frederic ReidFrederic ReidMonth ago
  • 🔥🔥 Who Ever Hit That Dislike Prob Jus Had They Phone Upside Down 🔥🔥

    Kyle MastersKyle MastersMonth ago
  • Hahahsha!! Rittz with the win again!!!

    Art ChaveArt ChaveMonth ago
  • why is my school in a music video... and why did i not know about it until rn

    Aliya WhitehouseAliya WhitehouseMonth ago
  • why was this taken at my school

    GhostieGhostieMonth ago

    Honestly DanielHonestly DanielMonth ago
  • Bet those girls regret putting Rittz in the friends zone

    Aaron VoegeleAaron VoegeleMonth ago
  • This guy keeps up the music packed with content, keep that shit bruh. Real shit, relatable. Love it.

    Kalashnikovs&KicksKalashnikovs&KicksMonth ago
  • This tight

    Queenz NewyorkQueenz NewyorkMonth ago
  • Solid

    Theory VoidTheory VoidMonth ago
  • 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 LoL 😂

    ExitValidExitValidMonth ago
  • This took me back to my high school days hahaha

    Lionel ZapataLionel ZapataMonth ago
  • The sober YOU is so much mf fun!!! 🤟👑💪

    Shelly SandovalShelly SandovalMonth ago
  • Who plays the boyfriend????? Totally looks like a dude i went to school with named Roman.

    too chainstoo chainsMonth ago

      too chainstoo chainsMonth ago
  • 75 people were in the "friend zone"

    Logan SingletonLogan SingletonMonth ago
  • GODZILLA APPROVES!! OHH man.. you .. smooth bastard Rittz.. my whole childhood .. jr high / high school.. couldn't get outta the .. alone zone :P

    desperate davedesperate daveMonth ago
  • Bro this shit goes hard af oml

    Redding BloodRedding BloodMonth ago
  • Bruh this is fantastic

    Donnie KnukelzDonnie KnukelzMonth ago
  • Bro is smiling because he knows he just hooked up a lot of the homies in the friends zone

  • This slide

    JphreshJphreshMonth ago
  • TRUMP 2020

    salty gamersalty gamerMonth ago
  • Straight fyyyy 🔥🔥🔥

    Dr3 NastyDr3 NastyMonth ago
  • Dude can rap like every time

    cody whitecody whiteMonth ago
  • Women are allowed to say no!

    look uplook upMonth ago
  • This takes me back in High school 😥

    2D L A S T ネイティブ2D L A S T ネイティブMonth ago
  • This is real

    viciousjermviciousjermMonth ago
  • I'm loving all the new shit. Thank you Mr Valiant.

    Quantum of UnconsciousnessQuantum of UnconsciousnessMonth ago
  • The ending of the video reminds me of the movie "just friends"(with Ryan Reynolds).

    Mellow EMellow EMonth ago
  • This was so funny 🤣 Rittz is so diverse it's crazy.

    Sleasy 530Sleasy 530Month ago
  • 😂😂😂 love this shit rittz 🤟

    Maggie LongMaggie LongMonth ago