Top 10 Times British Celebs Caused CHAOS On US Talk Shows

Aug 23, 2019
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They came. They saw. And they caused total pandemonium! For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the craziest examples of British celebs appearing on US talk shows. Whether it's Helen Mirren smooching Stephen Colbert, Gordon Ramsay fighting fires with James Corden, Daniel Radcliffe rapping the alphabet or Borat vs Letterman... these are some of the most iconic moments in American TV history.
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    Gabriel FlorianGabriel Florian2 days ago
  • Bruv Americans clearly don’t know what chaos means or is it just this annoying guy who won’t shut up? I swear down Brits also have better humour than Americans.

    Pure BordemPure Bordem2 days ago
  • Full on Bean mode.

    JosefJosef2 days ago
  • Chaos? Hardly 😴.

    Stan Dan DeliverStan Dan Deliver4 days ago
  • If Mirren were a man and did that to a female host, she would now be in jail with Harvey.

    donepearcedonepearce6 days ago
  • why can't you just show the fucking clips... FUCK I hate this channel

    RH3DRH3D6 days ago
  • Back to the day job? Ramsay hasn't been a chef for longer than he has been a chef.

    A Dolf ChumpA Dolf Chump7 days ago
  • "Top 10 Times WatchMojo Caused CHAOS On USkeys"

    Chiaro22Chiaro2210 days ago
  • Not to be rude, but do be quiet. This video must be 90% your voice!

    Nikki BarrettNikki Barrett10 days ago
  • Borat killed me hehe

    betungura williambetungura william10 days ago
  • The UK are just funny

    Young FizzYoung Fizz12 days ago
  • biggest click bate on the planet

    Kai GilliganKai Gilligan16 days ago
  • Less talk over please? You are really no that funny or witty. .so just play the take....thanks

    susan Bestsusan Best16 days ago
  • Hugh grant is a dick.

    Dave MontesDave Montes16 days ago
  • Brandt is not funny and is untalented.

    Dave MontesDave Montes16 days ago
  • Uhm. Where was the CHAOS?

    Jigs ArquizaJigs Arquiza19 days ago
  • IS Prince Charles watching dis ?

    Crystal RizwanCrystal Rizwan20 days ago
  • Who else thought the thumbnail looked like Roman Atkinson and Ricky Gervais arguing?

    Jack JonesJack Jones20 days ago
  • Shut the f*** up and just let us watch the clips. Shows what is wrong with America.

    einsaaneinsaan20 days ago
  • “ bite the head of the bat “ that won’t go down well

  • Daniel Radcliffe should be no.1. That was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tiredmummytiredmummy21 day ago
  • Yo why are there so many talk shows in America

    MadGuy64 yeahMadGuy64 yeah22 days ago
  • Chaos...? No

    AJvanuwAJvanuw25 days ago
  • You forgot Andy Kaufman and Jerry The King Lawler😂 but Borat is my dog.✌

    djssurfdjssurf26 days ago
  • I don‘t know why I have fallen again for the Clickbait of Mojo. They can talk the funniest Moments to sleep, with this dull, endless comments.

    Ashitaka SanAshitaka San27 days ago
  • Where the chaos?

    George HollowayGeorge Holloway27 days ago
  • this guy talks over the people and it's annoying

    Ben RuzBen RuzMonth ago
  • Well, frankly, if that is the best you can do, you need to change: a) All the talk show hosts and teams b) The entire MoJo team. The trick about producing click-bait is not to let people realise that they were fooled. You have failed miserably.

    Martin StentMartin StentMonth ago
  • Well at least let us hear it, without never shutting up, switched off, unwatchable rubbish. I'm from the UK, never ever found Rowan Atkinson funny,maybe 5 year olds

    Crayon ManCrayon ManMonth ago
  • Gordon and cordon are British treasures.

    Albie BailyAlbie BailyMonth ago
  • Can we actually hear them instead of having some pointless voiceover?

    Peter HowesPeter HowesMonth ago
  • How many late shows does America have 🤣

    Sam GittingsSam GittingsMonth ago
  • How are any of theses chaos?

    Danbeast 48Danbeast 48Month ago
  • 6:10 TAKE THAT BACK some idiot did that and now we're all paying for it 🙄

    Harry CainHarry CainMonth ago
  • What absolute CHAOS! Not a clickbait title at all, love this video, love it

  • Mr bean doing his mr bean for 5 seconds and Simon saying Demi is not annoying. This video doesn’t go over chaos at all. It’s even worse because they put chaos in caps.

    Kurtis AppletonKurtis AppletonMonth ago
  • You know what's funny, if the Helen Mirren kiss was the other way round he kissed her, the response would've been so different. Kind of sad.

    MayciHarr22MayciHarr22Month ago
  • Hilarious and the British are just the funniest 🇬🇧💯

    Ben JonesBen JonesMonth ago
  • Oki

    North Wales PoliceNorth Wales PoliceMonth ago
  • Isn't it weird hear me bean told normally and a bit posh

    catherine ringwoodcatherine ringwoodMonth ago
  • How to ruin a lot of good items by talking over them all explaining what’s happening, we are not all stupid

    Gary WatsonGary WatsonMonth ago
  • my god the chaos. someone call in the national guard

    david cunninghamdavid cunninghamMonth ago
  • the word chaos is used loosely

    Gréta VégsőGréta VégsőMonth ago
  • Unwatchable due to the irritating, non-stop bs narration.

    SamWellerSamWellerMonth ago
  • From the get go, that wasn't a Mr. Bean persona.

    lolipedofinlolipedofinMonth ago
  • Apparently Dame Helen Mirren has a smelly one.

    ROY FRROY FRMonth ago
  • Why does Russell Brand get treated like shit

    Paddy SpeedPaddy SpeedMonth ago
  • This vid would have been quite entertaining if my man would just "SHUT TF UP!!!"

    SK4MSK4MMonth ago
  • It was funny, but I'm not sure I'd agree to most of these clips being chaotic

    John Noir SmithJohn Noir SmithMonth ago
  • Unwatchable cos the narrator wont shut the f#@k up!!

    Oliver GrundyOliver GrundyMonth ago
  • absolutely zero need for the cheesy voiceover. just let the damn clips speak for themselves.

    Charlie WallaceCharlie WallaceMonth ago
  • We. Regret. Nothing.

    Kathryn isMyNameKathryn isMyNameMonth ago
  • There's no chaos here

    Richard WaniRichard WaniMonth ago
  • 6:09 didn’t age well...

    ArchehArchehMonth ago
  • This video was a bit clickbait none of these clips showed chaos or caused chaos

    George SwinfieldGeorge SwinfieldMonth ago
  • CLICKBAIT!!!!!! Please look up the word chaos in the dictionary you lazy wankers. This lukewarm shit is unwatchable.

    Jonathan CollinsJonathan CollinsMonth ago
  • How about you make a video about how Americans when on our talk shows and spoke a bunch of shit about there politics and laws i bet you won’t and also when Gordon Ramsey was on the talk show with James Corden JAMES CORDEN IS ALSO BRITISH so it wasn’t a American talk show really was it

    Funny ValentineFunny ValentineMonth ago
  • Channels well gay

    TimBhoy67TimBhoy67Month ago
  • I came looking for chaos and got lame jokes and pointless blabbering over the clips

    PonyoNoodlesPonyoNoodlesMonth ago
  • Holy shit. Hearing mr bean talk normal for that split second was sooo weird

    Raywan GamingRaywan GamingMonth ago
  • Horrible video

    Daniel LudkinDaniel LudkinMonth ago
  • Why is the narrator using strange funny words, when did AD-OLF Hitler become A-DOLF and when did a dog lead become a leash. Speak properly man eh!!!

    MagickNoirMagickNoirMonth ago
  • I hate when people think that Mr.Bean is the pinnacle of Mr.Atkinson’s acting career.

    Umid HasanovUmid HasanovMonth ago
    • Cough Jonny English is good

      SuperSnowy07SuperSnowy0716 hours ago
    • TheNorthernSkeptic Jonny English was 😂😂😂😂

      Pure BordemPure Bordem2 days ago
    • you're confusing “pinnacle” with “my favorite”

      RH3DRH3D6 days ago
    • it is

      RH3DRH3D6 days ago
    • Well it's certainly the most popular

      Levi SamomLevi Samom6 days ago
  • Wow I’ve never seen so much chaos

    Jonny FullerJonny FullerMonth ago
  • Uk comedians are by far the funniest beings on earth.. 💯🤣

    Anthony KellyAnthony KellyMonth ago
    • That's why is being said "English Humor"!

    • Yeh mate agreed

      Milo MethvenMilo Methven6 days ago
    • Bryce Colvard watch Ali-g or inbetweeners

      BrunoBrunoBrunoBrunoBrunoBruno6 days ago
    • @hyperrat12 I can't argue🤷‍♂️

      Bryce ColvardBryce Colvard14 days ago
    • @Anik Adamali.. You're probably the only being on earth who thinks Ricky Gervais isn't funny, lol

      Anthony KellyAnthony Kelly14 days ago
  • Seems like Simon cowell was right tho

    Big ManBig ManMonth ago
  • Fucking hell, your voice is the most plastic, artificial journalistic voice. Stop talking and let the clips do that.

    pd 616pd 616Month ago
  • The yanks have got shit for brains. They're a bunch of fat, doughnut eating, kkk, gun loving cunts.

    kyle Wickskyle WicksMonth ago
  • Blah blah blah 🤦‍♂️

    Big EdBig EdMonth ago
  • hate mojo narration >.>

    Cyber ShadowCyber ShadowMonth ago
  • I got bored sorry.. this isn't chaos 🤷‍♀️

    ttrublu79ttrublu79Month ago
  • Erm, I'm at 10:45, and I'm still waiting for chaos.

    jamie baldwinjamie baldwinMonth ago
  • I haven't seen any chaos and you talk way too much over the clips. Tame and lame.

    Ruben VDRuben VDMonth ago
  • Gordon is scottish to

    Viggo SandersViggo SandersMonth ago
  • ‘Grant’ how does someone English sound like an American pretending to be English so Much 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Josh DavisJosh DavisMonth ago
  • This is rubbish

    g unit 2000g unit 2000Month ago
  • Drop the narrator. He couldn’t be worse.

    Andrew HearnsAndrew HearnsMonth ago
  • Fuck off ramsay, love from Cornwall

    Mark WilliamsMark WilliamsMonth ago
  • Helen Mirran really kisses everyone. Damn I'm jealous.

    MEEMSMEEMSMonth ago
  • Speaking as an American you British have the better sense of humor and comedians

    Sophia JettonSophia JettonMonth ago