[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)

Jun 29, 2020
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[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)
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  • 日本人わい!…………この曲めっちゃすき…♡

    むにむに28 minutes ago
  • 👏❤️❤️❤️

    Jennelle Swane AmoraJennelle Swane Amora29 minutes ago
  • Porque el MV aún no tiene subtitulos para los fans y quién se interese?

    Cristina DiazCristina Diaz31 minute ago
  • 0:32 I stan CL making a cameo on Hwasa’s Music Video A QUEEN SUPPORTING QUEEN

    Brixton RazBrixton Raz36 minutes ago
  • 109

    Marti KpoperMarti Kpoper52 minutes ago
  • 💛💚

    Jay Lourd MeridaJay Lourd Merida53 minutes ago
  • 마리아 ~오 마리아

    권수빈권수빈56 minutes ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    eizel anneizel annHour ago
  • hwasa, mamamoo’s maknae she can have my organs too

    chelsea.chelsea.Hour ago
  • So cool❤😘

    ASraa SaroASraa SaroHour ago
  • Can we take a minute and look at how FINE the curly hair guy and the one with the tattoos looks 😍😍

    Suga’s BoogaSuga’s BoogaHour ago
  • Hwasa 💜💜💜te amó,tú no eres la típica Idol cute kawaii tú eres especial una diva total sigue así te amoo por favor haz una colaboración con Namjoon de bts💜💜💜💜💜

    La hija del YoonminLa hija del YoonminHour ago
  • BOP🔥

    tzuyodatzuyodaHour ago
  • I love hwasa she's an amazing artist and very beautiful too ^~^

    RBWartstistsRDBest Onewexmamamooxoneusx365girlsetcRBWartstistsRDBest Onewexmamamooxoneusx365girlsetcHour ago
  • Ang pogi ng backup dancers ncisjxiwhidjwjs hahahahhaha

    Yegam AhnYegam AhnHour ago
  • Everyone putting serious comments and here I am I'm just inlove to this beautiful woman so I watching this again and again HAAHAHAHA oh maria~~~

    Yegam AhnYegam AhnHour ago
  • Alguien más se quedo embobada por el bailarin de rulitos?

    Gianina MartinezGianina MartinezHour ago
  • god hwasa.

    Ariana Naomy Razuri FloresAriana Naomy Razuri FloresHour ago
  • Quanto cazzo spacca Hwasa, ti amo 😍💘

    Itami GidaeItami GidaeHour ago
  • Chuckie~ chuckie kayo jan habang nanonood. Chuckie my chocolatey buddy... hikhok

    Yegam AhnYegam AhnHour ago
  • 100

    Marti KpoperMarti KpoperHour ago
  • Good morning don't forget to vote for her on Mubeat App

    Kimberly TorelloKimberly TorelloHour ago
  • Moomoos el MV de 1thek nos puede superar en cualquier momento, los exhorto a buscar el MV como Hwasa Maria y hacer click EN ESTE MV 🙏🙏🙏 Por favor hagamos esto para que Mamamoo y Hwasa tengan el reconocimiento que merecen

    Mamamoo queensMamamoo queens2 hours ago
  • Moomoos the 1thek MV can overcome us in any moment , so please I URGE YOU TO SEARCH FOR THIS MV, write "Hwasa Maria" and click in THIS MV , Please let's do this for Mamamoo and Hwasa have their right recognition🙏🙏🙏

    Mamamoo queensMamamoo queens2 hours ago
  • I wish I have her body she look so healthy and hot gosh

    Yegam AhnYegam Ahn2 hours ago
  • Nakain ako e nubayanHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Yegam AhnYegam Ahn2 hours ago
  • Most of y'all act so pressed by how Hwasa pronounces HER OWN name. It's simple if you don't like how she pronounces it's just shut your mouth and get of this video then, you don't have to be unnecessary w your rude comments about her. I hope you all have a good day

    MoonStar's BalanceMoonStar's Balance2 hours ago
  • Hwasa María tu fortaleza es inspiradora

    Wheein QueenWheein Queen2 hours ago
  • Suki na ako dito HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Yegam AhnYegam Ahn2 hours ago
  • Hwasa's haters must feel special. Imagine Queen Hwasa dedicated a song for them.

    Shikaina Haena JimenezShikaina Haena Jimenez2 hours ago
  • Now I'm seriously questioning my self of my sexuality like OH MARIA~ MARIA MARIA~~

    Yegam AhnYegam Ahn2 hours ago
  • 11093453

    Marti ArmyMarti Army2 hours ago
  • Oh shit 11M hahahahaha lezgerrrrit

    Yegam AhnYegam Ahn2 hours ago
  • Maria

    ficky alfificky alfi2 hours ago
  • 😍😍😍😍😍

    Lourdes Copa FlorewlLourdes Copa Florewl2 hours ago

    Nadine NodaNadine Noda2 hours ago
  • Tolong aku salfok sama yang dance rambut gondorng :(((

    rahayu frrahayu fr2 hours ago
  • Whaaaa!!

    Xyza ReyesXyza Reyes2 hours ago
  • I love how hwasa always has her members in her mv

    Naymi FerreiraNaymi Ferreira2 hours ago
  • dava, dava muito

    many rodriguesmany rodrigues2 hours ago
  • marry me right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    FakookFakook2 hours ago
  • Pero si estoy viendo a la mismísima diosa de todo 🤩❤️

    fucking girlfucking girl2 hours ago
  • ماريااااااااااااا ماريا ماريا نبفنينفبنبف اوه ماريااا مارياااا ماريا ماريا تالااباامردبقنكزا

    FakookFakook2 hours ago
  • For women who are my role model 1 hwasa 2 jeonsomin 3 priyanka chopra 4 nimrat kehra

    Prabhjot RandhawaPrabhjot Randhawa2 hours ago
  • ااااااااامممممووووووااااااحححححححححححح

    FakookFakook2 hours ago
  • حبيبتي تعالي نتزوج 😢.

    FakookFakook2 hours ago
  • Hwasa India loves you

    Prabhjot RandhawaPrabhjot Randhawa2 hours ago
  • Raise your hands if you love Hwasa🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

    protty minprotty min2 hours ago
  • Amoo❤

    Maria EduardaMaria Eduarda2 hours ago
  • mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Maryam F.Maryam F.2 hours ago
  • Amazing as always

    AnAn2 hours ago

    Storm Arzeny NatsukiStorm Arzeny Natsuki2 hours ago
  • I'm here again for this masterpiece.

    AnnüAnnü3 hours ago
  • 👍

    Y LiuY Liu3 hours ago
  • And it also has a Latin rhythm which I loved

    Fer ContrerasFer Contreras3 hours ago
  • I definitely loved it ❤️

    Fer ContrerasFer Contreras3 hours ago
  • i saw some stan twitter post her own real selfie after diss hwasa as ugly, me as normal human being: not being judgemental to her but if she's that pretty, she shouldn't insult other woman that easily. i don't really understand about hate bandwagon toward hwasa like..i don't speak much about the person i hate but twitter stan who hate hwasa talk about her alot smh

    Clelie W.Clelie W.3 hours ago
  • Lets to do stream here

    Emilly VianaEmilly Viana3 hours ago
  • I love hwasa .She is THE Queen 😍😍😍😍

    Khadija AzdiaKhadija Azdia3 hours ago
  • My mame is María, oh yeah, I LOVE HWASA, ARE YOU SO PERFECT 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    ARMY YOONMIN 123ARMY YOONMIN 1233 hours ago
  • Okay my name is Maria 🌚

    Maria Al DroubiMaria Al Droubi3 hours ago
  • 083

    Marti KpoperMarti Kpoper3 hours ago
  • The ending aaaa 🥺♥️💞

    Syafa SohaimeSyafa Sohaime3 hours ago
  • I can't tell you HOW MUCH I'm addicted to this song

    R MulaveesalaR Mulaveesala3 hours ago
  • Te amo, mulher!!

    EmmaEmma3 hours ago
  • Por favor sólo veamos en este canal para dar el merecido reconocimiento a Hwasa 😭

    Wheein QueenWheein Queen3 hours ago
  • Please only watch this channel 😭

    Wheein QueenWheein Queen3 hours ago
  • The last part where the girls showed gifts for hwasa im-😭❤️

    Trisya MarieTrisya Marie3 hours ago
  • I listen to this song everyday

    Ben NguyenBen Nguyen3 hours ago
  • Deusa!perfeita!!!!!😔💝

    Rayanne BarcelosRayanne Barcelos3 hours ago

    HongtroloHongtrolo3 hours ago
  • Bu kadına hastayım

    WaparisWaparis4 hours ago
  • 💗💗💗💗💗

    K o o k m i n n a t i o nK o o k m i n n a t i o n4 hours ago

    c mc m4 hours ago
  • Hwasa= everything to me❤

    Eduarda AraujoEduarda Araujo4 hours ago
  • 072

    Marti KpoperMarti Kpoper4 hours ago
  • ❤️

    Katherine condori yucraKatherine condori yucra4 hours ago
  • Please put subs on

    Bluewater VeeiBluewater Veei4 hours ago
  • Not with rbw when they said they will promote hwasa abroad but not a single thing put the english sub on her mv. You should thank to international fans too

    dmplsdmpls4 hours ago
  • No one : .... Me every time every moment : maria maria maria maria

    Lava LavaLava Lava4 hours ago