Top 10 Times British Celebs Caused CHAOS On US Talk Shows

Aug 23, 2019
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They came. They saw. And they caused total pandemonium! For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the craziest examples of British celebs appearing on US talk shows. Whether it's Helen Mirren smooching Stephen Colbert, Gordon Ramsay fighting fires with James Corden, Daniel Radcliffe rapping the alphabet or Borat vs Letterman... these are some of the most iconic moments in American TV history.
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  • Too much talk. Would of been better if we could actually listen to the conversations.

    Elaad TeuersteinElaad Teuerstein16 hours ago
  • The narrator of these mojo compilations is incredibly annoying

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  • For Americans, watch Graham Norton for the example of how to conduct a great talk show. He lets guests interact with each other & tell stories.

    Rich RichRich RichDay ago

    NoNameNoName2 days ago
  • How did rowan cause chaos?

    NoNameNoName2 days ago
  • Benny Hill is still king of the hill

    Duc LyDuc Ly2 days ago
  • Russell brand is an unfunny and untalented bum. Overrated. He sucks.

    Dave MontesDave Montes3 days ago
  • I knew Hugh would make the list

    Nupur GurungNupur Gurung4 days ago
  • Your Borat is sucks. No funny at all. He didn't have talent.

    A JA J4 days ago
  • Imagine if the roles were swapped for number 4, I bet all the women cheering her on would be calling for the mans head if that was the case

    Baggies FanBaggies Fan5 days ago
  • This video style is so fucking annoying

    Jon JohnsonJon Johnson5 days ago
  • Helen Mirren is a gorgeous woman

    josharp21josharp217 days ago
  • The voice over ruined all of this for me unfortunately 😪

    WackyeddWackyedd8 days ago
  • 6:25 is so wrong. if a man did that to a woman talk show host, it would be national news. he’d be a statistic, and a creep. fucked up

    Samuel BasherSamuel Basher9 days ago
  • Clickbait nonsense

    The Duke of NutsThe Duke of Nuts12 days ago
  • imagine calling a fry up some slop.

    DanaDana15 days ago
  • OK this is the last Mojo I watch. Or rather listen to because the narrater never fukcing shuts up.

    Adam SmithAdam Smith15 days ago
  • Oliver Reed obviously 🤪🥃

    FkathebodyFkathebody16 days ago
  • UK people are just really not afraid to go too far for American standards.

    Aubrey Jean The FujoshiAubrey Jean The Fujoshi16 days ago
  • Not watched this channel before but this would have been much better if you stopped yapping, pointlessly over the clips you've curated and just let them play

    EvolutionaryBobEvolutionaryBob16 days ago
  • Chaos? Where? See oliver reed on aspel, now thats true chat show gold 👍

    Anthony CohenAnthony Cohen16 days ago
  • Someone needs to look up the word Chaos >.

    Lori BLori B17 days ago
  • I have heard from numerous sources that Hugh Grant in real person is a complete douchebag. incredibly arrogant

    Karim MelikianKarim Melikian19 days ago
  • They were so rude to Russel!!

    Jacqueline LeubinJacqueline Leubin19 days ago
  • CHAOS! ..... ??????

    Jacqueline LeubinJacqueline Leubin19 days ago
  • Kazakhstan in now civilised country much like US & A. What a joke. Comparing Kazakhstan with shithole where shops are looted for no reason, statues destroyed, election frauds common thing.

    fruto mrutofruto mruto20 days ago
  • If you could stop talking over the actual content, this would be watchable.

    Alex BrownAlex Brown21 day ago
  • Non of this caused chaos but the ricky gervais was funny though

    SamBloodDaggerSamBloodDagger23 days ago
  • because rap is crap

    michael mccarthymichael mccarthy24 days ago
  • God!!! You should stop talkong this much and let us see the video for f*ck sake

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  • Go on Britan

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  • Way too much narrating by an annoying voice, unbearable to watch.

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  • The script to this video was absolutely horrid. Congratulations and may god have mercy on your soul.

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  • Of course , the first place is always reserved for Sacha

  • Dear God, please shut

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  • Could you stop TALKING please you ruined the whole video

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  • 8:19 they left out wanker

    Adam MagillAdam MagillMonth ago
  • looked up the word "chaos" ...dont think the dictionary has it right.

    Eddie McgrathEddie McgrathMonth ago
  • Too much commentary over the top before interview wow!

    TECSPURT TipsTECSPURT TipsMonth ago
  • Is it possible not to just hear you narrate it but see it as well? Please?🙏

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  • what a load of shit

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  • what about the clip at 0:09?

    RubenRubenMonth ago
  • The voice over talks too much

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  • Would love to subscribe, however you talk too much and dont’ let the videos run long enough (if I may) !

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  • Can you stop talking in every video?

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  • "The head of a lizard". Bravo, Ashley, bravo!

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  • to much talking and not a lot of video going on, normal

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  • can u ring my bell! ;)

    Robert BengtssonRobert BengtssonMonth ago
  • List does not contain British celebs causing CHAOS on US talk shows.

    themarquessthemarquessMonth ago
  • I forgot to laugh

    DillDillMonth ago
  • Can people stop bitching about watchmojo talking too much. If you want to just see the interview, go find the fucking interviews. This is a talk-down list.

    Billie JenningsBillie JenningsMonth ago
  • I just found it funny, nothing chaotic about this at all. American's need more British humour, they're so up-tight and politically correct it's sickening.

    PuroPuroMonth ago
  • Top 10? FFS. Got to No5 and still not laughed. Can't be bothered. Fuck off. Total pish

    Duvad JidgoDuvad JidgoMonth ago
  • Love Oliver Reid rip

    jay beejay bee2 months ago
  • Did I just waste two minutes watching the opening clips of this utter garbage?

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  • Technically borat isn't British lol

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  • This is so underwhelming... the video is nearly finished where’s the chaos 👁👄👁

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  • The only chaotic thing about this is the irritating gobshite narrating it

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  • Evidently, Chaos means boring in British...

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    Yahya IflalYahya Iflal2 months ago
  • "Impressively 'Rancliffe'(?) pulled off his words flawlessly, not tripping over this words once" - I'm sure Daniel Radcliffe will be very pleased to hear that! 😀

    Richard DunnRichard Dunn2 months ago
  • Umm...0:25....gotta go

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  • The guitar riff sounds exactly like a Die Ärzte song

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  • Where is the chaos 🤔🤔. This is a waste of my time.

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  • ... you think this is chaos? Bro this is nothing

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  • British wit simply demolishes thick America. Sorry.

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  • Ugh. Unwatchable. Just set up the video if you must talk and let the scene play. You could have had a lot more than 11k likes on this.

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  • Please never send corden back to Britain

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  • James corden is about as funny as a burning orphanage.

    Jason GallagherJason Gallagher2 months ago

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  • OMG. Your voice is so annoying

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  • 1,524 comments, and NO-ONE is going to mention how lucky Colbert is for that kiss

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  • Tripe.

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  • Shit commentary.

    Leroy CarterLeroy Carter2 months ago
  • Bladders is still Atkinson’s at his best.

    McFly BoarderMcFly Boarder2 months ago
  • at least when russel brands in america hes not over here in the uk keep him we dont want him

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    • We'll keep John Oliver. You can have James Corden back.

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  • Oliver Reed was Irish..btw...tryin to stal another one pomme

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  • "How an annoying twat talks over ALL 10 Times British Celebs Caused Chaos..." And also - Chaos? Don't think so... OH, FUCK YOU

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  • You can’t invite a British person on your show and not expect them not to be open about everything and I mean EVERYTHING 😂

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  • How about you STFU so we can watch the clips you annoying tw4t.

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  • Nothing to see here now move a long please...........

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  • i not agree with your pick

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  • The American definition of CHAOS is apparently just people saying hello.3

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